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									                                 MADISON COUTY SCHOOLS
                                    CONTACT INFORMATION

                                              Central Office
                                          5738 US Hwy 25-70
                                          Marshall, NC 28753
                              Phone: 828-649-9276 Fax: 828-649-0556
           Name                            Position                      E-mail Address
Dr. Kathy Ray                Director of Special Education     kmray@madison.k12.nc.us
Linda Ramsey                 Program Specialist                lramsey@madison.k12.nc.us
Debra Baker                  Pre-School Coordinator/Teacher    dbaker@madison.k12.nc.us
Karen Shelton                Data Manager                      kashelton@madison.k12.nc.us
Keith Ray                    Data Manager/CIPP Coordinator     kray@madison.k12.nc.us
Kathleen Wright              Occupational Therapist            kwright@madison.k12.nc.us
JoAnn Allison                Speech Therapist                  jaallison@madison.k12.nc.us
Cheryl Wolfe                 Speech Therapist                  cwolfe@madison.k12.nc.us
Jeff Pangborn                Speech Therapist                  jpangborn@madison.k12.nc.us
Beth Fiore Kral              Physical Therapist                Bethpt@mac.com
Jack Clement                 Psychologist                      JackClem@aol.com
Earlene Davis                Behavior Specialist               edavis@madison.k12.nc.us
Christa Wallin               Preschool Tutor                   cwallin@madison.k12.nc.us
Barbara Wyatt                Homebound Liaison/Tutor           bwyatt@madison.k12.nc.us
Randy Ramsey                 Director – Federal Entitlements   randyr@madison.k12.nc.us
Caroline Davis               Coordinator – Academically Gifted cdavis@madison.k12.nc.us
                             Director – Staff Development
        EC Teacher                          School                       E-mail Address
Lou Ann Tweed                Laurel Elementary                 ltweed@madison.k12.nc.us
Peter Van Gieson             Hot Springs Elementary            pvangieson@madison.k12.nc.us
Mert Honeycutt               Brush Creek Elementary            mhoneycutt@madison.k12.nc.us
Carolyn Charles              Brush Creek Elementary            ccharles@madison.k12.nc.us
Wendy Wolfner                Brush Creek Elementary            wwolfner@madison.k12.nc.us
Donna Wells                  Mars Hill Elementary              dmwells@madison.k12.nc.us
Cynthia Mengel               Mars Hill Elementary              cmengel@madison.k12.nc.us
Lavonne Hirshberg            Mars Hill Elementary              lhirshberg@madison.k12.nc.us
Vacancy                      Mars Hill Elementary
Charlotte Getgood, Chair     Madison Middle School             cgetgood@madison.k12.nc.us
Rick Rice                    Madison Middle School             rickr@madison.k12.nc.us
LaValle Tipton               Madison Middle School             ltipton@madison.k12.nc.us
Dare Tolar                   Madison Middle School             dtolar@madison.k12.nc.us
Peter Thomas                 Madison Middle School             pthomas@madison.k12.nc.us
Sheila Paxton, Chair         Madison Middle / High School      spaxton@madison.k12.nc.us
Ginger Herron                Madison High School               gherron@madison.k12.nc.us
Andre Richison               Madison High School               arichison@madison.k12.nc.us
Carol Lawrence               Madison High School               clawrence@madison.k12.nc.us
Ashley Grant                 Madison High School               agrant@madison.k12.nc.us
                                 MADISON COUTY SCHOOLS
                                    CONTACT INFORMATION

Samantha Fridd               Madison High School         sfridd@madison.k12.nc.us
    EC Teacher Assistant                   School                  E-mail Address
Sherry Cantrell              Laurel Elementary           scantrell@madison.k12.nc.us
Teresa Griffin               Hot Springs Elementary      tgriffin@madison.k12.nc.us
Debra Bradley                Brush Creek Elementary      dbradley@madison.k12.nc.us
Lisa Rice                    Brush Creek Elementary      lrice@madison.k12.nc.us
Phyllis Wild                 Mars Hill Elementary        pwild@madison.k12.nc.us
Brenda Clark                 Mars Hill Elementary        bclark@madison.k12.nc.us
Ruth Hurst                   Madison Middle School       rhurst@madison.k12.nc.us
Darlene Johnson              Madison Middle School       djohnson@madison.k12.nc.us
Allison Bellavia             Madison High School         abellavia@madison.k12.nc.us
Winda Shelton                Madison High School         wshelton@madison.k12.nc.us
Linda Shelton                Madison High School         lshelton@madison.k12.nc.us
        Bus Monitors                       School                  E-mail Address
JoAnn Freeman                Madison High School
Tammy Clark                  Mars Hill Elementary
Winda Shelton                Madison Middle School

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