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					                                 Curriculum Vitae

NAME: Baohua Wang
PLACE OF BIRTH: Qianshan County, Anhui Province, People’s Republic of China
                                           School of Life Science, Nantong University,
                                           No. 999 East Waihuan Road,
                                           Nantong 226007, Jiangsu Province
                                           People’s Republic of China
TELEPHONE: 229-339-5074 (Home)
               229-386-3477 (Office)

University Education
 1994-1998:                     Anhui Technology and Science University, Bengbu, P.R.China
                                             Department of Agronomy
                                             Obtained B. S. Degree
                                             Major in: Plant Genetics and Breeding

 2001-2006:                     Nanjing Agriculture University, Nanjing, P. R. China
                                             Department of Agronomy
                                             Obtained PhD
                                             Major: Plant Genetics and Breeding

Title of dissertation
Genetic Dissection on the Basis of Heterosis in an Elite Cotton Hybrid XZM2

Professional Experience
1998-2001       Teacher                                  Pailou Middle School
2006-2007      Instructor                                School Life Science, Nantong University
2007-Present Postdoctoral Research Associate             College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,
the University of Georgia

Research Project
2001-2006, Genetic Dissection on the Basis of Heterosis in an Elite Cotton Hybrid XZM2
    (National 863 key project)

Awards and Honor
     Recipient of the outstanding graduate student award in Nanjing Agriculture University (2006)

Research skills
 Experiences in interspecies hybrid
 Skillful in gene expression analysis
 Skillful in molecular biology technology such as SSR, SRAP, AFLP and RT-PCR.
 Skillful in constructing genetic map, QTL mapping and MAS

Research Experiences and Results
I have registered in NAU as a master student and PhD student from 2001 to 2006. My specialty is
plant genetics and breeding. I have taken many courses related to molecular biology and got high
scores in these courses. Furthermore, I have mastered the basic molecular biology experiment
technology. Under the guidance of my supervisor, I have passed my dissertation entitled “Genetic
Dissection on the Basis of Heterosis in an Elite Cotton Hybrid XZM2”. During the five years, I have
carried out experiments on molecular markers such as SSR, RAPD, SRAP and AFLP. Using data of F8
and F9 generations of RILs derived from elite cotton hybrid Xiangzamian2 planted in two years and
two locations, I mapped QTLs for plant architecture, yield and yield-component and fiber quality traits.
Consequently, an Immortalized F2 population was developed by intercrossing of the RILs and it was
planted in two years to further detect genetic basis of heterosis. Meanwhile, I have studied molecular
mechanism of heterosis by using method of DDRT-PCR and DNA methylation using materials of
Xiangzamian2 and its two parents in different growing periods. In total, my dissertation included four
main parts:
1. QTL mapping of yield and yield-component, fiber quality and plant architecture traits in an RIL
2. QTL mapping in the immortalized F2 population and genetic mechanism of heterosis.
3. Differential gene expression patterns in leaves between XZM2 and its two parents
4. DNA methylation of XZM2 and its two parents

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