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Brushing Teeth

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									     BIT 115: Introduction to Programming: Java

     Creating Algorithms with Pseudo code
              This is an example of pseudocode – it's written in a particular style, which obviously isn't Java, and isn't
     normal English, either. Yet it's reasonable to expect someone to be able to understand it without much training. It's
     also easy to see how one might use programming language constructs (like IF, WHILE, etc) to express this.
     Pseudocode is about half way between English and a real programming language.

Brushing Teeth Algorithm
Precondition: toothpaste tube, toothbrush, and a                   Put down toothbrush
glass of water are sitting on counter. Sink is                     Pick up toothpaste tube
nearby.                                                            Replace tube cap
                                                                   Put down toothpaste tube
Postcondition: teeth are clean

//Prepare to brush                                                 SERVICES
Pick up toothpaste tube with right hand                            Remove tube cap
Remove tube cap                                                       if twist-off cap then
Pick up toothbrush with left hand                                          while cap does not pull off, turn cap
Spread toothpaste on toothbrush                                    counter-clockwise
Put down toothpaste                                                        put cap down
Transfer toothbrush to right hand                                     if flip-top cap then push open top of cap
Wet toothbrush bristles with water from sink
Open mouth wide
                                                                   Replace tube cap
Put bristle end of toothbrush in mouth
                                                                       if flip-top cap then push closed top of cap
                                                                       if twist-off cap then
                                                                            pick up cap
Repeat for one minute
                                                                            position cap over tube end with threads
    Brush lower right
                                                                   next to tube opening
Repeat for one minute
                                                                            while cap continues to turn, turn cap
    Brush lower left
Remove toothbrush from mouth
Repeat for 1/2 minute                                              Rinse
    Brush upper right                                                 Pick up glass of water
Repeat for 1/2 minute                                                 Move glass until rim touches mouth
    Brush upper left                                                  Take a sip of water into mouth
Remove toothbrush from mouth                                          Put glass of water down
Rinse                                                                 Repeat for 1/2 minute
Close teeth                                                               Swish water in mouth
Repeat for 1/2 minute                                                 Spit water into sink
    Brush front of teeth
Remove toothbrush from mouth                                       Brush <area of mouth>
Rinse                                                                 Position toothbrush bristles over teeth in
                                                                   <area of mouth>
//Clean up                                                            move brush forward and backward five
Rinse out toothbrush                                               times.

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