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					   Analysis of the search term "tbaytel" with Google Insights for Search, Google Trends, and
                                     Google Keyword Tool


Utilizing Google Insights for Search for the search term "tbaytel", note the following:

      From 2004 to Present (Jan 19, 2009), there has been an increasing trend for the search
       term "tbaytel".
       The top searches performed that relate to the search term "tbaytel" is tbaytel's webmail
        service which people check for their email services. The other rising searches relate to


Utilizing Google Trends for the search term "tbaytel", note the following:

       The top 10 cities in Canada that search Tbaytel from 2004 to Present (January 19, 2010).


Using the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas, the keyword searched was "tbaytel":

The global monthly search volume for keywords related to "tbaytel" are highest for "tbaytel", "tbaytel
net" and "mail tbaytel". The only advertiser competition is for the search term "tbaytel". Therefore,
beneficial for competitor of Tbaytel or others to place their ads for the keywords that have the highest
Global Monthly Search Volume and lowest advertiser competition.

Below are additional keywords to consider - sorted by relevance that relate to "tbaytel".
(The keyword results are organized by relevance to the terms, keyword, or URL that you entered.)

                                                   Advertiser        Global Monthly
                            Keywords              Competition        Search Volume
                  the white fox inn                        0.26                   170
                  tbay tel                                    0                 1900
                  white fox inn                            0.33                   720
                  prince arthur hotel                      0.33                 1000
                  tbrhsc                                      0                 1000
                  nwconx                                      0                   260
                  thunderbayhouses                         0.33                 4400
                  fort william gardens                        0                   880
                  rock the fort                               0                 1000
                  canada games complex                     0.33                 1300
                  lakehead board of
                  education                                0.26                    590
                  lakehead public schools                  0.26                   2400
                  lakehead district school
                  board                                     0.2                    590
                  thunderbay                               0.46                  33100
                  tbcdsb                                      0                   2400
                  hammarskjold high school                 0.33                   1300
                  tbsource                                 0.26                   5400
                  tb source                                0.26                   1600
                  valhalla inn                             0.73                   8100
                  tbay tell                                   0                    320
                  westfort                                 0.26                   2400
                  warp 9                                    0.6                  12100
                  belluz                                   0.26                   5400
                  belluz realty                               0                   1000
                  norwester                                0.46                   3600
                  lakehead                                 0.73                  74000
                  nor'wester                               0.26                   2400
                  chronical journal                        0.26                   3600
                  prince arthur                            0.53                  22200
                  confederation college                     0.6                  22200
                  easidock                                  0.6                   1900
                  mobility electronics                     0.73                   6600
                  bowater                                  0.66                  49500
                  airlane                                   0.6                  18100
                  loch lomand                              0.46                  14800
                  lakehead university                      0.73                  33100
As a result, there many keyword campaigns "tbaytel" can utilize when advertising with Google Adwords:
such as increasing their outreach of advertisements beyond Facebook and Billboard ads (to name a few).
Also, the average advertisement competition above is 0.33. The above additional keyword listing is not
all inclusive - there are additional keyword campaigns to consider by utilizing and testing the keyword

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