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August 20, 2003

SOUTH ST. PAUL, MINN. -- Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc. (“BRSI” or BRSI.OB” -- announced that it has reached an agreement in principle with OMF Aircraft
(OMF) in which OMF would become the second general aviation aircraft manufacturer, after Cirrus
Design Corporation of Duluth, Minnesota, to offer Ballistic Recovery System’s whole-aircraft
emergency parachute system as a factory-installed feature.

Upon negotiation and execution of formal documentation between OMF and BRS, the
Company’s parachute system will be an option al feature on OMF’s currently certified 2-place
aircraft and will be installed as standard equipment on OMF’s 4-place aircraft currently under

BRS will pursue the Supplemental Type Certificate or STC on the 2-place aircraft and expects to
complete that project and be ready for first customer deliveries as early as December 2003. BRS
understands that certification of the 4-place model including the BRS parachute system as a
standard equipment feature is expected by OMF near the end of calendar year 2004, or early
2005. OMF is concurrently developing a diesel version of their 2-place aircraft and will offer a BRS
parachute system as an option on that model as well.

BRS designs, manufactures and distributes whole-aircraft emergency parachute systems for use
on general aviation and recreational aircraft. The emergency parachute systems are intended for
use in the event of an in-air emergency and are designed to bring down the entire aircraft and its
occupants under the parachute canopy. Since the early 1980s BRS has delivered over 18,000
parachute systems to aircraft owners around the world. Actual documented uses of these systems
are credited with saving the lives of 157 persons through the end of July 2003.

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