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									                 TestKing IBM 000-883 Exam Questions & Answers

IBM Tivoli Composite Appl Mgr for WebSphere v6.0 Implement

Exam number/code: 000-883
Exam name: IBM Tivoli Composite Appl Mgr for WebSphere v6.0
Questions & Answers: 96 Q&A
Related Certifications: IBM

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                 TestKing IBM 000-883 Exam Questions & Answers

  Exam: 000-883 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1:

When distributing Managing Server Components across multiple physical systems, which
components require a native interface to the ITCAM for WebSphere database?(Choose

A. Kernel
B. Archive Agent
C. Publish Server
D. Visualization Engine
E. Message Dispatcher
F. Global Publish Server

Answer: A,B,D

Question 2:

Given that method level tracing is not showing up as expected, which three prerequisites
need to be verified? (Choose three.)

A. Monitoring level is set to level 2
B. Monitoring level is set to level 3
C. J2EE default configuration has been applied to the data collector
D. Data Collector configuration is not excluding the missing methods
E. Bytecode Instrumentation has been enabled for method level tracing
F. Bytecode instrumentation has been enabled for heap analysis and lock contention

Answer: B,D,E

Question 3:

Which statement is true about minimizing the number of ports required when configuration a
Managing Server Separated from Data Collectors by a firewall?

A. ITCAM for WebSphere does not work since firewalls are not supported
B. You can use the Port Minimize to minimize the number of ports required
C. You can use the Port Consolidator to minimize the number of ports required
D. Only One port on each side of the firewall must be opened for this configuration to work

Answer: C

Question 4:

If you want to include netscape java classes in a method trace that are excluded from the
default J2EE configuration, what would need to be done?

A. Add netscape.* to the J2EE default configuration's include(Classname) list
B. Remove netscape.* from the J2EE default configuraitom's Exclude (Classname) list
C. Duplicate the J2EE Configuration from the configuration library and include netscape.* in
the include(Classname) list of the copy
D. Duplicate the J2EE Configuration from the Configuration library and remove netscape.*
from the Exclude(Classname) list of the copy
                 TestKing IBM 000-883 Exam Questions & Answers
Answer: D

Question 5:

You are installing ITCAM for WebSphere Managing Server Using the UNIX WebSphere
Environment. The default SOAP Port Number 8880 is not valid (or is changed). In which
WebSphere configuration file can the valid port number for the environment be found?

A. The httpd.conf file
B. The sysctl.xml file
C. The sysctl.conf file
D. The serverindex.xml file

Answer: D

Question 6:

If both days to keep and start and end date and time are specified in the
deleterelatedtables.xml table, what will be the result?

A. Data trimming will be suspended
B. Days to keep will override Start and End
C. Only the REQUEST, METHOD and PMISTATS tables will be trimmed
D. Days to keep will be honored but the start and end times will be applied for those days.

Answer: B

Question 7:

Which of the following statement is true when running a single session of the Data Collector
Configuration Tool?

A. You can change the Primary Kernel Server hostname and/or port
B. You can enable monitoring for any Web Servers on the Data Collector System
C. You can enable support for the ITCAM for WebSphere TEMA (The secondary Data
D. You can configure multiple Data Collectors on a Single System, as long as they are in the
same profile

Answer: D

Question 8:

Which task is done automatically by the ITCAM for WebSphere distributed Data Collector
installer(Both GUI and silent)?

A. Changing the monitoring level to L3
B. Setting PMI to startup at server startup
C. Testing connectivity to the Managing Server
D. Restarting the JVM after installation is complete

Answer: B

Question 9:
                 TestKing IBM 000-883 Exam Questions & Answers
On distributed Systems, the Data Collector is installed into the WebSphere Application
Server instance. Where is the Data Collector Installed on z/OS platforms? (Choose two.)

A. The SMF address space
B. The WebSphere Application Server JVM
C. The CYN1 Common Services Address Space
D. The WebSphere Application Server Control Region
E. The WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Server Region

Answer: B,E

Question 10:

Which default ports are used for the Primary and Secondary Kernel's 'RFS Server Port'?

A. 9118 and 9119
B. 9120 and 9121
C. 9140 and 9141
D. 9150 and 9151

Answer: B

Question 11:

Which of the following ports should be used when ITCAM for Websphere Data Collectors
are being installed in a Network Deployment environment?

A. HTTP port of the deployment manager
B. SOAP port of the deployment manager
C. The SOAP port of the local admin Server
D. The bootstrap port of the local admin server

Answer: B

Question 12:

How can you verify what the PMI variable are set to?

A. View Server.xml
B. view dclnputs.txt
C. Execute the listPMI command
D. View datacollector.properties

Answer: A

Question 13:

Which command will display all components that are currently registered with the first

A. kltcl.sh kl1 ping
B. klctl.sh status kl1
C. klctl.sh kl1 status
D. amctl.sh status kl1

Answer: B
                 TestKing IBM 000-883 Exam Questions & Answers

Question 14:

Which procedure will result in installation of the am custom service on an application server?

A. Run the Data Collector Configuration Tool and select the application server to be
B. Run the Data Collector installation program and choose to install the Data Collector on
the Application Server
C. Use the WebSphere Adminsitrative Console and select to enable the am custom service
in the PMI settings
D. From the ITCAM for WebSphere GUI, Select Administration>Server Management>Data
Collector Configuration>UnConfigured Data Collectors then apply a configuration to the
application server.

Answer: A

Question 15:

Where can the Visualization Engine logs be found?

A. /tmp/itcam
B. /tmp/itcam/logs
C. <MS_HOME>/logs
D. /var/ibm/Tivoli/common/CYN/logs

Answer: D

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