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					                            Reiki Treatment

If you have not yet heard of Reiki treatment, then now is the best time to
get to know about it. Reiki is an age-old healing technique that utilizes
energy of different levels to cure and attain the balance that should exist
among the spirit, the mind, and the body. There are claims that Jesus Christ
along with the rest of the great spiritual healers of the times used the same

The Reiki, which the contemporary world is familiar with these days, is the
same method rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the 20th century. Through time,
practitioners adapted, used, and then mixed and matched the strategies which
explains why there are different variations today. The variations that exist
are in support of the known interpretations and belief systems. It is notable
that Reiki is not in any way related to a body of faith or religion. It
exists in its own consciousness.

Understanding Reiki in a Better Way

In order to achieve a clearer view of Reiki and the system of treatment it
covers, one has to dig deeper into the essence of the philosophy of illness.
The modern medical arena feeds on the fact that the human body is similar to
a mechanical device. When any of the systems get damaged, medical science
mends by repair or replacement. As a typical way of handling problems with
the human body dilemma, surgeries and drugs are the treatment. For example, a
pain reliever pill masks the symptoms of a headache.

On the other hand, holistic medicine employs a very different type of
approach in addressing the human health. It respects the parts comprising an
individual. It looks into the mental, the physical, the spiritual, and the
emotional components of a person. It relies on the concept that once parts of
the abovementioned systems malfunction; the malfunction affects the rest of
the body structures. In fact, it affects the person's life in general.

To solve such medical issues, the main root of the problem needs discovery.
Once the body feels bad, eventually the individuals notice symptoms. What the
busy individuals fail to realize is that the body indicates some warning
signs which may lead to more serious problems when ignored.

The Main Role of the Reiki Practitioners

The Reiki practitioners emphasize you should never ignore the little
warnings. They may appear insignificant at first but later you may find out
it is a serious problem. Thus, they address this concern by making use of the
Reiki energy to free or heal the problematic tissues. As soon as they
eliminate the symptoms, they encourage a change in the person's way of life.
They point out how to maintain the balance in overall health and why it is
necessary to do so.

Since early times, Reiki treatment was regarded as valuable technique. Today,
we should consider looking back to the days of yore when life and the body
had balance and harmony. After all, it doesn't hurt to give it a shot.
Reiki Lessons - A Discussion of the Levels

As previously discussed, Reiki is an art taught to the learner only by a
Master. The Master gets qualified to teach new students after he has earned
the Master Level or Master Degree. If we trace its conventional roots, the
practice of Reiki for such a long time now especially. Since rediscovered by
a Japanese national, it entwined with the Japanese traditions. Throughout
time, it traveled into several foreign places and pertinent changes emerged
as it evolved. For now, Reiki therapy is more contemporary and at the same
time versatile in nature.

Getting to Know the Original Tradition

The original version pioneered by none other than Dr. Usui Mikao.
Traditionally speaking, the practice has three levels or degrees. However,
today, the schools or institutions offering the course train up to seven
levels. Its traveling into various parts of the world brought about many
changes to the original system. There are times that the terms Usui Teiki
Ryoho, Reiho, and Reiki Ryoho apply to the tradition.

The Levels Described

You will find below a brief discussion of the four types of levels or degrees
of Reiki and the lessons covered to attain these levels. You know the lesson
format varies from one school to another or from one Master to another. The
Masters normally include the teachings based on their personal experience and

Reiki's First Degree.
The first level deals entirely with the healing process as applied to the
self. The lessons covered include the history of Reiki, the mythos that
encompasses it, the various associations that exist all over the world, and
the traditions that existed before and those that still exist in the present
time. The lessons include the teaching of the practical hand positions, their
descriptions, and their benefits. The lessons incorporate the parts of Reiki
applicable to healing pets, plants, family, and friends. This level
emphasizes that the Reiki energy can rejuvenate both the self and other

Reiki's Second Degree.
A more advanced level reveals the Reiki symbols to the learners who
successfully pass the First Degree. The Masters teach the methods of using
the symbols to their students. In this level, students study the so-called
distance healing.

Reiki's Third Degree.
This degree is the Personal Mastery level and is for the more prepared and
more advanced students. The lessons cover channeling of the Universal
Spiritual Reiki Energy along with balancing of the chakras, execution of some
psychic surgeries to eliminate the bad blockages from the aura, and the
establishment of crystal grids to transfer the Reiki energy to invite light,
harmony, and peace into this world. Also the masters reveal the other more
progressive steps in distance or absentee healing.
The Master Level.
This applies to those who desire to teach the methodologies of Reiki. Prior
to attaining this level, the person should acquire an advanced level of
Personal Mastery. He should perform Reiki on a regular basis and proficiently
execute the techniques taught in the third level.

Overall, the Reiki lessons transform an individual into a wiser, better, and
more responsible being.

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