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October 2009                                                                 
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.           On the web site, you will find a shorter list of top prayer requests for the month and some pictures

Dear Friends,
        These empty nesters report that the house is too clean, too orderly, too quiet, too big,
and too lonely. No more melodious sounds reverberate from the piano, or groups of young
people hovered over a board game in the dining room or fun parties on the back porch.
The availability of mom’s car indicates there is only one driver; the gas seems to last a lot
longer these days. Cell phone calls have dwindled in number, as have the requests to stay
out a little later. Cooking for two seems rather pointless but hasn’t changed the fact that
Dad still loves a “good” meal. There are no more piles of clothes in the middle of the
bedroom floor or wet towels in the wrong place. The stuffed animals sit obediently upon the
beds enjoying the safety of their quiet habitats and awaiting the return of their beloved
        Thank you for all of the prayers! Three special weeks in Florida filled our lives with
a gamut of emotions and experiences. We enjoyed the trip to the Panhandle for a lovely
wedding, a day at Disney World, and incredible family time. God answered all of our
prayers by providing a “cool” car in Natalia’s price range, two lovely Christian roommates,
and a PCA church plant with a very gifted young preacher. Natalia’s dream to walk-on the
basketball team came true. Adjusting to a very different schedule has promoted new lessons
in time management and personal disciplines. The bottom line of this story reveals a very
happy college freshman. Perhaps her only wish reflects a desire for less schoolwork so she
can enjoy the social life to its fullest!
        Back in Guadalajara her parents continue to struggle with all of the changes and
the enormous hole their two precious daughters have left behind. Enjoying each other
presents no problem, but everything seems so different. Little finger prints cover every inch
of the house causing scores of memories. The empty spot on the worship team and grocery
buggy with fewer items continue to serve as reminders of the loss. However, life goes on!
        We now look forward to a Thanksgiving Day wedding and the arrival of a son into
our family unit. A different type of good-bye awaits us cloaked in more emotions. 2009
shall go down as the Trotter’s year of great change. We appreciate the part you have played
in all of the changes. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to the spiritual growth of
Mexicans and to church planting in Guadalajara. Thank you for being a faithful member
of our team!
                                                            Love,  Sandy

                                       Answered Prayer in September
       The women’s retreat was fantastic.
       Peggy Cross did an amazing job at the retreat challenging and encouraging all of us.
       All of the discipleship groups and Bible studies are now meeting.
       Whitney and Natalia are settling into their semester’s work.
       Natalia loves college life. She has a great roommate situation and is very happy.
       Whitney is off of her medications and is about the same without them.
       We are adjusting to life without the girls but really miss them tremendously.
       My English business is off to a good start with six students. I like it.
       Natalia found a PCA church plant with a dynamic young pastor. She is right at home.
       We had a wonderful family vacation and returned refreshed.
                                          Prayer Requests for October
1    I am leading the women’s English Bible study            will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5 Pray for
     group and need much wisdom as I prepare and             our contentment in every area of our lives.
     lead these precious women in a study on love.      18 Pray for the three churches as they gather this
2    Pray for many opportunities to share the gospel         morning. Pray for the worship teams, Sunday
     with my English students.                               school teachers, and preachers.
3    Pray for good attendance at the Evangelism         19 Pray for team unity “and let us consider how
     Explosion Clinic and for many people to                 we may spur one another on toward love and
     become better equipped to share their faith.            good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24
4    “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually      20 Pray for Steve and Amy as they meet with the
     offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of         core team for the new church plant in Loma
     lips that confess his name.” Hebrews 13:15              Bonita. Pray for unity, direction, wisdom, and
     Pray for Larry, Gonz and Alex as they preach            a place to begin meeting.
     and for all of us to respond to God’s Word.        21 This is the last week of the seminary classes.
5    Pray for the Men’s Bible study to have an               Pray for the students as they finish their class
     impact on the lives of those attending. Pray            work and exams. Pray for Larry as he grades
     for their growth as leaders in their homes and          papers and tests.
     in the church.                                     22 Pray for the salvation of Wade, Scott, David,
6    Pray for the elders as they meet this morning,          Adrian, Paco, Saul, Alan, and Alex.
     for them to have much wisdom and for them to 23 Natalia is struggling with good management of
     exemplify all the characteristics of an elder in        her time. Pray for her as she adjusts to a new
     I Timothy.                                              type of schedule. Pray for her safety as she
7    Continue to pray for Larry as he prepares for           joins the basketball team.
     his two seminary classes and a sermon each         24 Pray for the Cummings as they continue to
     week. Pray for his students to be diligent in           seek the best direction legally for the two girls
     their work with a desire to finish well.                who have been under their care for more than a
8    We have been battling discouragement over               year. Pray for the girls’ future.
     the lack of commitment we see in the lives of      25 Pray for vibrant worship services at all of the
     our church folks. Pray for us to keep our eyes          churches. There is an important
     on Jesus. Pray for them.                                congregational meeting. Pray for good
9    When the weekend arrives, we really miss our            attendance and participation.
     girls. Pray for our adjustment to the empty        26 Pray for Paul’s ministry downtown, for many
     nest as we struggle with so many emotions.              to be delivered from drugs and alcohol.
10   Isaí, José Manuel, and Mariana are planning a      27 Pray for the safety of our missionary children.
     university meeting every other Saturday. Pray           “Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take
     for good attendance, the salvation of Mario,            refuge.” Psalm 16:1
     Fede, and other students hearing the gospel.       28 The last seminary class of this year is a
11   “Keep on loving each other as brothers.”                counseling course taught by Aurora. Pray for
     Hebrews 13:1 Pray for the three churches to             good attendance and helpful training.
     overflow with love. Also pray for the visitors     29 I am involved in a lot of leadership training
     to feel that love and respond to it.                    and the discipling of women. I miss working
12   Pray for all of the Bible study leaders, Sunday         with seekers. Ask the Lord to help me be
     school teachers, and youth workers.                     content with this ministry.
13   Pray for the two schools, the teachers,            30 Pray for Whitney’s complete healing, Ian’s
     directors, and students.                                strength for all of the hard work at med school,
14   Six women leaders are discipling other women            and for the wedding planning.
     in a program to prepare them to disciple others. 31 “Consider him who endured such opposition
     Pray for our women to be equipped to disciple           from sinful men, so that you will not grow
     and evangelize.                                         weary and lose heart.” Hebrews 12:3
15   Use Psalm 91:9-12 today as you pray for our
     girls, your children and grandchildren.                  Please let us know if you would like to receive this
16   Pray for the youth participating in El Camino.              monthly calendar by e-mail by writing us at:
     Pray for their purity and spiritual growth.                 
17   Keep your lives free from the love of money
     and be content with what you have, because
     God has said, “Never will I leave you; never
                                          Our Mission Team

          Jon & Susanna Cummings: community development in Santa Ana
                Gonzalo & Celia Garcia: church planting in Santa Ana
                Isai Garcia: youth and university work in Bugambilias
                   Paul & Dawn Fisher: worship and urban outreach
         Flora Olvera: community development and discipleship in Santa Ana
            Alejandro & Cecilia Ramirez: church planting in Moctezuma
Steve & Amy Robertson: assisting in all the congregations; preparing to start a new church
                  Keith & Julie Thomas: discipleship in Bugambilias
                   Bonnie Belin: teaching at Cornerstone Academy
         Hortensia Segura: teaching at Eirene Educational Center in Santa Ana
                     Kristen Roman: Cornerstone School director

                                         Weekly Activities

Sunday                                            Wednesday   Seminary class
         Worship service in Santa Ana                         Women’s Bible Study in English
         Worship service in Moctezuma                         Women’s Bible Study in Spanish
         Bugambilias worship service in English   Thursday    Team prayer and team meeting
         Bugambilian worship service in Spanish               Women’s Bible study in English
         El Camino Meeting (13-16 year-olds)      Friday      La Piedra Meeting
Monday           Men’s Discipleship group                             (10-12-year-olds)
                 Bible Study in Bugambilias       Saturday    Seminary class
                                                              Kids’ Bible club in Moctezuma

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