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					                            United States Air Force Academy
                                     Class of 1989

Dear Fine Eighty-Niners,

A mere twenty years ago, we were planning for an escape from the Zoo and now we‟re planning a trip
back to renew the bonds that so strongly united us back then. The class leadership will be setting up
various committees to make our 20th reunion a time to remember and over the last year, Alexander
Gonzalez-Rojas (“Gonzo”) has led our Reunion Class Gift Committee in a tireless effort to locate
classmates, establish a fitting memorial for LtCol Kevin Shea, recognize fallen classmates, establish a
budget and orchestrate this critical planning endeavor. It has been a remarkable effort and we are so
fortunate to have his commitment.

Now comes the time when we need your help to draw up that freshman spirit of teamwork and drive so
that we “Find a way to win” – we find a way to accomplish critical objectives that will enable a reunion
worthy of our class. Before we get to the requests, a brief summary of our reunion efforts to date:

Some of our classmates have fallen and one of our goals for this reunion is to honor them. Thirteen from
our class have passed on with three since our 10th reunion. All were exceptional, all were part of us and
all will be missed. One of our classmates in particular fell on a battle field in Iraq. Lieutenant Colonel
Kevin Shea (USMC) will be honored on the Heritage Trail in a ceremony befitting his contribution to our
freedom, to the Air Force Academy and to our class---we laud and recognize him for that sacrifice. His
wife, children, parents and brothers will join us for the commissioning of a memorial in his honor.

We will also be honoring another classmate that slipped the surly bonds too early to earn a diploma or
commission but was a friend and a stellar example to many of us. Larry McNeel died 5 September, 1988
in a glider accident. The Academy has made an exception to policy to allow us to honor Larry with a
posthumous degree. Larry‟s only surviving family member, MaryAnna McNeel will be in attendance to
receive Larry‟s deserving diploma next year. He would have graduated near the top of our class and no
doubt have done great things making this event a special one for our class and his family.

In addition, our class will be extending a deserving invitation to the families of our “Gone, But Not
Forgotten” classmates to be a part of our class memorial dedication. This will show our commitment and
faith to them and their families that they did not pass from our roll-call unnoticed and will acknowledge
once more their sacrifices, valor, and honor of serving this great country.

Finally, we will be building upon the original class vision from our 10-yr Reunion by continuing a
contribution to the USAFA Flying Club, Military & Character Development programs, Academics and
Athletics programs as well as local community efforts and the USAFA Preparatory School.

As part of the 20th reunion and in keeping with the ideals above, eight projects have been sponsored that
will collectively amount to $168,750. The specific projects and costs are listed here:
                            United States Air Force Academy
                                     Class of 1989

        AOG ID Code                              Item                               Cost
                                   Heritage Trail plot for Class of 1989       $100,000
                                   LtCol Kevin Shea (USMC) Bronze Bust
                                   Pavers to fallen classmates
        CW-07.10          Flying Club                                           $26,300
        AD-09             Boxing Team Robes, Trunks and Jerseys                 $4,820
        PL-2              Prep School Character and Leadership Speakers         $6,000
        AD-06             Field house entry way banners                         $5,500
        DF-04.01          Cadet Model Organization Conferences                  $6,000
        CW-07.09          Falcon Club (Big Brother‟s & Sister‟s)                $1,200
                          Campaign Management                                   $18,750

Now, how can you help? You can contribute to the success of this reunion in two ways. First is to help
us accomplish the lofty goal of making contact with 100% of our classmates. Second is to make your
own contribution to the funds goal we must achieve to cover the cost of the projects committed to by our
class. Details on how to contribute can be found at (many thanks to Scott
Shinberg for serving as an active member of the reunion committee and our webmaster).

We are pursuing the contact of our classmates in two ways. The class leadership and reunion committee
are individually looking for, reaching out to, and establishing contact with classmates. We can use your
help here by making us aware of those listed as missing and for whom you have contact information. The
list of missing classmates is maintained and always available on our class website (it is also included on
the 4th page of this letter). Second, is to establish Cadet Squadron Representatives.

If you are in one of the squadrons below and have not checked in with the reunion staff, reach out to the
classmate listed. If you are in a squadron not represented and/or are interested in representing your
squadron, contact one of the reunion members at the bottom of this letter. Our goal again is to make
confirmed contact with 100% of our classmates. If you know of anyone on the missing list, please pass
along their contact information or ask them to contact any member of the reunion staff.

The current list of Squadron Representatives includes:

                   Name                    Squadron                          Email
        Eric Solem                     1 Mach 1    
        Darry J. Sumrall               3 Cerberus  
        Deanna Duke (Cook)             4 Fightin' Fourth
        John Plating                   5 Wolfpack  
        Kim Fandetti                   6 Bulls     
        Iven Rosheim                   7 Double O 7
        Chester Barton                 13 Bull Dawgs
        Tom Wessels                    18 Knightriders
        Karen Reiling (Pastoret)       19 Starship 
        PJ Putnam                      21 Black Jack
        Mercedes Leante (Gaskell)      23 Barnstormin
                            United States Air Force Academy
                                     Class of 1989

        Laurel VanDyke                 25 Redeye   
        Gonzo                          30 Dirty Thirty
        Kevin Bell                     31 Grim Reapers
        Juan Sarmiento                 32 Roadrunners
        Dan Willson                    34 Thunderbolts
        Dave Banko                     39 Jedi Knights

To kick-start the financial portion of our campaign, funds left over since our 10-year reunion have been
released for this event amounting to $13,524.03. In addition, each of the class officers and committee
members along with Kevin‟s family has contributed $1,989 yielding a starting point of $20,058.03 or
12%. To date and through the charitable contributions of classmates like you, we have $72,000 in cash
and another $60,000 in outstanding pledges. Now we need your gracious participation. If you haven’t
already contributed, please take this opportunity to give back---for the Academy, for our Class, for
Kevin and the other GBNF heroes, and for what this experience has meant to you.

Again, over the next few months, we will begin a ramp up of reunion activities. A draft reunion schedule
and list of committees where we need your help will be posted on our class website and updated on a
regular basis. There is a great deal to be accomplished between now and September 2009. We will begin
to reach out to you in a more regular fashion over the coming months to keep you apprised of happenings
and we invite you to visit our website for updates. Look for a communications monthly from here on out
in the form of emails only and let us know if you are interested in helping. Finally, the class committee
will be conducting a monthly conference call to discuss status, action items and to conducting planning
for the reunion. You are welcome to join this call at any time. Look to the website for conference details.

It is with sincere appreciation and excitement for this event, that we encourage you to contact any one of
us with questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments. The class leadership and 20-year reunion
committee will make every effort to keep you informed through letters from the AOG, through email,
through a class web site and via Checkpoints. Go “Fine „89” and make this a reunion to remember.


Mr. Don Simpson                                       Colonel Paul Tibbets
President, USAFA Class of 1989                        Vice President, USAFA Class of 1989                          
Work: (303) 301-6231                                  NATO, Belgium
Cell: (720) 256-0438

Colonel Stephen N. Whiting                            Major Alexander “Gonzo” Gonzalez-Rojas (Ret)
Treasurer, USAFA Class of 1989                        20-Year Reunion Class Gift Committee Officer                            
Comm: (401) 619-1130                                  Home: (210) 481-4249
Cell: (805) 822-7947                                  Cell: (210) 544-4493
                                     United States Air Force Academy
                                              Class of 1989

                                            Classmates without Confirmed Contact

Patrick Alan           Brown                     David John Dressel     Hamilton              Kayser                 Madison
Ahlgrimm               Leif Eric Brynn           Dennis Patrick         Steven Glenn          Patrick Martin         Christopher M
Willard Bennie         Ronald Dyne               Duffy                  Hankins               Keenan                 Marcell
Akins, II              Buckley                   Timothy Joseph         Mitchell Allen        James Allen Keeney     Joel Lee Martin
Richard Alderete, Jr   Robert Burgess            Durbin                 Hanson                Thomas James           Robert Seebold
Thomas Patrick         Bryan Michael             Wiley Kevin            John Kenneth          Kelly, IV              Martyn
Allison                Burtley                   Durden                 Haralson, Jr          Steven Thomas          Thomas James
George Jones           Brian Alan Bythrow        Stephen Matthew        John Joseph Heaps     Kennel                 Mason, Jr
Alston, III            Carl David                Earle                  James Byron           Kristine Lynn          Thomas Matschek,
Eric David             Caldwell, II              Seth David             Hecker                Kenney                 Jr
Anderson               Michael James             Eckholm                Mark Eric Heinold     Corey John Keppler     Christopher Martin
Kevin Joseph           Callaghan                 Joseph Norman          Britta Benedicta      Hilary Miles-Sixtus    Mauk
Anderson               Craig Allen               Eiting                 Hempel                Kevin                  John Charles
Robert Rowan           Campbell                  Timothy Lee            Edward John           Brian Charles          Maxwell
Anderson               Philip Campbell           Elkinton               Hennigan, II          Kieffer                Philip Lynn
Roger Kent             Heidi Chalyse             Stephen Emmons         Alexander             Cathy Jean Kieser      Mayfield
Anderson               Caspersen                 Douglas Keith          Hernandez             Scott Andrew           Margaret Ann
John Drew Anzelc       Nikolas Chapapas          Engelke                Thomas Eugene         Kindsvater             McCabe
Janet Armstrong        Sergio Hugo               Harry Lennon           Herring               Edward Ray Kinney      Maureen
Russell Armstrong      Charon                    Ervin, Jr              Robert Denman         David Keith Klaus      McCaffery
Donald Lewis           Charlie Choi              Paul Esperante-        Herslow               Jeffrey Todd           Mitchell McClaren
Ayres, Jr              Chong-Hyuk Choi           Srichantra             Ethan Joe David       Kligman                Kenneth John
Robert Scott           Mark Anthony              Shawnie Rhea           Hildreth              Jeffrey Mark Klosky    McClellan, Jr
Babani                 Christian                 Ewing                  Darren Curtis         Heather Rea Knight     Francis
Sherry Ann             John Adam Clark           Steve Daniel           Hirschey              David Michael Koch     McDonough
Backhaus               James Patrick             Faagau                 Thomas Edward         Glenn Marco Koser      Daniel McEntee
Maureen Baillie        Cleary                    Sonia Jean Falk        Hirst                 Stefan Patrick L       Robert Paul
Thomas Lee Baker       Harry Coffman             William Michael        Robert James          Koziolek               McGrath, Jr
David Daniel           Barry Alan Cohrs          Faris                  Hockman               Todd David Kratzke     Tony Huy McKenzie
Baldessari             Deanna Carol Cook         Erich Christian Fein   Matthew Hoffman       Kevin Clifford         Michelle Yvette
Jeffrey Howard         Thomas Theodore           David Alan Fisch       Barry Edward          Krause                 McMillan
Banks                  Cook                      Michael Ray Fisher     Hogan                 Robert Charles         Steven Charles
Jolin Marie Barreire   David Robert              William Anthony        Michael Wilhelm       Krause                 McQuirk
Julie Ann Bartlett     Cooksey                   Follin                 Hohls                 Kevin John Krisko      Jeffrey Steven
Michael Fredric        William Reed              Bartley Rowe           David North           Trent Christian Kull   Menapace
Basel                  Cooley                    Fouchard               Holmes                Kevin Lee Lancaster    Christopher John
Greg Adam              Vincent Edward            Jackson Leland Fox     Mark Joseph Hovey     Todd Robert            Metcalf
Bashkoff               Copa                      Sandra Rika            Brian Thomas Hoy      Lancaster              Stephen Raphael
Gregory Sean           Brad Eugene               Francisco              John Thomas           Jay Andre Landis       Mezhir
Basinger               Courtaney                 Michael Robert         Hruby                 Jennifer Mary Lank     Craig Walter
Paul Raymond Beck      Harold Franklin           Frey                   Michael John          Steven Lawrence        Michaelis
Alan Edward Bell       Cranmer                   Christopher Paul       Huntley               Larkins                John Brian Mickle
Javier Luis Bell       Scott David Crogg         Fritz                  Brick Izzi            Katherine Lary         David Alan
Leo Bendoski           Brian Keith               Scott Alan Gaines      Carole Ann            Gerald Benjamin        Mikkelson
Yvonne Marie           Crownover                 Mario Galindo          Jablonski             Lasco, Jr              Samuel Price
Bennett                William Scott Cuel        Stephanie Ann          James Leon            Todd Richard           Milam
Timothy Melton         Mark Gordon               Gass                   Jablonski, II         Laughman               Dwayne Harold
Bentley                Czelusta                  Alberto Julio          Cedric B Jackson      Alison Lewis           Miller
Derek Hans             Mark Thomas               Gaston, Jr             Ralph Eugene          Brendan Patrick        Neal Mark Miller
Bissinger              Damiano                   Scott Bennett          Jackson               Lewis                  Joseph Andrew
Francisco Adolfo       Roland Maurice            Geiger                 Peter Olaf Jahn       Robert Zachary         Milner
Blandon                Darey, Jr                 Jeffrey Lance          George Lawrence       Lietzke                Patrick Scott
Franco Borgia          Allan Eugene Day          Geozeff                James                 Matthew James          Mingus
Joan Marie Boyer       Craig DeBoni              Karen Beth             Keith Marion          Lloyd                  David Louis
Kevin Leigh Bramer     David Baker               Giesecke               James                 Michael Lockwood       Mitchell
Lawrence Henry         DeKalb, Jr                Joseph Glebocki, Jr    William Daniel        Loretta Lynn           Kevin Gary Mock
Branch                 Gerardo Delacruz-         Tracey Marvin          Janicki               Lofgren                David Wayne Mohr
Carolyn Joan           Martinez                  Golden                 Joseph Steven         John Blake             Matthew Molineux
Brascugli              Joseph Robert             Jeanne Ann Golder      Jezairian             LoGrande               Maryrose Nancy
James Edward           Delich                    Patrick Joseph         James Justin Jirele   Carl John Werner       Morgan
Breck, Jr              Miles Andrew              Gooley                 Joel Patrick          Long, II               Scot J Morgan
Steven Michael         deMayo                    Russell Alan           Johnson               Dawn Denise            Robert Joseph
Brenner                John Gregory              Grafton                Steven Miguel         Longwell               Mozeleski
Gary Douglas           Dering                    Anthony Howard         Johnson               Charles Manuel         Keith Michael
Brewer, Jr             Christopher               Green                  Dathan Burt Jones     Lopez                  Muller
Jeffrey Allan Briere   DeVaughn                  Kerry Alan Green       Kelly Crockett        Vincent Joseph         Matthew John
Randall Eric Bristol   Nathaniel Clair           Leslee Janet           Jones                 Lostetter, Jr          Mulligan
Larry Rendall          Dickman                   Greenberg              Timothy John          Jeffrey Carl Louie     Gregory Mark
Brock, Jr              David Michael Doe         Charles Lynn Griffin   Jozwiak               Jeffrey John Love      Munson
Bruce Edward           Tracy Kemp                John Joseph Griffin    Donald John Kaliski   David Conn             Eric Dale Murphy
Brown, Jr              Dorsett, III              Gregory Mitchell       Jeffrey Michael       Loveless               Thomas Frank
Gregory Kenneth        Bobby Shed                Guillot                Kamnikar              John Allen Lusk        Nalepa, II
Brown                  Douglas, Jr               Jody Ann Guthals       Peter Andrew          Bryan Alan             Ruhiu Martin
Sven David Brown       Jeffrey Richards          Gregg Allen Hall       Kawamura              MacLauchlan            Ndirangu
Timothy Paul           Drake                     Christopher            Christy Anna          Scott James            Gary Lynn Neal
                                    United States Air Force Academy
                                             Class of 1989

Edwin Newman, III    Cory Michael Pink     Anthony Jay          John Somer             Thornhill             Wild
James Edward         Brian Michael         Roberson             Shapland               Ashley Ann Thorpe     Timothy Dean
Newton, II           Pinsky                Mark Charles         Michaela Ann           Jean Russell          Williams
John Ethan Nichol    Karen Ginger Pio      Roberts              Sheehan                Tibbitts              Trace Stanley
Douglas James        Garrison Wade         Peter Cedric         Sam Shmays             Karen Eileen Tilley   Williams
Nikolai              Pisio                 Roberts              Christopher            Daniel Wayne          Christopher Scott
James Robert         Kenneth Plaks         Tiffiany Dawn        Michael Short          Tippett               Wilson
Noetzel, Jr          John David Plating    Rodgers              Steven Robert          Jamie Patrick         Eric David Wilson
Steven Scott         Michael Henry         David Rodriguez      Sicher                 Toombs                Jeffrey Todd
Nordhaus             Platt                 David James          Kevin David Sievers    Andrew John Toth      Wimmer
Daniel Joseph        Douglas William       Rojewski             Christopher            Michael Anthony       Charles Edward
Norman               Pohlman               Douglas Rolando      Douglas Simon          Trefry                Winfree
Geoffrey Nicholas    Troy Ronald Porter    Stephen Timothy      Brian Malcolm          Andrew Ladd           Michael Francis
Norton               Joseph Roderic        Rolin                Simpler                Utesch                Winthrop
Janice Elizabeth     Posner                Robert Boras         Michael Lum Sing       Michael David         Susan Rose
Norton               Om Prakash, II        Rosser               William Paul           Violet                Wojszynski
Erich Christopher    Teresa Marie          James Ray Rowe       Singletary             Terry Wayne Virts     Sabina Ling Wu
Novak                Preston               Scott Mason          James Frederic         James Francis         Christopher
Brandon Keith        Lev Herrington        Salmon               Singleton              Ward                  Michael Wyatt
Nugent               Prichard, IV          Marissa Salvador     David William          John Samuel Ward      Richard William
Scott Mitchell       Stephen Paul          Rodney Leonce        Smith                  William W Ward        Wynn
Obeginski            Quane                 Sandoz, II           Kirk William Smith     John Ashley           Troy Yamaguchi
Kevin James          Brian Thomas          Matthew Francis      Ryan James Smith       Warden, IV            Frank Donald
O'Brien              Radcliffe             Sardelli             Anthony Tyrone         Ramon Dedrick         Yannuzzi, Jr
Howard Allen         Craig Francis Radl    Gregory Robert       Steckler               Ware                  Marguerite Jane
Olson                Andrew Patrick        Saunders             Stephen Robert         Steven Kelly          Yopp
Phillip George       Rama                  Rhon Russell Say     Steiner                Warrior               Christopher Louis
O'Neal               Lonnie William        Michael Phillip      Douglas Eugene         LaShawn               Young
Kenneth James Orr    Ramon                 Schaub, Jr           Stropes                Washington            Richard Alan Young
Orin Luther Osmon    Griffin Lee Ratley,   Beth Lynn Schissel   Carol Louise Stuart    Darin Richard         David Jon
William Joseph Ott   Jr                    Michael Schlacter    Heidi Margaret         Webb                  Youngdale
Michael Ray          Edwin Henry           Kurt Edward          Stumpp                 Peter Gerard          Curtis John
Outlaw               Redman                Schoen               James Gregory          Weber, III            Zablocki
Kelli Jeanette       William Allen         Michael William      Sturgeon               Mark Matthew          Ronald S Zalewski
Owen                 Reese                 Schone               Jeffry Wilson          Webster               Stephen Ray Zepp,
Larry Michael        Steven Douglas        John Martin Schoot   Sullivan               Paul Frederick        Jr
Packard              Rhodes                Donne Eric Schultz   Christian James        Weiss                 Steven Craig
Rick Allen Palo      Michael Ward Rice     Matthew              Tafner                 Christopher           Ziomek
Juan Orlando Pena    Jeffrey Eugene Rich   Schweitzer           Jeffrey B Taliaferro   Marshall Wellborn     William Peter
Stefanie Perkowski   Gaylon Rudolph        David Charles        Bryan James Teff       John Francis          Zuber
John Anthony         Richter               Serage               Eric Jon Thogersen     Werner
Peschio              Kristen Alane         Gary Lee Serfoss     Brett Michael          Robert Douglas
Theodore             Ridgway               Barbara Maria        Thomas                 Whitehouse
Peshehonoff          Thomas James          Sever                Mark Norman            Elizabeth Ann
Charles Alexander    Riney                 James Patrick        Thomas                 Whitman
Peters               Lourdes Maria         Seward               Kris Lloyd             Jeffrey John
Eric Swanson         Rivera                Richard Patrick      Thompson               Wiegand
Piepmeier            Marisol Rivera        Shanahan             Angela Faye            Vincent Anthony

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