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Spy HQ by fionan


									                                           Spy HQ
Practice the action moves of Evasive Driving and learn the
    skills required to conduct a secret agent operation

First, genuine evasive driving instruction and anti-ambush drills were you’ll                   Key Information
be shown how to manoeuvre and control the car ‘Spy Games’ style and
also you will wear out a lot of tyres ! You’re behind the wheel and carrying                    Locations:
out J-turns reversing quickly and spinning the car through 180 degrees and                      Northampton
speeding away. You will also learn how to carry out the perfect handbrake                       Dress:
turn, to drive through a slalom course without hitting the cones, and how to                    Casual wear
do it going backwards. Then there’s the drive-in shooting range - skid to a
halt, shoot the targets from the car, and then speed off again against the                      What is included:
clock. A definite must for the adrenaline junkie, and definitely not for those                  Venue Hire
who have a weaker stomach                                                                       Activities chosen
                                                                                                All equipment hire
Second, learn some essential skills required to conduct a secret agent                          Safety equipment
operation; how to use specialist spy equipment like covert cameras and                          Tea/coffee & pastries
UHF radios, bugs and listening devices, and lock picking gadgets. You’ll be                     Lunch
taught how to use a pistol, the Secret Agent’s personal weapon, and then                        Trophy & prize giving
test your skills with quick-draw techniques in a VIP protection scenario.                       Public liability
You’ll fire machine guns on the Close Quarter Battle area, apply precision                      insurance
shooting through the powerful telescopic sight of the sniper rifles, try your
                                                                                                What is not included:
skill at axe throwing, and test your nerve and concentration with the bomb
de-activation challenge. Also, the hi-tec laser combat system is used in a
harmless shoot-out to practice “contact drills”. You’ll receive some expert                     Notes:
instruction on un-armed combat techniques, useful when you’re cornered                          Full driving licence
by enemy agents!                                                                                required

This ‘Spy Experience’ is especially relevant to assist the team in improving;                   Duration:
communication, team spirit, diversity, time management, control and                             Full day
leadership.                                                                                     Price Bracket:
                                                                                                £150-250 pp

Please contact the team at Experience More for                                                  Excl. VAT at 17.5%
further information and to secure a booking.
                                                                                                Cost dependent on
Tel: 0870 444 2577 or                                                                           group size
  Experience More is a division of Buyagift Ltd, Trading address: Ross House, 1 Shirely Road, Enfield, London, EN2 6SB.
                            Reg No. 3883868.

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