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					This is a sample version of a wide game
  I ran in my old group. Heaps of fun.

   The game involves two sets of teams –
   Control Agents and KAOS agents (taken
     from the old TV series Get Smart).

             YOUR MISSION
   Your team’s mission is to conduct the best field
   operation in the rescue of CONTROL agents
   captured in the line of duty by KAOS. This
   exercise will also determine which is our best
   Spy Field Unit. You will be competing against
   two other highly trained Control Spy Field Units.
   The team who completes the mission with the
   most points wins.

      First you must steal secret microfilm hidden
      in the pews of the church on an old church-
      site which has been turned into KAOS
      Headquarters (see map overleaf). Your
      map marks the general location of the
      microfilm. You’ll find it taped to the bottom
      of one of the pews.

      The Church is patrolled by one guard. He
      has a weak weapon: a flashlight that can
      only shine for 3 seconds and then remains
      dead for 5 seconds. If anyone is caught in
      this beam you must hand over one of your
      name tags (001, 002, 003, 005, or 007 –
      smallest numbers first, as they are worth
      their reverse points value e.g. 001 = 100
      points, 007 = 700 points) and spend 3
      minutes in a holding cell. Other team
      members must wait for their release before
      leaving KAOS H.Q.

                                                       Social Programme
However, if you tag the H.Q. guard (e.g. in the 5 seconds while his weapon is dead), he
must become inactive for 1 minute in which time you can get away. Once you have the
microfilm, take it to our secret developing lab. Hand it to our agent there who will give it
back to you developed.

(Organiser Note: The “Developing Lab” should be the home of someone in the church.
The householder has been prearranged to take the “microfilm” and, after a few minutes
wait, replace the microfilm with a printed message)

   The developed microfilm will reveal the location of our imprisoned agents. Go and
   rescue them. KAOS aren’t expecting us so the prison will be poorly guarded.

   There are 3 agents imprisoned but only collect one of them. They have varying
   rank and so have different points value:
      Colonel Martin (code name “Snoopy”) is worth 1000 points.
      Captain Don (code name “Ass”) is worth 800 points.
      Lieutenant Bernard (code name “Panda Bear”) is worth 600 points.
   They are all VIP’s. Treat with special care. Any damage to them will result in
   automatic disqualification!

(Organiser Note: Our three “agents” were three large stuffed toys planted in our old
church crypt)

Once the jail break is secured, get your team and the rescued agent out of KAOS
territory to our Field Headquarters at (someone else’s home)
KAOS territory is from Main St. in the north and the river in the south, and between
Cook St and Albert St. Once you have passed beyond Cook or Albert St. you are safe
from KAOS. KAOS agents will be patrolling their territory, especially once news breaks
of your prison rescue. If you are spotted by their patrol car you must hand over a name
tag. Remember smallest numbers first.
Good luck! And may the best Unit win.

Name tags                                        Maximum 1800 pts
Copy of developed film                           Maximum 500 pts
Rescued agents                                   Maximum 1000 pts
Completion of mission by 2115 hours              Maximum 500 pts

                                                                            Social Programme
Intelligence reports that teams of control agents have infiltrated KAOS
TERRITORY (a designated area surrounding your church). Your mission is
to locate and sabotage their operation by removing their set of 5 name tags.

                    INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTS
                            Agent Adam will guard HQ as follows. The
                            interior of the church from 1945 – 2015 hours;
                             the entire grounds from 2015 to 2045 hours;
                             and KAOS Territory from 2045 hours onward.
                             Agents Tracey, Kayla and Chris patrol KAOS
                            Territory by car. If the teams have not been
                           deactivated by 2115 hrs, well, you’ve failed but
                      you’re invited to supper*)

Intelligence tells us that the three likely destinations of CONTROL agents
are KAOS Headquarters (All Saints Plant) their Developing Lab (a church
member’s home) and their Field Headquarters Lab (a church member’s
home). Note that these latter places are just outside KAOS Territory. Once
CONTROL agents have passed beyond Cook or Albert St and you unable
to pursue them further.

Your task is to sabotage Control Teams by spotting them and collecting
their set of five name tags coded 001, 002, 003, 005 & 007 (one spotting
= one name tag). Once a team is spotted who have no name tags left they
must give up any secret information etc that they have secured. Then you
will have succeeded in your mission.
Chris, Tracey & Kayla: Control Teams can be spotted by car while in
KAOS Territory. They must automatically hand over a name tag.
Adam: Control teams can be spotted on Headquarters by flashlight only.
These weapons are limited. They can only be on for 3 seconds and then
must stay off for 5 seconds to recharge. So, Agent Adam, be careful how
you use it don’t give yourself away. If you do, and are tagged by control
agents, you must remain inactive for 1 minute.
If however you catch a Control Agent in the beam of your flashlight, collect a
name tag from them & take them to the holding cell (see map) for 3 minutes.
Good luck. KAOS must prevail. Have no fear!!!

                                                               Social Programme

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