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Fiera Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea                   24 / 28 GENNAIO / JANUARY
International Exhibition of Contemporary Art                2008

PRESS RELEASE - December 21st 2007
The Italian appointment for the art
The 32nd edition of Arte Fiera Art First, to be held in Bologna from 24 to 28 January, under the artistic
direction of Silvia Evangelisti, will be an unmissable appointment for the international modern and
contemporary art world.
Important confirmations and prestigious new entries such as Alfonso Artiaco (Naples); Alison Jacques
Gallery (London); Bodhi Art (Mumbai); James Cohan Gallery (New York); Monica De Cardenas (Milan);
Massimo De Carlo (Milan); Galerie Jérôme De Noirmont (Paris); Austin/Desmond (London); Galerie
Lelong (Paris, Zurich, New York); Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts (Miami); Galerie Jablonka (Köln, Berlin);
Massimo Minini (Brescia); Giò Marconi (Milan); Friedrich Petzel Gallery (New York); Galerie Thaddeus
Ropac (Salzburg, Paris); Galeria Màrio Sequeira (Braga); Sperone Westwater Gallery (New York);
Christian Stein (Milan); Studio La Città (Verona); Tucci Russo (Torre Pellice). There will be a wide range of
offerings from arte povera to transavanguardia and conceptual art, from Burri, Fontana, Melotti, Merz
and Boetti and Giuseppe Penone, who this year represented Italy in the Italian Pavilion at the Venice
Biennale, 52nd International Art Exhibition, up to Vanessa Beecroft, Roberto Cuoghi and Candida Höfer
(at the fair her shots of historic buildings in Bologna).
Arte Fiera Art First is devoting special attention to young galleries with a broad picture of contemporary
artwork and the latest research through a meticulous selection of the most interesting and innovative
Hosted right at the centre of the exhibition centre, the 26 young galleries (with no more than 5 years
of activity) chosen by the selection committee will enjoy the maximum visibility at an international
level and will give art enthusiasts an overview of emerging trends and the opportunity to discover new
The Italian galleries include T293 and Annarumma404 (Naples), Federico Luger, Massimo Carasi - The
Flat, Galica, Pianissimo, Prometeo Gallery and Riccardo Crespi(Milan), agenzia 04 and Fabio Tiboni
Arte Contemporanea (Bologna), Monitor, C.a.o.s. and Extraspazio (Rome), Citric (Brescia), Galleria 42
Contemporaneo (Modena) and Galleria SpazioA Contemporanearte (Pistoia). The international galleries
include Galerie Davide Gallo, Kunstagenten and Galerie Martin Mertens (Berlin), Galerie Magda Danysz
(Paris) and Dukan & Hourdequin (Marseilles), Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (London), Mizuma Action
(Tokyo), Virgil de Voldere (New York), Acb Gallery (Budapest) and Galeria Posibila (Bucharest).
Some of the names to watch out for amongst the emerging artists proposed by the young galleries
are Alicia Martin, Pieter Hugo, Zimmer Frei, Mike Giant, Lisi Raskin, Claire Fontaine, Michael Bevilacqua,
Pennacchio & Argentato and Nicolas Touron.
Amongst the events in the fair, back for the third year, the appointment with ABO Art Before Obvious
coordinated by Achille Bonito Oliva, who is presenting Mercante in fieri. The play on words contained in
the Italian title, explores how culture and business interact from the three different viewpoints of art
fair directors, auctioneers and gallery owners, combining culture and economics with a focus on the future.
At the Art Café (hall 18), Words on art a series of meetings with critics, artists and personalities from
the world of Italian and international art and culture and presentations of the latest novelties from
publishers and galleries taking part in ArteFiera such as books on Domenico Bianchi, Carla Accardi
(Skira) and the publication “Arte Povera. Libri e documenti” (Edizioni Corraini).

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Fiera Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea                      24 / 28 GENNAIO / JANUARY
International Exhibition of Contemporary Art                   2008

Euromobil Award (second edition) open to Italian and international artists under 30 nominated by the
galleries taking part in the Arte Fiera, will be presented in a central location in the fair exhibition centre.
The award aims to “promote a young artist who using the different languages of visual arts conveys
his/her comprehension of the contemporary”, and will be given by a selected committee consisting of
Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo e Giancarlo Lucchetta, owners of Euromobil Spa and art collectors, Silvia
Evangelisti, Director of Arte Fiera, Gianfranco Maraniello, Philippe Daverio, Aldo Colonnetti and Roberto
Gobbo. The prize-winner will be invited to “interact” with the products creating by Euromobil Group.
Euromobil Group (main sponsor of Arte Fiera) will also present in hall 21 the installation Places of
art – places of design showing four projects conceived by the young designers Jai Jalan and Sadle and
two established architects Gherardi and Gobbo as well as two artists: Jakub Nepraš, winner of the first
edition of the award, and Fabrizio Plessi.
Targetti Light Art Award (fifth edition) One of the high points of Arte Fiera will be the world preview
exhibit of the “light art” pieces and the presentation of the awards to the five young winners of the 5th
edition of the Targetti Light Art competition. The contest, held every two years and promoted by Targetti
in cooperation with ArteFiera, was entered by over 4,000 creatives under 40 from all over the world. To
celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Targetti Light Art Collection, the curator, Amnon Barzel, decided
to showcase the prize-winning pieces from all five editions of the competition along with light works
recently commissioned from some of the most established international artists who use artificial light
as an expressive tool and primary content of their creations.
Bologna, a city for art
A wide range of art shows and events staged in a series of venues around town.
From 24 January to 29 February 2008 the third edition of the Bologna Art First project in collaboration
with the City of Bologna, will be offering a novel and fascinating series of installations by contemporary
artists in historic locations in the centre of Bologna.
Fascinating installations of artists, represented by galleries that exhibit at the fair and selected by an advisory
board, will offer to the public a tour of museums, courtyards, and historical buildings in Bologna’s centre.
The courtyard of Palazzo d’Accursio will host a large sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro, while an installation
by Fabrizio Plessi from the series of works devoted to the theme of water will be housed under the
portico; the Musei Universitari di Palazzo Poggi will feature a large painting by Cristiano Pintaldi
inspired by the famous film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ by Stanley Kubrick as well as a Wood’s lamp installation by
Alessandro Lupi; the small chapel frescoed by David Tremlett in Palazzo Re Enzo will host a work by Luigi
Presicce; a floor work by Vittorio Corsini will be housed in the Museo della Sanità at Santa Maria della
Vita; the Museo Civico Archeologico will host an installation by Andrea Santarlasci and an historical work
by Nanni Valentini; a sculpture by Alex Pinna at the Museo Medievale and a work by Antonella Zazzera
at the Museo della Musica; in the courtyards of the Biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio a video-installation
by Herbert Hamak; under the loggia of Palazzo Bevilacqua Ariosti (the only private building courtesy
offered by the owners for this event) eleven photographs by Roberto De Polis and an installation by
Paolo Bertocchi and Vanessa Chimera will be host in the International Airport Guglielmo Marconi.
Now in its second year ARTEFIERA OFF, the series of collateral events that will be held during Arte Fiera,
is being expanded with new projects: the programme includes exhibitions, videos, conferences and
performances by artists at a range of venues.
At Mambo, the new Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, three solo shows will open on 25 January 2008: Luigi
Ontani, curated by Gianfranco Maraniello (25 January - 4 May 2008); Guyton\Walker, curated by Andrea Viliani
(25 January - 30 March 2008); Ding Yi, curated by Gianfranco Maraniello (25 January - 30 March 2008).
The Museum will propose also two lectures: the reading of Polish poet Adam Zagajewski in Francesco
Clemente’s honour (Friday 25 January 4.30pm), promoted by Galerie Jablonka.

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Fiera Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea                      24 / 28 GENNAIO / JANUARY
International Exhibition of Contemporary Art                   2008

Villa delle Rose will show the first of a series of exhibitions in 2008, Not so private. Gallerie e storie dell’arte
a Bologna, organized in collaboration with the Association Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea –
ASCOM Bologna and devoted to the role of private galleries in the most recent Italian contemporary art
history (24 January – 2 March 2008).
The Museo per la Memoria di Ustica will host a poignant and thought-provoking permanent
installation by Christian Boltanski .
Fondazione della Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna is organising a series of events titled “Bologna si rivela”,
including an exhibition of the series of large paintings by Piero Pizzi Cannella “Cattedrali” and the
sculpture by Claudio Parmigiani “Campo dei fiori” in the deconsecrated church of San Giorgio in Poggiale.
Like every year during Arte Fiera, Palazzo Re Enzo will be hosting the eighth Netmage festival an
international event devoted to electronic arts curated by Xing, with a packed programme of productions
and projects providing an overview of contemporary audiovisual work: live-cinema, performances,
ambiences, mixed-media and installations.
Another highlight is an exhibition of photographs by Mario Giacomelli curated by Enzo Cucchi
Giacomelli. Cose mai viste, held in the unusual location of the Hospice Maria Teresa Chiantore Seragnoli
in Bentivoglio, a hospice for terminally ill patients donated to the community by the Seragnoli family.
In the Visionnaire space the exhibition Fotoartisti d’Italia 1967-2007 focuses on artistic photography
in Italy from 1967 to the present day.
At the Palazzina dell’Esprit Nouveau, projected by Le Courbusier and located in front of the fair exhibition
center’s entrance, Euromobil presents from 24th to 28th January, Orizzonti onirici, a sophisticated retrospective on
Carmelo Zotti the Trieste based artist recently dead, curated by Philippe Daverio and Cristina Beltrami.
The Cineteca di Bologna (Bologna Film Library) is organising an interesting programme during 2008.
From 21 to 31 January 2008 the Cinema Lumière in Via Azzo Gardino 65 will be hosting L’invenzione
del paradiso. Il cinema e lo sguardo plurale di Daniel Schmid, a retrospective devoted to Swiss director
Daniel Schmid who died in August 2006.
On Saturday 26 January the old town centre of Bologna will become a contemporary art venue with
special evening openings of museums, galleries and shops in the city centre, classical music concerts,
exhibitions and an original travelling buffet in old buildings and other historic locations in the city.
For more detailed and up-to-date information on the calendar of events, visit website

Silvia Macchetto
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Isabella Bonvicini
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Giuliana Tinti
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