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									Huon Show Committee was delighted with the crowd attendance at the 63rd Huon Show.
Uncertain weather forecast, including showers, brought Show patrons out early to the
Show. This was evident by the number of cars in the car park early in the day. Despite
weather in Hobart being overcast and cool, the Showground enjoyed warm sunshine..

A feature of the Show was the amount of agricultural machinery present. Agricultural
Firms are to be commended on supporting the Huon Show. The Grand Parade was a

Cattle section numbers were down slightly but numbers were made up with a larte number
of Alpacas, Commercial Cattle and sheep being entered.. A new arena layout and the
introduction of additional classes worked well with showjumping and saddle classes well
supported. Over 105 horses entered for the Show. The location adjacent to the Arena that
was used in 2008 proved popular and the new layout of the arena will continue. The new
layout resulted in more entertainment being placed on the arena. A feature on the arena
being the Light Horse demonstrations and heavy horse demonstrations.

Marion Woodward


Champion EFA Hack:                 Strapping – N. Dare
Reserve Ch. EFA Hack:              Glenvale Penny Arcade – A. McSherry

Champion EFA Galloway:             Shelowewe Benallen
Reserve Ch. EFA Galloway:          Willowcroft Great Expectations

Champion EFA Large Pony:           Binnowie Soprano
Reserve Ch. EFA Large Pony:        Tungurra Forever Gay

Champion EFA Small Pony:           Barjak Mr. Bojangles
Reserve Ch. EFA Small Pony:        Colmymyn Park Goldilocks

Champion Show Hunter               Vision Quest
Res. Ch. Show Hunter               Strapping

Champion Hack:                     Warped – Georgina Brennan
Reserve Ch. Hack:                  Segreto – Nicky Bransden

Champion Galloway:                 Kyalami Goldrush
Reserve Ch. Galloway:              Over The Top

Champion Large Pony:               Comylyn Park Butternut
Reserve Ch. Large Pony:            Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Champion Small Pony:
Reserve Ch. Small Pony:
Champion Leading Rein             Llangollen Hugo
Res. Ch. Leading Rein             Wally

Champion Led Delivery Horse              Maximus Dubh (D. Hayes)
Reserve Ch. Led Delivery                 Wellrach Louka (N.Wells)

Champion Led Draught                     Carnegie Madonna (N. Smith)
Reserve Ch. Led Draught                  Manjes Saxon King (S Saraci)

Champion Working Delivery                Jess (L. Cordwell)
Reserve Ch. Working Delivery             Kyrstle (B. Morley)

Draught Horse Turnout
   1      Casey (M. Weily)
   2      Krystle (B. Morley

Turnout in Cariage
   1       Merlin (F. Booth)
   2       Jess (L. Cordwell
   3       Echo (E. Booth)

Best Carriage Exhibit                    Jess (L. Cordwell)

Champion Adult Rider:                    Megan Daun
Reserve Ch. Adult Rider:                 Renee Woodleigh

Champion Intermediate Rider:             Ashleigh McSherry
Reserve Ch. Intermediate Rider:          Hannah Wright

Champion Junior Rider                    Amelia
Reserve Ch. Junior Rider                 Haley Jacobsen

                        Huon Showjumping 2009 Results
Class 200      Huon Show ORS
1      Pentref Draco       Debbie Dales
2      Namoi Kirra         Ashley Steele
3       HPH Finigan        Alice Scott
4      Lochie              Frances Velnaar
5      Gordi               Donna Hayes

Class 201      Waterlea Park Heavy Horse Encouragement Jump
1      Spy Catcher           Nicole Eliot
2      Murphy                Caleb Dales
3      Namoi Kirra           Ashley Steele
4      Mystique              Abby Velnaar
5      CG Pritchard          Wendy Steele

Class 202     Danny Randall Junior Huon Show Championship
1      Namoi Kirra          Ashley Steele
2      Abu                  Amber Alsford
3      Mystique             Abby Velnaar
4      Star Day             Joshua Dales
5      Alfie                  Tori Percival

Class 203      Kyamli Equestrian Jump
1      Murphy                Caleb Dales
2      Abu                   A. Alford
3      Starday               J. Dales
4      Alfie                 T. Percival
5      Spy Catcher           N. Eliot

Class 204 The York Store Improver Championship
1      Indiana Jane          S. Smith
2      Johnny Choc           A. Cook
3      Ima gold seeker       J. Dales
4      Rising Dream          E. Dales
5      Starstruck             Juliet M. Briggs

Class 205 Silver Hill Speed Championship
1      Rising Dream           E. Dales
2      Maximus Dudh           D. Hayes
3      Don’t say that         I. Brettingham Moore
4      Princess magnolia      M. Bishop
5      Warped                 G. Brennan

Class 206 Roberts Ltd. Jump
1      Don’t say that         I. Brettingham Moore
2      Indiana Jane           S. Smith
3      Starstruck Juliet      M. Briggs
4      Beau Geste             Pip Duggan
5      Ima gold seeker        J. Dales
Class 207      63 Rowland park Saddleworld Huon Show Championship
1      Rising Dream        E. Dales
2      Beau Geste          Pip Duggan
3       Don’t say that     I. Brettingham Moore
4      Starstruck Juliet   M. Briggs


Best Exhibit:                 Green (16)

Overall Best Udder:           Empress Watsonia           Littler

Senior Champion Doe:          Green (16)

Reserve Ch. Doe               S. Johnson (24)

Junior Champion Doe           Barrass (2)
Reserve Jnr Ch. Doe           Green (18)

Champion Kid                  Littler (30)
Reserve Ch. Kid               S. Johnson (27)

Owner Bred Doe                S. Johnson (25)

Champion Saanen               Barrass (2)            (
Champion Toggenburg           -

Champion Anglo Nubian         Green (16)

Most Successful Exhibitor:    (S. Johnson)

Open Owner Bred Doe           S. Johnson (25)


Champion Fat Steer:           GF & GL Millhouse

Res. Champion Fat Steer:      J & T Kessarios & Son


Senior Ch. Dairy Bull         PA & EJ Geard
Junior Ch. Dairy Bull         P A & E.J. Geard
Grand Ch. Dairy Bull          PA & EJ Geard
Junior Ch. Dairy Heifer:      PA & EJ Geard
Senior Ch. Dairy Female:      PA & EJ Geard


Heifer, 2 years and under 3 years dry
T. Direen

Heifer 18mths and under 2 years
T. Direen

Heifer under 12 nmths and over 9 mths
T. Direen

Best Pair Cows over 2 years – Jersey
T. Direen

Calf Rearing:
1st Place:              Thomas North
2nd Place:              Anna North
3rd Place:              Molly North
Dairy Junior Handler:         Braden Howlett
                              Matthew Howlett
                              Trent Millhouse
Most Successful Dairy Exhibitor:   PA & EJ Geard


Jnr. Ch. Interbreed Bull:          Seaview Poll Herefords
Sen. Ch. Interbreed Bull:          Boomer Creek Stud
Sup. Ch. Interbreed Bull:          Seaview Poll Herefords

Jnr. Ch. Interbreed Heifer         Seaview Poll Herefords
Sen. Ch. Interbreed Beef Female:   Boomer Creek Stud
Sup. Ch. Interbreed Female:        Seaview Poll Herefords

Best Group of Beef Cattle:

Seaview Poll Herefords

Weekly Times Award – Junior Champion Interbreed Beef Heifer bred by exhibitor:

Seaview Poll Herefords

Weekly Times Award – Junior Champion Interbreed Beef Bull bred by exhibitor:

Seaview Poll Herefords

Most Successful Beef Exhibitor:    Boomer Creek Stud


Pen of 3 Heavyweight lambs:

1st:   E McGown
2nd    DR & CM Smith

Pen of 3 Lightweight lambs:

1st:   MJ & SE Lang
2nd:   R. Chynoweth

Champion Pen of Fat Lambs:         E. McGown


Interbreed Ram over 1 ½ years:
1st:    Bridgewater High School Farm
2nd     M. McConnon
Interbreed Ram under 1 ½ years:
1st:    Bridgewater High School Farm
2       Bridgewater High School Farm

Interbreed Ewe over 11/2 years
1st:    Bridgewater High School Farm
2nd     Bridgewater High School Farm

Interbreed Ewe under 1 ½ years:

1st    J. Roberts
2nd    Bridgewater High School Farm

Pen 3 Interbreed Sheep

1st    Bridgewater High School Farm

Champion Interbreed Ram:           Bridgewater High School Farm
Champion Interbreed Ewe:           Bridgewater High School Farm


Best Large Commercial Exhibit:
R/up Large Commercial Exhibit:

Best Small Commercial Exhibit:
R/up Small Commercial Exhibit:


Best in Show:        Lonsdale BlackIce           P & B Dodge
Res. Best in Show:   Lesory Devils Charm         Emily Vince
Best 5-8 mths:       Launceston Kalari           Jesse Haycyszyn
Res. 5-8 mths        Lesory Nola                 J & J Birch
Best 3-5 mths:       Aleura Empress of Flame     Sophie Anderson
Res. 3-5 mths        Bakerville Devils on Fire   Emily Vince

AC Newbon memorial Prize          Josephine Waugh, Home School
Jean Munro Memorial Prize (cooking) Grace Krause, Huonville Primary
CWA D’Entrecasteaux Group Handcraft Trophy Kathryn Griggs, Home School

Lucaston CWA Prize (Woodwork & Metalwork) Reuben O’Toole, Home School

Ranelagh CWA Branch Price for most outstanding cooking item: Ricci Swirsky,
Woodbridge School

CWA Branch Prize for most outstanding Artwork – Josh Halton, Huonville High School

Bendigo Bank Christmas Cooking: Gareth Avers, Woodbridge School


Knitwear: Judy Blackburn, Blackmans Bay

Crochet: Irene Hill, Bruny Island

Needlework: Shirley Tongs, Ranelagh

Handcraft: Lyn Butler, Garden Is. Creek

Ceramics: Lisa Plohl

Cooking: Marlene Martyn, Kingston, Janet Symons, Huonville

White Bread: Mrs S. Tongs

Muffins : J. Symons

Swiss Roll: S. Brown, Cygnet

Rich Fruit Cake: J. Symons, Huonville

Boiled Fruit Cake: S. Tongs, Ranelagh

Plum Pudding: G. Ryan, Cygnet

Cake suitable for a diabetic: S. Tongs, Ranelagh

Iced Cakes: A. Liddell, Crabtree

Home Produce: J. Symons, Huonville

Cookery – Collection from Group of 4 Exhibitors: Lucaston CWA Branch
4 Varieties of jam from group or one exhibitor: Eileen McMullen, Ranelagh, Lucaston
CWA – equal first.

4 Articles (needlework) from one exhibitor: Eileen McMullen, Ranelagh

4 Articles (needlework) from Group of 4 exhibitors: Ranelagh CWA Branch

Best Ovcerall exhibit: A. Clark, Geeveston

Weldon Memorial Trophy for overall points: Mrs S. Tongs, Ranelagh


Champion Rose:

Open Floral Art:
Novice Best Floral Art Exhibit:

Cut Flowers:
Best Exhibit (Cut flowers)

Children’s Exhibits
Up to 8 years:
9-12 yrs:
9-12 yrs:: Best Exhibit –
13-16 years
13-16 Years Best Exhibit –

Allan Buxton Memorial Trophy: Ann Scarfe


Huon Show Ambassador –

Huon Teen – 13-16 years      Laura Griggs, Huonville

Huon Junior – 8-12 years     Chelsea Oates, Ranelagh

Huon Junior – 4-7 years      Hailee Baldwin, Ranelagh

Huon Tiny Tot – 18mths – 3 years    Tyler Murray, Lucaston

Small Dog:
Large Dog:

This section of the Show was really well attended with record entries. Large number of
Junior and Novice exhibitors which was pleasing to see.

Judged by David Brown, his comments were well received. He spent a lot of time talking
to junior and first time exhibitors explaining the finer points of poultry.

A large number of people passed through the pavilion.

Corinna Sloane is to be congratulated for the help she provided in setting up the pavilion
before the Show by repairing pens etc.

There was a good variety of both large and small fowls and bantams on Show – the best
show for a number of years.

Champion Bird in Show:       White Wyandotte Bantam cockerel – Georgia Weavel
Res. Gr Ch. Bird inShow      Old English Game Bantam Hen – RJ Calvert
Champion Bantam              White Wyandotte Bantam cockerel – Georgia Weavel
Res. Champion Bantam         Old English Game Bantam Hen – RJ Calvert
Champion Large Bird          Rhode Island Red Cockerel – Phillip Evans
Champion Waterfowl           Mallard Drake - Emma Lee Sloane
Champion Novice Exhibit      Silkie Hen – Elese Cleary
Champion Large Bird          Light Breed: Minorca Pullet – P. Evans

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