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5th Grade DRP Practice Passage 1


									Directions: The BOLD words are the answers. Make 1 copy of the answers, then select all
and unbold answers. Then Print for student use. Also delete these directions.
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5th Grade DRP Practice Passage 1                                    1)
     Alex loved to visit his Great Aunt Heidi because                     a) read,       14)
                                                                          b) once,             a) he,
she had a library filled with books. The library's
                                                                          c) every             b) at,
shelves held books on (            1      ) subject. There          2)                         c) to
were books on rocks and books on clocks. There were                       a) on,         15)
books (        2     ) mountains and books on fountains.                  b) in,               a) He'd,
But the one thing that made Aunt Heidi's (                3     )         c) you               b) You,
really special was the library's elves.                             3)                         c) Top
     (     4     ) elves are rare little creatures. Most                  a) perfect,    16)
                                                                          b) library,          a) book,
people think they are extinct, but a few still exist.                     c) ladder            b) some,
Many of them live (            5 ) the books on the                 4)                         c) elf
shelves of Aunt Heidi's library.                                          a) Whenever    17)
       Alex discovered the elves one blustery winter                      b) Airplane,         a) reach,
afternoon when he was (            6 ) the shelves for a                  c) Library           b) cushy,
book about airplanes He'd climbed all the way to the                5)                         c) stone
top of the library ladder and (            7 ) straining to               a) behind,     18)
                                                                          b) peaches,          a) rocking,
reach a thick book, when suddenly he heard a voice.                       c) resolve           b) onetime,
It (      8 ) a warm and friendly voice.                            6)                         c) chapters
      "Here (      9 ) go," the voice said, and Alex felt                 a) republic,   19)
the book he'd been reaching for pop into his hands.                       b) language,         a) looked,
Alex tumbled off the ladder. He would have hit the (                      c) searching         b) thicker,
10       ) floor with a hard thud had it not been for the           7)                         c) friend
                                                                          a) were,       20)
library elf's magic. The elf cast a magic spell that
                                                                          b) was,              a) books,
stopped him an inch from the (             11       ) and then            c) on                b) elves,
set him down gently.                                                8)                         c) rocks
      "(     12     )," Alex said to the little elf. “I owe               a) to,         21)
you one."                                                                 b) was,              a) was,
     The elf peered down from his shelf at Alex. He                       c) be                b) but,
wore a felt cap and a sweater (           13       ) in several     9)                         c) were
                                                                          a) you,        22)
colors. "Yes, you do," the elf said. "I would like you (                  b) it,               a) him,
14       ) read that book to me."                                         c) for               b) his,
     Alex looked at the book in his hands. (             15     )   10)                        c) new
forgotten all about airplanes when the (              16    )             a) colors,     23)
first spoke to him.                                                       b) stone,            a) thick,
   "Okay" Alex said. Then he sat down in a ( 17 )                         c) chair             b) them,
chair in front of the fire and started to read. He read             11)                        c) his
                                                                          a) creature,
several (      18       ) without looking up. When he                     b) dictate,    24)
finally ( 19 ) up, he saw a dozen library ( 20                            c) ground            a) friendly,
) sitting on the braided rug in front of him. All of the            12)                        b) knuckle,
elves (      21     ) listening intently.                                 a) Timid,            c) vanished
     "Don't stop," they told (       22       ). "Read, read,             b) Thanks,     25)
read."                                                                    c) You’re            a) for,
                                                                    13)                        b) the,
          Alex read to (        23    ) long into the night.
                                                                          a) tumbled,          c) was
He finished the book and looked up to find the library                    b) knitted,
elves were gone. They had (            24       ) as soon as he           c) ladders
had read (       25       ) last word on the last page.
                                         Modified by Kelly Pruitt 2008
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5th Grade DRP Practice Passage 2                           1)                  14)
   The fox wasn't wise like the owl, thrifty like the            a) She,             a) branch,
                                                                 b) Fur,             b) and
squirrel, hard working like the beaver, or determined            c) Her              c) fox
like the robin. The fox was sly and secretive. ( 1         2)                  15)
) slept most of the days away in her den with her kits           a) of,              a) off,
curled ( 2 ) her. She went out to hunt only on nights            b) around,          b) as,
when the moon was ( 3 ) by clouds. Not many                      c) many             c) awe
                                                           3)                  16)
of the other animals saw her during the day (        4           a) not,             a) The,
) met up with her at night.                                      b) hidden,          b) I,
    "(     5     ) know that nasty fox is stealing hens          c) about            c) Like
from the henhouse," the squirrel told ( 6        ) owl     4)                  17)
one afternoon as they sat on a branch and gossiped.              a) not,             a) creature,
                                                                 b) or,              b) caught,
        "That's why she doesn't show her red nose                c) clouds           c) working
around                                                     5)                  18)
( 7 ) during the day. That thieving fox makes                    a) The,             a) sly,
me angry."                                                       b) I,               b) under,
          The owl didn't say (      8 ). She thought             c) Red              c) about
                                                           6)                  19)
about the rabbit she'd caught that morning and held              a) the,             a) row
her tongue.                                                      b) animals,         b) tossed,
( 9       ) would the squirrel have to say about her             c) saw              c) fence
after she'd heard that she (     10 ) rabbits for          7)                  20)
breakfast?                                                       a) and,             a) slept,
                                                                 b) here,            b) cut,
      That evening at sunset as the fox slipped out of (         c) met              c) and
11 ) den, her fur was a fiery red in the light of the      8)                  21)
setting                                                          a) during,          a) working,
( 12 ) and her eyes were black and clever. She                   b) show,            b) towards,
was just about to slip (     13    ) the farmer's fence          c) anything         c) instead
                                                           9)                  22)
when she heard someone snicker at her from a tree (              a) With             a) known,
14 ) above.                                                      b) Wasn’t           b) with,
     It was the robin. "Good evening fox," she said.             c) What             c) out
"Where are you ( 15 ) to this fine night? There            10)                 23)
was a ruckus at the farm yesterday morning. (        16          a) ate,             a) nights,
                                                                 b) her,             b) fish,
) heard it when I flew over in search of worms. It               c) was              c) sly
seems some ( 17 ) has been sneaking into the               11)                 24)
henhouse and stealing hens. You wouldn't know                    a) at,              a) with,
anything ( 18 ) that, would you?"                                b) her,             b) on,
       The fox ignored the rude robin and slipped                c) night            c) out
                                                           12)                 25)
under the ( 19 ), but instead of heading toward                  a) sun,             a) moon,
the farm as she did most nights, she ( 20 ) down                 b) fox,             b) fox,
to the river. Beaver was (      21    ) on his dam, and          c) on               c) them
he watched ( 22 ) awe as the fox caught three (            13)
23 ) in a row and tossed them ( 24 ) the shore.                  a) his,
                                                                 b) under,
He'd always known the ( 25 ) was as smart as she                 c) like
was sly.

                                   Modified by Kelly Pruitt 2008
Name _________________________________________________

5th Grade DRP Practice Passage 3                       1)
    Chuck was an excellent student. He was                   a) him,             14)
                                                             b) or,                    a) had,
attentive to his teachers ( 1 ) kind to his                  c) and                    b) much,
fellow classmates. He sat quietly on the bus and       2)                              c) was
held ( 2 ) sister's hand when they crossed                   a) his,             15)
busy ( 3       ).                                            b) he,                    a) an,
    Chuck and his family lived next to an airport.           c) sign                   b) the,
                                                       3)                              c) air
At night, Chuck would (        4    ) in his bed and         a) questionable,    16)
listen to the huge planes fly overhead. One night            b) perpendicular,         a) his,
( 5 ) Chuck was trying to fall asleep, he                    c) intersections          b) was,
got an idea.                                           4)                              c) an
         The next morning, ( 6 ) put his idea                a) to,              17)
                                                             b) hip,                   a) There,
into action. He found a big, thick piece of paper            c) lie                    b) Night,
( 7 ) folded it several times. When he was             5)                              c) Chuck
done, he didn't have much more (         8    )a             a) while,           18)
crumpled paper ball. He got frustrated and                   b) stay,                  a) His,
threw it toward the trash. ( 9        ) flew                 c) even                   b) He,
                                                       6)                              c) If
through the air, but it didn’t soar. Chuck wanted            a) family,          19)
to make something ( 10 ) soared.                             b) been                   a) gone,
     At school, Chuck was the first one to sign              c) Chuck                  b) into,
up to visit ( 11 ) library when the teacher            7)                              c) been
asked. At the library, Chuck loaded his arms                 a) busy,            20)
                                                             b) or,                    a) sigh,
with ( 12 ) on airplanes and flying                          c) and                    b) into,
machines.                                              8)                              c) after
      The rest of the afternoon, Chuck hardly                a) while,           21)
listened                                                     b) they,                  a) port,
( 13 ) his teacher. Instead, he looked out                   c) than                   b) told,
                                                       9)                              c) next
the window and daydreamed. He imagined he (                  a) He,              22)
14 ) in a jet that could fly faster than sound.              b) It,                    a) personal,
He imagined he was ( 15 ) bravest and                        c) And                    b) construct,
most daring pilot in the history of the world.         10)                             c) straight
         While Chuck ( 16 ) daydreaming,                     a) his,             23)
                                                             b) that,                  a) folded,
his teacher called on him. (     17 ) looked up              c) than                   b) lifted,
and started to blush. (     18    ) had to admit       11)                             c) tried
that he hadn't                                               a) was,             24)
( 19 ) paying attention. When the final                      b) in,                    a) dare,
bell rang, the teacher asked Chuck to stay (                 c) the                    b) fancy,
                                                       12)                             c) most
20 ) class.                                                  a) once,            25)
       "I'm worried about you, Chuck," she said.             b) ball,                  a) jet,
"You always pay attention." Chuck (          21 )            c) books                  b) room,
her what he'd been daydreaming about.                  13)                             c) trash
      “So, you want to learn how to ( 22 ) a                 a) at,
                                                             b) up,
paper airplane?" she asked with a smile. Then                c) to
she reached over and (       23 ) a piece of
paper off her desk. Chuck watched as she did

                                   Modified by Kelly Pruitt 2008
some ( 24 ) folds and a few clever twists.
When she was finished, she held a beautiful
paper plane out to him.
      "Go ahead and try it," she said.
      Chuck threw the airplane. It soared across
( 25 ), out the door, and down the hall. It
flew further than even Chuck would have

Name _________________________________________________

                                 Modified by Kelly Pruitt 2008
5th Grade DRP Practice Passage 4                                 1)                   14)
     Fanny Jenkins had no patience. She couldn't wait                  a) at,               a)   feel,
                                                                       b) to,               b) time,
for the butter ( 1        ) melt on her potatoes at                    c) was               c) there
dinnertime. She couldn't wait for the tub to (            2 )    2)                   15)
with water                                                             a) fill,             a) an,
at bath time. She couldn’t wait for the sun to shine                   b) now,              b) the,
( 3 ) a cloudy day.                                                    c) turn              c) with
                                                                 3)                   16)
      "Now! Now! Now!" She would shout as she                          a) so,               a) new,
stomped her ( 4            ).                                          b) on,               b) the,
        "I want it sooner, not later! I want it now, not               c) in                c) her
never!"                                                          4)                   17)
         Fanny's ( 5          ) was at the end of her rope.            a) room,             a)   at,
                                                                       b) foot,             b) I,
She was losing her patience with (          6     ) daughter.          c) lead              c) to
One morning Fanny had wet hair and her mother                    5)                   18)
wouldn't let her ( 7          to school until it was dry.              a) those,            a)  round,
Fanny had a soar throat, and Fanny's (          8 ) was                b) mother,           b) woke,
afraid the cold air would make her feel worse.                         c) people            c) were
                                                                 6)                   19)
        "I don't want (       9    ) soar throat to turn into          a) his,              a) her,
a cold, Fanny," she told her pouting daughter. "( 10                   b) her,              b) she,
) can't get sick. That's the last thing we need around                 c) if                c) had
here. You're always ( 11            ) impatient to get           7)                   20)
well."                                                                 a) walk,             a) never,
                                                                       b) sick,             b) bath,
          Fanny stomped her boot. Sure, her hair was a                 c) foot              c) want
( 12         ) wet, but not wet enough for her to catch          8)                   21)
a stupid cold. "I ( 13          ) to walk to school now,"              a) time,             a) your,
she told her mother. "I want to get (         14     )                 b) mom,              b) Fanny,
sooner, not later."                                                    c) was               c) mother
                                                                 9)                   22)
     With those words, she stomped out the door and                    a) you,              a)  to,
down (       15     ) sidewalk to school. It was a wintry              b) time,             b) get,
day. The winds were blowing from (             16 ) north,             c) your              c) at
and they were carrying sleet and snow. By the time               10)                  23)
Fanny got ( 17 ) class, her bright red curls were                      a) You,              a)   airbags,
                                                                       b) It,               b) medicine,
icicles.                                                               c) By                c) leashes
         Sure enough, the next morning Fanny (              18   11)                  24)
) up with a stuffy head. "I'm not sick," she told her                  a) a,                a) stay,
mother when ( 19 ) came in the room with a                             b) it,               b) now,
thermometer and a bottle of medicine. "I'm ( 20                        c) so                c) soon
                                                                 12)                  25)
) sick. I don't have time to be sick. Sick people are                  a)   bright,         a) not,
wimps."                                                                b) water,            b) boot,
       "Now, ( 21 )," her mother said in a                             c) little            c) body
calming voice. "You are sick, and you're going to                13)
have ( 22 ) stay in bed until you get better."                         a)   told,
                                                                       b) then,
Then she made Fanny take a huge spoonful of                            c) want
horrible tasting ( 23 ).
         "Yuck," Fanny complained, and then she
sneezed. "I want to be better right ( 24            ). I have
                                      Modified by Kelly Pruitt 2008
things to do, places to go, and people to see," she told
her mother.
"Oh, no you don't," said Fanny's mom. "For once,
you have to be patient and wait for your (     25 )
to get well. Now take a nap, Fanny.”

Name _________________________________________________

                                  Modified by Kelly Pruitt 2008
5th Grade DRP Practice Passage 5                           1)                    14)
     First Street School is holding its eighth annual            a)   still,           a)   One,
carnival. It will be held on March (       1 ) from              b)   grade,           b)   Will,
four to nine o'clock. Everyone in town is invited to             c)   third            c)   All
join the                                                   2)                    15)
                                                                 a) will,              a) tiny,
( 2         ), excitement, and thrills.                                                b) items,
        The fifth-grade students will decorate the               b) that,
                                                                                       c) lights
hallways at the ( 3 ). They will hang up                         c) fun          16)
                                                           3)                          a) laughable,
colorful streamers, bright balloons, curly ribbons,
                                                                 a)   lights,          b) activities,
and tiny lights. ( 4 ) hallway will be decorated
                                                                 b)   o’clock,         c) threatened
in a special theme. The main hallway that passes (                               17)
                                                                 c)   school
5     ) principal's office will be done in a western       4)                          a) did,
style.                                                           a) Each,              b) key,
        The carnival will offer ( 6 ) thirty                     b) All,               c) don’t
games. There will be a cakewalk, a miniature                     c) For          18)
                                                           5)                          a)  joke,
fishing pond, and a ( 7 ) ring toss. A new game                                        b) void,
                                                                 a) be,
called “Tower” will be introduced. Players will                  b) the,               c) vary
build ( 8 ) out of straws, cotton balls, and                     c) join         19)
pipe cleaners. The children who build the ( 9 )            6)                          a) is,
towers that don't fall down will win.                            a) over,              b) a,
                                                                 b) wear,              c) do
        One room will have strobe lights, mirrors,                               20)
                                                                 c) vigor
and music for dancing. Another room ( 10              )    7)                          a) Total,
have face painting. Choices for pictures will                    a)  done,             b) Music,
include a glittered butterfly, a Martian, ( 11        )          b) giant,             c) Foods
variety of flowers, clowns, and superheroes.                     c) best         21)
        The gymnasium will have a maze set up.             8)                          a)   flowers,
                                                                 a) insects,           b)   popcorn,
Racers will wear gunnysacks and ( 12 )                           b) towers,
scooters to navigate through the maze. Students can                                    c)   volume
                                                                 c) eighth       22)
go on a treasure hunt                                      9)                          a)  strobe,
( 13 ) the music room. Partners will work                        a)    lights,         b) knock,
together to locate and collect hidden objects. (                 b) colorful,          c) juice
                                                                 c) tallest      23)
14 ) partner will wear a blindfold while the               10)
other partner gives clues for finding (       15    )                                  a) faces,
                                                                 a)  was,              b) kids,
written on a list.                                               b) will,              c) for
          Students can win great prizes during the               c) four         24)
games and ( 16           ). Contestants can win stuffed    11)                         a)  wait,
                                                                 a)   an,              b) work,
animals, yo- yos, wind-up cars, whistles, beaded                 b) a,
jewelry, ( 17          ) chains, plastic insects or                                    c) will
                                                                 c) in           25)
dinosaurs, glow-,in-the-dark neon sticks, comic or         12)
                                                                                       a)   or,
( 18 ) books, magician kits, and all sorts of                    a)   spy,
                                                                                       b)   a,
cool prizes.                                                     b)   use,
                                                                                       c)    be
        People can eat (      19    ) snack or dinner in         c)   be
the cafeteria. ( 20 ) on the menu will include             13)
fruits,                                                          a) on,
                                                                 b) in,
( 21 ), hot dogs, hamburgers, carrots, pickles,                  c) do
salad, ( 22         ) or milk, cookies, and fries.
                                    Modified by Kelly Pruitt 2008
The ( 23        ) at First Street School can hardly
( 24 ) for the carnival to begin. It'll ( 25
) the best carnival ever!

                                  Modified by Kelly Pruitt 2008

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