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					                                                                                         The Spa at Zermatt

                          Zermatt Experiences
         Das Schone (A Beauty) Experience                                        Das Bergen (Mountain) Experience
Indulge yourself in this exceptional package featuring Die Frucht       Slow down, breath deeply and let us take you on a European jour-
and Zucher Body Scrub and Fondue Body Envelopment followed              ney. Begin with a Krauter Sage Body Polish, followed by a 60-
by a 60-minute Signature Massage. Enjoy a gourmet spa lunch in          minute Edelweiss Extract Massage. Complete the experience with
our serene relaxation room. Complete the experience with a Signa-                     a botanical Signature Swiss Facial.
ture Swiss Facial and Fondue Manicure and Pedicure. Our most
                                                                                           Three Hours (1/2 Day)
                         decadent package!
*To ensure availability, we request that this package be booked at
                    least 72 hours in advance.
                   Six Hours (Full Day)

                                                   Time For Yourself Experience
                                      Create a custom package that fits your needs and lifestyle. Choose
                                      four or more treatments, individually valued at $45.00 or more,
                                      and receive a 10% package discount. Choose five or more treat-
                                                 ments and receive a 20% package discount.

     784 West Resort Drive Midway Utah                                                     435.709.9596 • zermatt.dolce.com
                           Signature Treatments
                     European sophistication meets relaxation with our full body combination services. .

        Monte Rosa Full Body Rejuvenation                                           Timpanogos Couples Retreat
This sumptuous full body treatment will leave you feeling ener-       In honor of our local legend, we have created this romantic pack-
gized from head to toe. Begin with a Sugar Body Polish scented        age for two. In our beautiful couple’s suite each of you will enjoy
with extracts of Lemon, Chamomile and Amber to gently exfoliate       a 90-minute customized massage using a delicious blend of nine
your skin. Next comes the cozy cocoon wrap with our Earth En-         Essential Oils. Continue the romance with two aromatherapy bath
ergy Clay Masque. While you are warm and relaxed we will treat                    elixirs and a spa candle as our gift to you.
your scalp to a lavish hot oil massage and Rosemary, Peppermint
                                                                                                90 minutes
Hair Conditioning Masque. The finishing touch is a warm applica-
    tion of rich Shea Body Butter leaving your skin satiny soft.
                                                                              * Our spa staff is happy to help you extend this
                         100 minutes                                           experience by making dinner reservations at
                            $175                                                       one of our fine restaurants..

         Matterhorn Aromatherapy Massage                                    Himmel and Masse (Heaven and Earth)
An invigorating dry brush exfoliation prepares you for a custom-      Focusing on the scalp and feet, this service is a combination lower
ized Aromatherapy Full Body Massage, melting away tension and         leg exfoliation with a Sugar Scrub, followed by a warm Fondue
                             stress!                                  Foot Wrap. A heavenly, gentle scalp massage with our rich sea-
                          90 minutes                                  weed mud or essential oil hair blend is the next step. Complete the
                             $135                                     treatment with reflexology on your feet that will delight the senses
                                                                                        and energize your entire body.
                                                                                                60 minutes

                                        Body Polishes
  Natural sugars, berries and crushed walnuts exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Each Body Polish is followed by a warm ap-
                                         plication of corresponding body crème.

        Die Frucht (Fruit) & Zucher (Sugar)                                   Die Krauter Sage Herbal Body Polish
                    Body Polish                                       This luxurious creamy scrub gently exfoliates with crushed Swiss
Indulge in this fresh Sugar Scrub that is bursting with berries na-   Walnuts and Pine. Rich in anti-oxidants this treatment will leave
  tive to Switzerland. A wonderful and moisturizing exfoliation                     your skin lightly scented and smooth.

                          60 minutes                                                            60 minutes
                             $95                                                                   $95

    784 West Resort Drive Midway Utah                                                       435.709.9596 • zermatt.dolce.com
                            Body Envelopments
 Moisturize, detoxify, or replenish. Each treatment can be customized utilizing blends and scents from the Swiss regions.
Every Body Envelopment begins with a dry brush exfoliation to prepare your skin and promote cleansing of the lymphatic
            system. Then you are wrapped in warm linens and given a delightful shoulder and neck Massage.

Das Sonnenbad (Sunbath) Body Envelopment Die Krauter Sage Seaweed Body Envelopment
This nourishing post-sun body envelopment brings relief to sun-      The two primary ingredients in this treatment, Seaweed and Echi-
burned skin and promotes healing with minerals and herbal ex-        nacea, are designed to promote detoxification of the body while re-
                            tracts.                                  mineralizing with nourishing algae. This is an excellent treatment
                          60 minutes                                                 to compliment an active lifestyle.
                             $100                                                              60 minutes

                                  Die Frucht (Fruit) & Honig (Honey) Fondue
                                               Body Envelopment
                                  Relax as we surround you in our skin softening body envelopment
                                  bursting with firming fruit extracts. Replenishing and deeply hy-
                                                            60 minutes

                                  Massage Therapy
Healing touch is powerful and has been know throughout history to provide relief from pain, relax your mind and promote
          rejuvenation of your body. Our team of highly skilled therapists will focus on your personal healing.

Die Krauter Sage or Edelweiss Extract Massage                                         Mother-To-Be-Massage
Select from one of our Swiss blends to create the perfect Massage.   Pregnancy massage has been found to reduce stress, decrease
The Edelweiss blend features Elderberry extract and the Krauter      swelling in the arms and legs, and relieve aches and pains in mus-
          Sage blend features Echinacea and Vitamin E.                                         cles and joints.
                      60 or 90 minutes                                                     60 or 90 minutes
                         $85 $125                                                             $95 $135

                    Signature Massage                                       Mountain Springs Hot Stone Massage
We approach each massage with experience, individuality, pas-        We have combined a deeply soothing Basalt Stone Massage with
sion and care. Several modalities that can be incorporated include   the healing properties of custom blended Essential Oils to soothe
Swedish, Acupressure, Injury Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofas-        your body and renew your spirit. Heated Basalt Lava stones warm
                          cial Release.                              up your muscles and prepare your body to receive the benefits of
                      60 or 90 minutes                                                         deep pressure.
                         $85 $125                                                              90 minutes

    784 West Resort Drive Midway Utah                                                      435.709.9596 • zermatt.dolce.com
              Energy (Findeln) Bodywork                                               Sportlich (Sports) Massage
The human body consists of energy fields that can be stimulated        Choose either a Sports Warm-Up or Sports Cool-Down Mas-
and rebalanced to promote wellness. The result is a greater sense      sage. In our unique Sports Warm-Up Massage, invigorating oils
of energy and well-being. In each of these styles the practitioner     are used to prepare your muscles and joints for intense exercise
seeks to unblock or re-disperse energy in you body. Our thera-         or physical activity. Preparing your body helps to avoid injury
pists are trained in such styles as Cranialsacral, Reiki, Lymphatic    and painful overuse. Using specially blended essential oils, our
             Drainage, Chakra and Polarity Balancing                   distinctive Sports Cool-Down Massage targets painful areas due
                      60 or 90 minutes                                 to over working muscles, and relaxes joints and tendons to help
                                                                                            relieve pain and swelling.
                         $85 $125
                                                                                              60 or 90 minutes
                                                                                                 $85 $125

                                                         Couples Massage
                                   Each of you will enjoy your choice of massage in our beautiful
                                                            couples’ suite
                                                          60 or 90 minutes
                                                            $170 $250

 Our skin is our first impression, our natural protection and an important cleansing system of the body. Choose from any
                                             one of our highly effective facials.

                  Signature Swiss Facial                                                    Skin Renewal Peel
“Truly Swiss, Truly Unique”. Featuring botanical skin care prod-       So long, farewell and “Adieu” to clogged pores, breakouts, fine
ucts from Switzerland, this treatment is a true European Facial. A     lines and age spots. This facial experience is good for all skin
thorough skin analysis, cleansing, toning, exfoliation and stimulat-   types. One treatment can bring the skin back to a smooth and
      ing facial massage are all components of this treatment.         bright clarity. A series of treatments is recommended for optimal
                           60 minutes
                                                                       results. Utilizing safe and effective blends of chemical re-surfac-
                                                                             ers, this treatment is relaxing as well as result oriented.
                                                                                                  60 minutes

          High Performance Skin Fit Facial                                        Luminous “C” and “Sea” Facial
 Skin Fitness? Get your skin in shape with this highly effective       Has the sun, pollution and travel depleted your skin? Here is the
 treatment that will plump up, rejuvenate, oxygenate and repair the    Zermatt solution: a potent blend of Vitamin C combined with ac-
 skin. This helps to improve overall texture and tone of your skin’s   tive Seaweed will assist in reducing fine lines, strengthening elas-
                            appearance.                                ticity and providing relief for dull, environmentally stressed, and
                           60 minutes                                  sun-damaged skin. Your complexion will appear smooth with a
                              $90                                                                luminous glow!
                                                                                                 90 minutes

    784 West Resort Drive Midway Utah                                                        435.709.9596 • zermatt.dolce.com
              Zermatt Customized Facial                                         Caviar and Pearls Anti-Aging Facial
Relax and enjoy as our professional Estheticians prescribe a facial     This facial uses pure Caviar and Pearl extracts. Increasing oxy-
unique to your skin type and condition. This facial includes a skin     genation to the skin and promoting rapid cellular turnover. The
analysis, deep cleansing with steam and warm towels, exfoliation,       active ingredient Escutox, promotes a tightening effect and the lift
extractions, treatment masque and massage. Whether your skin is         off masque will give your skin a supple, youthful feel. This is the
dry, dehydrated, stressed, sensitive, or break-out prone, you will      perfect facial before an event or special night out because of the
   love the results obtained by this truly pampering experience                                 immediate results.
                          90 minutes                                                              90 minutes
                             $100                                                                    $120

                                              High Altitude Power Repair Facial
                                    Incorporating Marine Collagen, Marine Elastin, Marine D.N.A.,
                                    Hyaluronic Acid and Micro Emulsified Vitamins, this treatment
                                    will help prevent and visibly repair lines and wrinkles, while coun-
                                    teracting premature aging. Reclaim and maintain your skin’s
                                                               90 minutes

                                            and Pedicures
                       Fondue Manicure                                                 Men’s Die Krauter Manicure
 Our Fondue Pedicure treatment, but for the hands. Experience a          Our Men’s Die Krauter Pedicure treatment, but for the hands. Ex-
           delightful massage with the full manicure.                         perience a delightful massage with the full manicure.
                            60 minutes                                                              60 minutes
                               $45                                                                     $45

                       Fondue Pedicure                                                 Men’s Die Krauter Pedicure
 Our uniquely designed pedicure is a truly indulgent experience.         This revitalizing treatment includes an exfoliating Krauter Sage
 With careful attention to detail each part of the foot and lower leg    Herbal Scrub, extended lower leg and foot massage. Attention to
 is pampered with expert massage, sugar scrub exfoliation, paraf-        dry, rough areas, hydrating paraffin dip and application of mois-
 fin dip and then wrapped in our warm clove and cinnamon foot                 turizing Krauter Sage Body crème finish off this service.
 cozys. Finishing the service is callous and cuticle care followed by
                                                                                                    60 minutes
                         impeccable polish!
                            60 minutes

    784 West Resort Drive Midway Utah                                                         435.709.9596 • zermatt.dolce.com
                     Skincare Enhancements
                                                             Eye or Lip Treatment
                                     Your tired eyes or de-hydrated lips can experience a reviving
                                     transformation with Retinol in time-released Spherulites, Colla-
                                     gen, Elastin, Vitamin E, and Bois Oil. Add these treatments to any
                                        facial and discover plump youthful lips or re-hydrated eyes.
                                                                  25 minutes each
                                                                     $25 each
                                          Lash Tint                                               30 min. $25
                                          Brow Tint                                               20 min. $20
                                          Lash/Brow Tint Combination                              45 min. $40

                                          Brow, Lip or Chin wax with facial                       20 min      $17 each
                                          Brow/Lip/Chin Wax                                       20 min.     $20 each
                                          Underarm                                                30 min.     $30
                                          Full Arm                                                30 min.     $45
                                          Half Leg                                                30 min.     $45
                                          Full Leg (does not include bikini)                      60 min.     $65
                                          Bikini                                                  30 min.     $35
                                          Back                                                    60 min.     $60
                                          Brazilian (women only)                                  60 min.     $75

Spa Ettiquette and Cancellation Policy
Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment. We honor a 24 hour cancellation policy on all services. Any cancellation made within 24 hours
of your scheduled service will be charged the full service price. All reservations require a credit card to hold the appointment, gratuities are not included.
We ask that for the privacy and comfort of all guests children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. The Spa at Zermatt is a smoke and cell phone free
784 West Resort Drive Midway Utah                                                                            435.709.9596 • zermatt.dolce.com

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