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					                                                           PRESS RELEASE
                                                            September 26, 2007

                                     JAMFEST UNVEILS NEW PARENT COMPANY,
                                               THE JAM BRANDS!
                          JAMfest Events, LLC and its owners have unveiled a brand new entity The JAM Brands, Inc.
                          The JAM Brands, Inc. will serve as the parent corporation for multiple subsidiaries
                          including JAMfest Events, LLC, JAMwear, LLC, JAMcamps, LLC and 1 Spirit, LLC (dba
                          Golden State Spirit Association, GSSA 1 Spirit Championships and Aloha International
                          Spirit Championships).

                          The growth of JAMfest, now in its 13th season, served as the catalyst and key reason for
                          launching The JAM Brands. JAMfest will continue to serve as the flagship product for
                          the new parent company.

                          “As we move forward, The JAM Brands will provide an umbrella for everything we
                          produce…from competitions to camps to merchandise - we’ll have it covered! The
                          JAM Brands and its companies will operate based on the original core philosophies
                          created by JAMfest,” says Aaron Flaker, Co-Owner and President of The JAM Brands.
                          “At the core of any JAM Brands company will be a strong organization with upstanding
                          morals and ethics, superior customer service and super attention to detail…all things
                          that customers have come to expect from JAMfest.”

                          Co-Owner and Vice President Dan Kessler says, “The spirit industry needs something
                          like The JAM Brands. One of our main goals with this new entity is to provide our loyal
                          and ever-growing customer base an even more intense spirit package. We want to
                          be in a position to service ALL of our customers’ needs. We are well on our way to
                          accomplishing this ultimate goal.”

                          “The JAM Brands puts us in a strong position for future growth,” says Emmitt Tyler,
                          Co-Owner and Vice President. “When we sat down to identify the future goals
                          for our company, it made great strategic sense to create The JAM Brands, as it
                          allowed us to unite all of our products and services under one single entity. This
                          new structure will also allow us to branch out more easily and experiment with
                          other products and services within the spirit industry.”

                          The JAM Brands, Inc. is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and is owned by Aaron
                          Flaker, Emmitt Tyler and Dan Kessler. Residing at 11500 Champions Way The JAM
                          Brands currently employs over 30 full-time staff members and operates out of a brand
                          new 12,000 square foot office/warehouse.

                          JAMfest Events, LLC, the largest company within The JAM Brands, will produce and
                          direct over 60 cheer and dance events during the 07-08 season. JAMfest currently
                          runs events in approximately 30 different states across the U.S. and reached over
                          100,000 competitors last season alone. JAMfest has also powered a brand new event
                          called LIVE, an edgy red carpet, posh cheer and dance competition. LIVE will be
                          unveiled in four different U.S. cities this season.

                          JAMwear, LLC will serve as the merchandising arm for all of The JAM Brands and their
                          respective events. JAMcamps, LLC was launched along with the creation of The JAM
                          Brands earlier this summer and was a HUGE success in its first year. 1 Spirit, LLC (more
                          commonly known as GSSA) produces and directs several successful competitions
                          throughout the western U.S. as well as the Aloha International Spirit Championships in
                          Honolulu, Hawaii. GSSA also holds the largest coaches conference in the country in
                          May of each year.

11500 Champions Way       For more information on The JAM Brands, please contact Aaron Flaker at 1-866-611-2JAM
                          or via e-mail at The JAM Brands official website is
   Louisville, KY 40299