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225 Hinemoa Street Birkenhead Auckland 09 480 7563

 the    60               minute face lift
 Enhance your appearance with state of the art
 medical technology
 Our 60 Minute Face or Neck Lift uses the revolutionary Re-Firme™                            BEFORE   AFTER
 with Elos - the revolutionary skin tightening machine that has taken
 America by storm.

 Re-Firme™ helps improve skin laxity, sagginess, loss of elasticity
 and reduce wrinkles for areas such as the face, neck, abdomen and
 knees. The Re-Firme™ features revolutionary Elos technology that
 stimulates collagen production and produces a firming effect in lax
 skin. Fine wrinkles are reduced, noticeable lifting can be observed
 and the texture of your skin becomes smoother, more luminous and

 Using this revolutionary technology our 60 Minute Face or Neck Lift
 can help you achieve a tighter, toned, more youthful appearance
 - in just 60 minutes!                                                                                   Darphin
                                                                                                         Skin Care

 Are you sick of unwanted fat bulges which will not shift no matter
 how much you exercise or diet? Lipo-Dissolve involves tiny injections
 of a medication which literally dissolve the fat cells permanently.                                     Discover the
 Now you can have liposuction results without the surgery! The                                           Secret
 treatment can be done in a lunch hour - it’s quick and easy and                                         Top to Toe
 virtually pain-free. Common treatment areas: abdomen, arms,                                             Makeover
 double chin, lower eye fat pads, bra line and thighs.                                                   p3

                Comments from some of our satisfied clients
 “I was told dental teeth whitening wasn’t reccommended due to teeth sensitivity but
 the results from Lumabrite are fantastic - I had no tooth discomfort” - PI                              Summer
 “At first I was sceptical about the 60 minute face lift, but the results blew me away - I               Indulgence ...
                                                                                                         Super Specials
 was uplifted and my skin felt smooth and toned” - KH
 “Years of stress had taken its toll on my skin but Elos skin tightening helped to re-wind
 the stress and has given me a fresher, more toned appearance” - MM

 ISSUE 2 - 2007
              Darphin Skin Care:
     a simple premise, a beautiful promise                                                        A beauty legacy
Escape     Step away from day-to-day cares, concerns and activities                                  based on
- experience the delights of DARPHIN. Enter a private cocoon of
pampering and pleasure, dedicated to your personal needs, wants
and whims at The Elements Medi-Spa & Beauty. Renew the
resources so vital to your energy, beauty and personal well-being.
                                                                                                   pleasure and
The Skin Doctor                                       Coming Soon
The Elements are proud to                             Photolicious is a photographic
have Dr Little as its Medical Di-                     company        offering      women           formulations
rector. Ian is a Fellow of The                        he opportunity of doing their                      To provide truly
Australian College of Cosmetic                        own fabulous photo shoot.                     individualised skin care,
Surgery (Medical Faculty) and                         With 16 years experience in                    Darphin addresses both
also a Fellow of The Austral-                         making models look great for              “skin type” and “skin condition”
ian College of Phlebology. He                         magazines and agencies, the                   which changes with age,
brings over 20 years experience                       Photolicious team are now                     weather, nutrition, stress,
in injecting Dermal Fillers (colla-                   transforming everyday women.                    and lifestyle choices.
gen) and over 10 years injecting                      Any age, shape or size, we can              Three complementary daily
cosmetic botox.                                       make anyone look absolutely                  formulas (Serum, Aromatic
                                                      sensational on film. And now,               Care and Cream) are custom
The appearance medicine indus-                        teamed up with the award-                      selected to address the
try is growing as clients seek out                    winning Day Spa company ‘The                     total dimensions of
the latest techniques to enhance                      Elements’, clients will get the best              your skin’s needs.
their looks without surgery. Vol-                     of both worlds - the ultimatte Day
ume face lifting and thread lift-                     Spa experience then the ultimate
ing is now competing favourably                       photo shoot experience. For                   Online Shopping
with surgical techniques.                             bookings and more information
                                                      visit - a          The Elements has just launched
                                                      realistic investment                      a new website where you can
                                                                                                securely purchase Gift Vouchers
                                                                                                and all our fabulous Darphin
                                                                                                WATCH FOR MONTHLY SPECIALS AND
                                                                                                        NEW PRODUCTS

                                                                      If you only have time            Think Success
                                                                     today to do ONE thing
         “Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and
                                                                      to protect your health,    “Optimism is a key ingredient for a
       we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.”                                                   healthy lifestyle”
                                                                       take a multi-vitamin
                                                                                                      Create your own destiny
From Left to Right: Ronwyn, Kendall (House of Camille), Melissa,     and mineral supplement           with Suzanne Masefield
Lois (Manager), Armelle (Darphin - french trainer), Louise, Jenny,                                   Ph/Fax +64 9 419 2462
Kelly, Jude (Managing Director) and Pauline (Massage Therapist)

Opening hours: Monday 9.30-4.00 Tuesday to Thursday 9.30-8.00 Friday 9.30-6.00 Saturday 9.30-4.00
                               Christmas week special hours: 9.30-6.00 23rd and 24th December
Christmas Spa-rty                   Treat yourself or that ‘special

A great way to treat your staff
                                    someone’ to a makeover specially
                                    designed for a new you this summer
or get into the Christmas spirit
with friends, whether you choose
a facial, massage, manicure or Body
pedicure, a day luxuriating at
The Elements is the best pick- Lumologie effectively defines
me-up to revitalise your body. your figure and enhances skin                                       Discover the Secret
The Elements will even throw tone in just weeks. Lumologie                                       Makeover for Summer
in a glass of bubbly and snacks uses a non-invasive, non-
to enhance the festivities. Call to surgical procedure that treats
book now or visit                    cellulite safely and efficiently.                  Teeth            By acting on conjunctive tissue,
                                     Lumologie treats fleshy deposits,                  If you dream of having a whiter
               Since love            cellulite, circulation problems                    smile, The Elements now
                                     dermalgia reflexes and muscular                    offers the safest and fastest tooth
                 grows                                                                  whitening treatment available
                within you,              See special voucher on back page               anywhere. LUMABRITE is pro-
               so beauty                                                                fessional and sensitivity-free and
                                                                                        has USA FDA approval.
            grows. For
         love is the beauty                                                                        LUMABRITE
     of the soul                                                                           Professional pearly whites
Saint Augustine
                                                                                        Safe - gentle - immediate results
                                    Lumologie - the revolutionary cellulite shrinking     Affordable - sensitivity-free
                                    procedure                                           Professional cosmetic treatment
                                    By bringing all the benefits of                     Teeth whitening can last forever
                                    manual massage, Lumologie                              just after one comfortable
                                    helps tone skin, stimulates the                          treatment in one hour
                                    lymphatic and blood circulation
                                    by eliminating toxins, reducing                     Introductory price of $395 save
                                    fatty deposits with a relaxing and                  $100 (regular price $495 - plus
                                    rejuvenating massage that at the                    FREE take home pack of Darphin
         NEW YEAR                   same time stimulates collagen                       Whitening     Toothpaste    and
                                    production and exfoliates your                      enhancer VALUE $80
         NEW SHOP
                                    skin for a re-shaped silhouette
      We are delighted              and smoother, softer skin.
        to announce
                                    Hands and Feet
       the opening of
        our new shop                Experience The          Elements                         AFTER

         in 2008 at                 new generation manicure and
     221 Hinemoa Street             pedicure. Using the latest cutting-
                                    edge technology from Germany,
         Birkenhead                 their Gerlach Luna Podiatry
                                    machine will take your treatment
                                    to a specialised level.
                                                  Our Gift to You

                        Summer Indulgence
                                 DISCOVER THE SECRET
                                 TOTAL MAKEOVER                                                                       $2000
                                 skin tightening laser + lumologie + gehwol + lumabrite
                                 PLUS FREE 1hour 10 min Pedicure and Microdermabrasion
                                 TAKE HOME GIFT VOUCHER to be enjoyed on a separate visit                             $200
                                 Promotion starts December 1st 2007

        LUMABRITE SMILE                               DARPHIN VITALITY SURGE                                       MASSAGE
      Includes Aftercare Kit.                          BODY + SOUL REVIVER                                    Book in with Pauline
     Safe, fast, sensitivity-free                           Facial $195                                     for a 1/2 hour massage
          tooth whitening                               Body Treatment $195                                        was $120
 6 to 10 shades whiter in 1 hour                     Body + Soul together $360                                     now $100
     Was $495 now $395                    As seen in The Spa Guide, latest issue NZ Fashion Quarterly
                                          PLUS FREE 40 min pedicure TAKE HOME GIFT
           SAVE $100                       VOUCHER to be enjoyed on a separate visit                              SAVE $20

                      SPRUCE UP SUMMER SPECIALS
    OPTION ONE                                         OPTION TWO                                       OPTION THREE
    45 minute designer facial                          de-stress massage                                45 minute microdermabrasion
    eyelash tint                                       maintenance manicure                             facial
    eyebrow tint & tidy                                & pedicure                                       body exfoliate
    neck & shoulder massage                                                                             spray tan

    $150            SAVE $30                           $170           SAVE $30                          $150       SAVE $30
    PLUS FREE 40 min Pedicure                 PLUS FREE 30 min Microdermabrasion                           PLUS FREE 40 min Pedicure
   TAKE HOME GIFT VOUCHER                          TAKE HOME GIFT VOUCHER                                 TAKE HOME GIFT VOUCHER
 to be enjoyed on a separate visit               to be enjoyed on a separate visit                      to be enjoyed on a separate visit

     TREAT THE MAN                                   FREE GIFT                                             SUNFX SPRAY TAN
      IN YOUR LIFE                                                                                          Last 7 to 10 days
    to a 1 hour manicure and
      pedicure with the new                                WITH EVERY                                     using natural product
      Gerlach Luna machine
  ONLY $95 SAVE $99
       Offer ends January 2008                              OVER $80                                     ONLY $45 SAVE $7
For a full list of available treatments                   THE ELEMENTS
     and Darphin products visit                             YOU WILL                                    RECEIVE
                                                                                                              Get ready & re-shape
                                                              A GIFT
                                                                                                                   for summer
                                                               THE                                       $999 SAVE $81
                                                            DARPHIN                                        12 pre-paid treatments PLUS
                                                                                                        FREE 30 min Microdermabrasion
                                                             RANGE                                        TAKE HOME GIFT VOUCHER
                                                                                                          to be enjoyed a separate visit

                                          All promotions valid until end of January 2008

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