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                                  Vol. 3, No. 2

The Formula for Great Skin
Solid Science = Great Skin
Skin Health from the Inside Out
The Science of VitaMeal™
Keep the Sun in Check
When sunlight hits your skin, harmful
free radical molecules are created.
Over time, free radicals cause damage
to your skin’s collagen and elastin.
This causes wrinkles and robs your
skin of its softness and resiliency—
making it look “old.”*

Now is the time to start putting on sun-
screen before you go out each day. A
sunscreen with a minimum Sun
Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 will
block a high percentage of the sun’s
harmful ultraviolet rays and slow your
skin’s aging process. If you want to
keep healthier, younger-looking skin in
your twenties and beyond, remem-
ber—protect, protect, protect!
*Perricone, Nicholas. The Wrinkle Cure. United
States: Rodale/Reach, 2000.
The Formula for Great Skin
If you’re like everybody else, you want healthy, great-looking             You might also like to try a home microdermabrasion treatment.
skin—no matter what age you are. Skin that is clear, smooth, and           This kind of treatment can quickly and gently polish your skin
radiant proclaims good health and lends tremendous confidence              while removing dull skin cells and toxins for a fresher, healthier
to how you feel about your appearance. By following some fun-              looking appearance.
damental rules and by giving your skin everything it needs to
                                                                           GREAT SKIN IN YOUR FORTIES
function at its peak, you have the formula for younger, healthier,
smoother skin at any age.                                                  In your forties, your skin’s sebum production slows down, mean-
                                                                           ing your skin is getting dryer. Plus, you are losing fat beneath
GREAT SKIN IN YOUR TWENTIES                                                your skin’s outer layer, which means your skin is becoming more

In your twenties, you are probably enjoying some of the best skin          fragile. You are losing the elasticity that made your skin spring
of your life—moist, smooth, and supple skin. However, your skin            back, and you are probably noticing more wrinkles appearing
cell renewal rate has already dropped, and dead cells aren’t being         and getting deeper.1

shed quite as easily, leaving your skin dull. And the acne of your
                                                                           With dryer skin, you may benefit from an antioxidant-rich cleanser
teenage years might still be hanging around.1
                                                                           and a hydrating moisturizer. Also, a product containing pro-

This is a great time to establish a beneficial skin care regimen that      collagen peptides can help soften lines and wrinkles around your

will keep your skin in great shape while protecting it against dam-        mouth, eyes, and forehead. Continue to include plenty of antioxi-

age from the environment. Use a gentle cleanser that removes               dants in your diet to help your skin repair itself, and never stop

dirt and dead cells while moisturizing. Follow with a toner to add         protecting your skin with sunscreen.

radiance and restore proper pH balance. Then apply a product to
                                                                           GREAT SKIN IN YOUR FIFTIES AND BEYOND
preserve youthful collagen and elastin in your skin. Finally, use a
                                                                           As you pass your fifties, the pigment cells in your skin may clump
good moisturizer and SPF 15 sunscreen to guard against the sun’s
                                                                           together more, creating “age spots.” Plus, your skin has lost much of
damaging rays.
                                                                           its plumpness and tone, and may be drier, more itchy, and more
If you’re still struggling with acne, consider using a cleanser, toner,    sensitive to allergens. It is thinner and more fragile, and takes

and lotion that have been specifically formulated to clear and calm

                                                                           longer to heal.1
irritated skin, manage oil levels, and protect against future breakouts.
                                                                           In addition to cleansing and moisturizing, consider adding a
GREAT SKIN IN YOUR THIRTIES                                                skin brightening system to your skin care regimen to reduce skin

In your thirties, sunlight and environmental pollution will have           discoloration and achieve a more even tone. Continue to apply

begun to have noticeable effects on your skin’s collagen. And              pro-collagen peptides, and don’t slack off on getting the antioxi-

with collagen production naturally dropping, you might be notic-           dants your skin needs to combat environmental damage and

ing some wrinkles and sagging as your skin doesn’t bounce back             maintain its healthy look and radiance. Also, a product designed

quite as readily as it used to.1                                           to help increase elastin production while slowing elastin degrada-
                                                                           tion can help to firm up sagging, undefined skin around your
Keep a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen as part of your daily
                                                                           chin, eyes, and jaw.
regimen. To counter the damage being done by the environment,
                                                                           The greater understanding we have today about taking care of
it’s also important to get a balanced diet rich in antioxidants such
                                                                           skin, combined with advanced skin care products and technology,
as vitamins A, B, C and E. These and other powerful antioxidants
                                                                           gives you the formula for great skin at any age. By paying atten-
protect your skin against free radical damage and help your skin
                                                                           tion to your skin’s needs, adopting beneficial skin care habits, and
repair itself, and stay healthy looking and moist. Finally, a product
                                                                           applying today’s skin care advances, you can have fresher,
that contains polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) can help stimulate cell
                                                                           smoother, more radiant skin now and for many years to come.
renewal and enhance your skin’s radiance for a smooth, more
youthful looking complexion.                                               1

                                                                                                                                         vitalitylifestyle 1
Solid Science = Great Skin
                             Many factors can affect your skin—            1. ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY TO PREVENT NEW SKIN DISCOLORATION.

                             sun, stress, and hormones to name a           2. INHIBITS TYROSINASE, AN ENZYME CRITICAL TO DISCOL-

                             few that can cause skin discoloration           ORATION SYNTHESIS.

                             and dullness. Unfortunately, most             3. CONVERTS EXISTING DISCOLORATION TO A LIGHTER FORM.

                             commercial products designed to               TRI-PHASIC WHITE™ DAY MILK LOTION—Moisturizes while helping
                             lighten the skin use harsh ingredients        target the daytime factors that can trigger discoloration activation.
                             that lighten all of your skin, not just       Featuring hexapeptide-2, which works to inhibit the activation of
the discolored spots, leaving an uneven skin tone. But the Nu Skin     ®
                                                                           complexion-dimming discoloration from forming, and UVA/UVB
Tri-Phasic White™ System uses beneficial ingredients scientifically        (SPF 15) sunscreen to help prevent ultraviolet rays—the most
targeted at all three phases of the skin discoloration process—            common cause of activation—from generating an uneven skin tone.
activation, synthesis, and expression—to help your skin look
                                                                           TRI-PHASIC WHITE™ NIGHT CREAM—With diacetyl boldine to help
brilliant and even-toned.
                                                                           target the activation phase by working to inhibit stress receptors,
                                                                           the night cream works to create a more brilliant skin tone while

This truly innovative system has been clinically proven to enhance         you sleep.

your skin’s brightness and even out your skin tone. In a 12-week
study, participants were observed to have:                                    The Science of Skin Pigmentation
• 39 PERCENT ENHANCEMENT OF SKIN RADIANCE                                     Skin pigmentation consists of three phases—activation, syn-
                                                                              thesis, and expression.
• 100 PERCENT OF PARTICIPANTS EXPERIENCED                                     Activation
  OVERALL IMPROVEMENT                                                         During the activation phase,
                                                                              signal molecules become
Results did not plateau after 12 weeks with continued usage.                  active due to triggers such as
                                                                              sun, stress, hormones, and
                      TRI-PHASIC WHITE™ CLEANSER—A pearles-
                                                                              other factors, and bind to
                      cent, moisturizing mousse that cleanses and             their receptors, causing cells
                      brightens the skin. This cleanser features crea-        to initiate melanin synthesis.
                      tinine, a natural compound that helps inhibit
                      pigment expression.
                                                                              During melanin synthesis,
                                                                              the enzyme tyrosinase con-
                      TRI-PHASIC WHITE™ TONER—A non-acid cell
                                                                              verts amino acid tyrosine to
                      renewal complex that features Fairtrex, a               a molecule called dopa that
                      proprietary ingredient blend that targets the           is then converted into
                      expression phase by working to shed existing            dopaquinone. After a series
                                                                              of reactions, dopaquinone is converted into either dark
                      pigment from the skin’s surface, and carno-
                                                                              melanin, associated with dark skin, or light melanin, predom-
                      sine, an antioxidant that calms the skin and
                                                                              inant in fair skinned complexions.
                      targets the activation phase by helping to
                      prevent new skin discoloration.
                                                                              These melanin granules are
                      TRI-PHASIC WHITE™ ESSENCE—Features                      packaged into melanosome
                                                                              vesicles and are eventually
                      Brightex, a proprietary ingredient combina-
                                                                              brought to the skin’s surface,
                      tion which helps illuminate your skin by
                                                                              becoming visible through the
                      targeting the synthesis phase in three                  expression of discoloration.
                      primary ways:

2 vitalitylifestyle
Take a Brilliant Approach
to Brilliant Skin
The Scientific Method for Brilliant Skin

“I believe that the best scientific approach to take to achieve significant lightening and
restoration of skin color to its normal level is to develop and utilize technology that targets
all three phases of the process.” —BRYAN FULLER, PH.D.

Most products on the market today use harsh ingredients to simply lighten
                                                                                                     Visit or
the skin, somewhat like bleach lightens patterned fabric: darker spots are
lightened to the same degree as the rest of the fabric, leaving distinct color                      or call 1-800-487-1000
variations behind. The Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic White™ System combines safe,                           (1-800-877-6100 in Canada)
gentle ingredients in a scientific manner that addresses all three aspects of                       to order your system today.
the skin discoloration process—activation, synthesis, and expression. The                               Item No. 01102734
result is radiant, even-toned skin. It’s a                                                              02102734 (Canada)
brilliant approach to brilliant skin.

                                                                                                                      vitalitylifestyle 3
Skin Health from the Inside Out
                                                                        cally lacking in people’s diets. Combining the highest-grade fish
                                                                        oils with pure krill oil harvested from Antarctica, MarineOmega™
                                                                        is rich in EPA and DHA, a unique phospholipids form targeted for
                                                                        use in cell membranes throughout the body.*

                                                                        THE DAMAGING AFFECTS OF FREE RADICALS

                                                                        The body, including the skin, is exposed to billions of free radical
                                                                        “hits” on a daily basis. Antioxidants circulate throughout the body
                                                                        in search of free radicals. When they encounter one, they chemi-
                                                                        cally attach to it and neutralize it, providing support for the body’s
                                                                        natural defense system. Green tea polyphenols found in Te green
                                                                        97® provide a broad spectrum of beneficial physiological functions
                                                                        related to the promotion of general
The phrase “Beauty comes from the inside” has a much more               well-being. As the skin is the
important meaning when taken to a scientific level. A healthful         first line of defense for the
lifestyle supplemented with good nutrition and the right propor-        body, antioxidants
tions of essential vitamins and nutrients will help maintain not        may also
only the health of your internal systems, but also the overall          be consid-
health and appearance of your body.                                     ered a first

As the outermost and largest organ of the human body, great skin        line of defense for cells in pro-

not only enhances your overall appearance, but also helps protect       tecting against damaging free radical activity.

the body from infection, light, and injury. Maintaining the health            ¯GREEN 97® MAY BE CONSIDERED A FIRST LINE OF
                                                                        THUS TE

of the skin starts from the inside out. By combining MarineOmega™       DIETARY SUPPORT FOR HEALTH AND SKIN PROTECTION.*

and Tegreen 97,® Pharmanex provides a great formula for great skin.
     ¯                                                                  As care is given to the internal beauty of a healthy body, the outside
                                                                        appearance will also benefit. The combination of MarineOmega™
                            THE BEAUTY OF MARINEOMEGA™
                                                                        and Te green 97® helps promote internal health to strengthen and
                            Formulated to promote wellness and
                                                                        support the overall appearance and health of the skin.
                            longevity, MarineOmega™ supports
                                                                        * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
                            balanced fatty acid nutrition, which
                                                                         This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
                            is essential not only for skin health,
                            but also for normal immune function,
                            cardiovascular health, joint mobility,
                            and brain function. Some evidence
                            suggests that omega-3 fatty acids may
                            assist in protection against UV rays.
                            Defending against harmful UV rays
     Item # 01003536,       may help protect against photoaging,
    02003536 (Canada)       which accounts for many symptoms of
    (Launching Summer
      2005 in Canada)
                            premature skin aging and can nega-
                            tively affect the health of the skin.
MarineOmega™ is a dietary supplement of ultra-pure omega-3
fatty acids and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids typi-

4 vitalitylifestyle
                                                             How Strong is
                                                             How Strong is
                                                               Your Foundation ?
                                                               Your Foundation ?

                                                                                                     Create a solid nutritional foundation by
                                                                                                     adding LifePak® to your formula for great
                                                                                                     skin. Combine the optimal levels of essen-
                                                                                                     tial micronutrients and macronutrients
                                                                                                     necessary for longevity and wellness from
                                                                                                     LifePak® with MarineOmega™ and Tegreen
                                                                                                     97® for maximum health benefits.
                                                                                                     MarineOmega™ works synergistically with
                                                                                                     the LifePak® family by enhancing nutrient
                                                                                                     bioavailability and absorption, while
                                                                                                     Tegreen 97® works as a nutritional defense
                                                                                                     against free radical damage.*

                                                                                                     Make sure you have a
                                                                                                     Make sur e you have a
                                                                                                     solid hea lth foundation.
                                                                                                     solid hea lth foundation.
                                                                                                     for more information, visit
                                                                                                     www.phar mane or
                                                                                                     www.phar mane (select “Canada”)

                                                      MarineOmega™—Item # 01003536, 02003536 (Canada) (Launching summer 2005 in Canada)
                                                      LifePak®—Item # 01003484, 02003586 (Canada)
                                                      Tegreen 97®—Item # 01003529, 02003529 (Canada)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
       Pharmanex Highlights                   ®

                                                  Youthful spirit does not always diminish with time and working
                                                  from the inside out may help your skin look as young as you feel.
                                                  LifePak Prime® is uniquely designed to meet the special health
                                                  interests specific to men over 40 and postmenopausal women.
                                                  Combined with the advanced nutritional benefits of LifePak,®
                                                  LifePak Prime® also provides BioGinkgo® 27/7 for memory enhance-
                                                  ment, CoQ10 for increased heart function benefit, more antioxidants
                                                  for added free radical neutralization, and more alpha-lipoic acid to
                                                  help keep you feeling younger, longer.†

Item # 01003485                                   WORK TOWARDS GREAT SKIN FROM THE INSIDE OUT WITH
LifePak Prime Complex: Item # 02122737 (Canada)
                                                  LIFEPAK PRIME® AND MAKE IT PART OF YOUR ROUTINE WITH
                                                  AUTOMATIC DELIVERY.

                                                  “I’m so happy that I have finally found a product that makes a dif-
                                                  ference in how I feel and the amount of energy I have (and it is still
                                                  increasing). I’ve tried many products from many companies and none
                                                  have given me the results that the LifePak has.”—Dave Bullock, Utah

                                                  LifePak Prime * Anti-Aging        ®

                                                  Formula Benefits
                                                  • Provides powerful anti-aging protection to help you look and
                                                     feel better longer†

                                                  • Supplies targeted nutrients for men over 40 and post-
                                                     menopausal women, such as ginkgo biloba, milk thistle, alpha-
                                                     lipoic acid, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10

                                                  • Delivers increased levels of specific nutrients (B6, B12, zinc) to
                                                     address optimal intakes important to this age group

                                                  • Offers unique dietary components for bone health, as well as
                                                     those that support memory and circulation†
                                                  * LifePak Prime Complex in Canada. For more information about LifePak Prime
                                                   Complex in Canada visit (select “Canada”).
                                                  †These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
                                                   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

                                                  ADR Benefits
                                                  • Receive 5% off regular
                                                     product purchase prices

                                                  • Pay a flat $5 shipping rate

                                                  • Have the same products (like LifePak Prime®) delivered right to
                                                     your door automatically every month

                                                  • Adjust your order to fit your needs

                                                  • Earn points based on 20% of the total order price
The Science of VitaMeal™
                                                  It is estimated that       VitaMeal,™ promoting proper skeletal development, helping pre-
                                                  over 2 billion people      vent stunting and other growth ailments in the undernourished.
                                                  worldwide are at risk
                                                                             IRON is critical to the human diet due to its role in oxygen trans-
                                                  of critical nutritional
                                                                             port in hemoglobin and energy metabolism. The anemia resulting
                                                  deficiencies. Nearly 5
                                                                             from the lack of iron in the diet is the most widespread nutrient
                                                  million children die
                                                                             deficiency in the world. To meet this need, VitaMeal™ provides a
                                                  each year from the
                                                                             healthy level of iron in each serving.
                                                  effects of malnutrition.
Opening the Madalisto VitaMeal plant in Malawi.
                                                  Multiple nutrient defi-    ZINC is another mineral added to VitaMeal™ and helps aid normal

ciencies exist in most situations. The vicious cycle of malnutrition         growth. Children with zinc deficiency suffer growth retardation and

and the associated diseases continue to plague the poor and                  are more susceptible to infection and disease. They often suffer

starving populations of the world.                                           from diarrhea, compounding the cycle of malnutrition. VitaMeal™
                                                                             also contains a balance of electrolytes, including potassium, which
                                                                             is required to maintain normal fluid balance and muscle function.
VitaMeal™ was designed with the expert advice of Dr. Ken Brown of
the University of California at Davis. Dr. Brown based the VitaMeal™         USING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY

formula on the idea that we need to provide sufficient macronu-              Since its inception, the VitaMeal™ formula has changed to reflect
trients as well as the proper balance of micronutrients. VitaMeal™           new science and studies. The new Roasted Maize and Soybean
not only provides the right amounts of the calories, proteins, fats,         Porridge formula is currently in production in the Madalisto
and carbohydrates for growth and development, but is also                    VitaMeal plant in Malawi, Africa and offers the same nutritional
enriched with essential vitamins and minerals in amounts                     benefits as the original Rice and Lentil VitaMeal.™
designed to correct the nutrient deficiencies of undernourished
                                                                             VitaMeal,™ with its 25 carefully selected
children. Providing 590 calories, 23 grams of protein, and 9
                                                                             essential vitamins and minerals, helps
grams of fat per serving, VitaMeal™ provides nutritious amounts
                                                                             put science behind Nourish the
of the macronutrients imperative for normal growth and muscle
                                                                             Children’s goal to benefit
and brain development. The high amounts of essential fatty acids
                                                                             malnourished children
also encourage skin health and immune defense.
                                                                             around the world.
VITAMIN A is important for normal growth, vision, and immunity.
Deficiency of vitamin A often leads to xerophthalmia, a major cause
of blindness affecting children worldwide. The appropriate levels of
                                                                                Feed the
vitamin A in VitaMeal™ help to prevent this deficiency. VitaMeal™               Hungry
provides 100% of the recommended B VITAMINS per serving.                        Help feed the
                                                                                starving children of
Vitamin B deficiency can cause loss of energy metabolism, anemia,
                                                                                the world by pur-
                                                  depression, poor mus-         chasing VitaMeal.™
                                                  cle coordination, and         Combining science
                                                  neurological damage.          and technology to
                                                                                create an optimum
                                                  The bone nutrients            formula for mal-
                                                  CALCIUM, MAGNE-               nourished children,
                                                  SIUM, PHOSPHORUS,
                                                                                one bag of
                                                                                VitaMeal™ will
                                                  AND VITAMINS D AND
                                                                                provide a child 30
                                                  K are found in gener-         nutritious meals.
Inside the Madalisto VitaMeal plant.              ous amounts in

                                                                                                                                   vitalitylifestyle 7
Champion’s Corner
                                             EARNING CONFIDENCE

                                                                                        Roger Staubach, the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback,
Keys to Success
                                                                                        once said, “Confidence doesn’t come out of
Why are some people so successful in                                                    nowhere. It’s a result of something…hours and
their personal and professional lives?                                                  days and weeks and years of constant work and
Through the years, we have identified                                                   dedication.” Do you have confidence in anything
12 keys to success that highly accom-                                                   until you have tried it out and satisfied yourself
plished, highly successful people have                                                  that it would work well every time? The confidence
developed and aligned with their goals                                                  that you place in yourself, in products, and in other
and dreams. Every month, we’ll focus                                                    people, and the confidence that others place in
on one of these keys to success—and                                                     you, must always be earned.
discover how developing it can unlock
                                                                                        Earning confidence requires effort. Confidence
tremendous opportunities for growth
                                                                                        comes after testing, trial and error, and learning to
and improvement in your life.
                                             place trust. But well placed confidence, whether in people or in things, is very rewarding
                                             in part because of the work and dedication committed. It can also be an effective tool.
  1     Consistency ·   JANUARY
                                             Demonstrate your confidence in something or someone, and others will be drawn to you;
  2     Confidence ·     FEBRUARY            your confidence will resonate with them.

  3     Philanthropy ·   MARCH               Develop confidence and you will reward yourself with earned, proven trust and inspire
                                             others to do the same.
  4     Commitment ·      APRIL

  5     Positive Attitude ·    MAY
                                               Leading with Confidence
  6     Character ·   JUNE
                                                When Mickey Esparza joined Pharmanex             So how can we get the type of confidence
  7     Knowledge ·     JULY                    two years ago she knew this new adven-           Mickey has? “Be a student of the business
                                                ture was going to require her to perform         as you behave like a leader. Be the leader
  8     Professionalism ·      AUGUST           to her best ability. But Mickey is no            you should be. That will require stepping
                                                stranger to performing. As an award-             up and stepping out of your comfort
  9     Financial Security · SEPTEMBER
                                                winning bodybuilder, Mickey has learned          zone. Why are you waiting? Just do it.”
                                                that the key to winning is confidence
 10     Focus ·   OCTOBER
                                                onstage—and the key to being an effec-
 11     Self-Discipline · NOVEMBER              tive business leader is confidence in the
                                                business and in yourself. Mickey says,
 12     Ability to Network ·      DECEMBER      “Work on yourself to work on your busi-
                                                ness. Couple this with confidence in the
                                                science behind the products and in Nu
“You have to have confi-                        Skin Enterprises as a company.”
 dence in your ability, and                     Mickey has always been a student of the
 then be tough enough to                        business. She listens to coaches and does
 follow through.”                               all she can to gain the confidence and
                                                clarity necessary to be successful. “Our
  Rosalynn Carter                               job is to invite people to take a look at
                                                what we have to offer. We can’t control
                                                them—we just invite them with clarity,
                                                compassion and confidence.”

8 vitalitylifestyle
Ask the Expert
WHY IS PIGMENT (MELANIN) IMPORTANT IN OUR SKIN?                          melanin, it will protect you from the UV. Granted, that is not a
It is not just to look good. The melanin in your skin provides pho-      quick process; it’s a slow one that is nature’s way of saying that if
toprotection from UV damage. Every moment you are out in the             this person is going to be out in the sun a lot, the amount of pig-
sun your skin is being damaged. The melanin in your skin both            ment production in their skin should be increased to provide
absorbs and scatters UV radiation and prevents UV radiation from         increased photoprotection. Nature does this by causing keratino-
causing DNA damage to cells including those that are many cell           cytes in the skin to produce hormones and other signaling factors.
layers beneath the skin’s surface. Consequently, the incidence of        These hormones travel to the pigment cells and stimulate them to
all skin cancers, including melanoma, is extremely low in people         make more melanin. The melanin rises to the surface of your skin
with high levels of pigmentation in their skin. People who produce       and protects you. Unfortunately, as we age and our skin is exposed
a lot of melanin have very low incidences of skin cancer, while people   to more and more sun and other irritants, many of us experience
who produce very little melanin have high incidences of skin cancer.     hyperpigmentation. This hyperpigmentation is not evenly produced
                                                                         but occurs in some areas of the skin and not in others. This results
                                                                         in the formation of “age spots.”
Hyperpigmentation occurs when melanocytes are repeatedly stim-
ulated by some “activator.” A variety of environmental irritants and     HOW DOES THE NU SKIN® TRI-PHASIC WHITE™ SYSTEM DIFFER

stressors can cause melanocytes in the skin to become “activated.”       FROM OTHER WHITENING SYSTEMS AVAILABLE?

Sun is a good example of a stressor or irritant. Dermatologists are      The Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic White™ System is the only skin brightening
likely to tell you that there is no such thing as a good photon.         system that I’m aware of that has been designed with ingredients
When you get exposed to UV light, the UV light penetrates into           that specifically target all three phases of the pigmentation process:
the epidermis and activates the keratinocytes there. Why are the         activation, synthesis and expression. Using this novel comprehensive
keratinocytes activated by UV radiation? Because the keratinocytes       approach to treat pigmentation, the Tri-Phasic White™ System has
see sun exposure as an injury and respond to that injury to protect      been designed to provide a enhanced skin brightening benefits.
the skin. It is the same as if you burned yourself on the stove or if
you came in contact with a chemical irritant. These are all injuries     HOW DOES THE NU SKIN® TRI-PHASIC WHITE™ SYSTEM APPROACH

to the skin. One of the ways your skin protects itself is to stimulate   HAVE AN ADVANTAGE OVER OTHER WHITENING SYSTEMS?

the pigment cells. Remember, if the pigment cell produces a lot of       Skin pigmentation is a complicated process with many contributing
                                                                         factors. Targeting only one aspect of the pigmentation pathway,
                                         Bryan Fuller, Ph.D.,            which is typically how other products are designed, can help lighten
                                         Scientific Advisor
                                                                         the skin’s appearance to a small degree, but there will still be large
                                         Dr. Fuller is a biologist and   amounts of pigmentation produced. By using a comprehensive
                                         biochemist specializing in
                                                                         approach to target all three phases of the pigmentation pathway, it
                                         molecular endocrinology.
                                         He is currently an associate    is possible to achieve better control over skin pigmentation. This will
                                         professor at the University     result in a younger looking complexion with more even skin tones.
                                         of Oklahoma in the depart-
                                         ment of Biochemistry and        WHO SHOULD USE THE NU SKIN® TRI-PHASIC WHITE™ SYSTEM?
                                         Molecular Biology. Dr.
                                                                         The Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic White™ System is for anyone—male or
                                         Fuller’s research over the
                                         past 20 years has focused       female, Asian or any other ethnic group that wants to control
    on the regulation of human skin pigmentation. This research has      pigmentation to achieve a more even complexion. Those with
    resulted in over 40 peer review publications and 11 U.S. patents.
                                                                         Asian or dark skin types may focus more on the Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic
    Dr. Fuller has been integrally involved in the development of
                                                                         White™ System’s skin lightening benefits, while those with more
    the new Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic White™ line and has also con-
    ducted the testing on the Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ System II.          fair complexions may appreciate the Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic White™
                                                                         System’s ability to help their skin appear more evenly toned.

                                                                                                                                vitalitylifestyle 9
                                                                                                                     Historically, humans consumed an equal
                                                                                                                     ratio of omega-3 fatty and omega-6
                                                                                                                     fatty acids. Today, the intake ratio is
                                                                                                                     grossly imbalanced. Balanced fatty acid
                                                                                                                     nutrition is important for overall well-
                                                                                                                     ness and longevity. Pharmanex® has
                                                                                                                     formulated MarineOmega, an excel-
                                                                                                                     lent source of essential omega-3 fatty
                                                                                                                     acids, to promote the body’s normal
                                                                                                                     immune response, support cardiovas-
                                                                                                                     cular health, improve brain function
                                                                                                                     and wellness, improve joint function
                                                                                                                     and mobility, and promote healthy
                                                                                                                     skin conditions.*

         Add Balance to Your Life
         Add Ba lance to Your Life
         MarineOmega™ Item # 01003536,                                                                                * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and
         02003536 (Canada) (Launching Summer 2005 in Canada)                                                            Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diag-
                                                                                                                        nose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

                                                              Make MarineOmega™ your routine automatically by ordering through ADR.*
                                                              LifePak & MarineOmega™ perfect combination on ADR!

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                                                              1·800·487·1000. *To find out more about Canada’s ADR program visit,
                                                     (click on Canada), or call 1-800-877-6100.

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