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Skin CARE by RAISA Skin Cleansing


Skin CARE by RAISA Skin Cleansing

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									                                                         Raisa Biography
PerfectSense Paraffin INFUSIONS                                                                                  Skin CARE
Para   ne Hand with massage            $35.00            Raisa began her beauty career in 1988

                                                                                                                 by RAISA
Para   ne Feet with massage            $35.00
Para   ne Hand without massage         $25.00            employed as an esthetician in Ukraine.
Para   ne Feet without massage         $25.00          In 1995 she immigrated to California and
Para   ne Hand and Feet with massage   $60.00   continued her carreer with California Esthetician license.
                                                    In 1999 she was recognized by Allure Magazine
                                                  as the best hair removal esthetician with TLC touch.
Serum Treatment                        $10.00
                                                      Today Raica is operating her practice in the           Experience the Magic Touch
Customized Mask                        $15.00
                                                    Community of San Francisco, California where s
Waxing Services                                    he specializes in the latest skin care products for
Eyebrow Shape                          $17.00                       the face and body.
Eyebrow Wax                            $15.00
Lip or Chin                            $15.00         In 2001 Raisa was recognized by the Sothys
Full face and Eyebrow                  $45.00
Ear waxing (for men)                   $20.00
Nose waxing                            $15.00
Body Waxing
Full leg w/Bikini              $80.00-100.00               First Time Customers -
Full leg                        $70.00-85.00     FREE consultation and 10% o any treatment.
Upper leg                       $40.00-50.00
Lower leg                       $35.00-45.00
Arm                                   $50.00     Seniors (for life night) - 10% o any treatment
Underarm                              $20.00
Bikini Line                           $25.00
Brazilian                             $50.00      Packages of 5 or more treatments - 15% o
Back                            $55.00-60.00

                                                        Gift Certificates Available

                                                      Call to book your next appointment,
                                                          or book directly from our site.                       Phone: (415) 378-0699
                                                               (415) 378-0699                      
European facial                                                     Microdermabrasion        Treatment                            Vitamin Treatment
Helps maintain a healthy complexion combining the European         Treat your skin -with Bene ts that this treatment              Indulge yourself in a moment of relaxation.
methods. Include shoulder, neck and hand massage.                  o ers you. This treatment is o ered for all skin               Various serums are combined to moisturize,
Treatment time 75 minutes                           $75.00         types. Few of the Bene ts are: reduction of age                hydrate your skin and minimize ne lines. Scalp
                                                                   spots and pigmentation imbalances, stretch marks,              and hand massage is included in this treatment.
                                                                   minimizes ne age lines and wrinkles. Leaves your               Include shoulder, neck and hand massage.
Purifying Facial                                                   skin softer, smoother and fresher than you may                 Treatment time 75 minutes                      $95.00 
For a deep sense of well-being for the skin. Featuring a           ever thought possible. Include shoulder, neck
double cleansing process, gentle extraction and a custom           and hand massage.
mask to indulge the skin and combine therapeutic calming,          Treatment time 75 minutes                      $95. 00         Back Facial
                                                                                                                                  This treatment is designed to cleanse clogged
balancing and soothing bene ts that create impressive results.
                                                                                                                                  pores and calm your skin blemishes. With light
Include shoulder, neck and hand massage                            Cranberry Detoxifying Facial                                   massage.
Treatment time 90 minutes                              $80.00      For clear, healthy skin. With cranberry extract.               Treatment time 60 minutes                      $80.00 
                                                                   Include shoulder, neck and hand massage with
Green Leaf Facial (for teenagers)                                  cranberry lotion.
                                                                   Treatment time 60-75 minutes                       $95.00      Reflexology Massage During the Facial
Deep poor cleansing facial is designed speci cally for                                                                            Experience relaxation of muscles; release your
teenage skin.                                                                                                                     stress and discomfort of your everyday life.
Treatment time 75 minutes                   $55.00 - $65.00        4 layer Face Lift Facial                                                                                      $35.00
                                                                   This revolutionary 4-layer face lift, an incredible
                                                                   treatment, will truly change the ‘image’ of your
Men's Facial                                                       skin in just one treatment. High doses of Vitamin C            Make-Up Services
This facial starts o with proper skin cleansing, and nishes        penetrate to tighten the skin. A cocktail of                   Application
with a soothing and hydrating treatment that is designed to        pharmaceutical grade collagen and the ingredients              Wedding Photo
help relieve razor Burns and skin irritation. Experience a         that immediately drench the skin to lighten brighten           $80.00+ Consultation
heavenly retreat that will recapture your skin s normal balance.   and imagine a facelift. Include shoulder, neck and
Include shoulder, neck and hand massage.                           hand massage.
                                                                   Treatment time 50-60 minutes                   $100.00
                                                                                                                                  Upper Lid Treatment
Treatment time 75 minutes                              $80.00                                                                     This treatment contains minerals, essential oils,
                                                                                                                                  collagen mask and nishing eye cream.
Emergency Refreshing Facial                                        Derma fleece Collagen Facial                                   Treatment time 25 minutes                        $25.00
                                                                   Retains moisture, reinforces elasticity, improves
This treatment Brings your skin vitality and radiance in
moments. Include light massage
                                                                   and maintains skin gravity. Deep poor cleansing.               Eye Treatment
                                                                   Include shoulder, neck and hand massage.                       This calming, anti-aging and revitalizing treatment
Treatment time 40 minutes                             $65.00
                                                                   Treatment time 60-75 minutes                   $100.00         is designed to soothe and refresh the eyes.
                                                                                                                                  Eye treatment also diminishes dark circles, and
Light Peeling facial                                               Reactivating Treatment                                         crow's-feet and overall feeling of relaxation.
For clearer complexion enjoy an active combination                 While relaxing by scalp and hand massage,                      Treatment time 30 minutes                        $35.00 
of glycolic and salicylic acid that lifts away dead                Receive light peeling, steam, extraction, collagen, elasting
skin surface cells, renews skin cells and creates                  ginseng-placental and multivitamins are used to
a smoother complexion. Mask, mousturising cream.                   rejuvenate your skin. Include deep poor cleansing,
Treatment time 40 minutes                           $55.00         shoulder, neck and hand massage.
                                                                   Treatment time 90 minutes                      $100.00 

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