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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ARTISTRY is pleased to announce an inspired partnership
between acclaimed actor, producer and humanitarian Sandra Bullock and ARTISTRY Creme L/X.
Chosen to be the international representative of the new luxury skin care offering, ARTISTRY
Creme L/X, this is the first ever product endorsement by Sandra Bullock.

Bullock is one of the most beloved and influential American actresses working today. Her films
include most recently the 2007 blockbuster Premonition and All About Steve, a comedy Bullock
will star in and produce. She earned a Golden Globe nomination for While You Were Sleeping
and Miss Congeniality, and garnered much critical acclaim for her riveting performance in the
Oscar winning independent feature Crash.

“This marks the first time the ARTISTRY brand has leveraged a celebrity to create awareness of
a product. We were looking for someone with the international look and appeal of ARTISTRY
Creme L/X,” said Mike Edwards, Alticor Global Sales and Marketing Beauty Director. “We wanted
someone who is elegant, yet not pretentious, someone personable and approachable. Sandra
perfectly matches the mood and personality of our brand.”

In addition to her extensive on-screen work, Bullock has long supported important causes and

Creme L/X – the latest product from ARTISTRY – is the pinnacle ARTISTRY product: a luxurious,
replenishing moisturizer, and the first ARTISTRY skincare product on the market containing
Cardiolipin – a rare and unique lipid to help generate skin renewal from within. “Because Creme
L/X is so unique, we wanted an exceptional personality to represent it,” said Edwards. “We feel
that Sandra is exactly the right person to partner with us.”

Bullock brings a generosity of spirit and her signature enthusiasm to the ARTISTRY Creme L/X
brand. “If I wouldn't put it on my own skin I would never ask other women to put it on their skin,”
she said. “I don't endorse things that I don't use and don't believe in myself.”

Bullock’s image will appear in a series of advertisements for Creme L/X.

“This partnership with Sandra is a breakthrough moment, as we continue our leadership role in
the world of prestige beauty,” said Edwards.

The packaging for Creme L/X, is as unique as the product itself. As a result, the marriage of this
exceptional creme and sophisticated, sleek packaging is like none other on the prestige market.

The science behind the beauty finds its roots in the ARTISTRY Scientific Advisory Board.          This
international Board is a dynamic collaboration of leading experts in skin research and health.
This collaboration is driving innovation resulting in products that brighten skin and fight the visible
signs of ageing. “Our Scientific Advisory Board has set new standards for skin science and
research, leading to unique, cutting-edge skin care products such as ARTISTRY Creme L/X,”
said Edwards. Other recent innovations include the first antioxidant complex that neutralises the
damage of oxygen free radicals at four stages of skin damage – the Time Defiance Range - as
well as revolutionary and exclusive skin whitening and brightening technology seen in the Pure
White range of skincare products.

For the past 35 years, ARTISTRY has been a leader of technological advances in skin care.
Today, ARTISTRY is among the world’s top prestige brands of skin care and colour cosmetics,
with over US$1billion in global sales.

Crème L/X combats the visible appearance of ageing on skin, winning the fight to restore skin’s
youthful beauty. Where other prestige anti-ageing crèmes stop, ARTISTRY goes to the heart of
skin beauty through a breakthrough approach called CellEffect. As a result Crème L/X helps skin
act up to 15 years younger: The visible difference – outstanding hydration, enhanced elasticity,
definitive smoothness and diminished fine lines. Ultimately a younger you.

Creme L/X 45ml is launching in Australia in August 2008 with a RRP of AU$395.00.

For more information on ARTISTRY and Creme L/X, visit

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