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					                                  Salon 112

                         The Face Of Beauty Has Evolved

                                 Treatment Menu

                                   112 The Stow
                                   Harlow Essex
                                 Tel: 01279 306376


Salon Policy

To enable us to give you the very best service and to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, we
would be most grateful if all mobile phones are switched off before entering the salon.

We would also ask that, if possible, all clients visiting the salon for an appointment do
not bring children under the age of 12yers. We appreciate this may be difficult, so in such
circumstances we would us that you call the salon to check before your arrival time.
Thank you. It may be you that is sleeping!!!!!!

All courses are to be completed within six months and uncompleted courses are non-

Cancellation Policy

I am sure you can understand the frustration when a client simply fails to show up for an
appointment or cancels at the last moment.
It is with this in mind that we have introduced a cancellation policy.

For all new clients the first appointment must be pre-paid at the time of booking. This can
be done with a credit or debit card over the phone or in person in the salon.

We ask all clients for a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancelling an appointment.
Clients who fail to do this will be asked to pre –pay for all future appointments.

We know that unforeseen problems can arise and will use our discretion with
cancellations at all times.

Special Offers and Promotions

Each month we have special offers on selected treatments. These are advertised within
the salon and on our web site.

Loyalty Scheme

Each client is given a loyalty card. On your 12th visit to the salon you will receive 25%
off of your following treatment. This is our way of saying thank you for choosing our

We hope your treatments are enjoyable and always encourage feed back from you to
enable us to make improvements.



We provide a range of facial treatments we feel that our clients gain far more if they
allow us to recommend which treatment is most beneficial to them.
Our salon specializes in Anti-Ageing and Acne Treatments.
Please allow us to use our professional training, knowledge and experience.

AGERA skincare

Experience the Beauty of Science with the most effective skin care range in the world.

AGERA® is a scientifically endorsed range of skin care products that has been clinically proven
to penetrate and stimulate the skin for rapid, visible results in anti-ageing, anti-pigmentary and
acne treatments. Powerful antioxidants protect against free radical damage, while retinols of
varying strengths smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. Growth Factor Peptides, available in
AGERA®, help to control the skin’s internal ageing process while restoring and maintaining its
thickness and resilience. AGERA® skin care is formulated using tiny particles called
“nanosomes” that encapsulate these powerful ingredients in a lipid base and aid their penetration
into the deepest layers of the skin. AGERA® leads the cosmeceutical industry in the provision of
products that have been scientifically proven to work.

AGERA® Aesthetic Anti-ageing Facial                                                             £40
Dry, mature skin can be flaky, dull with fine lines and wrinkles.
This regimen is designed to provide maximum regenerative capabilities of the skin through
aggressive vitamin delivery, controlled exfoliation, hydration and environmental protection. Skin is
gently cleansed and exfoliated then treated with bioactive, vitamin delivery therapies to stimulate,
repair and firm for smoother younger-looking skin.

AGERA® Aesthetic Hydrating Oxygen Facial                                                       £40
Oxygen generating treatment, excellent for tired, sluggish skin polluted by environmental toxins,
solar damage, smoking and improper diet. Detoxifies, stimulates cell regeneration, increases
circulation and hydrates whilst a dull complexion is lightened and brightened restoring a natural
healthy glow.

AGERA® Aesthetic Deep Cleansing Acne Facial                                                     £40
Oily, acne prone skin tends to have enlarged clogged pores and blemishes. Skin looks shiny and
feels greasy. This regimen provides thorough cleansing with exfoliation to help control oil and
treat problem skin. Skin is deep cleansed and gently exfoliated then treated with detoxifying
agents to purify problem skin types. It eliminates surface bacteria and prevents future breakouts.
Anti-inflammatory ingredients counteract and soothe problem skin whilst enzymes work to soften
the skin for extractions.

AGERA® Skin Peels – Making a Major Difference
AGERA® peels offer a revolutionary way to effectively treat ageing skin, acne and unwanted
pigmentation. Developed by leading scientists and doctors, AGERA® peels are amongst the
most advanced and effective non-invasive skin treatments available. These unique Proliferative
peels are non-irritating, pain free and cause visible results after only one session, without any
down time from unsightly skin shedding, redness or irritation.
For optimum results a course of 6 treatments is recommended for all peel procedures.
Use of Agera homecare is required during a course of skin peels to enhance and maximize
results and to prevent any chemical reaction from ingredients in products you may be
currently using.

AGERA® anti-ageing peels stimulate cells (fibroblasts) deep within the skin to promote collagen
and elastin production for firmer, thicker, younger looking skin, and help eliminate fine lines and
wrinkles for a smoother and more radiant appearance. For optimal results, a series of AGERA®
anti-ageing peels may be combined with microdermabrasion to help smooth out the surface of the
skin. Combining the powerful Growth Factor Peptides, anti-oxidants and retinols available exclusively in
AGERA® anti-ageing products, help to control the skin's internal ageing process while restoring
and maintaining its thickness and resilience. Replacing these declining levels of growth factor
peptides is key to reversing and preventing the ageing process in the skin.

AGERA® acne peels rapidly bring acne under control by reducing inflammation, decreasing
bacteria and preventing new acne eruptions. Early intervention and regular use of AGERA® acne
products, ensures rapid control of acne symptoms and is essential to minimize the risk of future
scarring. These revolutionary peels also reduce blocked pores and redness associated with acne
conditions. For optimal results, a series of AGERA® acne peels may be combined with
microdermabrasion to help remove blackheads and diminish existing acne scars.

AGERA® pigmentation control peels offer advanced solutions for pigmentation by penetrating
the skin's pigment cells to gently and effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted
pigmentation and discoloration and improve the clarity and colour of the skin for a more even skin
tone. For optimal results, a series of AGERA® pigmentation peels may be combined with
microdermabrasion and pigment suppression products to help remove and suppress melanocyte

Per Treatment
Course of Six Including Homecare Products (worth £95.00)

Ultimate AGERA Treatment
A combination of a peel treatment with microdermabrasion.
This allows for a deeper and more aggressive treatment. Clients must have completed a course
of AGERA skin peels before this treatment will be considered.
Per Treatment

Our Signature Salon 112 Facial
One hour of bliss!
This relaxing and pampering experience will leave you wanting more.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion
This treatment exfoliates and refines dry, dead skin cells to help treat sun damaged,
ageing and acne scarred skin types.
Per Treatment                                                                 £36.00
Course of Six                                                                 £186.00
Single Treatment with Masque & Massage                        /               £46.00

Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy
This is the perfect rejuvenation treatment for ageing skin. Oxygen Therapy replenishes
lost oxygen and the active ingredients in the serum restructures the skin visibly plumping
out the lines and wrinkles.
Per Treatment                                                                £49.00
Course of Six                                                                £267.00
Single Treatment with Masque & Massage                                       £59.00

Deluxe Crystal Clear Treatment
Combined Microdermabrasion with Oxygen therapy.
Per Treatment                                                               £65.00
Per Course of Six                                                           £340.00

Ultimate Crystal Clear Therapy
A truly magical facial!
Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Therapy followed by a face, neck and shoulder
massage. Finishing with the Crystal Clear Firming and Calming Masque.
Per Treatment                                                         £70.00

Body Ultimate Non Surgical Face Lift
Regain your youthful looks with this treatment.
Improves slack muscle tone and naturally enhances the collagen and elastin fibres within
your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Per Treatment                                                             £36.00
Course of Six                                                             £186.00
Single Treatment with Masque and Massage                                  £40.00

Hands & Feet

Paint                                                                       £7.50
Tidy & Paint                                                                £12.00
Hand & Nail Ultimate Pamper                                                 £25.00
File*Cuticle Work*Hand Soak* Hand Scrub*
Paraffin Masque* Massage*Paint
Feet Treat                                                                  £33.00
Clip & File* Cuticle Work* Buff Dry Skin*
Paraffin Masque*Massage*Paint
Feet Treat Plus                                                             £45.00
This treatment includes the use of our Orange Peel
Hard and Dry Skin Removal System.
Nail Extensions
Full Set of Acrylics                                                        £41.00
Semi Permanent White Tips                                                   £45.00
Nail Overlays                                                               £31.00
Overlays with White Tips                                                    £36.00
Nails Maintenance                                                           £28.00
Per Nail Replacement                                                        £5.50
Soak Off (with new set)                                                     £5.00
Soak Off with Manicure                                                      £28.00
Nail Gems      From                                                         £2.00
Nail Art       From                                                         £3.00

Full Body Exfoliate & Tan
The original cream give you a tan that will last between 3 to 7 days
Your treatment includes a full body scrub and moisturise. With this treatment you will
leave the salon looking very messy, so please don’t plan to go out that evening.
12 hours after application you shower thus revealing a beautiful bronzed body
Solglo Airbrush System
Full Body Tan
The airbrush system requires you to arrive at the salon having exfoliated and with no
make-up or body lotion.
After the treatment you will leave the salon with a natural looking tan that will continue
to develop over the next 12 hours.

Please wear loose dark clothing and open or soft shoes. If you pull tight jeans
or t-shirts on afterwards you may disturb the tan.
Specialist Body Massage

Hot Stone Massage
Bliss for the mind, body and spirit.
If you have never experienced this unique indulgence, you owe yourself
this exquisite moment.
Stone Massage makes you feel deeply relaxed allowing you to let go of all
the stress that is held within your body.
Full Body Treatment                                                       £65.00
Massage & Holistic Therapies

Full Body Massage                                                          £43.00
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage                                               £25.00
Back Neck Shoulder & Face Massage                                          £30.00

Reflexology                                                                £30.00

Indian Head Massage                                                        £33.00

Hopi Ear Candle                                                            £30.00

Hydro Active Mineral Salt Scrub                                            £28.00

Sea Mud Wrap                                                               £39.00
Warm & Soothing

Rose Indulgence Wrap                                                       £47.00
Hydrating & Nourishing

Platinum Detox                                                             £30.00
The Platinum Detox process makes use of the body’s natural functions and works by
energising the water to attract negative ions from the body and the water.

Toning & Cellulite Treatments

Reduces the appearance of cellulite. Improves and smoothes the skin surface. Firms and
tones the muscles lifting slackening areas and flattening the abdomen.
Detoxifies and re-mineralises the body raising the bodies energy levels and metabolism
Per Treatment                                                                £49.50
Course of Six                                                                £267.00
Hair Removal
Energist VPL Long Term Hair Removal
The latest treatment using VPL to remove unwanted facial and body hair gently and
effectively, with long lasting results.
Suitable for both men and women, the energy attacks the hair follicle thus reducing
further hair growth.
Depending on the area being treated your treatment session will take place at 4-16 week
intervals. During this time you are able to shave, cream or cut the area until one week
prior to your next session. Within the duration of your treatment and four weeks prior to
your first treatment you are not allowed to pluck, wax or electrolysis or bleach the hair,
you cannot sunbathe, sun-bed or use fake tanning products. This will be explained to you
during your consultation and throughout your treatment.
You will have anything between 3-10 sessions depending on your skin and hair colour.
We cannot treat blonde, grey or white hair or black skin.

Per Treatment
Consultation and test patch                                                 £30.00
Upper Lip                                                                   £30.00
Chin                                                                        £30.00
Neck                                                                        £50.00
Face (lips,chin,neck,jaw line, cheeks)
Underarms                                                                   £70.00
Bikini Line                                                                 £90.00
Half Arm                                                                    £100.00
Full Arms                                                                   £150.00
Nipples                                                                     £20.00
Chest                                                                       £150.00
Back                                                                        £200.00
Navel Line                                                                  £40.00
Stomach                                                                     £90.00
Lower Legs                                                                  £200.00
Upper Legs                                                                  £250.00
Full Legs                                                                   £400.00
Back of Upper Legs                                                          £125.00
Buttocks                                                                    £120.00
Hand or Feet                                                                £20.00

Discount is applied for two or more areas. A final quote will be given at the time of

10 Minutes                                                                  £8.50
20 Minutes                                                                  £16.00
30 Minutes                                                                  £21.00

Full Legs                                                                   £24.00
Full Legs & Bikini                                                          £30.00
Half Leg                                                                    £15.50
Bikini Line                                                                 £12.00
Brazilian                                                                   £20.00
Under Arms                                                                  £9.90
Eyebrows                                                                    £6.00
Lip                                                                         £6.00
Chin                                                                        £6.00
Lip & Chin                                                                 £10.00
Lip, Chin & Cheeks                                                         £15.00
Half Arms                                                                  £11.00
Full Arms                                                                  £15.50
Naval                                                                      £6.00
Back & Shoulders                                                           £26.00
Chest                                                                      £17.50
Back, Shoulders & Chest                                                    £38.00

Eyelash Tint                                                               £10.00
Eyebrow Tint                                                               £7.00
Lash & Brow Tint                                                           £15.50
Individual Eyelashes (False)                                               £22.00
Strip Lashes (False)                                                       £13.00
Eyelash Perming (including free tint)                                      £35.00

Make Up
Cleanse & Make Up                                                          £27.50
Bridal Make Up (including one trial session in salon)                               £49.50
Call Out Fee For Home Attendance                                           £60.00
Each Further Make Up at Home Attendance                                    £11.00

Semi Permanent Make Up
Semi-permanent make up is simply placing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin
using a specially designed motorised instrument. The result is beautifully enhanced,
waterproof and smudge free, lips, eyebrows and eyeliner.
Tara was one of the first to train in England and has many years experience, so with her
knowledge and expertise your face could not be in safer hands.

Eyebrows                                                                   £300.00
Lip Line                                                                   £300.00
Top Or Bottom Eye Liner                                                    £300.00
A Combination Of Two Of The Above                                          £500.00
Lip Blend                                                                  £500.00
Beauty Spot                                                                £75.00

Aesthetic Medical Procedures
Muscle Relaxing Injectables
1 Area                                                                   £200.00
2 Areas                                                                  £250.00
Areas                                                                    £300.00
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)                                       £320.00
Hydrofill* Restylane* Perlane* Softline*                   From          £220.00
Sculpture                                                                £380.00
Chemical Peels                                             From          £100.00
Leg Vein Removal                                                         £160.00

SNO Teeth Whitening Clinic.
This revolutionary treatment combines both Laser & Sonic technology to give you the
fastest and most effective treatment available.
The Sno treatment takes only 30 minutes to give you the brightest, whitest smile.
Per Treatment                                                              £300.00
Sno have regular price promotions so please call the salon for details.

The Gift of Beauty
Gift vouchers are a wonderful present for somebody special. These are available from
reception or by telephone. We will be happy to wrap and send your voucher for you.

Gift vouchers are valid for six months and are non-refundable.

Terms & Conditions
24 hours notice to be given prior to cancellation of any appointment.
All courses must be paid for on commencement and will run for a period of six months
Tara Brunsdon Semi Permanent Make Up Clinic. Three days notice must be given
prior to cancellation. A ‘no show’ will be charged in full.
Cosmetic Clinic .Three days notice must be given prior to cancellation. A ‘no show’ will
be charged £50.00
SNO Teeth Whitening Clinic a £50.00 deposit is taken at the time of booking. This is
non-refundable if less than 24hours notice of cancellation is given.

For all of the above clinics a letter of confirmation will be sent to you one week prior to
your appointment.

Salon Opening Times
Monday                                                10.00am-5.00pm
Tuesday                                               9.30am-8.00pm
Wednesday                                             9.30am-8.00pm
Thursday                                              9.30am-8.00pm
Friday                                                9.30am-6.00pm
Saturday                                              8.30am-4.00pm

                                      Salon 112
                          Skin Care, Hair Removal & Beauty

                         112 The Stow Harlow Essex CM20 3AS
                                     01279 306376

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