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Layout whitening beauty cream2


Layout whitening beauty cream2

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									Look no further                                          Policies
      for an escape from                                 Forms of payment accepted –
the grind and stress                                     cash, check, all major credit cards

            of daily life….
                                                         Gift certificates available

Dr. Carli’s Medical Spa maintains the high               Please arrive 15 minutes
standards you expect from medical professionals          prior to your appointment
in an environment of elegance and beauty.
Our mission is to enhance and transform the
                                                                                           We look forward
total beauty that lies within us all, through                                            to seeing you soon
professional service, education and
                                                                                        Call and book your
environmental awareness.
                                                                                        appointment today

Dr. Carli’s Aesthetics offers an array
of services that will put your mind, body,               Dr. Carli’s Aesthetic Center
                                                         10694 Magnolia Avenue
and soul on a path toward total relaxation
                                                         Riverside, Ca. 92505
with an emphasis on results.
                                                         951-358-1444 Appt.
                                                         951-688-2803 Fax
Let Dr. Carli’s Medical Spa help you create    
a memorable experience for yourself or
someone special.

                                                                                                              Dr. Carli’s Medical Spa


                                                        Dr. Carli Medical Spa Brochure
                                                3901 Carter Avenue #2 • Riverside, California 92501-1042           phone: 951•786•4178
                                                                                fax: 951•786•4166
All 60 minute facials come with a neck and shoulder                 Cellulite Detox Wrap                                          A minimum growth of 1/4 inch is required for each
                                                                                                               60 minutes/$95
massage. All 90 minute facials add a foot massage.                                                                                of these treatments. We do not recommend waxing
                                                                                                               Series of 6/$500
                                                                                                                                  on skin treated with Retin-A, Accutane, Glycolic,
                                                                    Boost the results of your surgery and intensify your
Customized Rejuvenation Facial
                                                                    exercise routine. Start the invigorating treatment with       or sunburned. Please advise us of any sensitivities.
                                           60 minutes/$80
                                          90 minutes/$110           exfoliation to the targeted areas. An activation cream        Do not tan for 24 hours after waxing.
For extreme pampering. A hydrating facial that will                 will be applied to your body before you are cocooned
lavish all of your senses. Replenish and restore your               in a comforting wrap. Let your thoughts drift away.           Brow Shaping                               $20 and up
skin’s texture and appearance with an anti-aging
                                                                    Now is the time to choose a little extra pampering.           Brow Maintenance                           $15 and up
paraffin mask.
                                                                    One of two of these special extra’s listed below to
                                                                    enhance your tranquility:                                     Upper Lip                                  $12 and up
Lightening Facial
                                           60 minutes/$80           Mini facial
                                          90 minutes/$110           Head and feet massage                                         Chin                                       $12 and up
All the way from Barcelona Spain. Look bright, feel                                                   Special add on price: $18
refreshed with our lightening and moisturizing facial.              You may experience inch loss. Individual results will vary.   Cheeks                                     $15 and up
This facial will provide your skin with luminosity.
Salicylic and citric acids will enhance the absorption              Reflexology                                                   Full Face                                  $40 and up
of the whitening ingredients.                                                                                   30 minutes/$40
                                                                    Realign your body through your feet. This is a holistic       Underarms                                  $20 and up

Lifting Facial                                                      healing technique that applies pressure to the feet.
                                           60 minutes/$80           Improve your circulation and cleanse the body of              Forearms                                   $30 and up
                                          90 minutes/$110
                                                                    toxins and impurities.
For stressed/fatigued skin. A deep cleanse to move                                                                                Full Arms                                  $40 and up
sluggish cells, a multi-vitamin exfoliation and a tensing           Callus Foot Treatment
and firming mask to revitalize, regenerate and freshen                                                          30 minutes/$45    Half Leg                                   $40 and up
the skin.                                                           Nice smooth feet are a must! Dissolve those calluses
                                                                    with our wonderful solution. Have them buffed away
                                                                                                                                  Full Leg                                   $60 and up
Back Facial                                                         and then relax with a soothing cream application.
                                            60 minutes/$80                                                                        Stomach                                    $20 and up
This treatment allows us to focus on the one area of
                                                                    Elegant Extras              Add to most services              Back or chest                              $60 and up
the body that is primarily untouchable. It will refine
and clarify the problem areas of your back. It includes             Vitamin C Intensive Eye Mask
                                                                                                                     $15 add on
cleansing, exfoliation, masking and moisturizing.
                                                                    Combat fine lines and dark circles with Vitamin C, Green
                                                                    Tea, Chamomile, Horse Chestnut, and Mallow Flowers.

                                                                    Oxygenating Repair Serum
                                                                                                                     $15 add on
       Prices subject to change without notice.                     Contains oxygenating complex carbohydrates, collagen,
                                                                    lipopeptide and rice extracts to bring skin back to life.


                                                                    Dr. Carli Medical Spa Brochure
                                                            3901 Carter Avenue #2 • Riverside, California 92501-1042                               phone: 951•786•4178
                                                                                                                fax: 951•786•4166

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