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					INGEBORG’S BIOGRAPHY                                                        LUNCHTIME FACIAL                                        GENTLEMEN’S OPTION NUMBER 2
                   Ingeborg Kolar received a German                         50 minutes        $55                                   60 minutes      $80
                      license for medical technology,                       Regimen: Deep cleansing, exfoliation, nourishing pack   An abbreviated version of Option Number 1.
                        and spent many years in medi-                       and a finishing treatment.
                         cal research at the University                                                                             BACK “FACIALS”
                          of Munich, the San Fran-                          ANTI-AGING, DOUBLE EYE CARE TREATMENT                   FOR LADIES & GENTLEMEN
                          cisco UC Medical Center,                          With facial          $20                                60 minutes         $85
                          and at UC Davis. She also                         Without facial       $35                                Regimen: Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, puri-
                         holds a Master of Fine Arts                                                                                fying mask, hydrating hyaluronic acid cream mask and
                        degree from the University                          SPECIALTY FACIALS                                       moisturizer. Light treatments may be incorporated.
                      of Oregon. Ingeborg’s aestheti-                       TEENAGE ACNE FACIAL
                   cian’s license number is: Cos-FT                         50 minutes       $55                                    OUCH-LESS HAIR REMOVAL
                   646687. She is also available for                        Regimen: Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions,      FOR LADIES & GENTLEMEN
                   speaking engagements.                                    disinfecting ampoule treatment, herbal pack, finish-     Depending on the area to be treated, soft wax, hard
                        Ingeborg is a facilitator for the                   ing treatment.                                          wax, or soy-based NuFree Nudess 98.6 treatment
American Cancer Society’s Look Good, Feel Better                                                                                    safely removes hair from all parts of the face, nos-
program, and carries irritation-free skin care products                     ADULT ACNE FACIAL                                       trils, ears and body, and slows new hair growth. Hair
for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation                           75-90 minutes      $105                                 removal cannot be performed on sunburned clients,
treatments.                                                                 Regimen: Similar to the European facial with products   clients using Retin A, Accutane, Renova, or Glycolic
                                                                            selected to target acne problems. Blue Light Therapy,   Acid, or on clients taking blood thinners. A numbing
FACIALS                FOR         LADIES                                   a cold magic globe massage and finishing treatment       agent is available.
EUROPEAN FACIAL                                                             complete this facial.                                   After-hair-removal care: For the next 24 hours avoid
75-90 minutes      $105                                                                                                             swimming in chlorinated water, activities leading to
Regimen: Deep cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation,*                       ROSACEA FACIAL                                          heavy perspiration. No tanning beds or sun exposure.
extractions** as needed; face, neck and shoulder                            75-90 minutes     $105
massages are followed by a nourishing facial pack;                          Regimen: Similar to the European facial but with        Starting prices for the following services:
an ampoule concentrate further targets the reduc-                           products selected to target rosacea symptoms. Blue      Brow design                  $30 ($25 with facial)
tion of fine lines and stimulates cell regeneration. A                       Light Therapy if indicated. A cold magic globe mas-     Brow maintenance             $20 ($15 with facial)
layered mask, light therapy with cold stone massage                         sage and finishing treatment complete this facial.       Lip or sideburns             $20 ($35 both areas)
and finishing treatment complete this facial. Collagen                                                                               Half-legs                    $40
treatments are added as needed.                                             CHEMICAL PEELS                                          Full legs                    $50
                                                                            Prices vary depending on client’s needs. Discount ap-   Bikini                       $35
CLASSIC FACIAL                                                              plies when purchasing a series of treatments.           Brazilian                    $65
60-75 minutes      $75                                                                                                              Ears, nostrils or neck $20
Regimen: Deep cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation,                        FACIALS FOR GENTLEMEN                                   Arms                         $55
facial massage, specialty mask and finishing treatment.                      GENTLEMEN’S OPTION NUMBER 1                             Underarms                    $30
                                                                            75-90 minutes     $105                                  Chest                        $45
QUICK “PICK-ME-UP” FACIAL                                                   Regimen: Deep cleansing, skin analysis, enzyme          Chest and stomach            $65
TH E ID E A L P RE P A RA T IO N F O R T H A T   S P E C IA L E V E N T !   peel with steam, extractions, hot towel treatment,      Full back                    $55
60 minutes          $80                                                     ampoule concentrate, soothing mask, followed by         Shoulders                    $35
Regimen: Deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage                        a prolonged massage session with acupressure point      Numbing cream or gel $05
with face lifting concentrate. An aloe vera face lifting                    manipulation of face, neck, scalp and shoulders. Col-
mask results in pore refinement and skin tightening.                         lagen treatment as needed.

*exfoliation:   removal of dead cells blocking the absorption               **extractions: removal of black and white heads
                of skin care products
CLIENT COMMENTS                                          ADDITIONAL INDULGENCES
Ingeborg’s gentle and caring touch makes the time        •     Shimmer makeover application $60
fly when I am in her care. I emerge refreshed and               (Fee is waived with a $60 product purchase.)
relaxed—a new person!
                           —MARILYN L., CORVALLIS        •     Mineral foundation, Blink Mascara (especially
                                                               for contact lens wearers)
Absolutely wonderful, relaxing. Perfect!
                                                         •     Lash tint $25
                                     —SUE METZKER
                              Jazzy Lookz, Corvallis     •     Brow tint $25
I loved every minute of the massages and the expla-      •     Both lash & brow tint $45
nation of my skin and its natural processes. I will      •     Lash perms $60
highly recommend this service to my friends, co-
workers, and clients too!                                      Dr. Eckstein skin care products available
                             —VALERIE OVERHOLTZER
                                                         •     Bridal makeover $60
                   Keller Williams Realty, Corvallis
                                                               (60 minutes)
I’ve had other facials, but none as effective and        •     Group rates for bridal party makeup sessions
rejuvenating as Ingeborg’s. I entered feeling like a
caterpillar and emerged floating like a butterfly.
                          —CHRISTINA C., CORVALLIS
                                                         CANCELLATION NOTICES
                                                         To CANCEL or RESCHEDULE an appointment,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful facial. It       please give 24-HOUR NOTICE. Missed appoint-
was so relaxing and I can certainly notice the differ-   ments incur a 50 percent service charge for the time
ence. The products are lovely.                           reserved for you.
                                —PATRICIA JACKSON
                   Pathfinder Travel Inc., Corvallis
Ingeborg has been very thoughtful and dedicated in                           PAYMENT OPTIONS
finding the right solution for my skin. Her insight              Cash, checks,Visa & MasterCard accepted
and focus are outstanding. My skin looks and feels                    Note: All prices are subject to change.
healthy again.
                         —KRISHNA RAO, CORVALLIS
                                                                      GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE

Saw you, admired your skin … planned on making
                                                             WEEKEND AND EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE
an appointment when my husband gave me a facial
gift certificate … your face is your best advertise-
ment. Calm, relaxing, pampered feeling …
                                                                      INGEBORG KOLAR
I felt in very knowledgeable hands! It’s obvious In-
geborg knows what she’s doing and loves her work.
My experience was relaxing and so enjoyable … and
I look so good, too! Beautiful music!
                     —ANOLE T. RINALDI, CORVALLIS                

Ingeborg’s customer service is excellent. My daugh-                1500 NW North Heights Drive
ters and I love the non-irritating products.                             Albany, OR 97321
                          —NORA SMITH, PHILOMATH

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