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					                                                                                              PRESS RELEASE
                                                                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

             Advantech Announces Significant Enhancement to its
                            IP Routing Suite

       February 26, 2008, Montreal, Canada - Advantech AMT Inc, a leading provider of
       advanced satellite and microwave products and solutions, announces immediate
       availability of a significant enhancement to its IP routing suite.

       In addition to standard static routes and RIP/RIP2 support, Advantech is also
       introducing new routing capability with addition of state-of-the-art Open Shortest
       Path First (OSPF) routing suite. The Open Shortest Path First (OSPFv2) protocol is a
       link-state routing protocol designed to be run internally on a single autonomous IPv4
       system. Each router designated to run OSPF maintains an identical database
       describing the autonomous system's topology. From this database, a routing table is
       calculated by constructing a shortest- path tree. OSPF has been added to all of
       Advantech’s IP capable interface cards and is available across Advantech’s entire
       modem lines.

       “Our new OSPF capability demonstrates our continuing efforts to provide seamlessly
       transitioning of terrestrial and satellite based IP routing protocols.” stated Mr. Vagan
       Shakhgildian, President of Advantech AMT, “This further demonstrates our
       willingness to integrate advanced features which bring value to our customers and
       system integrators.”

       About Advantech AMT

       Advantech AMT is a world-class designer and manufacturer of leading edge Communication products for Satellite
       Ground Stations and for Wireless Base Stations. With offices in Canada, Europe and the U.S.A, Advantech AMT
       provides global product support expertise. The main products designed and manufactured by the company are
       Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) available in output power from 1W to 3200 W, Block-Up Converters
       (BUCs), frequency converters, modems operating up to 140 Mbps, INTRACTM antenna tracking control systems,
       data broadcast receivers, satellite terminals, and other related sub-systems. Advantech is ISO-9001: 2000 certified.

       To find out more about Advantech AMT, please visit our website

       For any further questions please contact:

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          Senior Director Data Networks                     Fax + 1 514 420 0073
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