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Face Cream whitening beauty cream by benbenzhou


Face Cream whitening beauty cream

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									Hand Cream
- Deep nourishing
Anti Aging Skincare
for Natural Beauty
Body Lotion
- Silky smoothing
Face Cream
- Smart-man skincare
If you want to have your body skin sllklly
smooth, properly nourished and hydrated
or have trouble to finding a truiy good one.
Jln-tifut just is what you are seeking. It be¬
comes your best accompany of your skin
life due to its great benefits:
h	quickly feeding into body skin;
k	clean & exfoliate dull or crepy skin;
k	fortify skin from the sign of aging;
* soften hardened skin for foot;
k	release from itchy dryness;
k	promote skin firming;
h	get skin back Into
shape with elasticity.
Hands are considered as our 2nd face.
Smart people find JhrRtis is attractive to
keep their hands comfortable & moist at
any time and all seasons. You must love
it when your hands become nice looking
after daily use for a couple of weeks due
to its efficient function.
h moisturize thirsty hands;
sir heal allergic hands contaminated;
with chemical or washing liquids;
k softer cuticle on the tip of fingers,
getting chubby and elastic;
k shape hands into elastic a
youthful looking.
More men are aware to concern their
apperance on face skin and realize
that men should use Che skincare only
for man's skin like AwKfis. It fits the
features of male's skin texture to:
st dally applicable;
st absorbable for softness;
st reconstructive to damaged skin;
st nourishing to face skin;
st exfoliate the dermal skin,
removing dead, dull skin cell;
st freshen skin complexion
for excess oil on face;
st remedy to flaking, itching
St irritated skin
* I • [ ttk-i
, I i
♦ i-*
— Tw'!U ;
Vitamin C, E
Vitamin C, E
Vitamin C. E
130 ml
65 ml
35 ml
: Vs
9-BFH ChemSpeciality
http: //aura snat u re bea ,htm
Night Cream
- Beauty sleeping
Super Skin Lightening
Naturally internal beauty
Day Cream
- Wrinkle defending
AH facial skin over 30 years old¬
tection from harsh environment, aging our
skin, and must be kept well hydrsted & mo¬
isturized to prevent our skin from wrinkles
& fines. While Aa-ftK can powerfully work
for you. A naturally beautiful appearance is
gradually visible after daily use.
Eye Cream
- Wrinkle fading
The skin around eyes gives the 1st
signal of aging. Due to its fragile Si
sensitive texture. The eye skin re¬
quire delicate treatment as AizPfor
does that scientifically optimized for
eye skin. You feel very comfortable
around eye skin and notice your eye
wrinkle naturally fading with heal¬
thier and younger looking in weeks.
st	reduce wrinkle depth circles;
«	regenerate eye surface-skin;
«	fade darkness or shadow;
ss	stimulate eye skin's repairing;
tt	enhance self-moisturizing &
toning capability;
x	prevent new wrinkles;
it	weaken puffiness;
During sleeping, the body skin is going to
fix the problems that were experienced
during the day, or it would be getting to
the "mature" faster.	can uniquely
transfer ali of functional ingredients smo¬
othly into deep skin and gently stimulate
skin auto-balance while sleeping. It brings
a freshly bright look in the morning. A na¬
turally nice appearance can be obviously
observed in the use for a short period.
Skin color is the distribution of melanin
cells, darkly pigmented, skin have thicker,
longer and branched dendrites. The me¬
lanin Is painless, but affect the cosmetic
appearance while It can be lightened or
removed naturally by selecting safe and
affective whitening skincare like jHuRsts,
the most successful natural skin whitener
with a cooperating efficacy to reveal a
lighter, brighter and smoother appea¬
rance in a couple of weeks.
x much less Irritation to Skin;
x enhance skin moisture,
clarity, and tone;
x easily and smoothly
absorbed by skin;
x quickly penetrate to deep skin.
* fight Ei soothe the fines and wrinkles;
k enhance skin moisture, darlty and
tone at any ages;
x restore the crucial intercellular
a	moist barrier of skin;
I v strengthen the natural defense
j and regeneration;
x enrich skin hydration and moisture;
x softer and sooth skin texture; ^
i< weeken the fines and wrinkles; H
x produce the healthier beauty I
from the inside of skin;
is recover skin elasticity,	H
Vitamin C, E
3S ml
: : ri I
Vitamin C and E
Antioxidant r
Beta glutan
Ko]ic aad. Vitamin C. £
Bb-t 1 inSlj 1
35 ml
15 ml
35 ml
tittp://, htm .htm
Hand & Body Lotion
Restore Ge!
'H'PJi ChemSpeciality
- Private Cosmetic Company
Formulation ft Technology
for Natural Skin Beauty &. Health
2002 - 2007
Skin Nutrition Care
for Natural Beauty
Our hard working hands need to be laker* care
of, that showing oar age the easiest but regular
hand creams care noi always enough to heal I he
dry flaky skin, dehydrated 4 wrinkly hands. While
some hond skin may not need to use lichty nouri¬
shing hand cream like JiuiR^s Deep-nourishing
Hand Cream, or some ore sensitive to some of In¬
gredients. A miki hand care to replenish such
kinds of hand skin Is a great way.
It is smart to always protect your skin even briefly
outdoors against the damage caused by the sun
and environment. While some creams ond tollons
are often heavy and greasy and are generally
poor moisturizers.
Jiangs Moist Restore Gel is the perfect light, grease-
less moisturizer for face skin, Professionally created
10 seal In the skin's natural moisture ond reveal heal¬
thier skin.. it moislurizes and shields your skin with
concentrated Aloe Vera, it is loaded with antioxi¬
dants. anti-irrilants, and water-binding agents, sort
gives a silken shine-free finish and leaves skin exce¬
ptionally smooth and poses the minimal risk of clog¬
ging pores. For all types of skin, lhis state-of-the-art
formula will help re-moisturize skin ne-
\ eding special attention throu- ghout
the day.
Jllicj(dS Sfcrin Artti Aging Care
Antioxidants: vitamins, kojic acid, beta gfucan
ScientificaJJy, It ts better to care all of body skin ol
nrgh I. when going to bed. This is why She .-f u JCti.v
Softening Hand & Body lotion ts formulated, II is
simple to give both of your hand and body skin
a treat in ihe need ol one skin care product.
JfotfRgS Sfcin Nutrition. Care
mi 9 I
Nutrients: Aloe Vera. Rosemary, vitamin E
Contact us:
Web: ht!p://www,
E-mail: info^
Local store:
Phone: [416) 252-2669
Head office:
Phone: (905) 290-9514
(905) 501-7495
Smari consumers find it is effec¬
tive in use daily and ofler gelling
soft, smoolh and great looking
i skin,
Active ingredients:
Aioe Vera, Atienloin,
Rosemary, Vitamin E
It ^
Antioxidant: Vitamin E
Catalogue: |N$5HL64
Package: 1 Gal.
250ml. 120 ml
60 ml, 30 ml
Package: lGal.
250ml. 120 ml
6 0 mi. 30 ml
'HPJi ChemSpeciality
littp:7/www.ouras™ lurebeauly. org
Hydrating Makeup
Removal Cream
Massage Cream
Face Cleanser
Nourishing Cream
The natural aging process is o continuous pro¬
cess, no«rmq||y beginning in our mid-2Qs. Within
the skin, collagen production slows, and the
skin has □ bit less spring. Dead skin cells do not
shed os quickly and turnover of new skin ceils
may decrease slightly. Wh3e the signs of aging
ore lypicaily not visible for decodes.
The skin texture become Iked ond fragile wjih the
heavy makeup materials. They occupied your skfn
pore and weakened your skin breath, making your
skin uncomfortable. They make a good Footing, bu!
somehow, are harmful lo skin textures. Therefore, the
makeup has to be removed out when not needed
while your weak skin needs lo be recovered. The
water can quickly wash the materials out from skin
surface, but it fc neither powerful to remove oil of
trace impurities nor to replenish skin with nutrients.
Some days, skin looks lired and dull, and needs
some extra care. To help stimulate blood circu¬
lation lor a fresh glow. Jft utflfls Relaxing Mas¬
sage Cream, a gentle, soothing massage will
nourish your skin and make you feel more re¬
laxed. providing o general sense ol well-being.
Jlu^ps Refreshing Face Cleanser Is designed os
gently cleansing with rich moisturizer, reducing age¬
nts and balanced pH to comfort skin for afl types of
skin and all ages of iamiiy.
It gentfy removes dirty traces from your face wilhout
skin peeling and any traces of bubble or dirl Iraces
on your face. Aller washing, it delights your sense
and leaves your skin feeling soft and renewed. Using
<1 daily ir* need is beneficial by soothing and calming
your lace: improving your skin texture and restoring
vital moisture.
lo fill the need for all natural
It was created
nourishing and soothing. If has all ihe benefits
of Aloe Vera mixed with the healing properties
of essential oils, but clients don't leave the ses¬
sion feeling oily, because It is specifically made
for deep tissue styles of massage. This Massage
Cream offers a nice resistance ihal allows the
To delay Ihe aging process, get En a skin nour¬
ishment routine, apply Aif'Jfcu Intensive Nouri¬
shing Cream lo your face and neck to restore
skin from within os it reverses loss of density
and revitalizes skin with increased resiliency,
II is a unique ny trienl-rich moisturizer, perfectly
for day and nighi, to moisturize, protect, and
enhance rodtance, resulting in
visibly firmer face end a
Hydrating Makeup Removal Cream, o uni¬
que blend of soothing herbal extracts, will genfty re¬
move all ol fracas of makeup impurities ond signs of
fatigue in one clean sweep from face arid neck
p-a makeup wilhout any irritation, It leaves
behind no oily residue, so It woni clog
pores, n brings your skin comfortable
as it recovers skin's noiurol balance
by nourishing,
After washing, it musl be perfect lo nourish your face
with j#Intensive Nourishing Cream for younger
and JkiQtps Wrinkle-defending
Day Cream and	3eauly-sle¬
eping Night Cream for mature skin
therapist to pe-nefrafe deeply into the tissues,
		 and ils smooth and luxurious feel
•* \ makes it perfeel refine problem
\^reas on waist, hips, and thighs.
Nutrient?: Mineral oil
Catalogue: N5-RMC64
Package: 1 Gal,
Vitamin E
Nutrients: Aloe Vera
Coco amine
Catalogue: NS-RFC64
Package: 1 Gat.
250ml, 120ml
d	60ml, 30ml
. Catalogue: N5-INC64
f'-g" 1 II Package: I Gal,
Nutrients: Coconut oil
Catalogue: N5-HMR64
Package: ! Gal.
250ml. 120ml
60ml, 30ml
250ml, 120ml
60ml, 30ml
250ml. 120ml
40ml. 30ml

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