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Eye and Pimple Cream Collagen Mask whitening beauty cream


Eye and Pimple Cream Collagen Mask whitening beauty cream

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									                    EGF Cream ( 30 ml) NOT080400686K

                   As skin ages, the communication between the various
                   layers of skin is hindered because of a critical decrease in
                   the number of growth-factor receptors. Therefore, E G.F
                   (Epidermal Growth Factor) is the single most important
                   substance for development and maintenance of both the
                   epidermis and dermis. It is a protein that works to heal and
                   repair the stratum corneum by directly stimulating
                   proliferation of growth factor receptor. The EGF has two
                   other bonuses in that it helps “mop up” free radicals, and
                   also has anti-inflammatory benefits. All of the above show
                   why EGF is particularly beneficial to skin that is going
                   through peeling treatments.
                   E.G.F, FGF, Argireline, Elastin, Aqua & Vitamin E &A .

                      Eye and Pimple Cream:
Eye Contour Cream                       MAL07030876K                                      Pimple Control Cream                     MAL07030875K

4 reasons why we must choose De’LaroseEye Contour Cream:
1. The Verbena and sea collagen ingredients can tighten the
skin around the eyes and prevent fine wrinkles.
2. The vitamin K1 extract is the best ingredient for warding off
static blood problem around the eyes and reduces dark eyes
circle problem.                                                                           In addition to that, it will also speed up recovery of
3. BHA and vitamin E can strengthen oxidation and prevent
skin ageing.
4. Hyaluronic acid enzyme can strengthen moisture retention,
while Calendulo officinalis ingredient can moisturize the skin                            Hamanelis extract, Bio sulfur fluid, Rosemary, etc.
and for anti-allergy purpose also!

Aqua, Algae extract, Hydrogenated polydecene, etc.

                                            Collagen Mask:
                   Pure Collagen Facial Mask                       MAL07040683K

                   This product is made from natural deep sea codfish
                   collagen ingredient etc and is processed with
                   nanotechnology. It is blended with ascorbic-C, hyaluronic
                   acid, aloe vera, rose essence, licorice and tea tree oil
                   extract. With only one time applying on your face,
                   your skin will immediately regain its elasticity, become
                   firmer, having lesser wr i n k l e s, b l a c k p i gm e n t , m o re
                   m o i s t a n d glittering shine.

                   Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Elastin, Aloe extract, etc.
                                          De’ Larose Cosmeceutical Treatment Product Usage
          For Dry Skin:                               For Oily Skin:                           For Pimple Skin:                              Wrinkles:
        Silk Makeup Remover OR                      Silk Makeup Remover OR                      Silk Makeup Remover                       Silk Makeup Remover OR
          Deep Cleansing Cream                       Deep Cleansing Cream                                                                 Deep Cleansing Cream
                                                                                             Black Diamond Facial Cleanser OR
     Hydrating Cleansing Cream OR                Hydrating Cleansing Cream OR                     Rose Cleansing Gel                 Hydrating Cleansing Cream OR
          Rose Cleansing Gel                 Black Diamond Facial Cleanser OR Rose                                                        Rose Cleansing Gel
                                                         Cleansing Gel                               Rose Lotion
              Rose Lotion                                                                                                                      Rose Lotion
                                                         Rose Lotion                             Eye Contour Cream
           Eye Contour Cream                                                                                                               Eye Contour Cream
                                                      Eye Contour Cream              Pure Collagen Extract OR Plant Placenta
          Pure Collagen Extract                                                            Extract OR Hyaluronic Acid                     Pure Collagen Extract
                                                     Pure Collagen Extract
          Plant Placenta Extract                                                         Hydrating Aqua Cream OR 5 in 1                   Plant Placenta Extract
                                                     Plant Placenta Extract            Splendid Hydrating & Firming Serum
            Hyaluronic Acid                                                                                                                 Argireline, acetyl
                                                       Hyaluronic Acid                                                                       hexapeptide-3
5 in 1 Splendid Hydrating & Firming Serum                                                         Protection Cream
  OR Hydrating Aqua Cream OR Spendid          Hydrating Aqua Cream OR Spendid                                                                Hyaluronic Acid
        Whitening & Firming Cream            Whitening & Firming Cream OR E.G.F                 Pimple Control Cream
                                                            Cream                                                                Spendid Whitening & Firming Cream OR
            Protection Cream                                                                                                    E.G.F Cream OR 5 in 1 Splendid Hydrating
                                                       Protection Cream                                                           & Firming Serum OR Hydrating Aqua

                                                                                                                                            Protection Cream

                                       * For those who have undulated skin texture but have only very minimum amount of
                                   pimples, they can apply collagen , rose lotion and collagen mask every 2 days duration with
                                   a total of 28 times treatments. This product is excellent for reducing pimples, repair the skin
                                        (undulated skin surface texture ), makes the skin look thinner and whitens the skin.

            Pimple & Anti-Ageing                                              Whitening                                              Exfoliator

                  Pure Collagen Powder                            L-Ascorbic Acid Powder         use after apply                  Milky Gentle Exfoliator
                             +                                               OR                  Plant Placenta                 (1-2 times a week, use after
                       Rose Lotion                                     Vitamin C Fluid           Extract                                cleansing )
                             +                                               OR
                 Pure Collagen Facial Mask                       Pure Collagen Facial Mask
                                                                     (2-3 times a week)

                                             *No fragrance, preservatives, heavy metal pigments, alcohol and colouring*
                                                      La Fontaine

                                                                       By striving on the principles of beautiful and efficiency, “Cosmeceutical” or
                                                                      medical cosmetology is currently very popular in Europe and United States of
                                                                       America. In addition to that, Asia is catching up with the pace especially in
                                                                                              Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

                                                                       In the past, cosmetic is only confined to skincare and skin maintenance.
                                                                      Medicinal therapies during yesteryears are only used for plastic surgery and
                                                                       face lifting. However , the non- natural makeup techniques will produce
                                                                       many side effects, that is why many people do not utilize these methods.

                                                                          Today, De’ Larose introduces new concept of skincare where natural
g                                                                       ingredients are processed with state-of-the-art technology where deeper
                                                                                  treatment, skin repair and maintenance are implied!

                          Professional Use:
    Pure Collagen Powder (15 ml) MAL07050814K                                           Plant Placenta Extract (10 ml) MAL07050347K

    Made from advanced nanotech micro fats pocket extract and                           This product is made from soybean plumule. It is useful for
    Gadus macrocephalus skin collagen. It contains 18 types of                          increasing the metabolism of corium layer, promotes the
    amino acids, with very minute molecules.In merely 30                                growth of collagen, better cells excretion and absorption
    seconds, it already can penetrate deeply into the inner layer                       processes, suppresses black pigments, eliminates old and
    of the skin, whitens and cleanses the skin, increase skin                           decayed cuticles, prolongs muscle ageing etc. When used
    elasticity, smoothes and moisturizes the skin, firms and                             together with other lotion extracts, the plant placenta extract
    anti-wrinkles, improves healing skin process, reduces the                           will enable the ingredients of other lotions easier to be
    scars, balances the fats level. Mix the collagen powder is                          absorbed by the skin.
    mixed with rose lotion and applies on the face. 3 minutes later
    apply on the T-zone where the blackheads and acnes can be
                                                                                        Water & Zea mays kernel extract,Cucumber extract , etc.
    removed totally after you leave on your face for 20 minutes!
    Hydrolyzed gelatin,Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride,
    Allantoin .

    Pure Collagen Extract (10 ml) MAL07030888K                                          Hyaluronic Acid (10 ml) MAL07030878K

    This product is made from state -of-the-art nanotechnology                          Ma de from bioch emica l phyto -polylose extract, it
    with minute molecular ingredients. It can be easily absorbed                        is currently the best ingredient for retaining moisture
    by our skin, promotes skin regeneration,improves skin                               in the skin. The product is able to preserve moisture for
    absorption,moisturizes and preserves moisture of our skin,                          up to 500 times so that your skin will have enough
    firms and anti-wrinkle,activates our skin cells,eases makeup                        water content to prevent ageing, linings, colour
    and makes your skin clarified shine and firm.                                       pigment, skin peeling, loss of collagen and nutrients
    Ingredients:                                                                        etc.
    Water ,Collagen, Sage extract, Cucumber extract , etc.                              Ingredients:
                                                                                        Water ,Cucumber extract ,Glycerin, Chamomile etc.

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