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JOBS MARKET: Me and my job


The big accounting fi rms and many "boutique" consulting fi rms have been gearing up to the threats and attacks on their Fortune 500 clients by hiring "cybersecurity consultants" to consult on matters relating to security management, privacy management and privacy tech integration.

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									JOBS MARKET                          Why did you get into IT             Of what are you most
                                                                                                                Skills in demand
Me and my job                        security?
                                     When I was in college, I began
                                                                         Helping others achieve their           The big accounting firms and
                                     to take computer courses and        goals and providing clients            many “boutique” consulting
                                     soon realized the power of          with that “ah-ha” moment               firms have been gearing up
                                     information. Later, while in        when they come to the con-             to the threats and attacks on
                                     the military as a cryptology        clusion that the risks associ-         their Fortune 500 clients by
                                     officer, I understood that hav-      ated with using the internet           hiring “cybersecurity consul-
                                     ing access to the appropriate       are real and can be effectively        tants” to consult on matters
                                     data was a strategic asset. This    and efficiently managed –               relating to security manage-
                                     led me to start thinking about      when risk management disci-            ment, privacy management
                                     the protection of data. A           plines are applied to the often        and privacy tech integration.
                                     cybercriminal could manipu-         highly technical discussions
                                     late data, causing an organiza-     outlining information and              What it takes
Rich Baich                           tion to doubt the validity of       cyber-related findings.                 “Must haves” include five years
principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP
                                     the data; disrupt a transmis-                                              in IT security, two years of secu-
How do you describe                  sion, resulting in nonavailabil-    For what would you use a               rity engineering and a CISSP
your job to the average              ity; or exploit the data, causing   magic IT security wand?                cert. “Should haves” include
person?                              doubt in the confidentiality of      To reinforce the concept that          experience working with fire-
I provide strategic advice           the data.                           information security is not a          wall, network scanning and
and innovative solutions                                                 technology issue – technology          intrusion detection systems.
that help organizations and          What keeps you up at                is the enabler. I would use
people obtain the right infor-       night?                              the wand to create teams in            Compensation
mation at the right time so 
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