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Apricot Skin Fresh Skin Cleansing


Apricot Skin Fresh Skin Cleansing

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									                                    Apricot Skin Fresh
This range consists of three products, a foaming Facial Wash, a refreshing toner and an oil-
                                       free Moisturiser.
 Every woman (and men too) should have a good skin care routine. This means cleansing,
            toning and moisturizing the skin every morning and every evening.

Why twice a day?
During the day your skin attracts a lot of dirt, oil and grime, if you wear make up, this also adds to the
build up on your skin. So before you go to bed at night, it is vital that you remove this from your skin.
In the morning, your face has built up oil and you need to remove this oil before you apply new make
                                    FACE WASH
A gentle foaming Face Wash enriched with apricot kernel extract for normal, oily and
combination skin. Gently cleanses while maintaining skin’s natural oil balance.

 Formulated with gentle cleansing agents to remove impurities and excess oil, revealing
  a soft, clean and fresh skin.
 Enriched with apricot kernel extract for natural oil balance and maintains clear skin to help
  prevent blemishes.
 Contains vitamin E, a moisturiser to maintain the moisture balance of the skin.
 An alcohol free refreshing toner that helps to remove the final traces of Face Wash,
  embedded oil and dirt. Formulated with apricot kernel extract to maintain skin’s natural
  moisture balance. Skin is left feeling refreshed, softened and toned.
   Formulated with apricot kernel extract to maintain skin's natural moisture balance.
   Specially formulated to refresh and tone the skin, in preparation for moisturising
   Contains Aloe extract as a skin moisturiser to retain the vital moisture level within the skin.
   Helps to soothe and calm the skin.

An oil-free, non-greasy moisturiser for normal, oily and combination skin. Enriched with
natural emollients and vitamin E to protect skin from dehydration. Daily use will help to
provide vital moisture to keep skin smooth and supple.

    Enriched with apricot kernel extract to moisturise and maintain the skin's
     structure and natural oil balance.
    Formulated with vitamin E to protect skin from dehydration and maintain the moisture balance
     of the skin.
    Contains Aloe extract as a moisturiser to keep skin supple and protect the skin from the drying
     effects of the sun.

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                                      Daily Skin Routine
   Cleansing the skin is important as it removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin. It also will
remove dust and dirt that chokes the pores on the skin. If the dust is allowed to accumulate, it can block
   the pores. This stops the secretion of the glands form coming to the top of the skin. These secretions
 provide the weapons it needs to fight against infections, toxic agents etc. It also gives the shine or glow
                                           to the surface of the skin.
                The Right Way To Wash Your Face
   1.     Moisten your face with water, squeeze a small amount of face wash into
          your palm. Work up a lather by rubbing the face wash between wet palms.
          Using your fingertips massage the lather into your face and throat.
   2.     Rinse thoroughly with a washcloth or splash off with water. Take three
          times as much time rinsing as compared to what you took for lathering. The
          important thin is that you remove all of the face wash so that it wont dry your skin.
   3.     Blot dry with a soft towel, vigorous rubbing with course material aggravates and pulls at
          your skin.
Thorough cleansing removes more than make-up, grime and dead cells. It also strips your skin
of its protective shield. Toners restore the PH balance of the acid mantle, removes any
remaining make-up that was not removed and any remaining face wash.
After the skin is thoroughly clean, apply the skin toner as it has an astringent effect. This will
close the pores, tighten the skin and keep if from being exposed to many of the toxins that are
floating in the air or other environmental pollutants.
                                     How To Apply Toner
   1.     Apply Toner after cleansing the skin with facial wash.
   2.     Apply the Toner using a cotton pad.
   3.     Saturate the cotton pad with Toner and apply evenly on face and neck, take care to avoid
          the eye area.
   4.     Use Morning and Evening after cleansing with face wash

Water is the secret ingredient for dewy-fresh skin. Well- moisturised skin is soft and supple,
reflects a healthy glow and ages less quickly. It prevents the skin from drying and chapping,
thus slowing the ageing process. Water moves through the body to the surface in a process
called “transepidermal water loss” leaving the skin pleasingly plump and firm. If your system
is deficient in water, the skin’s upper layers become dry and brittle. Drinking at least six glasses of
water daily and eating fluid-rich fruits and vegetables help normalise dry or oily conditions and is
essential for preventing your body from robbing its necessary moisture at the expense of your skin. In
addition to internal liquid refreshment, skin requires external water replenishing. Moisturisers attract
moister to the skin’s surface and hold it there.
                                How To Apply Moisturiser
   1.     Apply Moisturiser after Toning
   2.     Squeeze a small amount of Moisturiser onto your finger tips and massage gently onto your
          face using upward circular movements, taking care to avoid the eye area.
   3.     You should moisturise every morning after cleansing with Facial Wash and Toning.
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