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					Christian Delgado
Tanima Islam
David Far Fan
AMM-104, 0081
Prof: Karlen
Group Project


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       For this product our target market is teenagers. Ages 13- 18 is our target group. This is

the target market that we need and want to target with our product. The product will be targeting

for kids for entertainment purposes. It will contain media player, and can play music. It could

play games; this product also can receive emails by login into our accounts. Moreover, this will

be a great device where teenagers can receive entertainment by watching movies on there video

game console. One way they can view videos by connecting with wi-fi other way they can

download shows into this device and watch it in the palm of their hands. Besides, games can be

played on this video game portable console are all new technology with great realistic graphics.

That will be for sure out of this universe.

   •   The product is light and durable.

   •   4.5 LCD touch screen.

   •   Music over 200 songs capability.

   •   Downloadable games through web browser.

   •   Email, text messages and word document.

   •   Memory 5 MB.

   •   Technology: great graphics top level speed.

   •   Color variety: black, white and red.

   •   Video recording system included.
Christian Delgado
Tanima Islam
David Far Fan
AMM-104, 0081
Prof: Karlen
Group Project


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       The name of our product is “Dynamite”. The reason we choose this to be our name of our

product, because from this product we will be able to think about a video portable console. In

addition, this product will be a blast in our hand, and it will blow our minds away with the

graphics that this product contains. This will be a gift for many teenagers during the holidays,

because we have a really good price and we are one of the few companies that are offering a

premier package to introduce our product. We also have an exclusive package that will allow us

to store games here. This product also contains one year warranty with the box coding.

       In addition, not only teenagers can use our product, but also adult can use our product.

Those people can use this product who is exhausted with work. This product can help them to

enjoy. Regular working people who don’t have time to watch TV’s they can use this product,

because this product include not only video games but also people can watch movies online

while they are on the way of working. Sometimes people miss their favorite program on the TV.

When people buy this product they will never miss their favorite programs, because they can

record it whenever they want.

       Our customer will obtain this product, in Best Buys, PC Richards, Circuit City, and other

electronic stores. People can easily find this product in these stores. Teenagers are too much busy

with their school, and college study. They don’t have enough time for entertainment. Our

product will help them to enjoy themselves. Not only they can listen music, but also they can do

their favorite thing, and that is playing video games. Nowadays video games became more
Christian Delgado
Tanima Islam
David Far Fan
AMM-104, 0081
Prof: Karlen
Group Project


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popular to teenagers, so our product will definitely catch attention to those teen people. This

product can reduce their study, and work pressure. They also obtain this product, because it is

affordable. Most teen people can buy this product. We have different price range. Two

megabytes is little less, three megabytes is little higher than that, and five megabytes is the last

high price one, so people can choose by their price range.

Social cultural Factors:

Our products demographic are range on teens, races of all kinds. Lifestyle of a teen who’s

always on the go from school to work, that don’t have time to enjoy playing video games at

home. They can play their favorite video game on the go to their friend’s house. Teenagers are

most to consumer something that will entertain them

Technology Factors:

The product includes advance technology with surfing the web to download arcade games that

aren’t on the market no more. You can purchase the product in most video game websites such

as, Putting ads in the internet to catch teens attentions since that’s

where teens spend most of their time when home.

Economic Factors:

Since the economy is going not so well our price level is going to be lower than our competitors.

Price levels that are affordable and so, the competitions for our new product are PSP, and the

Nintendo Ds.
Christian Delgado
Tanima Islam
David Far Fan
AMM-104, 0081
Prof: Karlen
Group Project


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Consumers are teens/video gamers.

SWOT analysis:

Strengths: Entertaining. Hardcore teen gamers will enjoy. The Price level of the product is lower

than our competition.

Weakness: New product it’s going to take time for people to get to know, economy is going bad.

Threats: Our threat is other competitions since they have been out for awhile, the Economy.

Opportunities: Our product will be successful in the US and overseas. There are video game fans

all over the country.

       The price that will be charge is $100.00 because our competitors such as PSP and

Nintendo DS price level is up. A PSP goes for $169.99 and a Nintendo DS goes for $129.99.

Also our price is lower than our competitions because of today’s economy, the economy is going

bad and not many stockholders are buying stocks, many people are losing their jobs and most

teens don’t have jobs but their parents buy them products. The product is very new so not many

teens will feel to buy it if the price were higher than our competitors. There’s going to be another

range of price but it’s a package that will be $130.99, the package will include two video games,

and a case to protect it from falling. It’s a small product that can fit in your pockets so we decide

$100.00, it’s a decent price.

Segmentation for our product
Christian Delgado
Tanima Islam
David Far Fan
AMM-104, 0081
Prof: Karlen
Group Project


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Geographic Segmentation: According to the text, “Geographic segmentation organizes customers

into groups on the basis of where they live”, so in that case our product will be available to all

big countries, such as U.S.A, Canada, England, Australia, Germany etc. we decided to market

our product to these countries, because first we want to try it to all big countries, if these

countries people like our product then we will market it to other small countries.

Demographic segmentation: According to the text demographic segmentation is a group

consumers according to easily measured, objective characteristics such as age, gender, income,

and education.” We already decide our product by demographic segment, because our target

market is teen people, so we already segment our product by age.

Psychographic segmentation: According to the text, “Psychographics is the one that delves into

how consumers describe themselves.” In that case most of teen people are mentally same. If one

teen like the sidekick phone, another teen also wish to buy that phone. So psychographic

segmentation is depends on people’s mentality.

Benefit segmentation: According to the text, “Benefit segmentation means group consumers on

the basis of the benefits they derive from products or services”. So we can say that our product

main benefit is enjoying. The benefit segmentation segmented by enjoys. We create this product

for teen people, so they can enjoy themselves.

       In conclusion, we can say that our main purpose is not get too much profit, our target is to

give benefit for teen people. If teen people like our product automatically we will get profit.
Christian Delgado
Tanima Islam
David Far Fan
AMM-104, 0081
Prof: Karlen
Group Project


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However, we hope when we launch this product to market it will definitely create a blast in the


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