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					Press Release,
October 1, 2008
For immediate release.

Encinitas Preservation Association
Tom Cozens President

                      The Encinitas Boathouses
             Preservation, Progress, and Brick Campaign

Goal 1, to purchase and preserve the Encinitas Boathouse for the benefit of the public.

The Encinitas Preservation Association, the owner of the 1928 Encinitas Boathouses built by Miles
Kellogg, has deed restricted the Encinitas Boathouses to be preserved forever. As new owners of the
Boathouses, held in the public trust of preservation forever, The Encinitas Preservation Association has
been hard at work on several projects and programs related to the Boathouses.

Goal 2, to process an application to have the Encinitas Boathouse listed on the National Registry
of Historic Places.

The application process is referred to as a nomination. The process for nominating the Encinitas
Boathouses to The National Register of Historic Places has begun. The Encinitas Preservation
Association is working with the city of Encinitas and the State of California, Office of Historic
Preservation, on the preparation and submittal of the nomination papers. The Boathouse have in a prior
determination, been deemed eligible for listing on the register, and the process in total should take about
12 months.

Goal 3, To retire the debt and work with the neighboring community to allow the citizens of
Encinitas to interact with the Encinitas Boathouses.

In order to purchase and preserve the Encinitas Boathouses, the association took out a community loan
for 40% of the purchase price. This monthly loan payment is paid for by the rental income for the 6
units that comprise the Encinitas Boathouses property.

The Encinitas Preservation Association, after acquiring the property, set as a first year goal, raising
$40,000 to establish an appropriate, rainy day reserve account, and begin paying down the loan. Less
than six months into the campaign, $43,000 has been raised in the effort, though generous donations.
The reserve is fully funded, and additional principle payments to pay down the loan of $18,000 have
already been made. All donations will go 100% to pay down the community loan.

The Encinitas Preservation Association estimates it will be a few years before we can begin the process
of opening the Boathouses to the public. As we get closer to that goal by retiring more of the debt, we
pledge to work with the neighbors, the city, and interested citizens to find an appropriate way to provide
access to the public while respecting the neighbors and residential neighborhood, so that all may enjoy
the experience of interacting with the famous Encinitas Boathouses.

Bricks deadline is October 31 st.

Recognize your support of the Encinitas Preservation Association and the Encinitas Boathouses by
buying an engraved brick with three lines of text to honor a loved one, a business, or you. The bricks
donations are $250 and will be ordered on November 1st and installed on top of the existing retaining
wall in front of the Boathouses for all to see. There are still bricks available for purchase but they are
selling fast and the quantity is limited to 160 bricks.

For more information on the Boathouse Bricks campaign, contact the DEMA office or the Encinitas
Historical Society.

Other projects in the works,

A website, an informational brochure, repair and restoration work on the Encinitas Boathouses, special
events, and more, are all currently in the hopper at the Encinitas Preservation Association. We look
forward to working with all of you as we continue on this amazing voyage. We thank the community
that has supported this effort and who have donated so generously to the preservation of the Encinitas

For More information,

The Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association,           760-943-1950
The Encinitas Historical Society, 760-942-9066

Encinitas Preservation Association
President Tom Cozens