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									ThinkPad notebooks have earned worldwide acclaim for
performing under the most demanding conditions on Earth. When
you choose a ThinkPad notebook, with capabilities proven in
environments ranging from rainforest canopies to mountain peaks,
you can be sure you’ve got the right notebook for climbing the
corporate ladder.                                                        ThinkCentre desktops deliver exceptional value and performance.
                                                                         Outfitted with time-saving, productivity-boosting ThinkVantage
                                                                         Technologies and solid steel chassis for robust capability where it
                                                                         counts. Choose M Series models for their combination of security,
                         ThinkPad R Series                               durability, and long-term image stability. Or consider the A Series,
                         Performance and value                           designed and priced for small businesses, which may suits your
                         for mainstream users                            needs better. Either way, you can’t go wrong—and it’s all wrapped up
                         Editors’ Review: 4 out of 5,                    in a tool-less design.
                         PC Magazine, July 2007
These full-function notebooks continue the legendary ThinkPad
tradition, with widescreen options, advanced power management,
ThinkVantage Technologies and all the other popular R Series
                                                                         ThinkCentre A Series
features. And they’re powered by Intel processors that keep
                                                                         Quality choice and affordability
things running smoothly in an affordable package.                        for business
The new ThinkPad R61 14.1" widescreen starts at 5.2 lb. and 1.2"         ThinkCentre A Series desktops offer
thin. The ThinkPad R61 15.4" widescreen starts at 6.4 lb. and 1.37"      a variety of models to fit your needs.
(1.39" for the 15" standard model). R Series models offer Intel          Packed with power and expandability,
Centrino Duo Mobile Technology and Intel Core 2 Duo processors.          they offer a great blend of essential
                                                                         features and technology at an
                                                                         affordable price. Provide your business with the latest technology
                                                                         today to keep ahead of tomorrow.
           ThinkPad T Series
           Perfect balance of                                            ThinkCentre A55 models include Intel Core 2 Duo processors
                                                                         for impressive multitasking capability. These processors provide
           performance and portability
                                                                         increased performance, system responsiveness and energy
           Editors Choice: 4.5 out of 5
                                                                         efficiency. And you can choose state-of-the-art technology such as
           PC Magazine, May 2007
                                                                         the Intel 946GZ Express chipset or SiS 662 chipset.
Lenovo's flagship notebook series continues with
                                                                         ThinkCentre A61 and A60 models come with AMD Athlon
the new ThinkPad T61. Designed for highly mobile users, these
                                                                         64 X2 processors—delivering dual-core performance and
notebooks deliver outstanding functionality and long battery life
                                                                         increased efficiency. Built to handle multiple programs running
in an easily portable, thin and light design. ThinkPad T61 models
                                                                         simultaneously, dual-core technology means optimized office
combine the best of performance and portability.
                                                                         productivity for your ever-growing application needs.
The new T61 14.1" widescreen model provides enhanced mobility
in a 5.0 lb., 1.1" thin design. T61 15.4" widescreen models start
at 5.9 lb and 1.2". Available with Intel Core 2 Duo processors and
Intel Centrino Pro processor technology.
                                                                                                           ThinkCentre M Series
                                                                                                           Stability and manageability
                                                                                                           for the large enterprise
                                                                                                           ThinkCentre® M Series desktops
           ThinkPad X Series                                                                               offer a range of models to
           Thoughtfully designed                                                                           address your business needs.
           for extremely mobile                                                                            From the advanced manageability
           professionals                                                 of the M55p, with Intel® vPro™ Technology, to the dual-core
                                                                         processing power of M55e, ThinkCentre M series is setting the
           Editors’ top ultraportable laptop CNET, June 2007
                                                                         industry benchmark for desktop PCs.
Ideal for on-the-go users who need an ultrathin, ultralight notebook
                                                                         ThinkCentre M Series models include the latest Intel Core 2 Duo
but refuse to sacrifice quality, durability, or performance. Featuring
                                                                         processors that boost performance by up to 40 percent while
extremely long battery life in a small form factor makes it easy to
                                                                         reducing energy-per-watt consumption. The ThinkCentre M55p
carry your business with you. Also available in a tablet version that
                                                                         offers Intel® vPro™ technology—the premier business platform from
allows you to do things such as take handwritten notes with the
                                                                         Intel for enhanced security, superior manageability, and energy
Tablet Digitizer Pen or even use your finger to interact via touch
                                                                         efficient performance.
screen on select models.
The ultraportable ThinkPad X Series starts at 2.7 lb with an
extremely small footprint. Available with Intel® Core™2 Duo
processors and Intel Centrino® Pro processor technology.                                                  800-472-0153

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