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Find these 12 words connected with the cold from the wordsearch
Antarctic, Arctic, Ice, Amundsen, Scott, Glacier, Penguin, Sledge, Husky, Skis, Snow,

 A        M          U        N          D        S          E         N         J
 P        N          Q        W          O        O          L         G         I
 E        Q          T        J          J        W          O         N         S
 N        G          L        A          C        I          E         R         L
 G        B          B        C          R        M          F         R         E
 U        S          J        J          I        C          E         X         D
 I        I          X        S          C        O          T         T         G
 N        K          Y        K          S        U          H         I         E
 Z        S          Q        A          R        C          T         I         C
Advanced work

Write a clue for each word you find e.g. “First man to the South Pole”

Antarctic: Land mass at the bottom of the world.

Arctic: Frozen sea at the top of the world.

Ice: Frozen water.

Amundsen: First Man to the South Pole.

Scott: Sailed in the ship the Discovery to the South Pole.

Glacier: A river of ice.

Penguin: Bird that can’t fly and lives in Antarctica.

Sledge: What children use to slide down snow slopes.

Husky: Dogs which pull sledges.

Skis: What the team will use to make walking on the snow easier.

Snow: What you ski on.

Igloo: Houses made entirely from ice.