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CSI 101 ‐ Understanding Computer Technology


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									DSGN 135 – Introduction to Computer Graphics
                      Fall 2006
                      Wentworth Institute of Technology Department of Design & Facilities

Professor:            Leila Lee M itchell
e-mail:      or
class website:
Telephone:            x4050
Office Location:      Annex Central 304 Office hours by appointment only

Course Description
                      This course introduces students to the use of computer technology in the process of design.
                      Students will learn about basic visual communication skills using a variety of industry standard
                      graphic programs. Concepts of design process from Design I (DSGN130) and
                      Drawing I (DSGN105) will be reinforced

Course Objectives
                      The objective of the computer lab is to gain awareness in basic computer graphic
                      applications and the role of computer technology in the design process.

Learning and Competency Goals
                      In accordance with Wentworth’s curricular model, all students are expected to satisfy
                      specific Learning and Competency Goals (See catalogue for a full list of goals). These goals
                      are designed to be an integral part of the student’s overall program of studies. This course
                      will develop students awareness and understanding of innovative problem-solving
                      techniques, analytical thinking skills, decision making skills, and communication skills.

Class Guidelines
                      This course is designed to solidify your commitment to design and the process of design.
                      Please read all assigned material and be prepared to discuss in class. Active participation in
                      the learning process is the key to success in this and all your courses. You are expected to
                      be present in class for the entire time of the class. If you arrive late or leave early without prior
                      approval of your instructor you will be considered absent. An attendance sheet will be
                      circulated at the beginning of each class. You are responsible for signing the sheet. If you
                      miss a class, you are responsible for the material and directions covered. As a courtesy, a
                      warning notice may be sent to a student should he or she miss two classes. A Student may
                      be withdrawn from the course if they are absent for three or more classes.

                      Work is due as scheduled on the Syllabus or assigned by your instructor. Work will be
                      accepted up to one week late but it will be dropped in grade.

                      Please turn off all cell phones before coming to class. If an emergency exists family should
                      telephone Public Safety or the Department of Design and Facilities to contact a student
                      in class.

                      All work submitted for grades is the property of Wentworth Institute of Technology. Work may
                      be retained for use by the department for display or accreditation purposes.

                      All written work submitted for this course must meet the Standards for English I. Poorly written
                      papers will be returned to you, without a grade, for revision. Students are encouraged to
                      utilize the Writing Center facility for help polishing their papers.

Introduction to Computer Graphics – DSGN 135                                                                      1 of 4
Fall 2006 – Leila Lee Mitchell

                      The Mac Is Not A Typewriter, Robin Williams
                      Visual Quickstart Guide: Illustrator CS2, Elaine Weinmann & Peter Lourekas

Other materials:
                      USB Mouse
                      USB JumpDrive/Flash Drive 256MB minimum

Grading and Standards
                      Your grade for the semester will be made up of the following components.
                      Class Projects               80%
                      Quiz                         10%
                      Instructor Evaluation        10%
                      Instructor Evaluation is based on attendance, depth of critical contributions and overall
                      improvement in performance.

                      The Institute guidelines for grading are as follows. These guidelines will be used by your
                      instructor to evaluate your work. Please familiarize yourself with these standards and discuss
                      any questions with your instructor.

A, A-                 Student learning and accomplishment far exceeds published objectives for the
                      course/test/assignment and student work is distinguished consistently by its high level of
                      competency and/or innovation.
                      Quantitative Grade Breakdown: A = 100–96, A- = 95–92

B+, B                 Student learning and accomplishment goes beyond what is expected in the published
                      objectives for the course/test/assignment and student work is frequently characterized by its
                      special depth of understanding, development and/or innovative experimentation.
                      Quantitative Grade Breakdown: B+ = 91–88, B = 87–84

B-, C+, C             Student learning and accomplishment meets all published objectives for the
                      course/test/assignment and student work demonstrates the expected level of understanding
                      and application of concepts introduced.
                      Quantitative Grade Breakdown: B-=83–80, C+ = 79–76, C = 75–72

C-, D+, D             Student learning and accomplishment based on the published objectives for the
                      course/project/test were met with minimum passing achievement.
                      Quantitative Grade Breakdown: C-=71–68, D+ = 67–64, D = 63–60

F                     Student learning and accomplishment based on the published objectives for the
                      course/test/assignment were not sufficiently addressed nor met.
                      Quantitative Grade Breakdown: F = 59–0

Introduction to Computer Graphics – DSGN 135                                                                 2 of 4
Fall 2006 – Leila Lee Mitchell
                      Section 01               Thursdays
                      Instructor:              Leila Lee M itchell

WEEK 1 – Sept. 7

                      Topic:                   Introduction to Tools for Design

                      Assignment               Read: Illustrator CS chapters 1-3

Week 2 – Sept. 14

                      Topic:                   Adobe Illustrator–Introduction

                      Assignment               Assignment 1: Design Explorations Using Illustrator
                                               Read: Illustrator CS2 chapters 4-7

Week 3 – Sept. 21
                      Topic:                   Adobe Illustrator

                      Assignment               Read: Illustrator CS2 chapters 7-9

Week 4 – Sept. 28
                      Topic:                   Adobe Illustrator—Using the Pen Tool

                      Assignment               Assignment 1 Due
                                               Read: Illustrator CS2 chapters 10-11

Week 5 – Oct. 5
                      Topic:                   Adobe Illustrator

                      Assignment               Assignment 2: Pen Tool
                                               Read: Illustrator CS2 chapters 12-14 & 18

Week 6 – Oct. 12
                      Topic:                   Adobe Illustrator-The Pen Tool

                      Assignment               Assignment 2 Due

Week 7 – Oct. 19                               Midterm
                      Topic:                   Adobe Photoshop—Introduction

Week 8 – Oct. 26
                      Topic:                   Adobe Photoshop— Scanning

                      Assignment               Assignment 3: Scanning
                                               Assignment 4: Image Correction
                                               Read: The Mac Is Not A Typewriter Pages 11-28

Introduction to Computer Graphics – DSGN 135                                                         3 of 4
Fall 2006 – Leila Lee Mitchell
Week 9 – Nov. 2
                      Topic:                   Adobe Photoshop-— Image Correction

                      Assignment               Assignment 3: Due
                                               Read: The Mac Is Not A Typewriter Pages 29-42

Week 10 – Nov. 9
                      Topic:                   Adobe InDesign—Creating M ultiple Page Layouts

Week 11 – Nov. 16
                      Topic:                   Adobe InDesign—Creating M ultiple Page Layouts

                      Assignment               Adobe InDesign
                                               Assignment 5: Portfolio
                                               Quiz—The Mac Is Not A Typewriter

Week 12 – Nov. 23                              No Class – Thanksgiving Holiday

Week 13 – Nov. 30

                      Topic:                   Adobe InDesign

Week 14 – Dec. 7                               Last Class

                      Topic:                   Adobe InDesign
                                               Assignment 5: Due

                      Please note that this syllabus and schedule may be subject to change at the discretion of
                      the faculty. Syllabus content developed by Sam Montague.

Introduction to Computer Graphics – DSGN 135                                                              4 of 4
Fall 2006 – Leila Lee Mitchell

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