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Adobe Digital Editions - PDF


									                       Adobe Digital Editions
                       Installation, activation and troubleshooting guide
                       Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is now the preferred software for accessing and printing Secure
                       Electronic Delivery (SED) documents. Versions 6 and 7 of Adobe Reader will still work at
                       present but are no longer freely available for download therefore support is limited. Latest
                       advice from the British Library is:

                           From early 2009, the Digital Rights Management (DRM) software that provides the
                           encryption for your SED documents will no longer be supported. From that time,
                           Adobe Digital Editions will be required to receive SED documents. We recommend
                           you upgrade to Adobe Digital Editions as soon as possible.

                       Adobe Reader 7 will remain in Student Computing Centres until a version of ADE is available
                       for installation in a multi-user environment (hopefully 2009).

                       ADE 1.5 Software requirements


                           Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 4, Windows XP with Service Pack 2, or
                           Windows Vista® (Home Basic 32-bit and Business 64-bit editions supported)

                           Intel® Pentium® 500MHz processor
Information Services          128MB of RAM


                           Mac OS X v10.4.10 or v10.5

                           PowerPC® G4 or G5 500MHz processor

                           128MB of RAM

                       Supported browsers and Adobe Flash versions


                           Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7, Mozilla Firefox 2

                           Adobe Flash® Player 7, 8, or 9 (Windows Vista requires Flash 9.0.28 to address a
                           known bug)


                           Apple Safari 2.0.4, Mozilla Firefox 2

                           Adobe Flash Player 8 or 9

                           Portable devices - Sony® Reader PRS-505

                       More information is available from

                       Library Services and Research Support. [SED Troubleshooting]                    10/08 (LD)

Go to The Digital Editions page will open.

Click on Launch to start installation.

Click on Install, followed by Yes to continue the download.

When the terms and conditions are displayed, click I Agree.

Library Services and Research Support. [SED Troubleshooting]                                10/08 (LD)
Adobe Digital Editions will install and launch the application. The Setup Assistant will be displayed.

Click Continue.

Click the radio button beside Don’t Authorize Computer, and then click Activate.

There is no need to authorize your computer for the purposes of British Library document delivery. If you do
choose this option you will still only have access to your documents for the 14 day period.

Click Finished to leave the installer. Adobe Digital Editions is now ready for use. You should test the software by
downloading the SED test document from the British Library at:

Library Services and Research Support. [SED Troubleshooting]                                             10/08 (LD)


Periodically, Adobe will update Digital Editions with new features or fixes to minor problems. These updates help
ensure that Digital Editions works properly, and they may contain important changes to security. The architecture of
Digital Editions and its associated content protection services requires that Internet-connected users always use
the latest version, similar to a browser-based web application. You will therefore be automatically prompted to
update when an update or new version is available.

Known problems

As it is difficult to present all problems that could possibly occur as a result of using this service, those given are
known problems. For more help please contact the relevant ILL department. Alternatively help may be found in the
British Library FAQs or the
ADE Support Centre or Adobe User Forums

Problem: The email link does not work.

Solution: At the foot of the email is a URL. Try copying and pasting this into the Address line of your web browser.
This will bypass the email client.

Problem: On clicking the email link you get the following message: "Adobe DRM error”.

When you download an eBook for the first time, Digital Editions connects to the activation server. If the activation
server is unavailable or your network settings prevent your computer from connecting to the server, then you will
receive a DRM error.

Solution 1: DRM errors can occur if the clock has been changed on your computer. The DRM system keeps track
of the clock to restrict users from overwriting expiration dates of documents. If you changed the clock on your
computer, then set it back to the actual time.

Solution 2: If you are receiving an error beginning with E_ADEPT_IO Enable firewall, antivirus, or proxy software,
this problem is often caused by a local firewall or proxy server. It has been experienced on the AFBI (Agri-Food
and Biosciences Institute) site. AFBI users should contact AFBI Library Newforge 028-9025-5229 or 028-9052-
5226, or AFBI Library Stormont 028-9052-5622. Users at other QUB sites should contact their local IT support.

To resolve this issue modify your firewall or other software to allow your machine to connect to the activation server

This message can also simply mean that the Adobe DRM site is unavailable for some reason so keep trying.

Problem: A blank page in the web browser.

Solution: Delete the temporary Internet files from your browser as this action frees up space for the download. In
IE go to Tools/Internet Options/General Tab/Temporary Internet Files/Delete files. In Firefox, go to Tools/Clear
Private Data. Click on the email link to try again. As the documents download to the My Documents/My Digital
Editions folder in your C: or H: drive you should also make sure there is enough available space there for the

Problem: You get the screen below saying that Adobe eBook Reader is not detected. This can be caused by an
incompatibility between the Adobe software and your browser.

Library Services and Research Support. [SED Troubleshooting]                                               10/08 (LD)
Solution: Click on the message bar to allow the add-on to install. You should only have to do this once. If this does
not work or you do not have the required enablements, click the link download your eBooks at the very end of the

Problem: The My Digital Editions folder can’t be found.

Solution: Go to your My Documents folder, right-click then Create new Folder and name it My Digital Editions. Try
the download again.

Problem: Document opens but print icon greyed out.

Solution: Document usually needs to be re-sent from British Library so contact your ILL department.

Problem: Docs slow to print. Printing large documents can be relatively slow and large images (greater than 50MB)
can cause sluggish behaviour in the application. Also publications from the BL electronic publications store with
images originally in colour can be slow to download and print. Patience is required!


Delete Internet Explorer and Firefox Temporary Internet files regularly (this is done automatically on Student
Computing Centre PCs). This will free up space for the download.

Delete old expired SED documents (more than 14 days) from the My Digital Editions folder in either the C: drive or
remote H: drive. This is especially important as the size of the H: drive is limited.

Ensure that your mailbox is kept within limits so that email can be received.

Library Services and Research Support. [SED Troubleshooting]                                             10/08 (LD)

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