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					                             ICAD2012A Learner guide
              Design organisational documents using computing packages

For this subject the assessment is to make a suite of documents that form a set to setup an organisation.

A suite is a set of documents that keeps a consistent style. Your first task will be to write a document and
present it to others with a sample that defines
        the organisation you are ‘working for’
        the choices for design like colour of background, font sets, use of styles for indents, colour, bold,
        underline, page size and margins, watermarks etc
        a logo or masthead for the organisation and documents (this can be hand drawn at this stage)
        a paragraph telling how the styles and elements you have chosen relate to the personality
        of the organisation
When you have done this first bit make the Documents that must include
      Design a logo in a graphics package.
      Letterheads that can be turned into letters from the wordprocessor
      Certificate blanks for awards to employees or clients from a publisher program
      Threefold brochures that includes a catalogue and a membership or response form made with a
        publisher program or word processor
      Business cards for employees
      Invoices made in a spreadsheet that calculate final cost using quantities and prices, GST and totals.
      A database of customers or members that is used to print envelopes or labels and can mail merge to
        letters. This would be made in a wordprocessor or for distinction- in a database.
      Emails set up for staff that have a ‘signature’ at the bottom and a hyperlink to the organisation’s
      A webpage
An organisation could be
    o A not-for-profit club, charity or religious group
    o A company, partnership or sole-trader
    o A government or semi-government organisation.

                                                            This subject is graded and marks relate to grades as
                                                                Distinction    >83%
                                                                Credit         >70%
                                                                Pass           >50%
                                                                Fail           <50%

                Pass                     Credit (include all pass    Distinction (include credit requirements as
                                              requirements)                              well)
All of the above                        Turn your documents into     Make pdf documents
Save files and access them later        Backup your files            Make files available online through a website
                                                                     Make and use a relational database such as
                                                                     MS Access to store and search data such as
                                                                     client or product details.
Documents are correct and satisfy       Sometimes needs              Can almost always solve problems
your own intentions after               guidance but usually         independently in a group or with others and
modifications. Often needs              solves problems in a group   using application Help files
guidance                                or with others and using
                                        application Help files

Hand in the printed documents and the electronic files

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