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									             THE SOUTH WOODS SCOOP

Volume 1                                                                                         Fall 2008
                          2008 Walk-A-Thon                                                      foundation      that
                          By Erika Eckstein                                                     provides houses for
2008 Walk-A-Thon                                                                                people that are in
page 1                          On October 31 st, students and                                  poverty or that are
                          teachers participated in the 2008 Walk-                               homeless. Habitat
Magazine Drive            A-Thon. The students and teachers                                     for Humanity has
page2                                                  dressed up                               built over 300,000
                                                       in     their                             houses around the
                                                       favorite                                 world that provided
page 2
                                                       Halloween                                1.5 million people in
Harvest Dance                                          costume                                  3,000 communities
page 2                                                 and walked                               a safe home. This
                                                       around the                               year our school
Little Shop of Horrors                                 t r a c k .                              raised over 4,000
page 3
                                                       Some of the     dollars for the foundation. We have been
Project Adventure                                      students’       raising money for various organizations for
page 3                                                 costumes        several years now. The Halloween Walk-a-
                                                       stood out       Thon is now considered an annual fundraiser
Reviews                                                more than       at South Woods.
page 4                                                 others like a
Cooking with Connor
and Claire                                             cushion,
page 5                    bananas, and other humorous outfits.
                          Others did not dress up but still had so
Candy Crossword           much fun. The music teachers also
page 6                    played some Halloween music during
                          the Walk-A-Thon which some students
Talking with Mr. Taglia
page 6                    and teachers sang along to.
                                Although our South Woods
Mr. Wolner’s Emporium     community had fun during the Walk-A-
page 6                    Thon, the main purpose was for the
                          student council to raise money for Habitat
                          for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a
pages 7-8

            The Scoop                                         1                                    Fall Issue
Magazine Drive 2008                                                    Adventureland:
By Brian Koch                                                          Long Islands Amusement Park since 1962
                                                                       Kayla Dimatos and Alyssa Scordo
        This year’s magazine drive was perhaps the best one
ever. It took place from October 30, 2008 to November 19,
2008. All magazine subscriptions that were obtained earned                     Rides, fun and learning, all at the same time. If you didn’t
money for the South Woods Middle School Student Council                think this was possible, then you obviously didn’t hear about the
and club fundraising efforts! This year we raised $2,156.40!           8th grade 4 Your Future trip. On October 7, 2008, all of the eighth
        Magazine subscriptions to many of the most popular             graders taking 4 Your Future went on a field trip to Adventureland.
magazines were offered to families at the best available prices.       Students were able to enjoy a whole day of fun during “Tech
Some of these include Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated,
                                                                       Day,” a day held by Adventureland for students to have fun while
People, and Fortune. Plus, everyone who ordered got a
prize.                                                                 learning. On this day only students traveling with their schools
        This year’s theme was Stuff in the Swamp. So, the              were allowed into the park. The eighth graders had a blast on
prizes were swamp related. The prizes were Weepuls, gourmet            rides such as The Ferris Wheel, The Little Dipper, and Adventure
smencils, a flying crocodile, a cube speaker system, a South           Falls.
Woods stadium blanket, and a remote control flying swamp                       Throughout the day the students got the experience of
thing. It was a fun way to raise money to help the school. It          learning about technology, while still having fun with their friends.
shows how if we all work together, we can make a difference.
                                                                       The trip showed that technology really is used in everyday life.
Thanks to everyone who ordered a magazine!
                                                                       Without technology, things we use all the time (like roller coasters)
                                                                       wouldn’t exist. Simple machines such as pulleys and wheels and
Project Adventure
                                                                       axls all are part of roller coasters. The trip helped students realize
By Priyanka Kumar and Alex Bruefach
                                                                       what a huge impact technology has on our everyday lives. The
                                                                       trip arranged by Mr. Oswald taught us that we can still have fun
        On November
                                                                       while learning!
18, 19, and 20th, each
of the seventh grade
teams, including the                                                   challenge required us
both of us, got the                                                    to walk across a 6-foot
opportunity to go to                                                   high “cable bridge”. It
Brookville Outdoor                                                     was a challenge
Education Center and                                                   because two people
participate in their                                                   had to tip-toe towards
Project Adventure                                                      each other, and let
program with our classmates and teachers. Once there, we               one another pass
immediately felt the freezing air surrounding us, and thought          while still being high in
that the though the day would be a cold one, it would be one           the air. Just to be
filled with teamwork and cooperation. We had been divided              safe, there were
into groups of approximately 10-12 kids earlier, and it was            spotters underneath
time to start the activities that were lined up for the day.           the people walking,
        Some of these teamwork activities included putting             just in case they fell.
everyone onto a wooden seesaw, making us balance out our               Many people liked this
                                         weight with each other,       challenge, although the cables did feel pretty cold.
                                         and our teachers. It                  The last memorable challenge that jumps out at us was the
                                         became difficult towards      “Wall”. It was 8 feet tall and everyone had to be tossed over it -
                                         the end when everyone         safely, of course. As one student says, “I thought that the Wall
                                         had to get off. Some          was very scary, and I wasn’t sure how I would make it alive over
                                         students suggested            the top. But with the help of others from my group, we all made it
                                         dividing us in half and       to the top.” There were many other challenges like the heebie-
                                         then switching people         jeebies, twin ropes, and even one called Tarzan. That day was
                                         around. One teacher           meant for us to learn how to work together as a team. We hope
                                         almost felt herself getting   that next year will provide the same fond memories for the current
                                         seasick as the plank          6th graders.
                                         started rocking! Another

     The Scoop                                                     2                                               Fall Issue
The Little Shop of Horrors
By Haleema Gondal                                                     Carolan was in the plant
                                                                      moving the lips, while the
                                                        Almost        actress was offstage singing
                                             everyone has seen        and talking.
                                             Little Shop of                     The director, Mr.
                                             Horrors, either on       Rubinstein, had high hopes
                                             DVD      or     on       for the show. He thought it
                                             Broadway. Well           was the best one he had
                                             now, your own            done. Mr. Rubinstein has
                                             school presented         been directing the school
                                             Little Shop of           plays for eleven years. His
                                             Horrors. The main        second favorite play he
                                             characters of this       directed in the past was
                                             play are Seymour         Fiddler on the Roof about a
Krelborne, starring Christopher Sanicola/Austin Chin, Audrey          Jewish family and their life in
played by Elise Espinosa/Jordan Hirsch, and Audrey II played          Russia. He said that all the
by Rosaline Faggiano.                                                 shows he directed for South Woods were chosen from
           The crimson curtains opened for this play on Friday        Broadway productions.
November 20, 2008 and continued on Saturday, November 22,                  The choreographer, Ms. Furman, thought that this play
2008 and Sunday, November 23, 2008. They were phenomenal!             had been the most impressive play. She choreographed for
The Friday show was a full house. The cast was exhilarating and       South Woods for 3 years, doing the Music Man, The Pajama
the energy was thilling for all three shows.                          Game, and of course, Little Shop of Horrors. She used to
           The scenery was                                            be a dancing captain in middle and high school and now
amazing. The scenery was                                              she teaches dancing at a studio in her free time.
done by Mrs. Martino and Mr.                                               Thanks to the cast and crew for all their hard work and
Wolner. The plant handling                                            for putting on a great show.
was done by Mr. Carolan. The
plants were incredible; they
were made by Mr. Carolan
himself. When I asked him
how he made them he said that
the plants are made of many
different types of foam. He
also made puppets for PBS
kids television programs. Mr.
Carolan took classes in college
on making puppets. Mr.

The Sixth Grade Harvest Dance
By Zubair Merchant

                                The sixth grade Harvest dance was
                        on Friday, October 24, 2008 from 3:30 –
                        6:00pm in the South Woods cafeterias.
                        Pizza, dessert, water and fruit punch were
                                The D.J. was all about fun.
                        Everyone would freestyle dance whenever
                        they wanted to. The kids danced to songs
                        like I Don’t Want to Be In Love, Girlfriend,
                        and a couple of people even did the worm
                        during a song! The crowd was energetic             The dessert of cookies and cake was great too! When the
                        and happy. Sixth graders were dancing dance had come to an end everyone said they had fun and then the
                        together the whole night.                    parents started to come. Everyone was tired and the Harvest dance
                                                                     was done!

        The Scoop                                                 3                                          Fall Issue
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom                                               Crystal Skull. The biggest difference this film has from the last three
                                                                            is its inclusion of plentiful visual effects.
of the Crystal Skull                                                                 Let’s face it; this movie may require some more than a little
Review by Brian Koch                                                        thought on people unfamiliar with Indiana Jones, so you might get
                                                                            confused. For Indy fans, be sure to check out the Ark of Covenant
                                                                            from Raiders in one of the crates near the beginning of the film.
                                          Since the DVD of Indiana                   The film has you hooked for most of the time, but the fact of
                                 Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal       what species the skulls are (I won’t say because it’s a spoiler) just
                                 Skull is out, you are perhaps              feels too much like what Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have
                                 wondering if you should rent it. If you    done time and time again. I do give praise for Harrison Ford, though,
                                 have seen the last three and you liked     for he certainly looks better than most 65 year olds. All in all, most
                                 them, you should get this one. If you      people, who are Indy fans, will enjoy this exciting, whip-cracking
                                 didn’t like the last three or you didn’t   adventure.
                                 see them, forget it. This is not the
                                 movie for you.
                                          Approximately twenty years        Twilight
                                 ago, the third film in the series was      Reviewed by Olivia Rosenzweig
                                 released, which was thought to be the
                                                                                     Twilight- Everybody
final installment of the Indiana Jones film series. But, by public
                                                                            knows how the story goes…or
demand, work began on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the                  even if you don’t know, you’ve
Crystal Skull.                                                              heard of it… or talked about it.
        It was very difficult to write the script and George Lucas, the     Countless girls waited for this
                                                                            movie, and the girls in this
writer, was busy with his Star Wars prequels. Eventually, after Lucas
                                                                            school are no exception. Even
was done with Star Wars, he finally finished the film. Was the film         before release; its tickets were
worth about twenty years of time and effort?                                some of the most pre-bought
        The film begins around twenty years after the third film, just      of all time.
like the span of time between the releases of the third and fourth                   Twilight, in a couple of
films. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) has fallen captive to the KGB,         words, was an expected success. It came off as a little corny, it had
and is coerced into helping them take over a nuclear testing ground         awkward dialogue, and it did skip a couple of scenes from the novel.
somewhere in the Nevada desert.                                             But it’s still at the top of the box office, if only because of thousands
        Led by sinister scientist Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett), the        upon hundreds of thousands of fans. However; it may not win any
Russians are scouring the American site for the Crystal Skull, a            awards, but if you try not to be a critic and compare it to the book, you’ll
fabled heirloom with supernatural powers linked to an ancient city          probably still enjoy it. It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t horrible, either. I
of gold.                                                                    think that if it wasn’t a bestselling book, it probably would have gotten
        Though Indy wards off the foreign invaders single-handedly          better reviews. It hasn’t become very popular with adults, but because
— surviving a spectacular atomic blast as he does so — the Cold             of its reliable fan base, it is a success anyway. People can count on
War foes commence a desperate race to get their hands on the                the fact that there will be a sequel —New Moon.

I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak                                 passes day by day driving cabs, playing cards with his friends, and taking
By Shirley Kuang                                                   care of his dog. All of a sudden, his life is turned upside-down when he
                                                                   finds a plain, unassuming envelope is his mailbox. In it is the Ace of
         I am the Messenger is a deep                              Diamonds with three addresses written on it, three tasks he must
book that reaches towards the far                                  complete. These tasks lead him to different situations. Unlike the rest of
corners of your mind, forcing you to                               the world, Ed can’t just stand by and let them go on. He must step in and
think about your own lives. It makes                               care, provoke change for the better. After he finishes the tasks with a
you take a step back and reflect upon                              heavy heart, another card comes. The Ace of Clubs, Spades, Hearts,
everything you have done. Has your life                            and finally the Joker all appear. As he goes through each task, his outlook
been worthwhile? Have you lived life                               on life changes, his perspective changes. He begins to see life in a new
to the fullest? For many of us, we have                            light.
yet to live our lives. But why not start                                    I would recommend this book to advanced middle school and
now? Why not shake up the world,                                   high school readers. This book would also appeal to many adults. I am
change it for the better, and live life?                           the Messenger is a great book, maybe even phenomenal as some people
         I am the Messenger is the story                           think. As Anna Kim puts it, “It was life-changing. Great book!” It makes
of Ed Kennedy, an underage                                         you think deeply about your own life. “If a guy like you can stand up and
cabdriver without much of a future. He is the epitome of do what you did, then maybe everyone can. Maybe everyone can live
ordinariness. He is an underachiever with no future to turn to. He beyond what they’re capable of” (Zusak 357).

        The Scoop                                                       4                                                  Fall Issue
Cooking with Connor and Claire
By Connor Kalbacher and Claire Del Sorbo                                   Connor’s Bowl of Soup for the Superbowl
                                                                                   The Superbowl is on Sunday, February 1, 2009 in Tampa,
        Connor Kalbacher, a seventh grader, and Claire Del Sorbo, a
sixth grader, are members of the South Woods Cooking Club and also         Florida. Even though it is warm there, it will be cold here in N.Y. Nothing
enjoy cooking at home.                                                     warms you better than soup – chili soup that is. Chili soup also goes
        Turkey is a common ingredient in recipes this time of year         perfectly with Tostitos and other munchies you might serve for the
because of the holiday season.       There are many different ways to      Superbowl.
make turkey, like oven roasted turkey, turkey sandwiches, and turkey
bacon. Another way to cook with turkey is using ground turkey instead      Ingredients:
of ground beef. It’s a healthy alternative and it tastes great. Here are   1 pounds of ground turkey.
three great recipes using ground turkey as the main ingredient.            2 onions, cut in chunks
                                                                           1 green pepper, cut into bite-size squares
Connor’s Turkey Tacos
                                                                           1 red pepper, cut into bite-size squares
Ingredients:                   Directions:                                 hot chili peppers, chopped, to taste—be brave!
1lb of ground turkey           1. Brown the ground turkey in a fry pan     4 garlic cloves, chopped
10 Hard or soft taco shells    2. Add taco seasoning                       1 large 29 oz can tomatoes, cut up (reserving juice)
½ cup of taco sauce            3. Warm the taco shells in microwave or
2 slices of tomatoes                                                       2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1 hand full of lettuce         4. Put cheese, taco sauce, lettuce, and     6 cups stock
And 1 pinch of cheese              tomato in bowls on the side.            4 tablespoons tomato paste
¼ cup of taco seasoning        5. Serve with rice. Enjoy!                  2 15 ½ ounce cans black beans, drained and rinsed
                                                                           2 tablespoons chili powder
Claire’s Turkey Burgers                                                    1 teaspoon cumin
                                                                           Salt and pepper
1 lb. of ground turkey                                                     Garnish: chopped cilantro and grated white cheddar cheese
One half tablespoon of chopped apples                                      Directions:
One quarter tablespoon of chopped pears                                    1. Brown the ground turkey in a large saucepan until oil forms in
Teaspoon of chopped onions                                                 the pan.
One teaspoon of chutney (optional, though I would use it)
                                                                           2. Toss in the onions, garlic and all the peppers and sauté until
Directions:                                                                soft.
1. Make a ball with the ground turkey and flatten it. This will make the   3. Stir in the chopped tomatoes (reserving juice) and let them cook
    burger shape.                                                          down.
2. Take the chopped apple, pear, and onion bits and carefully press
    them into the burger.                                                  4. Pour in the reserved tomato juice, the beef stock, and the
3. Pour chutney into a teaspoon and work it into the turkey. (If you’re    tomato paste.
    not using the chutney, you can skip this.)                             5. Bring to a boil.
4. Flatten the sides of the burger by pressing down the curved edges.      6. Add the beans and let boil for several minutes.
5. Then, light the grill and put burgers on to cook the burgers.
                                                                           7. Reduce the heat, stir in the chili powder and cumin, partially
6. Let the burgers cook for 10 minutes on both sides.
7. Put the burgers on a bun and enjoy!                                     cover, and let simmer for 30 minutes.
                                                                           8. Ladle into bowls and garnish with cheese and cilantro.
…And for Dessert – Claire’s Fried Ice Cream
                                                                           5. Return the coated ice cream balls to the pan and freeze the ice
1 pt. of any kind of ice cream
                                                                               cream again. Keep the rest of the cinnamon and corn-flake
1 beaten egg
¼ teaspoon of vanilla
                                                                           6. In a small mixing bowl, stir together the egg and vanilla.
2 ½ teaspoon of sweetened crushed cornflakes
                                                                           7. Remove the coated ice cream balls from the freezer.
½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
                                                                           8. Do the same thing as steps 4 and 5.
Cooking oil (for frying)                                                   9. In a fryer or saucepan, fry the frozen, coated ice cream
Directions:                                                                balls, at about 375 degrees, one or two at a time for about 15
1. Place about four scoops of ice cream into a pan.                        seconds each until they’re golden brown. Drain them on paper
2. Freeze the ice cream for about an hour until it’s firm.                 towels. Return the fried ice cream balls to the freezer while
3. In a pie plate, stir together the cinnamon and cornflakes.              frying the remaining ice cream balls. After you freeze them for
4. Dip each frozen ice cream into the egg mixture and roll it in the
                                                                           about ten minutes, serve immediately. If you want to you can
                                                                           top it with whipped cream and garnish it with mint.
    cinnamon and cornflake mix.
            The Scoop                                                  5                                                 Fall Issue
Talking with Mr. Taglia                                                          Mr. Wolner’s Emporium
By Kayla Dimatos and Alyssa Scordo                                               By Anna Kim, Suhjeon Shin, and Tanya Datta

        Growing up, Mr. Taglia lived in Seaford, Long Island. He                         Technology class is not just about robots and rockets. We
was born on January 15. The first thing that inspired him to become              also raise tilapia and vegetables. Inspired by “Aquaponics” five
a teacher was his grandfather, he too was a teacher. The second                  years ago, Mr. Wolner is leading the Tech Club in creating a self-
person that motivated him to become a teacher was his English                    contained system for growing crops.
teacher in his senior year of high school. As a child, Mr. Taglia’s                      This is a process that was developed to help third world
favorite book was The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. He still continues               countries provide for themselves. First, tilapia are raised in a tank,
to enjoy this book and has his students read it. His favorite graphic            and their water is sent through a tube to the plants. The plants
novel was Watchmen. Today his favorite book is Water For                         suck up the nutrients (from the water) that are bad for the fish, but
Elephants. After high school, he went on to attend college at C.W.               good for the plants. The now clean water is sent back to the fish,
Post. Today Mr. Taglia has two dogs, Louie and Koko. He said he                  and both the plants and fish prosper. If solar-powered, this process
spells Koko like this because he believes his dog is awesome.                    will take no resources away from people except in food for the
                                                                                 fish. Think how many lives this can save! People can grow and eat
Mr. Taglia’s Favorites List                                                      fresh vegetables and eat the fish when they grow big enough.
Band...........................................Sublime                           Baby fish and plant seeds will continue this cycle. The Tech Club
Color ..........................................Green                            is currently raising tilapia, strawberries, beans, avocado, and cherry
Car...............................................Ferrari                        tomatoes. At the end of the year, there will be a feast!
Sport to play................................Hockey                                      This is a great project to be involved in. The members are
Sport to coach............................Lacrosse                               having a lot of fun. “It’s really entertaining raising the tilapia and
Professional Sports Team........Yankees                                          seeing them grow!” exclaimed Abby Cheng. “It is also a great
Fast Food Chain........................Wendy’s and Taco Bell                     learning experience,” added Krista Wu. It’s pretty hard not to have
Mall..............................................Roosevelt Field Mall           fun when Mr. Wolner’s enthusiasm is so infectious. “I LOVE IT!”
Video game...............................The Legend of Zelda                     he exclaimed.

By Ericka Eckstein
1. Also means smallest animal in a litter
3. rhymes with tricks
9. chocolate covered peanut butter
10. three amigos
14. the chewing gum known to make the
biggest bubbles
15. What melts in your mouth but not in your
16. How many licks does it take to get to the
center of a ________

                                                   8. Name of the amusement park in
2. You can “taste the rainbow”
4. also a famous baseball player
                                                   11. A galaxy in the solar system
5. also means geeks
                                                   12. also means laughing disrespectfully
6. an explosion in the night sky
                                                   13. A special yellow, orange, and white
7. 100 _____ (worth 100 thousand)
                                                   candy for Halloween

         The Scoop                                                           6                                              Fall Issue

7th Grade Girls Soccer                                              8th Grade Girls Soccer
By Frankie Filandro                                                 By Kayla Dimatos & Alyssa Scordo

       It was a Friday afternoon and a tie game. South Woods               The 8th Grade Girls Soccer Team had an amazing
huddled together to decide the final play. Coach Imundo told        season. Endurance was built and skills were learned by all of
us our next move. We were ready to win. The ball was                the players. The record involved only one loss to Port
passed and the play started. Back and forth the ball went.          Washington’s middle school, Weber. It was a tragic 0-7 game.
The ball was now close to the other team’s goal. Names were         We won all of the other games, including the scrimmage against
being shouted to show that they were open for a pass. Time          Harry B. Thompson Middle School.
was running out and the ball was so close to being in the                  The final game played was the most exciting and
goal. All of a sudden a pass was made to Elise Maturo and           memorable. The game was close. We scored twice with two
with a strong kick the ball flew into the goal. We all jumped,      beautiful goals. Before we knew it, the score was tied and the
our hands raised high in the air, our smiles wide. This was         game was coming to a close. The final whistle blew and overtime
the winning goal.                                                   began. Immediately, there were three goals scored. We won
       This was one of many great moments during this soccer        the game!
season. Being on the girls soccer team at South Woods was                  Thanks to our wonderful coach, Ms. Moore, our record
a great experience. I learned the importance of teamwork            became possible. The season will be missed by everyone who
and listening. More important than winning games, I have            played.
made new friends that will last forever.

 th                                                                 8th Grade Boys Soccer
7 Grade Boys Soccer
                                                                    By Adam Nessim
By Ben Katz
                                                                           The 8th grade boys soccer team had an outstanding
      This year the Boys 7th Grade Soccer Team had an
                                                                    season. We finished with a record of 5-3-1, which was a
amazing season. The last game against Jericho Middle
                                                                    great achievement. We beat our neighboring town Jericho
School was the most exciting.
                                                                    twice. Both were comback victories.
      After a tight game with a score of 3-3, with two minutes
                                                                           Our coach Mr. Taglia was a fantastic coach, and very
remaining on the clock, Coach Kaussbaum pumped us up!
                                                                    inspiring. We had lots of fun, but hard practices, and were
We jogged out onto the field, starting with the ball. A pass to
                                                                    able to carry that over into the game. It was an excellent effort
Nicholas Valentino led to a tremendous kick over their goalie’s
                                                                    by everyone on the team, and resulted in a amazing sesason
head. SCORE!
                                                                    and expirience. Good luck to the upcoming 7th and 8th grade
      This was only one of the many great moments during
our undefeated season!

7th and 8th Grade Football                                          7th and 8th Grade Cross Country
By Justin Napalitano and Ryan Klobus                                By Charlie Stephenson

       The 7th and 8th Grade Boys Football Team had a                        The 7th and 8th grade cross country team had an amazing
fantastic season this year finishing 4-2, also beating our cross-   season. We had several wins with outstanding performances
town rivals H.B. Thompson Middle School. This was a huge            from everyone. We were always scoring in the top 5. The
victory. We also had our 8th grade boys astoundingly un-            whole team tried their hardest, giving 110%.
scored upon defensively for 11 games (including last season)                 Our coach, Mr. Meyers, was very inspirational and had
while our 7th grade boys bounced back and also had 2 un-            a great coaching style which helped lead us to our many
scored upon games.                                                  victories. We ran long and hard at practices so everyone was
       Our head coach, Mr. Finnigan, was an excellent coach         as ready as they could be for the meets. Everyone on the
and very inspirational. Along with the other coaching staff,        team improved dramatically throughout the season and by the
Mr. Schleider and Mr. Collins, we had a great time on the           end of the season our times were noticeably faster.
football team. Even though in practices we worked our hearts                 Being on the cross country team was a very positive
out, we brought it to the field on game day. This was a great       experience that we will always remember. It brought kids with
season and an even better experience. Good luck to next             totally different personalities together and helped to make lifelong
year’s team. GO BRAVES!                                             friends and to become even closer with old friends.

      The Scoop                                                 7                                              Fall Issue

Syosset Girls’ Swimming ‘08
By Shirley Kuang & Michelle Long

        Many people think that swimming is easy, but
just like any other school sport; it involves teamwork,
encouragement, and loads of hard work. The
Syosset girls’ swim team worked really hard this year
perfecting their strokes: freestyle, backstroke,
breaststroke, and butterfly. They had to work on              against Manhasset and Coldspring Harbor, they lost.
dives, flip turns, and even just gliding in the water.        Against Lynbrook, the Syosset girls’ swim team
For many days, they walked over to the high school            emerged victorious. After a very close nail-biting, teeth-
pool. Even on days when the rain was pouring and              chattering meet, they lost against Great Neck South
the wind was howling and all of the other sports’             by only a few points. The final record was 3-3.
practices were canceled, the swim team girls                         As most of you on sports teams know, being on
trudged through the muddy fields to the high school.          a team gives you a feeling of belonging, a feeling of
That takes dedication and commitment!                         togetherness, and a sense that you are needed. Being
        There is a lot that goes on in swimming, but          a member of the swim team gives you the exact same
the one thing that generates the most energy are              motivation; you become almost obsessed; you long
our swim meets. Everybody on the team is always               for the next swim meet, to be surrounded by your
ecstatic about the meets, and those who are team              cheering, screaming team. You know that no matter
spirited are likely to come to school covered from            how well, or how poorly you swim that day, your team
head to toe in black, red and white. We walk around           will not love you any less. The swim team constantly
school all day, with our hearts pounding an unfamiliar        encourages you to strive for success and push for
rhythm in our chests, anticipating the meet to come           greatness.
once that 9th period bell rings. Swim meets consist                  Just like their cheers, “1-2-3-4 We don’t care
of 9 events. Each meet is judged by one or two                about the score! 5-6-7-8 Who do we appreciate?”
officials, they stand out as the only two people              sportsmanship is the most important thing. The
wearing uniform, matching, completely white outfits           Syosset girls’ swim team displayed tremendous
down to the sock. The officials keep track of which           sportsmanship throughout the whole season. They
school received first, second, and third place in each        cheered their teammates on during the meet, they
event and at the end, calculate which team won the            shook hands with their competitors, and they came
meet.                                                         together after every meet to do a cheer for the other
        The Syosset girls’ swim team started the              team. Now that’s what sports are all about.
season on a high note with two wins against                   Congratulations to the Syosset girls’ swim team for a
Huntington and Jericho. Then, after two close meets           fantastic season!

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