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					        Husky Happenings
September October 2009                   Volume 10 Number 1

                   President Cole Seccafico,
            4 Grade Vice-President Luke Giordano,
                   Treasurer Taylor Moreno
           6 Grade Vice President Page Montecalvo
                5th Vice President Kayla Ryan
                     Secretary Sophia Latt
     September                 September
Citizen of the Month      Circle of Champions
   Vernon Alexander               Jordane Berry
       John Arceri                Taheem Berry
    Kayla Balezentis      Jacqueline Canton-Guardado
       Jesus Bruno         Jovanier Cordero-Feliciano
   Exzayvian Crowell               Kathryn Dara
     Brianna Ehlers            James Engstrand
      William Fallon            Alexander Fauth
      Natalie Flores               Edxon Fines
    David Fredericks            Kaysie Francois
     Myasia Gaskin                Kathie Garcia
      Lauren Gazza               Jailene Gomez
    Holly Grabowski           Jonathan Gonzalez
    Gabrielle Grenier       Jeffrey Interiano-Portillo
  Douglas Hernandez                Devon Laurie
     Ladaisha Jones                Alize Lerner
     Michael Karasik              Moesha Meus
      Sayvon Langs                Josue Morejon
    Ana Luna-Mancia                 Justin Myer
     Sarah Montrevil                Brian Perez
     Taylor Moreno              Jonathan Perez
   Christopher Neary           Stephanie Powers
       Kyle O’Brien              Isiah Rodriguez
    Zecharian Perca              Madeline Shea
       Logan Rice                 Jessica Straub
        Rayna Roy                  Marlon Ulloa
       Ivette Rubio             Joseph Wallace
      Jessie Torres                Andy Yanes
 Stefan Tysland-Breskin
    Antonie Williams
                          Congratulations !
                                          By: Miranda Nykolyn

Miranda: What are your expectations for the school and the students?
Mrs. Stokkers: I have high expectations both socially and academically for our students and staff. As a
matter of fact we will be starting the program “tag you’re a husky” soon. Every student is a part of the
husky family and at our assembly each student will receive a chain and their first paw charm. In
November we will be teaching, modeling, emphasizing and rewarding students who show “compassion”
in and around the school. This is my way of not only expecting ideal character traits but teaching and
practicing them as well. As an instructional leader my job is to provide my teachers and staff with the
tools and strategies to meet every child’s instructional needs. Our shared decision making team sponsors
“parent university” which helps parents support our efforts by becoming knowledgeable in all
curriculum areas.

Miranda: What is your favorite part of your job?
Mrs. Stokkers: My favorite part of being a principal is going into the classrooms and working with the
children. I am hopeful that students feel comfortable coming and talking with me about issues or ways to
celebrate Jack Abrams Intermediate.

Miranda: What made you get into teaching and education?
Mrs. Stokkers: I have always been interested in making school more connected beyond the classroom
walls. I think students should know why they are learning specific skills and how they can use them in
their careers. The other reason I became a principal is because I have a counseling degree and I believe
supporting students, staff and parents is a big part of the job. We are all a community working together
to provide a safe, healthy and enriching school environment.

Miranda: What are your goals for the school?
Mrs. Stokkers: To provide an exciting learning environment for our students. This year I would like to
raise funds to purchase smart board equipment. Ms. VonVange and her students are enthusiastically
collecting box tops, coke rewards, Tyson and Stop and Shop points. I would like to promote this effort
so we can raise the necessary funds.

Miranda: Would you like to say anything else to the newspape?.
Mrs. Stokkers: I am very excited to introduce our new teachers here at Jack Abrams Intermediate. Mrs.
Audia has just returned from maternity leave and is now teaching fourth grade. She taught in
Washington Primary School and has a love for teaching young children. Her classroom is warm,
friendly and exciting. Ms. Bene has come to us from Flower Hill. She was a third grade teacher and
came highly recommended. Ms. Bene also went through our Huntington school district as a student. She
is a nurturing, caring and talented teacher. Mrs. Lofaro is another great fourth grade teacher and was a
search teacher last year. She makes learning exciting and enriching for all of her students. Ms. Jost was a
substitute last year so many students knew her. She was born in Huntington and went to Flower Hill
School until the third grade and at that time she moved to Virginia. She is very happy to be back here
teaching our students. She is an excellent 6th grade teacher. Mr. Ravo taught 6th and 4th grade last year
as a leave replacement teacher. He is now a sixth grade teacher and loves teaching language arts and
enjoys working with the 6th grade teachers. He is a great addition to our faculty. Mr. Leonardi taught 4th
grade last year and is now a 6th grade teacher. Mr. Leonardi is a great social studies and math teacher
and enjoys teaching science and language arts. This summer he became a father of a handsome boy.
named Scott Jr.
            Our school year is off to a great start and our newspaper is a great way to communicate news
and information written by our very own students.
      October                   October
Citizen of the Month     Circle of Champions
      Joseph Baker            Nadejah Bradley
     Jordan Biener               Salim Cam
      Anna Brosoff            Carlos Carranza
        Chris Bush               Julio Colon
     Peter Ciccone             Jamia Copridge
      Leanne Daly                 Elvis Cruz
         Zenia Dia           Joshua DeCoteau
      Nancy Fallon           Abigail Fernandez
  Carlos Garay-Moreira     Eileen Flores-Andrade
    Tyler Gerbavsits            Kevona Ford
    Sophia Gerberg              Michael Harris
   Thomas Goldsmith          Wilson Hernandez
       John Healy              Kyree Johnson
  Sydney Jean-Baptiste         Ladaisha Jones
     Jason Kessler              Mariano Luna
   Alexandra Koumas          Shannon Maloney
    Nicky La Centra            Emily McArthur
     Ryley Madison              Kevin Navarro
    Matthew Magerle        Carlysha Rain Jenkins
    Cassidy McCann              Landary Rivas
  Naxi Moreira-Campos      Kevin Santos-Mendez
    Kelley Palladino             AJ Sawicki
        Jose Rivas             Michael Schmid
      Lauren Sage               Diana Schmitt
      Robert Simon               Hugh Smith
    Alexandra Smith            Dante Thomas
    Olivia Stamatatos         Treyvon Perkins
     Donnie Stewart            Neida Valencia
      Sofia Suarez              Fatima Yanes
      Asia Thomes
      Josh Yanuck         Congratulations!
  Congratulations to the students who participated in the Summer Reading
                Program at the Huntington Public Library

          4th Grade                     5th Grade                    6th Grade
   Jacqueline Caravetto              Max Angstadt                 Jordane Berry
          Kyle Chin                 Ifedayo Balogun                 Julio Colon
        Peter Ciccone              Christopher Burton           Dylan DelGiudice
     Joseph Dammers                  Katya Danziger             Vinnie Fredericks
          Zenia Dia                   Kathryn Dara            Olatunji Ikuomenisan
         Julie Engle                  Kristen Flick          Oluwatoyin Ikuomenisan
     David Fredericks                 Natalie Flores               Jack Malone
      Sophia Gerberg                 Matthew Gelb                Victoria Martin
      Nancy Glascock                Ashleigh Katibak             Danielle Melgar
       Sarah Glascock               Miranda Nikolyn              Annalise Mozer
       Patrick Hannon                 Torre Palmer              Spencer Pashkin
         Kara Lawlor               Sarina Pesinkowski            Isaac Rodriguez
        Sarah Levine                   Austin Reda               Jackson Spector
       Ryley Madison               Christopher Regan               Sofia Suarez
    Christopher Martin                Thomas Riley                Kelly Tenbus
      Sarah Montreuil                  Rayna Roy                 Emily Williams
      Julia Moskowitz                Dianna Schmitt
     Jessica Pulizzotto            Jonathan Schechter             Congratulations
          John Riley                 Donald Stewart                     To
    Fataneh Sachmechi                 Rebecca Toth                Emily Williams
      Katie Seccafico             Christian Verfenstein             who read
        Jamie Spector               Dawson Wallace                   17 books
       Bridgette Starr                                              during this
         Finn Tucker                                             Summer program!
 Sydney Van den Valentyn

               Reviews                                           Back to School
                                                                    By: Katy Dara
            By: Nancy Fallon                                      Leaves are falling,
                  Movie                                           The air seems cool
    Night at the Museum: Battle at the                         Autumn is approaching,
               Smithsonian                                  And now it is time for school.
                                                                 The sun sets earlier
        Night at the Museum Battle at the                        And treetops are red,
Smithsonian was a movie to remember.                            Sweaters are the rule.
With Ben Stiller back again and even                      Early and rushed mornings mean
funnier, it was a great movie. It was funny,                 “Hey , it’s time for school!”
adventurous and very interesting. Amy               Textbooks and pencils in backpacks galore.
Adams from Enchanted was in it too. She                     Science, history and math too
played Amelia Earhart. Between them the              We grab our lunches and go out the door
movie was a big hit. I think it was a good 5        Get in the learning zone because it’s time for
star review.                                                             school
                                   By: James Engstrand
 Candy corn is sweet. Candy corn is yellow, orange and white. Candy corn is chewy and
tasty.You can use it for vampire teeth for a cake and for bat teeth.
You can make your own!
                       1 cup granulated sugar
                          2/3 cup corn syrup
                      1/3 cup (2-1/2 oz) butter
                      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
                   2-1/2 cups powdered icing sugar
                       1/3 cup powdered milk
                           1/4 teaspoon salt
                     Red and yellow food coloring

 In a large saucepan combine granulated sugar, corn syrup, and butter. Bring to a
   boil over high heat while stirring constantly, then reduce heat to medium and
continue boiling for 5 minutes while stirring occasionally. Remove mixture from heat
                               and add vanilla extract.

Combine the icing sugar, powdered milk, and salt in a separate bowl and add to the
mixture in the saucepan, mixing thoroughly. Allow the dough mixture to sit until it's
                              cool enough to handle.

Divide the dough into 3 equal parts and place each part in a small mixing bowl. Add
orange food coloring to one part (a combination of yellow and red) and yellow food
      coloring to another part, leaving the remaining part uncolored or white.

 Knead the dough in each bowl until smooth and stiff enough to hold its shape, and
the colors are even. Wearing plastic gloves can help prevent your hands from being
                           stained by the food coloring.

   Still using your hands, roll each part into a long, thin rope, making each rope of
equal length. You may need to use a long countertop or tabletop covered with a strip
 of waxed paper for this. You'll also need to be careful when rolling as the ropes can
                        easily break if you form them too thin.

  When you're done, lay the three ropes of dough along side each other with the
   orange dough in the middle and carefully press them together to make a long,
  narrow rectangle. A gentle, light rolling with a rolling pin along the length of the
 rectangle helps to press the rope edges together, but be careful not to flatten the
dough so the rectangle stays as narrow as possible, plus you'll also want the kernels
                             plump looking and not flat.

Finally, cut the dough into triangles or "kernels" using a sharp knife and gently shape
   the kernels with your fingers, if needed. Allow the kernels to sit for a while and
                                      become firm.

You'll end up with over a pound of homemade candy corn, some with yellow tips and
  some with the traditional white tips. There's no getting around it, kneading the
  dough and forming the ropes IS time-consuming, hard work, but the results are
                              worth it i got this recipe

                                                              By: Mike Connors-DiGioia
               By: Emma Pipolo
                                                      Sharks are meat-eating animals that rarely
    Project hope provides free meals for
                                                   attack humans. Sharks have bad eyesight so if a
people in need. When you go there you cook
                                                   shark attacks you it’s not the shark’s fault.
or serve food to the people who come.
                                                       The biggest shark is a whale shark. Sharks
   This community project takes place every
                                                   can sense blood a mile away.
Sunday starting November fifteenth. If you
                                                    The great white shark is attracted by blood.
would like to come and help serve or cook,
                                                   Blood can start an eating frenzy by sharks. The
you can.
                                                   reef shark cannot be seen because it lives in the
    Project Hope is held at St. Hugh of
                                                   reef. The tiger shark looks a lot like a tiger.
Lincoln in Huntington Station.
                                                   The angel shark hides in the sand waiting for its
           MOVIE REVIEW                                The sharks will attack each other for food
                By: Michael Colon                  but only if the shark is wounded. The bones
        I saw the movie Cloudy with a Chance       will be the only things left.
of meatballs. It was a really great movie and it
was nothing like the book except for the food
falling from the sky.
     The movie was about an inventor named
Flint Lockwood who thought he could make                       By: Claudia Engstrand
food fall from the sky of the little town              A mother polar bear gives birth to one or
Swallow Falls. He used a little rocket and shot    two baby cubs. At first their eyes are closed. In
towards the sky. It didn’t work so everyone        a few weeks their eyes will open. The cubs will
was angry at him. The reason he wanted to do       feed on their mother`s milk for a few weeks.
it was because the only thing people could eat     Spring has come and the cubs get their first
in Swallow Falls was gross sardines.               taste of meat. Dad does not help a lot, though.
     A few hours passed. All of a sudden, a           Polar Bears live in the arctic tundra where it
giant purple cloud came out of the sky and         is nice and cold. The mother polar bear shields
hamburgers fell from of it. Flint Lockwood         her cubs from danger. The cubs learn how to
was very happy and shouted “it really              swim and catch fish and their favorite food of
worked’’. Everyone was happy.                      seals. The ice is melting and the cubs are grown
    I thought the movie was great. I give it 4     up now so they must leave their mother. One
stars.                                             might stay for a few months and then leave.
                                                   The mother might have cubs next spring and
                                                   start the cycle again. But just like her own
Ms. Peggy’s Knitting Club                          mother, the mother will die. Soon the cubs will
                By:Jolena Smith                    mate and have cubs of their own.
  Knitting Club meets on Fridays in the                 Many polar bears get shot and killed for
library at 2:20. We choose this activity instead   their meat and fur. Many people try to save
of extra recess on the playground,                 their homes. People can donate money to a
  We knit and crochet. This year we are            foundation to help the polar bears and save their
making hats for cancer patients.                   lives.
  You can donate yarn and knitting/crochet
needles to the group
                                                            Bon-Bons Chocolatier
             Wii Sport Resort                                    By : Christy Reinertsen
                By: Ryan Colon                        Everyone knows that Halloween is a candy
                                                    day, but did you know that every day is candy
   There is a really cool game in stores it is      day at Bon-Bons Chocolatier in Huntingtpn
called WII sport resort. This game is so much       village! I was lucky enough to interview the
very fun. You can do sword fighting, ping           two owners. They are a mother and daughter
pong, basketball, archery, and lots more.           team.
     The game is a little expensive. I think it’s     The mother’s name if Mary Alice
because it just came out and it comes with an       Meinersman and her daughter is Susanna
extra WII remote. I know a lot of people who        Fasolino. The original owners started the
have this game and they say it’s an awesome         business in 1979 and Mary Alice came four
game..                                              years later to be a chocolate dipper. In 1984
   I advise you to get this game because it         Mary Alice and her husband bought the
might be out of stock if you wait to long.          business. Susanna joined them in 1987. The
                                                    candy chef’s name is Eric Lobignat. He came
                                                    from Paris, France in 1992. He makes all the
                                                    delicious candy.
                                                      I tried an amazing chocolate covered apple
                                                    that had walnuts on top. I also had chocolate
              Locks of Love                         dipped pretzels and some great candy corn. I
               By: Alyssa Bailey                    thought it would be interesting to find out the
                                                    favorites of the owners. Mary Alice’s favorite
    Locks of Love is a program through which        is the champagne truffles and caramels.
you can donate your hair to people with cancer.     Suzanne prefers the peppermint thins.
When some people have cancer they lose their          They welcome the students in our school to
hair because of the treatments they have to take    visit the store to buy or even check out the
to fight their disease.                             candy making. Go down to Bon-Bons
    I donated my hair on October 16th 2009. To      Chocolatier and prepare for any candy
donate you have to measure how long your hair       occasion! Remember their candy is school
is. It has to be at least 12 inches before you      newspaper reviewed!
donate it. When you donate it you go to salons
that will donate your hair for you. Then the
people at the salon put your hair in a ponytail.                   Halloween
And then… they cut your hair! After they cut                       By:Nancy Fallon
your hair they tell you to go to the back of the                  H alloween is a fright
salon and have your hair washed. (Beware the                         A ll out scaring
back of your shirt might get wet). After they                        Laughing and giggling
wash your hair they dry it with a blow dryer                           L oud and scary
and then they trim the back of your hair.                             O ut all night
    You have just helped do a wonderful thing                       W itches flying
for others!                                                          E ach all happy
                                                                      E ach all sad
                                                               Never to be without candy!!
    The Gummy Bears Halloween                                        Fall’s Arrival
              By: Quinn Blackburn                                   BY: Sarah James
     Once there was a gummy bear who was                            Crisp is the air
the sweetest one can be. His name was Fred                             Leaves fall without a care
but he liked to be called Freddy. Freddy liked to                  Fall has arrived,
play all day with his friends. But everybody         The crickets and cicadas sing their sad song
was busy. One day he met someone named                   Announcing that summer is gone.
Doug who was one of a kind, raspberry red.               Birds say bye filing in V formation
They became best friends and never left each               finally going on their vacation,
other.                                                The trees are red and the leaves are dead,
   Then it was Halloween. All the little             And hear your mother’s say “good morning
gummies were wandering around with their                            sleepy head!”
costumes and bags of candy. Freddy suddenly                         Crisp is the air
noticed that Doug was missing! He freaked out.              The leaves fall without a care
He looked everywhere but didn’t find him.                     FALL HAS ARRIVED!
Finally he gave up and went to bed.
     The next day Fred went to Starbucks and
found Doug there waiting for him. From then
on Fred never left Doug’s side again!                   By: Zack McGinniss and Ryan Smith

                                                          Black tip reef sharks are very interesting.
                                                    They grow up to 6 feet long. They eat small
                                                    fish and squid. This type of shark mostly lives
                                                    in the Red Sea, Indonesia,Hawaii, Maldives
    What Happens On Halloween                       and parts of Australia.
               By: William Fallon                         Black tip reef sharks species is very
                                                    similar to the white tip reef sharks and grey
       On Halloween, my sister, my dad, and I       reef sharks. Black tip reef sharks main enemy
like to carve really big pumpkins. We also like     is the tiger shark.
to give out candy to the people who come early.            We think the black tip reef sharks are
Then we like to drive to Nassau Road and we         interesting.
get candy there. After we go through Nassau
Road we go through Merriwind Dr and Lewis
Court and get some more candy.
       When we come back from that candy
adventure our bags are almost full. Then we
pour out all of our candy on the table and we
give all of the stuff we do not like to Mom and
      Last year I was Spider Man in second I
was Super Man and in first I was a Ninja.
That’s all I can remember.
      I love Halloween.
                        By: Billy Garfinkel

    C   R   R   B   H     F    N   O     N    H   Z   W   S   U   F

    M   R   E   Z   H     U    W   I     M    A   G   H   O   N   U

    F   C   A   G   W     S    O   R     U    L   Y   V   S   M   A

    R   K   B   N   S     A    E   Q     T    L   X   P   H   G   V

    A   U   X   Z   B     A    C   V     U    O   O   P   Z   H   Z

    K   P   N   H   M     E    U   X     A    W   M   Y   O   L   Y

    E   M   C   O   L     O    R   S     P    E   W   Y   E   E   P

    S   Y   Q   B   Y     Q    P   R     E    E   L   T   K   I   A

    S   N   I   K   P     M    U   P     Y    N   I   R   L   O   P

    X   C   R   N   R     O    C   A     P    S   U   G   Y   L   K

    Q   H   A   G   P     I    N   U     S    T   R   F   S   Z   Y

    T   H   A   N   K     S    G   I     V    I   N   G   C   H   I

    Y   B   F   Y   D     C    V   N     M    Q   P   O   W   A   I

    X   U   U   P   U     Y    N   S     Y    M   L   I   T   C   U

    J   X   T   N   G     F    D   P     O    D   Z   F   U   H   D

AUTUMN                        CANDY               COLD
COLORS                        CORN                CRANBERRYS
HALLOWEEN                     LEAVES              PIE
PILGRIMS                      PUMPKINS            RAKES
THANKSGIVING                  TURKEY