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					      Sandra Trotman Grades 3 – 5                                                                      Trainer Notes          1

Title of Event: Computation - Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Block: 33
Description: This course will incorporate strategies for effective identification, utilization, and implementation of the NGSSS for
Broward teachers. The primary focus will be on the providing content and instructional strategies for teachers to present adding and
subtracting decimals.
Delivery Method: Varied: Face-to-Face, large and small group discussion, modeling, student presentations, cooperative learning
activities, and varied media exposure
Target Audience: Grades 3 – 5 teachers
Session Duration: Session _3___ of _3_ (6 hour training)
Prerequisites: Module1 1 & 2
Specific Objectives:
By the end of this module, participants will:
   1. Describe activities that may be used to develop decimals vocabulary power.
   2. Demonstrate understanding of the connection between fractions, and decimals by using prior knowledge of dollars and cents.
   3. Compare fractions/ decimals and percents using different models of representation.
   4. Examine common errors/difficulties encountered by students when adding and subtracting decimals.
   5. Identify effective strategies for teaching addition and subtraction of decimals with like and unlike denominators using models,
       place value, and games.
   6. Identify teacher-specific instructional tools and methods for teaching addition and subtraction of decimal.
   7. Explore web-based educational resources designed to reinforce learning of writing and relating decimals to common fractions
       and percents.
MA.4.A.2.1 Use decimals through the thousandths place to name numbers between whole numbers.
MA.4.A.2.4 Compare and order decimals, and estimate fraction and decimal amounts in real-world problems.
MA.5.A.2.1: Represent addition and subtraction of decimals and fractions with like and unlike denominators using models, place
value, or properties.
MA.5.A.2.2: Add and subtract fractions and decimals fluently, and verify the reasonableness of results, including in problem
MA.5.A.2.3: Make reasonable estimates of fraction and decimal sums and differences, and use techniques for rounding
      Sandra Trotman Grades 3 – 5                                                                      Trainer Notes          2

Time           Content            Process/                                           Participant       Materials/
Frame                             Product                                            Evaluation        Resources
Duration       Course Outline     Script for each Content Area                       Assessment of     Training Materials for Activities
Of Activity)                                                                         Specific
5 minutes      Welcome            Welcome participants, review objectives, and       N/A               PowerPoint Slides 47 - 49
                                  ground rules.
20 minutes     Review pre-        Activity 1. Addition of whole numbers with &       Participants will PowerPoint Slides 50(1)
               requisite skills   without regrouping                                 be able to
                                  Instructor reviews addition of whole numbers,      explain why       Addition of fraction error pattern
           - addition and         with and without regrouping, by beginning with a   developing        (Activity Sheet)
             subtraction of       discussion on the need to develop competency in    competency in
             whole                addition and subtraction of whole numbers before   adding and
             numbers,             teaching decimals.                                 subtracting
             fractions, place                                                        whole numbers
             values,          Participants will review addition and subtraction      must be taught
             regrouping       of fractions with and without like denominators        before teaching
                              by examining student error patterns, and               decimals.
                              describing appropriate remediating instructional
15 minutes Developing         Activity 2. Graphic Organizers                         Participants      PowerPoint Slide 52
            Math Language Instructor will use a Tree Map or graphic                  demonstrate       (Tree Map Graphic organizer)
                              organizer to review the vocabulary for this            understanding
                              section: fractions, decimals, comparing, finding       of the
                              equivalents, estimate, adding, subtracting, budget,    vocabulary
                              shopping, sums, differences                            associated with
                                                                                     decimals by
                                  Activity 3. Word Search/Word Puzzle                creating a Word
     Sandra Trotman Grades 3 – 5                                                                     Trainer Notes        3

                              The instructor will encourage participants to        puzzle or Word
                              integrate Language Arts and Math by developing       search activity
                              a word search or word puzzle activity to reinforce
                              student grasp of the vocabulary.
40 minutes   Strategies for   Activity 4. Difficulty with presentation/format of   Participants will PowerPoint Slides 53 - 56
             teaching         decimal                                              solve problems ( Balancing your Bank Account)
             addition and     The instructor will present an example of a          using a list,
             subtraction of   problem/difficulty student encounter when adding     table, chart
             decimals         or subtracting decimals; when values are             and/or
                              presented horizontally or as a story and the         manipulative
             - Estimation     decimals are expressed with varying decimal          materials
             - Make a table   places (e.g., 5. 12 + 49. 635). Reinforce
                              estimation skills.

                              Activity 5. Make a Table: Add and Subtract                             Computer access for participants
                              Money                                                                  NLVM: Base Block Decimals
                               “How can making a table help you organize and               
                              keep a track of your bank account balance?”                            es_asid_264_g_2_t_1.html?from
                              Participants will examine ways in which students                       =grade_g_2.html
                              may actively participate in developing a better
                              understanding of the concepts.
                                Role playing/money

                              Activity 6. Manipulative materials (Base 10
                              blocks, 10s and 100s grids)/Interactive activities
                              Working with manipulative materials to develop
                              understanding of addition and subtraction of
                              Participants will explore the use of Base 10
                              blocks. (NLVM)
30 minutes   Problem          Activity 7. Problem of the day                       Participants      PowerPoint Slides 57 - 60
     Sandra Trotman Grades 3 – 5                                                                      Trainer Notes         4

             Solving          The instructor poses the problem of the day, a       select a method    (Track Event)
                              track event. Have participants describe how they     to add or
                              will assist students in unlocking the problem in     subtract decimal   Activity worksheet: Selecting a
                              order to solve it.                                   problems, and      method
                              Discuss with participants how they can use the       discuss the
                              commutative and associative properties of            reasonableness     Paper, pencil, work mat, base 10
                              addition, and the importance of aligning place       of their           blocks, calculators,
                              values when adding or subtracting decimals.          selection

                              Activity 8. Adding and subtracting decimals to
                              Participants will be presented with a student’s
                              work sample on addition and subtraction of
                              decimals. They will identify the error pattern and
                              describe how they will help students overcome
                              such problems. They will include the use of
                              manipulative materials/technology in the
             Selecting a      remediation plan.
             Mental math,     Activity 9. Selecting a method
             calculator, or   Activity sheet: Selecting a method: mental,
             paper and        calculator, paper and pen. Participants select a
             pencil to add    method for each problem and explain the
             and subtract     reasonableness of their selection.
10 minutes   Review content   Review content: Individuals present highlights of                       PowerPoint Slide 61
                              the session                                                             Diagnostic Test
                                                                                                      Evaluation Survey
                              Participants complete 10 Item Diagnostic Test
                              and Evaluation survey.