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                Haunting the house and playing games*
                              (for children of ages 3-9)
No Halloween party would be complete without a scary playroom, a haunted
hallway, or ghostly garage. Find an area of your house that won’t be used for the
party activities to set up a haunted space (hallway). When all the guests have
arrived, you or a teenage helper can lead the children through the area and then
directly to the party room for the games.

After the games, take the children on a parade through the neighborhood to show off
their costumes and to stop at a few houses to trick or treat. When the children return
from their parade, serve the Jack-o’-Lantern Cupcakes and Witches’ Brew (heated
apple cider with a cinnamon stick stirrer).

Take a photo of each child in costume and photos throughout the festivities. Using a
digital camera will allow you to share the album with the children and their families
via the Internet or a personalized scrapbook. Visit the following online photo-sharing
websites for inspiration:

My Photo Album: www.myphotoalbum.com
Picture Tail: www.picturetrail.com
Photo Bucket: www.photobucket.com

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                            Haunted House Decor
To decorate the walls, cut trees with spindly branches from brown wrapping paper.
With black felt-tipped marker make the trees gnarled and full of knotholes. Attach
the trees to the walls with tape.

Make hanging ghosts by covering inflated helium balloons with either while pillow
cases or white plastic garbage bags. Use a marker to draw faces on the bags or
cases prior to inserting the balloons inside them. Cut the bottom of the cases or
bags into shreds and hang them to wall fixtures, furniture, and the ceiling.

In the haunted hallway, on the way to the ghostly garage, hang crepe paper
streamers from the ceiling making them long enough so they will brush against the
children’s faces as they walk underneath. Dim the lights if possible and cover them
loosely with green crepe paper so the lights cast an eerie glow. Hide a CD or tape
player behind a plant or prop that plays scary sounds. Another option is to rent par-
can lights that direct colored light upwards, laser lights that cast beams of flashing
lights, fog machines, or other effects from a company like Waterbird Entertainment.

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For additional effects in the haunted hallway and ghostly garage, hang cardboard
skeletons and cobweb material (purchased from your local party supply store) from
the trees you made and adhered to the walls. In the garage, add cornstalks, bales of
hay, tree branches, pumpkins filled with dry ice, or baskets full of leaves. Scatter
leaves on the floor so that they crunch underneath the children’s feet as they walk
through the room.

Scary Props: On a table draped with black cloth, next to the witch’s brew, place
disguised containers labeled with witch’s brew ingredients, leaving only enough
room for a child’s hand to fit through. Try cold cooked spaghetti (labeled as “guts”
or “intestines”); skinned grapes (“eyeballs”); a rubber glove stuffed with old panty
hose (hand); cut up licorice sticks (toenails); potato chips (scabs); dried apricots
(ears); pudding in a plastic bag (heart); and any other tasteless item the kids will
love. These props may be used during the telling of a scary story instead (see

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Bobbing for Apples Tie string around apples and hang them from a dowel or mop
handle so you can adjust the height for the children. Have one apple per child and
see who can grab an apple with their teeth. Another option is to fill a large clean tub
or cooler with water and fill it with as many apples as there are children. Have the
children use a bib and hold their hands behind their backs. Best to purchase small
apples for this game.

Fish for Spiders       Attach a paper clip to plastic spiders and bugs and put them
into a clean tub or cooler filled with water. Make a fishing rod by attaching a magnet
to a string and tying the string to a pole. Have enough spiders and bugs so the
children can fish for several of them.

Peanut Toss           Cover a cardboard carton with orange crepe paper and draw a
jack-o’-lantern face on with black marker. Give each child 4 or 5 peanuts and have
them stand several feet from the box. See how many peanuts they can toss into the

Bean the Ghost       Cover a large carton with white paper and paint it white. Cut
out eyes, nose, and mouth making the holes large enough for a bean bag to fit
through easily. Give each child 3 bean bags to throw through the holes.

Consider giving appropriate and relevant prizes to winners of each game, but be
sure that each child goes home with a party favor.
Scary Story             This is a great game for a teenage helper to run. Before the
party begins, get the scary props together (see above). Find a scary story from your
local library, bookstore or your Internet source of choice. Have the children sit in a
circle on the floor, turn off or dim the lights, and tell the story in a scary voice as you
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pass around the appropriate props.

                               Jack-o-Lantern Cupcakes*

                                             1 cake mix
                                        1 can vanilla frosting
                                   Red and Yellow food coloring
                                    1 tube green decorating gel
                                     12 to 15 green gumdrops
                                        2 licorice shoelaces
                                           Cupcake pans

Follow package directions to make 24 to 30 cupcakes, filling each one less than
half full. Let them cool. Level the tops with a serrated knife, and discard the
caps. You will be putting 1 cupcake on top of another with the leveled tops
together. You can make 12 to 15 jack-o’-lanterns with 24-30 cupcakes.

Make orange frosting by adding red and yellow food coloring to the vanilla
frosting. Start with one or two drops, adding additional drops as needed. Put
some frosting between the cupcakes prior to putting them together, then frost
completely. Cut a gumdrop in half and put the rounded half on top of the
cupcake for a stem. Draw the leaves with green decorating gel. Cut the licorice
into _ and _ inch pieces and, using tweezers, arrange the pieces to form the jack-
o’-lantern’s features.

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*Ref: 50 Fabulous Parties for Kids, Linda Hetzer

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