Causes of the Civil War _50 Points_

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					                      WHY DID IT CAUSE THE CIVIL WAR?

Causes of the Civil War (50 Points)

Below is a list of 9 events that led to the Civil War. You will be assigned 1 event to
present/explain to the class. Depending on the class size, you will be working in groups
of 2 or 3. You need to show us why your event directly led to the Civil War.

You will be creating a Power Point, Poster, and Worksheet for your presentation. I will
give you 2-3 days in the computer lab to prepare your presentations. You must use this
time wisely. You will be graded on each part of the assignment and overall
professionalism, neatness, and quality of work.

  1. Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850
  2. Fugitive Slave Act
  3. Bleeding Kansas
  4. Dred Scott Decision
  5. Lincoln & Douglas Debate
  6. John Brown / Harpers Ferry
  7. Election of 1860
  8. Secession and Fort Sumter

PowerPoint Requirements—10 Points
   1. A minimum of 6 slides with important facts
   2. An additional Map slide
   3. Additional slides with pictures of important people
   4. Your Power Point must answer all questions in your worksheet

Poster Requirement---10 Points
   1. Poster must be on paper that is supplied in class
   2. Poster must contain 5 facts related to your topic
   3. Poster must be artistic and not just print-outs from the printer
   4. At least 3 pictures/maps
   5. Creativitiy---should show us why your event caused the Civil War.

Worksheet Requirements---10 Points
  1. Worksheet answers must be found in the PowerPoint
  2. Worksheet can be a crossword, quiz, matching.
  3. Worksheet can not be a word search
  4. Worksheets are due no later than Wednesday if you want me to make copies for
     the class—after that you must get your own copies
Presentation---10 Points
   1. Presentations should be no shorter then 5 minutes and no longer then 8 minutes
   2. Presentations should be professional
   3. Email your PowerPoint presentation to me using
      so that I can load it up for you.
   4. Hand out worksheets

Professionalism, Neatness, and Quality of Work---10 Points

Project & Computer Lab Rules:

If you are off task I will deduct 5 points each time. This means if you are checking mail,
non-history web-sites, wasting time, gossiping……etc…

If you take out a cell phone and/or are caught text messaging you will lose 10 points each
time. Keep your purses on the floor!!! I am very serious!!!

If your partner is not present you are still responsible for the work. Get their phone
numbers and emails and make sure you have their work even if absent.

If your group is not prepared you will lose 15 Points for each day late.

If you interrupt another presentation you will lose 5 points each time.