MODEL H2™ Broiler Feeder by fionan


									                                  MODEL H2™ Broiler Feeder

                  Speed the Feed to Your Birds
                                                         The Chore-Time Model H2™ Broiler Feeding
                                                         System fills feeder pans high to attract day-
                                                         old chicks, then adjusts to a low feed level
                                                         to conserve feed while finishing birds. The
                                                         available feed chutes and flood collar pro-
                                                         vide extra versatility for growers who want
                                                         to fill the pan high, or even over-fill the pan
                                                         to feed on paper. Grill-less design gives birds
                                                         easy access to feed and allows young birds to
                                                         exit pans without restriction. The Model H2’s
                                                         design compels birds to eat near the perimeter
                                                         of the pan creating more feeding space for
                                                         birds. Other feed-saving features offered by
                                                         Chore-Time’s Model H2 mean more profits
                                                         for you.
The feeder that is simple, yet versatile.

                 Product Features                                                     Product Advantages
                 • Round pan feeders are made                                         • Round pan feeders give
                   of corrosion-proof plastic.                                          birds more eating space and
                   Simple large feeder “dome”                                           provide top feed conver-
                   forces birds to eat around the                                       sion. Feed saving features
                   perimeter of the pan provid-                                         contribute to top feed
                   ing more eating space.                                               conversion.
                 • The enclosed feeder tube                                           • Feeder is simple to assemble,
                   keeps feed fresh, and allows                                         adjust, and operate and
                   pans to swing freely to cut                                          consists of just two
                   feed waste and bird bruising.                                        precision-molded parts plus
                                                                                        chutes or flood collar
                 • Feed saver features include                                          if used.
                   the deep, “V”-shaped pan bot-
                   tom which places feed where                                        • Birds enter and exit pans
                   birds can easily reach it while                                      easily without restriction.
                   maintaining a low feed level.                                      • Pan attaches securely to
                   Double pan lip helps to catch                                        dome, or hangs for easy
                   feed.                                                                cleaning and drying
                 • Feed windows work with                                               between flocks.
                   available chutes or flood                                          • Innovative design recog-
                   collar to attract chicks from                                        nized by the American
                   day one.                                                             Society of Agricultural
                                                                                        Engineers with their award
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