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					               Wedding Inspirations

    Welcome to The World of Jo Malone™
    The dress, the cake, the long embrace – a wedding paints a picture that lingers in the mind. It’s   When it’s time to consider the important personal details for your wedding day, such as skin
    the perfect day to create deliciously scented memories for all who attend, long after the           care and make up, an in-store consultation with a Jo Malone Stylist can help you achieve the
    bouquet is thrown.                                                                                  very best from your skin. Your Stylist will also share with you effective Facial Finisher tips.
    Fragrance is the ultimate bridal accessory. Through the Jo Malone collection of original and        You may choose to relax with a Jo Malone Facial, and while being pampered, take the time to
    unique scents, you can learn how to dress the venue with captivating fragrances, as well as         consider your honeymoon travel needs. You can choose your wedding day must-haves from
    create your personal signature scent through Fragrance Combining™. A Jo Malone fragrance,           the ideas laid out on these pages, then call Jo Malone Express to organise the swift delivery of
    beautifully packaged, also makes a stunning and thoughtful gift, either as a small scented          your chosen products. Or, drop into a Jo Malone store for further inspiration. We very much
    memento placed at every table setting or a bespoke gift box with products chosen specifically       look forward to helping you prepare for your special day.
    to suit the recipient.

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             Achieving The Best From Your Skin                                                                               The Jo Malone Facial
    For beautiful skin on your wedding day, begin preparations at least six weeks in advance to   Regular facials can help improve your skin’s tone and complexion, just like regular exercise
    allow your skin to respond positively to a new regime. A skin care consultation with a        helps improve physique. Ideally, having a facial every four to six weeks alongside your own
    Jo Malone Stylist will result in a tailor-made collection of skin care products, as well as   home skin care regime will keep skin in top condition. However, if time is tight, treat yourself
    advice on essential at-home massage techniques. If you address your skin’s individual daily   to a luxurious Jo Malone Facial a week before the wedding, for the ultimate skin treatment
    needs you will achieve a fresh, glowing complexion.                                           and relaxation.

                                                                                                  The Jo Malone Facial £125.00                           The Jo Malone Express Facial £65.00
                                                                                                  1 hour 30 minutes (consultation 15 minutes,            45 minutes (consultation 10 minutes,
                                                                                                  treatment 1 hour 15 minutes)                           treatment 35 minutes)

                                Wedding Day Skin Care Tips                                                                           Skin Care Consultation
    • Cleansing is the first step to beautiful     • To keep skin looking radiant throughout      Please call the following stores to book your appointment, or visit a Jo Malone lifestyle
      wedding day skin. For a fresh and healthy      the day, combine Ginseng Day                 store for a complimentary Skin Care Consultation.
      complexion, apply Avocado Cleansing            Moisturising Cream with two drops of
      Milk with your fingertips in upward and        Protein Skin Serum to optimise hydration     Sloane Street 150 Sloane Street London SW1X 9BX
      outward circular movements to help             levels. This concentrated repair serum       Tel: +44 (0) 20 7730 2100
      boost circulation. This creamy cleanser        is infused with pure proteins and
                                                                                                  Brook Street 23 Brook Street London W1K 4HA
      gently but thoroughly removes all traces       antioxidants which help improve the          Tel: +44 (0) 870 192 5181
      of impurities, while soothing and calming      texture of the skin, softening dehydration
                                                     lines and working to restore a healthy,      Chester 14 St. Michael’s Row The Mall Grosvenor Chester CH1 1EF
      the skin. To finish, remove all traces of
                                                                                                  Tel: +44 (0) 870 192 5100
      cleanser by immersing a face towel in a        dewy complexion
      basin of hand-hot water, to which a          • The Skin Care Starter Set is a capsule       Leeds 15-17 Queen Victoria Street Victoria Quarter Leeds LS1 6BD
      splash of Rosemary & Lavender Skin                                                          Tel: +44 (0) 870 192 5141
                                                     selection of Jo Malone skin care
      Tonic has been added, and then use it to       essentials, the perfect start for your       Glasgow Unit 25 Princes Square 48 Buchanan Street Glasgow G1 3JN
      gently wipe the face                           wedding day skin care regime                 Tel: +44 (0) 870 192 5171

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                                                               Wedding Day Make Up
                                        The Jo Malone Facial Finishers will help you achieve a fresh, polished and perfect look for
                                        your skin. This capsule collection of make up essentials is minimal, chic and easy-to-use.
                                        With a sweep of Finishing Fluid, powder, blush, mascara and lip gloss you’ll feel
                                        sophisticated and confident throughout the day.

                                                                     Tips For The Finishing Touch
                                        • Finishing Fluid is the first step to creating
                                          a polished appearance. This light solution
                                          calms, protects and evens to reveal
                                          flawless-looking skin, the perfect clean
                                          canvas. Eucalyptus helps to balance and
                                          soothe agitation, making it suitable for
                                          even the most sensitive skin
                                        • Use the classic, clear lip gloss alone or
                                          over your chosen lip colour during the
                                          day, then dress lips with the cream gloss
                                          to add a touch of sparkle for the evening

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                                                              Fragrance Combining™
                                        The Jo Malone philosophy of Fragrance Combining™ invites you to create your own unique
                                        wedding day scent – it’s bespoke fragrance made easy. Spray on one cologne, let it dry,
                                        then spray a different fragrance over the top; or try a luxurious body crème in one scent
                                        after a deliciously scented bath oil or shower gel in another. Alternatively, wear a fresh
                                        sparkling scent such as Blue Agava & Cacao during the day and later add a hint of
                                        Pomegranate Noir. The delicate scent of spicy woods will add warmth and sensuality for
                                        evening, just perfect for your first dance.

                                                              Fragrance Combining™ Suggestions
                                        • Orange Blossom, a delightful blend of         • For the groom, the scent of sophisticated
                                          fresh-cut floral, crisp citrus and dewy         Wild Fig & Cassis envelops the wearer
                                          greens, is known as a symbol of eternal         in the warmth of the Mediterranean,
                                          love, marriage and fruitfulness. Layer this     combined with the warm, woody, vibrant
                                          with mouthwatering Nectarine Blossom            notes of Nutmeg & Ginger, creates
                                          & Honey to blend in tantalising notes of        a dynamic, sexy ensemble
                                          peach, plum, blackcurrant and the sweet
                                          warmth of acacia honey, for a truly
                                          seductive combination
                                        • Choose one scent for the ushers such as
                                          Amber & Lavender, and a complementary
                                          fragrance for the bridesmaids such
                                          as Grapefruit. As they walk through
                                          the wedding together, the scents
                                          will combine to create an evocative
                                          signature scent

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                                                         How To Scent Your Wedding
                                         The Jo Malone philosophy of Scent Surround™ encourages you to decorate your
                                         environment with scent. Combine fragrances to create ambience and reflect the mood of
                                         the flowers and table decorations you have chosen. Your artist’s palette consists of
                                         charismatic living colognes and linen sprays, delicious scented candles and the pioneering
                                         Scent Surround™ Cube. Infuse rooms with sophisticated scents, blended from ingredients
                                         that are unexpected and delicious.

                                                                        Scent Surround™ Ideas
                                         • Light an array of scented candles an hour      • The Scent Surround™ Cube is an
                                           before guests arrive. Warm and                   innovative way to infuse your environment
                                           embracing, candlelight lends an air of           with fragrance to create your desired
                                           subtle sensuality. A combination of fresh        ambience. It diffuses scent through rooms
                                           and floral Lime Blossom, with citrus             subtly and continuously and provides
                                           Grapefruit candles, will fill the air with a     the perfect alternative for venues that
                                           soft, refreshing blend                           prohibit the use of candles
                                         • Float fragrant white flowers in a bowl of
                                           water scented with Red Roses Bath Oil to
                                           create a visual and olfactory delight
                                         • Spray confetti with your chosen wedding
                                           day scent for a surprising sensory
                                           moment that simply delights

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                                                                   Wedding Day Gifts
                                         For unique and original presents – from wedding table favours and small tokens of thanks to
                                         the special, couldn’t-have-done-it-without-you gift – a Jo Malone fragrance is sure to
                                         please everyone on your thank you list. Create a bespoke gift, tailored to suit individual
                                         personalities, or choose from gift collections, to make giving even easier. Deliciously
                                         scented bath oils and lotions, original colognes or creamy bath soaps are a little scented
                                         thought of appreciation and thanks. Each gift is wrapped in an elegant cream box and tied
                                         with the Jo Malone signature black ribbon.

                                                                           Unique Gift Ideas
                                         • Nestled in tissue and placed at each table   • The Jo Malone Fragrance Combining™ Set
                                           setting, a small Jo Malone cologne is the      and pampering Bath Oil Collection contain
                                           perfect wedding favour and a unique way        miniatures that allow the recipient to
                                           to share your day, creating a lasting          experience different fragrance characters,
                                           fragrance memory for you and your guests       which they can select to suit their mood or
                                         • Regarded as the Jo Malone signature scent      the occasion
                                           and described as both a cult and modern
                                           classic, Lime Basil & Mandarin, with its
                                           vibrant citrus notes of lime, mandarin and
                                           bergamot, combined with peppery basil, is
                                           a fragrance that’s loved by both men
                                           and women of all ages. For this reason,
                                           it’s the perfect choice for successful
                                           fragrance gift-giving

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                                                                      Honeymoon Travel
                                                                         Take Your World With You
                                         Jo Malone travel accessories are the essential companions on your honeymoon journey,
                                         ensuring your travel items are both compact and chic. We all appreciate our little, personal
                                         luxuries when away from home, stowed in a compact case that’s easily accessible for a quick
                                         refresh before arrival. Select from the In-Flight Bag, complete with miniature fragrance and skin
                                         care, and the unfilled Travel Bags, ready to be customised with your personal travel necessities.

                                                                       Essential Travel Know-How
                                         • The Jo Malone Travel Scent Surround™ Kit,
                                           containing a scented candle and linen
                                           spray, fits neatly in your suitcase, and
                                           allows you to instantly decorate your
                                           environment with delicious scent within
                                           minutes of arriving
                                         • Travel Bags can be neatly packed with all
                                           the essentials, from multifunctional skin care
                                           products that form a capsule collection, to
                                           travel-size colognes, shower gels and
                                           lotions. The bags easily stow everything you
                                           might need for any occasion and ensure
                                           perfect pampering when abroad

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                                    Wedding Planner                                          Scent SurroundTM             NOTES

                                                                                             • Scenting the ceremony
     A wedding is one of life's great moments. The Jo Malone Wedding Planner covers the
     finer details that will ensure your guests treasure and remember your wedding day       • Scenting the reception
     throughout the years. Visit your nearest Jo Malone store or contact Jo Malone Express
     to experience the complimentary service – Bridal Consultation. Your Jo Malone Gift      • Scenting the tables
     Concierge™ will discuss with you all your wedding gift-giving needs and present ideas
                                                                                             • Scenting the powder room
     and tips to style the wedding venue and create a lasting memory.

                                                                                             Wedding Day Gifts
               Skin Care                         Fragrance CombiningTM
                                                                                             • Table favours
               • Skin Care Consultation          • Fragrance Combining™ consultation
                                                                                             • Maid of honor’s gift
               • Jo Malone Facial                • Bride’s bespoke scent
                                                                                             • Bridemaids’ gift
               Wedding Day Make Up               • Groom’s bespoke scent
                                                                                             • Best man’s gift
               • Facial Finishers Consultation   • Bridal party’s bespoke scent
                                                                                             • Ushers’ gifts

       NOTES                                                                                 • Parents’ gifts

                                                                                             Honeymoon Travel
                                                                                             • In flight essentials

                                                                                             • Holiday essentials

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                                Jo Malone Express                                                                                     Store Locations
     The exclusive Jo Malone Express mail order service brings The World of                            UK Store Locations
     Jo Malone™ directly to your door with a combination of luxurious gifts, first-class service and   Sloane Street 150 Sloane Street London SW1X 9BX +44 (0) 20 7730 2100
     a very personal touch. From the chic black delivery box to the lime-scented straw
                                                                                                       Brook Street 23 Brook Street London W1K 4HA +44 (0) 870 192 5181
     surrounding the iconic cream boxes, tied with grosgrain ribbon, every order receives the
     same attention to detail for which Jo Malone is renowned.                                         Royal Exchange 24 Royal Exchange London EC3V 3LP +44 (0) 20 7444 1999
                                                                                                       Harrods 87-135 Brompton Road London SW1X 7XL +44 (0) 20 7730 1234 ext. 3254
                                                                                                       Heathrow Terminal 3 London Heathrow Airport TW6 1QG +44 (0) 20 8745 0515
                                                                                                       Windsor 47 Royal Station Parade Windsor Royal Station Windsor SL4 1PJ +44 (0) 870 192 5151
     Jo Malone Express is an innovative way to send your wedding                                       Birmingham Selfridges Upper Mall East Bullring Birmingham B5 4BP +44 (0) 870 192 5274
     gifts to family and friends, and equally perfect for having your own
                                                                                                       Chester 14 St.Michael’s Row The Mall Grosvenor Chester CH1 1EF +44 (0) 870 192 5100
     personal Jo Malone essentials delivered to you at home. All the
     Jo Malone collection, from fragrance and skin care to scents for                                  Manchester Harvey Nichols 21 New Cathedral Street Manchester M1 1AD +44 (0) 161 828 8855
     the wedding venue, are available by mail order and it couldn’t be                                 Manchester Selfridges Trafford Park Centre Manchester M17 8DA +44 (0) 870 192 5240
     easier to do.
                                                                                                       Leeds 15-17 Queen Victoria Street Victoria Quarter Leeds LS1 6BD +44 (0) 870 192 5141
     Call Jo Malone Express
                                                                                                       Edinburgh 93 George Street Edinburgh EH2 3JL +44 (0) 870 192 5161
     +44 (0) 20 7720 0202
                                                                                                       Glasgow Unit 25 Princes Square 48 Buchanan Street Glasgow G1 3JN +44 (0) 870 192 5171
     A Jo Malone Gift Concierge™ will guide you through unique
     and creative gift ideas and organise your special delivery.
                                                                                                       Republic of Ireland Store Locations
                                                                                                       Dublin Brown Thomas 88-95 Grafton Street Dublin 2 +353 1 617 1181
                                                                                                       Cork Brown Thomas 18 Patrick St Cork +353 2 1480 5555

                                                                                                       Please visit for a full list of Jo Malone store locations overseas.

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