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                      RULES AND REGULATIONS - 2006

Rules approved for use by the “Canadian Rule Book for Amateur Football”
hereinafter referred to as “The Rule Book”, will prevail at all time during league
and playoff games with these exceptions and modifications:

                                  1.0 REGISTRATION

1.1   Registration Requirements

      All players must first be registered with the association in which he/she plays.

1.2   Ages and Weights

      There are no weight restrictions in SCOFL. There is no Overage/Underweight
      category in SCOFL.

1.3   Age Verification

      Ages for Peewee is 13-14 years and Junior Varsity is 15-16 years. Players playing
      younger than 13 is left to the discretion of the individual centers. It is suggested
      that teams carrying players under 13 get written permission from the parents or
      Legal Guardian.
      Ages are to be verified by birth or baptismal certificate, naturalization papers or
      passport by the association which he/she plays. The team which he/she plays with
      must carry to all games a binder containing Registration info, min 3x2 Picture and
      photocopy (Health card optional) of documents submitted for age verification for all
      players on the team. Pictures supplied must be current and recognizable.
      These registration binders must be placed at the timers bench 30 min. prior to the
      game starting. They are not to leave the timers bench till the end of the game.
      The SCOFL executive must approve any other proof of age. A player’s age is
      determined as at midnight of May 31st of the current playing season.

      If a team is caught with an overage player the Head Coach will be suspended for
      the next 3 games. If necessary the suspension will carry over into the playoffs
      and/or the next season. The team at fault will be fined $100 for each overage
      infraction. Fines are to be in the leagues possession prior to the next scheduled
      league game oe within 15 days if no games are scheduled. All games played with
      that player (s) will be defaulted. The penalty for a second, separate incident that
      is proven, will be a lifetime SCOFL Suspension for the Head Coach. Suspensions
      are to be reported to the leaques governing body for co-operative action.
      Appeals must be in writing to the SCOFL President within 24 hours of the
      notification of the suspension. All appeals must be submitted with a $50 fee
      attached. The $50 will be returned if the appeal is won.

1.4   Registration Cut Off

      Registration is cut off prior to the third last game of the regular season.

      a) Any added player(s) must play at least 3 regular season games before they are
      eligible for playoffs.

                                 2.0 TEAM ROSTERS

2.1   Team/Game Rosters

      a) There will be no maximum size roster. The minimum dressed players required
      to start a game will be Peewee16, Junior Varsity 18

      b) Teams have 15 minutes from the scheduled game time to field the proper
      number of players. If the team is unable to field the minimum roster, a forfeit will be
      registered and the score will be 6-0. Players who are sick, injured disciplined or
      suspended will not count toward the minimum roster outlined above.

      c) Each team MUST give a completed official “SCOFL Game Roster” in the form
      attached to these rules and regulations with all no shows, injured, sick, disciplined
      and suspended players or coaches clearly marked to the game convener/timer
      and the opposing coach a minimum of ten minutes prior to the start of the game.

      d) Players arriving late (after the SCOFL game roster has been submitted) may
      play if the late player reports to the convener, the SCOFL game roster has been
      amended and the convener makes the late player known to the opposing coach.
      Until these steps have been completed, the player is not allowed on the playing

      e) Each Association must prepare and file with SCOFL on or before June 15 th of
      each year a official SCOFL game roster sheet for each team the Association has
      registered with SCOFL. Each roster shall list all the players in ascending
      numerical order by jersey number and all coaches, assistant coaches, managers
      and game and bench personnel. Any and all changes to the information appearing
      on the roster must be reported to SCOFL immediately.
      Refer to 1.4a and 4.5c

2.2   Roster Deletions

      There shall be no Roster deletions or numbering changes unless authorized by

                             3.0 FIELDS AND EQUIPMENT

3.1   Jersey Numbering

      SCOFL Peewee’s does not follow the “numbering system” in accordance with the
      “Amateur Rule book”.
      SCOFL Junior Varsity follows the “numbering system” in accordance with the
      “Amateur Rule book”.

All players on the same team must be dressed with the same colour and design of
sweater for games. Switching of sweaters during a game is not permitted without
notification to the game convener and opposing team. (i.e. torn sweater)

3.2   Regulation Footballs

      Only the approved SCOFL ball will be used for games, they are as follows:

      Peewee use Intermediate size Wilson composite or Proformance 201 composite.

      Junior Varsity use Full size Wilson composite or Proformance 200 composite.

3.3   2 balls acceptable by the Referee’s are required for each game.

3.4   Home team must provide towels for use by Referee’s in inclement weather.

                     4.0 SCHEDULING - GAMES & PLAYOFFS

4.1   Scheduling Procedures

      a) All associations will provide the SCOFL scheduler with all home dates available
         during the season.

      b) SCOFL will make every effort to ensure that teams play an equal number of
      away games as home games. It will be each association’s responsibility to provide
      sufficient times and dates to schedule the proper number of home games. SCOFL
      will make every attempt to have at least an 8 game schedule.

      c) The SCOFL will provide each association with a schedule by the February
      meeting of the playing year. The associations will have until March meeting to
      request any changes. The SCOFL will then provide a revised schedule. Only
      changes that are approved by the President or Vice President of both associations
      involved will be allowed. All changes must be brought to the attention of the
      Vice-President of SCOFL before changes are made official.

4.2   Postponed Games

      a)     Games may be postponed only with the agreement of the President or Vice
              President of both associations involved. The Association asking for the
              postponement within seven days will be responsible for the rescheduled
              game, including the cost of the fields, referee’s and medical support.
              Notification of postponement and the date, place and time the rescheduled
              game is to be played must be given to the Vice-President of SCOFL in
              writing prior to the postponed game being played.
      b)     Any game deemed unplayable at the start of the game due to
              circumstances beyond control are to be rescheduled as per 4.4

4.3   Forfeited Games

      Games forfeited for any reason will result in the awarding of the win to the team
      that was not responsible for the forfeit and the score will be recorded as 6 to 0.

4.4   Incomplete Games

      In the event a game must be suspended for any reason, if the game is suspended
      after the 3rd quarter is complete the game will be deemed to be complete and the
      score at that time will be deemed to be the final score of the game.

      If the game is suspended before the end of the 3 rd quarter, the score will be
      deemed to be nil and the game is to be re-scheduled to be played later in its
      entirety. The cost of the fields referees, buses and medical personnel for the
      rescheduled game is to be shared equally between the associations involved.

4.5   Playoff Schedule

      a)      A playoff schedule is to be established prior to each season and agreed
              upon by all associations.

      b)      All teams make the playoffs

      c) Any player missing games due to early season injury/rehab period are games

           Refer to 1.4a and 2.1e

4.6   Overtime

      In the event of a tie score at the end of regulation time in a playoff game or regular
      season game or tie breaking game to determine final standings, overtime will be
      In event of overtime, there will be a flip (visiting team calls) for possession or
      field position(choices are offense, defense or field position).
      Ball placed on the 35 yd. Line, play continues until score or downs exhausted. The
      other team then has an opportunity to do the same. If still tied, repeat until a winner
      is determined. During regular season a limit of two attempts by both teams. If the
      game is not determined by then the game ends in a tie. If the game is won, the
      winning team is awarded 2 points and the losing team is awarded 1 point. If the
      game remains a tie each team is awarded 1 point.

4.7   Referees

      a) Each centre will book their own referees for home games and will have:
          Peewee a minimum of 3 Referees (4 Recommended)
         Junior Varsity a minimum of 4 (5 Recommended)

      b) If there is not enough Referee’s at game time there will be 30min wait, after
         30 min wait if still short the game will be rescheduled.

      c) If there is only a minimum number of referees and a referee can not continue
         (i.e. injury) the game will be stopped and rescheduled unless the game is in
          the fourth quarter where the game will be considered complete as per 4.4


5.1   Sportsmanship

      All players and bench personnel on each team shall, following each game, line up
      and shake hands with the opposing team. Players must wear their helmets during
      this gesture of sportsmanship and shall not remove them until instructed to do so
      by their coach.

5.2   Ejections and Suspensions

      a)     An individual player receiving any combined total of 3 UR and or OC
             penalties during the same game, will be ejected from the game in question.
             The game official is to clearly note such player )s) ejection on the score
             sheet, as the offending individual will be subject to subsequent suspension.
             ( Prior to this the official retains the discretionary right to recommend to a
             coach that a player leave the field for a suitable “cooling off period”)

      b)     If a player, coach or assistant is ejected from a game, he/she will be
             suspended for the balance of that game plus the next game ONLY if a
             report is filed on the game sheet by the referees. The referee shall sign the
             game sheet below the ejection information. Suspensions and ejections
             shall be reported to the SCOFL Board within 24 hours.

      c)     In the case of a suspended player, he/she must be dressed in his/her jersey
             only and be in his/her bench area while serving the suspension.
             Suspensions apply to both league and play off games. If a player fails to
             appear at his suspended game the suspension will carry over until the
             player has properly sat his/her suspension.

      d)     In the case of a suspended coach or assistant, he/she is not permitted to
             attend the game or pregame activities and cannot in any way coach or
             attempt to coach or otherwise influence the game. Suspensions apply to
             both league and playoff games.

      e)     If the next scheduled following is an exhibition game, the suspended player,
             coach or assistant will not be allowed to participate and the suspension
             penalty will apply to the next league or playoff game.

      f)     If a player, coach or assistant is ejected or suspended again, the matter will
             be dealt with by the SCOFL Board.

      g)     Suspended players, coaches and assistants will be noted on the game
             roster as “suspended”.

      h)     The SCOFL Board of Directors may eject or suspend any team member,
             coach or assistant coach or other person whose conduct is unbecoming to
             SCOFL and impose such other penalty as the Board in its sole discretion
             considers appropriate.

      i)     Subject to any extension granted by the SCOFL Board, all ejections and
             suspensions must be served immediately.

5.3   Intent to Injure

      Any player ejected from a game for intent to injure will automatically receive a 3
      (three) game suspension. If a second ejection for intent to injure occurs during the
      same season, the player will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

5.4   Suspensions & Governing Body

      SCOFL shall report to the Governing Body all suspensions and disciplinary actions
      as required by the Governing body’s by-laws. The SCOFL will recognize all
      suspensions and disciplinary actions given by any other governing body
      sanctioned association or league. For example, if a player, coach or administrator,
      etc. was suspended for one(1) year in his high school program, this suspension will
      be honored by the SCOFL for the same period of time. This will be reviewed on a
      case by case basis.

5.5   Record of Suspensions

      A record will be kept on file of all suspensions so that there is a history on all
      players, coaches and bench personnel.

5.6   Protests

      a)    Protests of regular season games must be submitted in writing by a head
            coach within forty-eight (48) hours of the start time of the game to which the
            protest relates to the SCOFL President or designate.

      b)    Protests of playoff games must be submitted in writing by the Association or
            a sanctioned person from the Association involved as soon as possible
            after the game under protest has been completed to the SCOFL President
            or designate.

      c)    The intent to register a protest must be legibly entered in the “comments”
            section of the game score sheet with the words “Game under Protest” or
            words to that effect and the game sheet should be signed by both head

      d)    Protests may be resolved by the SCOFL Board. However, in circumstance
            in which time constraints make it necessary or practical to do so, the
            President or his/her designate shall conduct a phone poll of the Board of
            Directors and a decision made. If a decision cannot be made prior to the
            next game, then all parties involved will play until a decision is forthcoming.

                   6.0 COACHING STAFF & GAME PERSONNEL

6.1   Head Coach

      All head coaches must be registered with their association. Each member of
      SCOFL should encourage its coaches to obtain their Level 1 certification before
      entering their third year and the level 2 NCCP before entering their sixth year of
      coaching with SCOFL. Head coaches are responsible for all team and bench
      personnel ie. assistant coaches, team managers, etc.

6.2   Assistant Coaches

      Assistant coaches must be appointed by the head coach or Association and must
      be registered with their Association and should be encouraged to complete the
      highest level of coaching certification as possible.

6.3   Team Managers

      Team Managers must be appointed by the head coach or Association and must be
      registered with their Association and with SCOFL. The team manger of the home
      team shall be responsible for supplying the team roster, a SCOFL game sheet and
      a copy of the “Instructions for Conveners” at least fifteen minutes before starting
      any sanctioned SCOFL game.

6.4   Game Personnel

      All associations will provide a convener, who may also be the scorekeeper,
      timekeeper and other required personnel, to handle all duties for each home

      Each away team should attempt to supply an assistant convener. [See 8.1 (a)]

                     7.0 CONVENERS & GAME REGULATIONS

7.1   Game Convener

      a)     A game convener who understands timing and score sheet regulations will
             be provided by the home association. The visiting team is encouraged to
             provide the convener an assistant to avoid any conflicts. The assistant
             convener may assist the convener and verify times and scores, but the
             home association convener is responsible for the official time and record

             All score keepers, timekeepers and game conveners must be on the team
             bench side of the field during the game.

      b)     A mixed crew of referees representing the different associations may be
             used for championship games.

7.2   Medical Support

      a)     The home team’s association will provide a person(s) who is qualified to
             tend to sports related injuries for each field upon which a game is being
             played and a mobile telephone on site for use for medical or emergency

      b)     Each association must obtain SCOFL’s Board of Directors approval for all
             person(s) or medical services used in SCOFL games.

      c)     If the medical support has not appeared fifteen minutes(15) before game
             time, the coaches shall be informed and the game convener shall make a
             call to the individual or service. The game will not begin until their arrival.
             After a thirty minute (30) game delay, the game must be rescheduled.

7.3   Injuries

      Players who are injured or “take a knee” must report to the Medical
      Personnel(medic). The player must be cleared by the medic and the medic must
      have advised the convener accordingly before the player may re-enter the game.
      The Trainer brought in to do the games has total authority on if or when a injured
      player can return to the game.
7.4   Scoring


             Touchdown         (6)points         To be marked on score sheet as TD
             Single rouge      (1) point         Marked as R
             Safety            (2) points        Marked as ST
             Field Goal        (3) points        Marked as FG


             Kicked convert 1 points     Marked as KC
             Pass convert 2 points       Marked as PC
             Run convert 2 point         Marked as RC

7.5   Score Sheets

      Score sheets must be an official SCOFL Game Sheet and must be signed in order

      1.     Game Convener/Timekeeper    2.      Medical Personnel
      3.     Head Coaches (both)         4.      Head Referee

      Game conveners/score keeper are to make sure scoring is correct and totaled and
      entered FINAL SCORE BOX. Head Coaches must verify and sign that the score is
      correct. Each head coach will receive a copy of the signed game sheet.

7.6   Points Awarded

      Standings are to be determined by points as follows:

      Win: Two (2) points
      Tie: One (1) point
      Loss: No points
      Overtime loss: one (1) point

      Final standings will be determined on a percentage basis if teams have not played
      an equal number of games.

7.7   Breaking Ties in Standings

      If two or more teams are tied, the tie is broken in the following order:

      a)     Head to Head.

      b)     Head to Head points against

      c)     Head to Head points for
      d)     Total points against with like opponents

      e)     Total points for with like opponents

      f)     Flip a coin

7.8   Timing and Downs

      Games for Peewee will consist of four twelve-minute quarters playing four down
      Games for Junior Varsity will consist of four Fifteen-minute quarters playing four
      down Football.
      Both Peewee and JV age groups are permitted 2 time outs per regulation half in
      each game. Timeouts can not be saved up and there are no further timeouts
      permitted during SCOFL overtime.

7.9   Time Stoppage

      The clock must stop after the following:


      a)     after any score;
      b)     any time-out is called;
      c)     penalty marker down - time in on referees signal;
      d)     injury time-out - time in on referees signal.


      In addition to the above, time will be stopped:
      a)     on referees signal; and,
      b)     on change of possession.


8.1   Privileges

      a) Only authorized game personnel including players, coaches or assistant
         coaches, trainers and managers will be permitted in the bench area. The
         names of all bench personnel MUST appear on the SCOFL game roster. No
         other people will be allowed on the bench side of the field during the game.

      b) During the game, all personnel must be in the bench area unless authorized to
         be elsewhere by the convener or game referee.

      c) The head coach is responsible for the conduct of the bench personnel for
         his/her team and for enforcing the SCOFL rules and regulations applicable to
         bench personnel.

      d) The bench area will be between the twenty-five(25) and forty-five(45) yard
         lines on the team’s side of the fifty-five(55) yard line. The area may be defined
         by markings on the ground.

      e) Coaches of both Visiting and Home teams are to have equal opportunity
         access to any potentially existing “ Observation or spotting” facilities (ie:
         building rooftop, elevated scaffolding/tower). Should the visiting team clearly
         decline the offered use, the Home team may proceed to utilized such facilities
         at their option.

      f) SCOFL will permit the optional usage of simple electronic gear, between team
         spotters and the team bench. Since the cost of simple 2 way radios or walkie
         talkies has become fairly reasonable, it is feasible for any team tp procure such
         basic equipment. At this time SCOFL is not permitting radio communication
         between the coaches and on field players.

      g) Opposition videotaping is permitted at all SCOFL games. This includes
         pre-taping of scheduled opposition, during one of their current games . But
         videographers should acknowledge their presence… as a common courtesy to
         the team (s) to be taped. (As it is unethical…opposition taping is not permitted
         at the practices of other teams.

8.2   Team Captains

      Captains will be declared prior to the opening kick off. Only captains may ask the
      referee for his interpretation of a rule (only one captain may ask). The referee will
      explain options on penalties to one captain and only that player may exercise the
      option. A captain, like any other player, may not argue with or question the
      judgment of any field official.

8.3   Opening Kick-Off

      The opening kick-off will be determined be the toss of a coin. The winner of the
      toss will choose one (1) of the following:

      a)     choice of possession
      b)     choice of field to defend

       c)     choice of decision in the second half

                            9.0 DISPUTE RESOLUTION

Subject to the Constitution and By-laws of the Governing Body, all disputes shall be
resolved by the SCOFL Board of Directors or according to the following procedure:

The subject matter of a dispute may include decisions made by the SCOFL executive.
However, decisions of the SCOFL Board are final.

The Complaint

All disputes must comply with the time limits and procedures contained in the SCOFL
Rules and Regulations where applicable.

Unless time limits make it impractical, all disputes must be in writing (the complaint) and
received by a member of the SCOFL Board of Directors within 24 hours of the happening
of the event which is the subject matter of the dispute.

Only the matters described in the complaint will be considered by the tribunal described

The Secretary of the SCOFL Board will forward a copy of the complaint to a member of
the Board of Directors of the Centre or Centres, affected by the complaint as soon as
practicable. In cases in which a person is affected by the complaint, the Centre with
whom the person is registered or associated is responsible for providing a copy of the
complaint to the person.

The Centre or person or both as the case may be affected by the complaint may file a
written answer to the complaint (the reply) with the Secretary of SCOFL within 48 hours of
the Centre receiving the complaint. Only matters responding to the subject matter of the
complaint will be considered by the tribunal described below.

The Tribunal

The tribunal shall consist of three arbitrators all of whom shall be current SCOFL Board
members at the time they are chosen.

The SCOFL President or, in his absence or incapacity, his designate, shall choose two
other SCOFL Board members and together they shall be the tribunal.

No member of the tribunal may be registered with or be the SCOFL representative for the
Centre or Centres that are complainants or respondents or with which any complainant or

respondent is registered or associated.


Each complaint will proceed in accordance with Rules decided upon by the tribunal
subject only to the following:

a)            all parties to the dispute are to be provided with copies of all documents
              relevant to the dispute at the expense of the complainant(s) within a
              reasonable time prior to consideration of the dispute by the tribunal;

b)            the tribunal will advise all parties of the time limits within which procedural
              steps are to be completed;

c)            all parties to the dispute shall have an opportunity to state their case or
              position (by hearing or in writing as the tribunal may decide) prior to the
              tribunal considering and deciding upon the dispute.

d)            The tribunal may consider and act upon any evidence it considers reliable.

e)            The burden of proof is on the balances of probabilities.


The tribunal shall decide the dispute within 48 hours after receiving all the evidence.

The tribunal shall decide all the issues before it by majority vote and may impose any
penalty it decides is appropriate not otherwise provided for in these rules and regulations.

The tribunal is not required to but may give reasons for its decision.

No tribunal member shall disclose to anyone anything said or done by a member of the
tribunal during the process arriving at a decision.


All decisions of a tribunal are final and binding and are not subject to appeal or review by
a Court or other entity except as provided in the Constitution and By-laws of the
Governing Body.

                                   10.0 AMENDMENTS

10.1   These Rules and Regulations may be amended by at least a two-thirds vote of the

       eligible members of the SCOFL Board present at any scheduled meeting of the
       Board until the start of the playing season (i.e. the first scheduled game)

10.2   Any changes to the Rules and Regulations must be presented to the SCOFL
       Board at a regular Board meeting or emergency meeting and voted on.

10.3   Only Rules and Regulations which pertain to the orderly and safe conduct of the
       remaining games may be changed after the start of the playing season (ie the first
       scheduled game). These changes may be made with the unanimous consent of
       the members of the SCOFL Board present at a regularly scheduled meeting or
       emergency meeting.

10.4   These Rules and Regulations may not be amended at any specially called meeting
       of the SCOFL Board. ie. Rules & Regulation meeting