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Class Supplies
3-Ring Notebook Paper (wide-ruled)
3-Ring Notebook Binder
Elmer’s White or Blue School Glue (1)
2-Pocket Folders (5)
Plastic Pencil Box with snap lid (1)
Book Bag – NO wheels (1)
Pink Pearl Eraser® (3)
Ruler - cm. & in. (1)
Scissors – blunt tip with metal blade (1)
12-pack #2 Pencils (1) – replenish often
Crayons – 16 ct. (2)
Box of tissues – replenish often
Bible – modern translation or children’s version
Bible Coloring Books - do not allow use before school starts

Spanish Supplies
NIV Spanish Bible (paper back)
Marble® Composition Notebook
Spanish/English Dictionary
Glue Stick – will take from general supplies to Spanish class when necessary
#2 Pencil – will take from general supplies to Spanish class

Snack Time
Students should pack a snack and a sports top drink or drink with straw.

Just in Case Clothes
Please send a pair of clean clothes (including underwear and socks) in Zip-loc® bag with your child’s name
on it. Please make sure that the clothes you send are season appropriate.

Additional Information
RCA does not allow students to use refrigerator. If you plan to send lunches that require refrigeration,
please purchase a thermal lunch box.

Please do not send pencil sharpeners or permanent markers. LABEL EVERYTHING with your child’s
first and last name before sending it to school.

Please do not purchase items with unacceptable characters on them. We do not promote magic or wizardry,
please refer to the school handbook or call the office if you have a question.

Phonics and Reading
     Review of vowels, consonants, blends, one and two vowel words, consonant blends. Recognition
         and use of all phonics special sounds in reading.
     Spelling rules: double consonants, dropping silent e, changing y to i
Spelling and Poetry
     Weekly phonics based word list, weekly test, reinforcement activities, eight poems committed to
     Capitalization rules and proper use of punctuation.
     Alphabetizing of words.
       Words using suffixes, prefixes, syllables, compound words, rhyming words, opposite words, same
        meaning words and contractions.
     Writing complete sentences and creative writing.
History and Geography
     My America, My America Grows, My World (the countries)
     Health and Human Biology, Animals, Plants, Energy, Seasons.
     Number recognition, counting and writing 1 – 1,000.
     Greatest and least, counting and writing by tens, fives, twos and threes.
     Addition facts with carrying
     Calendars, rulers, telling time to the nearest five minutes, odd and even numbers, place values,
        unit fractions, roman numerals and much more.
Spanish as a Second Language and Computer

Dress Code (K4 – 4th Grade)

        Navy or Khaki Colored Uniform Style Pants or Shorts – Must wear belt.
        White or Light Blue Polo or Oxford Shirt (No Navy shirts)
        Navy, Brown, White, or Black solid color shoes. Shoes should not have colors or characters on
         them. No sandals. It is preferred to wear a tennis shoe or rubber soled shoe.
        Wednesday Chapel Attire – Navy Uniform pants and White Oxford shirt with Navy tie. You may
         also purchase a tie from the uniform company.

        Navy or Khaki skorts or jumpers. No short skirts or pants.
        The plaid uniform may be purchased directly from Rose Uniform company (details below)
        White or Light Blue polo shirts or blouses.
        Navy, Brown, White, or Black solid color shoes. Shoes should not have colors or characters on
         them. No sandals or flip-flops. It is preferred to wear tennis or rubber soled shoes.
        Wednesday Chapel Attire – Navy jumper and white blouse.

    Uniforms may be purchased in keeping with the school code; however, it is recommended that you
                  purchase from Rose Uniform Company at