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Name of Project        DHE Training and Advocacy Project
Name of Organization   Dawn of Hope Ethiopia Association
Location               Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            This project is to improve quality of life of PLWHA, reduce rates of
                       mortality and morbidity through comprehensive care and treatment
                       information through the activities below.
Activities              To provide training on ART literacy for a minimum of 30 home
                            base care provider
                        To promote adherence to ART and TB treatment to over 90%
                            through mobilizing the support of the community, educating
                            and providing psycho-social support to PLWHAS and family
                            members through home base care approach.
                        To produce and disseminate IEC material to fight stigma and
                            discrimination and to reach as many people as possible.
                        To strengthen the capacity of DHE-A to effectively implement
                            holistic ART intervention

Name of Project        Empowering Tilla members and home carers to promote the uptake of
                       Anti-retroviral Treatment (ART)
Name of Organization   TILLA Ethiopia
Location               Awassa, Ethiopia
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            TILLA was formed with a view of educating women and the local
                       communities about HIV in order to prevent the spread of the virus
                       and reduce the stigma and discrimination suffered people living
                       with HIV. This project will support its members who are living with
                       HIV/AIDS to live a full and positive life through the activities below.

Activities                Conduct 5 days training on ART to current 70 Tilla members
                           who regularly undertake life testimonials to sensitize local
                           communities. This will be covered in 4 workshops.
                          Conduct 3 days training on ART for targeting 30 Home carers.
                           This would be done in two workshops.
                          Training for 15 Tilla counselors for 5 days in supporting PLHAs
                           people before and after ART

Name of Project        HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness
Name of Organization   Sudanese Women HIV/AIDS Awareness (SWAAP)
Location               Juba, Sudan
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            SWAAP was initiated in 2003 with a purpose of serving people
                       from STDs and especially HIV/AIDS in areas most affected such
                       as Southern Sudan. it aimed to achieve this through sensitizing
                       and mobilizing the Sudanese community especially the youth,
                       women and the community leaders about the plight of
                       HIV/AIDS.SWAAP would achieve the following through the
                       activities below.

Activities                To continue counseling and teaching the community especially
                           the high-risk groups (12-45 years of age) around us about
                           preventive skills and safety measures against HIV/AIDS.
                          To train 80 people about the danger of HIV/AIDS
                          To refer those with HIV/AIDS symptom to Juba Hospital
                          Mobilization of people affected by HIV/ADIS and Counseling
                          Lobby and Advocacy
                          Referral of people living with HIV/AIDS to Juba Hospital

Name of Project        HIV/AIDS Awareness Program
Name of Organization   New Sudanese Treatment Access Movement (NSTAM)
Location               Juba, Sudan
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            NSTAM originated from the coalition of HIV/AIDS mobilizers from
                       different local and international organizations working in Magwi
                       County It’s goal is to build the capacity of the community to create
                       awareness and be part and parcel of the struggle to educate their
                       own community on the basic knowledge on HIV/AIDS, its impact
                       and the necessity of combating it together. NSTAM will achieve its
                       goal through the below activities
Activities              Increase the level of HIV/AIDS literacy in the community
                        Equip the community with the knowledge and skills to help the
                            community through counselling
                        It will enable the organisation to reach to other partners
                        It will greatly help PLWHA to build their capacity and assist
                            their immediate family

Name of Project        COPE ARV Treatment literacy Project (COPE)
Name of Organization   Coast People Living with HIV/AIDS
Location               Mombasa, Kenya
Grant Amount           USD 5,840
Description            COPE is a Community-based organization by PLWAs acting as a
                       support group and awareness raising with an aim of reducing
                       stigma and empowering NGOs through support counseling,
                       treatment adherence and advocate for equality among infected and

Activities                Print 1200 brochures on ART drugs benefit for distribution
                           during the outreaches
                          Develop A Time Table for the Outreaches programs
                          Communicate with the collaborators E.g. Administration,
                           CACC's , Religious leaders to Mobilize the community
                          Conduct four outreaches a month Using PLWHA's On ART
                           Drugs as role models
                          Distribute 1200 Brochures during each outreach

Name of Project        Treatment Literacy and Advocacy for PLHAs
Name of Organization   AIDS Information Center (AIC)
Location               Nairobi, Kenya
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            AIC exists to prevent the spread of HIV and mitigate its impact by
                       being a model of excellence in the dissemination of HIV/AIDS
                       Information, skills building, advocacy for enhanced access to
                       treatment and the promotion of visibility of PLHAs. AIC will achieve
                       these through the activities below.
Activities              Conduct 2 treatment literacy workshops to a total of 60 PLHAs
                        Conduct community treatment outreaches to PLHAs and their
                           family members
                        Provide peer counseling on treatment adherence to PLHAs
                           and their family members.
                        Conduct stigma reduction and treatment outreaches to the
                        Produce treatment literacy brochures and fliers for information
                           dissemination in Swahili
Name of Project        TB/HIV Advocacy project
Name of Organization   Network of Men Living with HIV/AIDS (NETMA)
Location               Nairobi, Kenya
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            The Network of Men Living with HIV/AIDS (NETMA+) brings
                       together men infected with HIV who are committed to Gender
                       Equity and Human Rights as the guiding principles. The NETMA+
                       is formed objectively and purposely.
                       The project will support and empower men living with and affected
                       by HIV/AIDS through the activities below :
Activities              Establishment of TB/HIV mechanisms for collaboration
                        6 Community outreach for overcoming Stigma related to
                        2 Skills strengthening for TB/HIV co-infected in Patients on
                            communication and advocacy, treatment literacy
                        Production of IEC materials for information dissemination on
                        Media Involvement to pursue TB/HIV advocacy
                        Data collection and analysis on TB/HIV
                        Monitoring and evaluation

Name of Project        Treatment Preparedness Training Program
Name of Organization   DACASA/OPLAK
Location               Nairobi, Kenya
Grant Amount           USD 9,014

Description            These organizations based in large slum areas in Nairobi, Kenya
                       work with PLWHAs to provide psychosocial support therapy ,
                       nutritional support and providing HIV/AIDS treatment and care
Activities              The project is to establish community mobilization and
                          sensitization campaigns on treatment preparedness.
                        Training workshops on treatment preparedness
                        Sensitization match/ procession, public baraza and youth
                          puppet shows

Name of Project        HIV/AIDS Treatment Literacy project
Name of Organization   Women Orphan Support Initiative Agenda (WOSIA)
Location               Migori, Kenya
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            WOSIA is a Community Initiative working towards care, support
                       and management of socio – economic issues affecting the widows
                       and orphans hence the name WOSIA.
                       It hopes to achieve its goal through the activities below.
Activities                Strengthened the ability of local CHW to provide technical
                           guidance in treatment literacy.
                          Facilitate 4 training workshops for PLWHA and HBC providers
                           on Treatment quality control, Adherence and HIVAIDS
                          Improve HIVAIDS Treatment Management through
                           development of uniform referral system with MOH and other
                           stakeholder and locating a PLWHA leader in rotation by the
                           Support Center.
                          Initiative sustainable IGA for CHW for Sustainability of their
                           services to PLWHA.

Name of Project        Enhancing Treatment Literacy among community based healthcare
                       providers within urban slum dwelling

Name of Organization   MCDI
Location               Nairobi, Kenya
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            The project, which was initiated by health-care professionals,
                       provides community based capacity building for PLWHAs. They
                       also have a centre where people seek information on HIV

Activities             Treatment Literacy Workshops


Name of Project        Improving Access to Treatment for People living with HIV/AIDS
                       through treatment literacy programs
Name of Organization   Integrated Community Based Post Test Club (ICOTEST)
Location               Busheshi, Uganda
Grant Amount           USD 8,209
Description            ICOTEST was formed in November 2004 by people who
                       underwent voluntary Counselling and testing by Integrated
                       Community Based Initiative. It was formed to help PLHAs share
                       information and experience in living with HIV. The club was started
                       by 108 members after realizing the increasing numbers of people
                       testing positive. So far the membership has grown up to 180.
Activity                To train and equip 29 peer educators drawn from 29 sub-
                            counties of Bushenyi district with Treatment literacy and
                            preparedness skills by the May 2006.
                        To conduct 58 outreaches in 29 sub-counties with the aim of
                            educating and informing the communities on treatment literacy
                           and the role of communities in treatment by the end of August
                          To hold twelve radio talk shows on radio west featuring
                           treatment literacy by December 2006.

Name of Project        Soroti Women Living with HIV/AIDS treatment project
Name of Organization   Municipal PLHA Network (MUNOPHA))
Location               Soroti, Uganda
Grant Amount           USD 5,890
Description            MUNOPHA was formed in May 2005 by various community
                       initiative groups, set up a network advocating for prevention, VCT,
                       PMTCT, Family Planning, TB screening, CD4 count, ART/
                       treatment of opportunistic infections and psychosocial support
                       services. It would achieve its goal through the below activities
Activities              Education and sensitization on proper medication, time and
                        Train ART support team
                        Conduct community home visiting care and support
                        Refer orphans for support
                        Advocacy for children's rights and property ownership
                        Establish a viable drop in centre for providing information
                        Establish a viable economic empowerment

Name of Project        Kibaanet Anti-retroviral treatment literacy support Project
Name of Organization   Kibale District Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS
Location               Kibaale Uganda
Grant Amount           USD 8,231
Description            KIBAANET was founded by a group pf people living with HIV/AIDS
                       in Kibaale District in March 2003. It was formed to bring together
                       PHA in Kibaale District to strengthen advocacy strategies for
                       improved health services. The activities below would help
                       KIBAANET achieve its goals.
Activities              Carryout a TOT for 38 PLHA already taking ARVs
                        To conduct 4 radio talk show
                        Production of 5000 IEC materials in local language obtained
                           and disseminated at country level
                        Follow up workshop for 100 care givers about PHA who have
                           just started ARV’s and Septrin
Name of Project        Improving Access to Treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS
Name of Organization   Together Against AIDS Positive Association (TAAPA)
Location               Wakiso District, Uganda
Grant Amount           USD 8,324
Description            TAAPA is a community based organization, with a community
                       based approach using local and other resources through skill-
                       based community training. It is a PLHAs association who came
                       together to address issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS prevention,
                       care, support and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS, fighting
                       stigma and discrimination and mitigation of the impact of HIV/AIDS.
Activities              To train 21 local councillors in treatment literacy and
                           documentation of experiences and lessons learnt in Nabweru
                           sub-county by April 2005.
                        To facilitate 21 councillors to conduct community sensitisation
                           per month for 12 months in Nabweru sub-county by the end of
                        To document the experiences and lessons learnt in Nabweru

Name of Project        Mitigating Health Effects of HIV/AIDS and improving the quality of
                       life of PLWHAs
Name of Organization   Rukungiri District Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS
Location               Rukungiri Uganda
Grant Amount           USD 5,593
Description            RUDINET+ was formed in November 1998 to improve the quality of
                       life of PHA’s and enhancing the capacities of its members in
                       HIV/AIDS prevention and care to infected and affected families.
Activities              Training 30 PLHA leaders on the national ART program
                        Mobilize and train 250 PLHAs as promoters to community HIV
                            home based care program to improve ART compliance
                        Follow up home visits to ARVs clients

Name of Project        HIV/AIDS Treatment Access project
Name of Organization   Solidarity for AIDS Organizations (SAO)
Location               Soroti, Uganda
Grant Amount           USD 5,890
Description            SAO was formed in December 2003 during notorious LRA rebel
                       invasion of Teso region of Eastern Uganda when no other service
                       provider was operating in the area. It was formed by the
                       community living in the IDP camps of Wera Sub County to fill the
                       gap created by the departure of other service providers because of
Activities              Hold a sensitization workshop for 35 medical workers, local
                           leaders and traditional leaders in order to lobby for support to
                           increase access to treatment for PLWHAs
                          Conduct training workshop for 26 community volunteers and
                          To conduct video shows and public testimonies to sensitize the
                           community on the need to seek for early treatment of OIs and
                          To facilitate formation of PLWHA groups to ease mobilization
                          Introduce logbooks for PLWHAs to track treatment services
                           accessed by PLWHAs.
                          Collect, compile and maintain records monthly and quarterly.
                          Hold monthly progress review meetings.
                          Conduct field visits to PLWHAs and field workers.

Name of Project        Community based project of persons living with HIV/AIDS
Name of Organization   Katawki Egangakinos People Living with HIV/AIDS (KEPLWA)
Location               Katakwi district, Uganda
Grant Amount           USD 5,061
Description            KEPLWA is a community based initiative of persons living with
                       HIV/AIDS. It was started in 2001 to deal with issues affecting
                       PLHAs, widows, OVCs. KEPLWA would try to achieve its goal
                       through the activities below
Activity                Training volunteers on HBC management to equip them with
                           basic facts about treatment access for HIV/AIDS.
                        Mobilize and sensitize the communities (IDPS) on treatment
                        Video shows to educate the communities on the ways /
                           advantages of accessing treatment.
                        Strengthening the referral system in the project area.
                        To support PHAS and families on IGA.
                        Creating awareness on treatment access and adherence.
                        Reduces stigma thus: Adherence to treatment.
                        Improvement in the nutritional base of the PHAS.
                        Skills of managing PHAS at home i.e. reducing bed occupancy
                           in hospitals

Name of Project        Improved Access to Youth Friendly services
Name of Organization   Uganda Young Positives (UYP)
Location               Kampala, Uganda
Grant Amount           USD 9,877
Description            UYP is an organization which brings together young people 24yrs
                       and below who have tested HIV positive. It was formed to have a
                       fully involved group of young people living with HIV/AIDS by
                       presenting the human face and voice of epidemic. It aims at
                       improving quality of life for young people living with HIV/AIDS in
                       Uganda and to engage young people living with HIV/AIDS in
                       scaling up process of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support.
                       It aims to achieve the above through the below activities
Activities              General HIV/AIDS/STI/Reproductive health education
                        Mobilization of youths for treatment access and map out
                            treatment centers in existence.
                        Advocacy for treatment for youths
                        Resource, community mobilization and sensitization
                        Development of youth talents.
                        Increase and improve treatment literacy among young people.


Name of Project        Treatment and advocacy empowerment for women groups
Name of Organization   Tanzanian Network of Women with HIV/AIDS (TNWL)
Location               Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Grant Amount           USD 8,530
Description            TNW+ is an association network for and run by Tanzanian women
                       who are HIV positive. It started in 2004. TNW aims to improve the
                       quality of life of women living with HIV/AIDS.
Activities                conduct I week training workshop on Training for Basic
                           Advocacy Skills targeting 30 PLHAs
                          conduct I week training workshop on Training HIV/AIDS
                           treatment education targeting 30 PLHAs

Name of Project        Joint Project on treatment literacy and advocacy for women living
                       with HIV/AIDS
Name of Organization   National Network of Tanzanian Women with HIV/AIDS (NETWO)
Location               Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Grant Amount           USD 9,998.00
Description            NETWO+ is the National Network for and run by women with
                       HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. NETWO+ was established in 2002.
                       NETWO+ was formed due to the fact that women with HIV/AIDS in
                       Tanzania experienced a missing link between individuals, groups
                       and organizations of women with HIV/AIDS in all over the country.
                       Also women with HIV/AIDS saw that it is time for women+ to stand
                       up on their own in order to voice out for their rights and compliment
                       government efforts and other stake holders in the fight against
                       HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.
Activities              Conduct a three days workshop training on Treatment literacy
                           to all the 8 zones where NETWO is represented. The trainings
                           will be for women living with HIV/AIDS. A total of 40 women
                           per zone will be targeted for these trainings.
Name of Project        Community Based HIV treatment literacy
Name of Organization   VUKA Tanzania
Location               Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Grant Amount           USD 4,756
Description            VUKA Tanzania is a social organization started in 1999 as a
                       community based organization (CBO) but in 2001, it was officially
                       registered as an NGO. VUKA Tanzania has a vision of an
                       empowered community taking action against problems facing it
                       and to support the community and to alleviate the suffering and
                       improve the quality of life of the vulnerable and marginalized
                       individuals and groups through education, care and support
Activities              Hold Monthly Meetings for PLWHA
                        Training of 24 volunteer care givers on ARV treatment
                        Conducting home visits to homebound PLWHA
                        Develop, print and distribute reading materials on HIV
                        Follow –up and Supervision
                        Final Evaluation

Name of Project        Capacity building on positive living in the era of ARVs
Name of Organization   Tanzanian Development and AIDS Prevention (TADEPA)
Location               Bukoba, Tanzania
Grant Amount           USD 5,802
Description            TADEPA was registered in 1997 and is based in Bukoba, Kagera
                       Region, Tanzania. The main purpose of TADEPA is to participate
                       fully in the fight against HIV transmission, care for HIV/AIDS
                       affected and afflicted people and to promote development in
                       totality. TADEPA has 16 members forming a multi-disciplinary
                       team with more than 10 years experience in the HIV/AIDS field.
                       TADEPA works with over 700 community volunteers to conduct its
Activities              To train twenty PLWHA as trainers of trainees (TOTs) in order
                            to have the capacity to give education on stigma, living
                            positively and ARVs
                        To train 20 Health workers in Bukoba rural districts on
                            HIV/AIDS updates including ARVs and follow up for PLWHA in
                            order to refer 100 patients for care and treatment
                        To reach at least 22,000 people through the production and
                            distribution of simple adaptable brochures and posters on
                        To encourage other groups to invite the TOTs to training and
                            sensitisation activities in order to reach at least 400
Name of Project        Treatment and support for PLHAs in Zanzibar
Name of Organization   Zanzibar Association for People living with HIV/AIDS (ZAPHA+)
Location               Zanzibar, Tanzania
Grant Amount           USD 7,746
Description            ZAPHA+ was registered in 1995. It was started with 26 members
                       and currently it has 120 members. The organization serves PLHAs
                       members and non members and the community in semi rural and
                       urban areas in Zanzibar. PLHAs volunteer work in different
                       activities of the organization; Home based care, production in IGA,
                       Advocacy and HIV education.
                       Through Collaborative fund, ZAPHA would carry the activities
Activities              To train peer educator, 10 people living with HIV and AIDS.
                        To train home based care providers10 PLHAs.
                        Running Peer education sessions (PLHAS) to the community
                        Distribution of information materials on HIV treatment
                            throughout the Zanzibar Islands.
                        Provide referrals on VCT, treatment and other supports.
                        Carrying out monitoring and supervision throughout the project

Name of Project        Community HIV/AIDS Treatment Literacy support
Name of Organization   Network of Children, Youth and Women infected by AIDS
Location               Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Grant Amount           USD 10,000
Description            The organization was started four years ago as supportive group
                       for affected/infected families. It covers 12 Districts of Tanzania
                       Mainland with 152 individual members and 9 organization

Activities                The project currently mobilizes and sensitizes the community
                           to take responsibility of caring Orphans and PLHAs plus
                           uniting efforts of disadvantaged for sound development.
                          Conducting capacity building session for PLHAs and Member
                           CBOs/NGOs in advocacy care and treatment.
                          The organization planned to capacitate groups of PLHAS and
                           their families with skills to fight stigma and discrimination.
                          To conduct trainings on survival skills, Nutrition, ARV
                           adherence, resistance palliative care and bereavements to
                           groups of PLHAS and OVCs

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