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					                         COUNTRY REPORT


Indonesia has a population of two hundred and thirty five million people (234,693,997
(July 2007 est.). In the most recent census conducted in 2006, people’s religious
affiliations are as follows:

       Islam                  : 88%
       Protestant             : 5%
       Roman Catholic         : 3%
       Hindu                  : 2%
       Buddhist               : 1%
       Other                  : 1%


Government of Indonesia is actively promoting interfaith and cultural dialogue
nationally; also with other countries bilaterally, regionally/inter-regionally and globally.
Nationally, interfaith activities in Indonesia were mostly initiated and organized by civil
society and non-governmental organization namely Nahdlatul Ulama (,
Muhammadiyah (, Catholic Bishop’s Conference in
Indonesia ( , Communion of Churches of Indonesia (,
Buddhist Council of Indonesia (, Council of Hinduism, Council of
Confucian in Indonesia, Interfidei (, etc.



I. Interfaith Projects and Programs Initiated by Department of Foreign Affairs

1. Dialog on Interfaith Cooperation (as the first Regional Interfaith Dialogue) was held
   on 6-7 December 2004 in Yogyakarta. The Governments of Indonesia and Australia
   co-sponsored the event in close cooperation with Muhammadiyah, the second largest
   Muslim NGO in Indonesia. The second Regional Interfaith Dialogue was held in
   Cebu, Filipina on 14-16 March 2006.

2. The Government of Indonesia also initiated inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue
   between Asia and Europe in the framework of ASEM by holding ASEM Interfaith
   Dialogue in Bali on 21-22 July 2006. Indonesia also co-sponsored the second ASEM
   Dialogue held in Cyprus on 3-5 July 2006 and actively participated in the third
   ASEM interfaith Dialogue that will be held in Nanjing, China on 19-21 June 2007.

3. Indonesian Government also initiated an “APEC Intercultural and Faith Symposium”,
   held in Yogyakarta in September 2006. The Symposium endorsed a recommendation
   of “building mutual trust and acceptance for the stability and prosperity of the APEC

4. Recently, the Governments of Indonesia and UK launched an “Indonesia-UK Islamic
   Advisory Group” in London, on 29-31 January 2007. The main objective of the
   Group is to produce and deliver joint practical recommendations to the UK and
   Indonesian governments on how to counter religious extremism and to promote better
   understanding between Islam and the West. The recommendation proposed by the
   Islamic Advisory Group should also be implemented to the youth, women and grass
   root levels.

5. Bilaterally, Indonesia had also initiated series of Interfaith Dialogues with the
   Government of Australia (September 2005), Vatican (September 2005), and the
   Netherlands (28 February-1 March 2006). Indonesia is going to organize another
   bilateral interfaith dialogue with Canada in October 2007.

6. Responding the wake of the Danish cartoon Controversy, Governments of Indonesia
   and Norway co-sponsored a Global Inter-Media Dialogue (GIMD) in Bali on
   September 1-2, 2006. The main purpose of the event is to promote an inter-media
   dialogue by creating a forum for leading media actors from different continents,
   countries and cultures to discuss ways and means to promote freedom of expression
   and greater tolerance.

7. Metro TV of Indonesia and TV2 of Norway soon afterwards established an exchange
   program between journalists of both media organizations, aimed to implement the
   results of the first GIMD and to further seek better cooperation between media
   organizations and understanding between media practitioners from different cultures.
   The second GIMD is going to be held in Oslo, Norway on 4-5 June 2007, while the
   third GIMD will be held in Indonesia in 2008.

II. Interfaith Projects and Programs Initiated by Department of Religious Affairs

1. Study on Developing the Forum for Interfaith Harmony and the Local Community
   Resilience in Sub-district Governmental Level.

   The activities were held during 2006 in seven local region in Indonesia namely (1)
   Terbanggi Besar, Lampung Tengah, (2) Lempuing, Ogan Komering Ilir, (3) Muara
   Burian, Batanghari, (4) Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara, (5) Bengkayang, (6) Berbah,

   Sleman, and, (7) Gresik. The purposes of the activities were to increase the local
   community’s resilience through empowering the community’s potentials; to map the
   potential source of conflict in the area in order to formulate an effective way to
   promote harmony according to the region’s specific condition; and to establish the
   Forum of Interfaith Harmony by local government.

2. Dissemination of the Joint Regulation of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry
   of Internal Affairs (PBM) No. 9 and No. 8/2006.

   The Joint Regulation which was disseminated during 2006 is the regulation on the
   duty of head and vice head of region in maintaining the interfaith harmony,
   empowering the forum of interfaith harmony and constructing the houses of worships.
   The dissemination activities were held in thirteen (13) regions namely; Medan,
   Pontianak, Semarang, Palangkaraya, Surabaya, Padang, Banjarmasin, Ambon, Banda
   Aceh, Tanjung Pinang, Kendari, Denpasar and Kupang.

   The purposes of this activity are to disseminate the essence of PBM and inventorying
   the entire social-religious problem in society, especially in connection to the
   implementation of PBM. The existence of Forum for Interfaith Harmony (FKUB) is
   important in managing the harmonization among people of faith, empowering the
   community potentials in economy, education and politics.

3. Workshop on Network Development and Cooperation between Islamic Boarding
   School and Religious Scholars in managing religious radicalism.

   The activities were held during 2004-2006 in North Sumatra, South Kalimantan,
   Central Java, and South Sulawesi. The workshops resulted in a recommendation on
   “Joint Commitment” which acknowledged:

      Islamic boarding schools and religious scholars have crucial role in the
       promotion of interfaith harmony and national harmony;
      Religious radicalism or other violence actions were against the law, religious
       norms and national’s values;
      Any form of terror and other violence actions were criminal actions and had no
       correlation with Islamic boarding school and religious scholars;
      Cooperation and activities aimed to prevent and eliminate all forms of radicalism
       and violence can play a significant role in promoting national peace, security and
       tolerance among faith communities;
      Establishing the Communication Forum of Inter-Islamic Boarding School and
       theCommunication Forum of Inter-Religious Scholar are significant to strengthen
       the role of Islamic Boarding School and religious scholar in preventing religious


Interfaith projects and programs initiated and organized by the non-governmental
organizations (religious organizations) which represent the diversity of religion in
Indonesia, are as follows:

I. Nahdlatul Ulama (The largest Muslim NGO in Indonesia)

1.     The International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) in Jakarta on 23-25
       February 2004. The purpose of the Conference is to project Islam as “Rahmatan
       lil Alamin” or blessings to all mankind.
2.     The second ICIS was held in Jakarta on 20-22 June 2006 as the continuation of
       the first ICIS and to further improve constructive dialogue and cooperation
       between Islamic organizations and communities from various regions; as well as
       to improve the role of civil society in the conduct of second track diplomacy.

II. Muhammadiyah (The second largest Muslim NGO in Indonesia)

Muhammadiyah has held several activities to promote interfaith dialogue, cooperation
and tolerance, as follows:
1.      International Dialogue on Interfaith Cooperation: “Community Building and
        Harmony” in Yogyakarta, 6-7 December 2004, which was attended by religious
        leaders from member countries of ASEAN and SWPD (South West Pacific
2.      East Asia Regional Leaders Forum, 11-13 February 2005 at Hilton Hotel, Jakarta
        and Jakarta Convention Center with the theme: “Remembering Cheng Ho 600
        Years Ago: Cooperation for Peace and Prosperity” which was attended by
        religious leaders from 17 countries in East Asia (150 participants).
3.      World Peace Forum under the theme: “One Humanity, One Destiny, One
        Responsibility” which was held on 14-16 August 2006 and was officially opened
        by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.

III. KWI (Bishops Conference of Indonesia)

1.     Discussion and Workshop with the theme “Examining the Understanding and the
       Actual Relations Between the Multi-Religious Communities in Indonesia
2.     Meeting with the Anti-Violence Group
3.     Coordination Meeting for the One Million Candles Night /The Day of Non-
       Violence between the Religions
4.     Discussion among the Religious Leaders about the Future of Democracy in
5.     Seminar with the theme Building a Moral Contract for the New Politics
6.     Meeting with the KONTRAS concerning Human Rights
7.     Public Forum on “Pluralism and Inclusivism (RE) National Definition -

8.    Dialogue/discussion – Developing Multicultural Awareness among the Religious
9.    Discussion - Developing Multicultural Awareness among the Religious Leaders
10.   Introducing the Program of Prevention and Transformation of Political Violence
      in 2004 Elections
11.   Workshop on Mapping of the Potential Conflicts in Presidential Election, session
12.   Introducing the Synergy Relation between Religion and State
13.   Meeting and a Joint Statement concerning the Adoption of 300 children from
14.   Shooting Catholic Rostrum ”Pluralism in Indonesia”
15.   Live Show on Interactive Program Your Voice concerning the Adoption of 300
      Children from Aceh
16.   Seminar “Recovery NAD (Aceh)”
17.   Inter-religious Meeting and a Press Conference with the Delegate from the Pope
      John Paul II
18.   Discussion “From Bullets to Ballots and Beyond : Building Post-Conflict
      Democracies in Asia and Europe”
19.   Annual Conference ”Fair Economy in the Perspective of Religions”
20.   Seminar with the theme” Understanding the Concord of a Religious Society”
21.   Talk Show with the theme "Meaning of the Dialogue of Religion and Tolerance in
      a Pluralistic Society"
22.   Seminar on “The Religious among the Pluralities” (a few Reflections on the
23.   Discussion on Pluralism and Humanity in Religious Society
24.   Workshop with the theme Establishing the Crisis Center in order to Prevent the
      Closing of the House of Worship
25.   Shooting the Talk Show at Q Channel ”The Role of the State in Peacemaking”
26.    Dialogue on Breaking the Fast Together, Theme: ”Religion and the Eternal
27.   Seminar with the theme ”The Forecast of the Indonesian Costs in the Threat of
28.   Meeting on ”Rediscussing the Mission of Religions”
29.   Seminar with the theme Religion & Democracy: ”Finding the Solution Together
      concerning Freedom and Conviction”
30.   Seminar with the theme “Religion Responding to the Poverty”
31.   Dialogue on ”The Culture of Violence, Failure of the State and a Crisis of a
      Communicative Society”
32.   Road Show Indonesia Preventing Violence
33.   Discussion on “Partnership in Mission for National Transformation”
34.   Dialogue "Indonesian Plurality, Opposing the Co-optation of the State with
35.   Discussion with the Delegate of the Ambassador of Canada concernig the
      Pluralisme in Indonesia
36.   Dialogue for the National Religious Concord
37.   Workshop for the Regional Rights Commissions Jawa, Lampung & Bali

38.    Discussion” State, Religion and the Sustainability of Civil Laws for the Religious
       of Indonesia”
39.    Seminar “Situation of Indonesia, especially the Situation of Education and its
       Vision by Catholic Bishops Conference”
40.    Dialogue on Tolerance among the Religious Society: Facts and Hopes
41.    Dialogue with the Chief Commander of Army on Social Crisis & the Role of
       Religion in Rising the Conflict
42.    Workshop with the theme “Acting Together among the Religions in Tackling the
43.    Common Prayer on National Healing, Asking the Liberation from the Disasters

IV. PGI (Communion of Churches in Indonesia)

PGI has held several Seminars on Interfaith/Inter-religious harmony since 1981 aimed to
provide a venue to promote understanding and tolerance among faiths in Indonesia. The
activities during 2004-2007 were as follows:
1.       Seminar on Religions XXII in Cipayung, West Java on 26-30 September 2004
         under the theme of “Political Theology: Religions and Power”, attended by
         Christian and Muslim communities.
2.       Seminar on Religions XXIII in Cipayung, West Java on 19-23 September 2005
         with theme “Religions and Civil Rights Struggle”, attended by Christian and
         Muslim communities.
3.       Seminar and Workshop on Religions XXIV in Cipayung, West Java on 3-6
         October 2006 with theme “Religion and Legislation”.
4.       One Day Seminar under the theme “The Implementation of Islamic Law (Shariah)
         in Indonesian Regulation” on Jakarta, 16 September 2006.
5.       Consultation of Inter-Council of Churches in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia
         about “The Rise of Islam and Muslim-Christian Relations in South East Asia” at
         Cipayung, West Java, 1-3 November 2006.
6.       Seminar on Government Regulation with Minister of Religious Affairs and
         Minister of Internal Affairs under the theme “The Guidance of Accomplishment
         of Head Regional Duty in Maintaining Peoples of Faith’s Harmony and the
         Empowerment of FKUB (Forum of Interfaith Harmony)” since 2005.
7.       Study and Conference about “Religious Problem and Legislation in the
         framework of Re-Powering National Commitment to Preserve the Sovereignty of
         the Republic of Indonesia ” held on 22-26 January 2007 in Court of Official
         Council of PGI in Manado. The event was attended by Dr. Hidayat Nurwahid as
         keynote speaker, and participated by people from various religious backgrounds.
8.       Visiting Islamic Boarding Schools (Pesantren) during 2005.
9.       Attending the General Assembly of theWorld Council of Churches in Porto
         Alleggre, Brazil, 14-23 February 2006. K. H. Hasyim Muzadi, Chairman of
         Nahdatul Ulama was member of the Indonesian delegation.
10.      Enrolled to various international meeting which were held by Department of
         Foreign Affairs (collaborating with ASEAN, ASEM, APEC, etc.)

11.    Enrolled to various international meeting which were held by Department of
       Religious Affairs.

V. WALUBI (The Supreme of Buddhist Council in Indonesia)

1.     Bhakti Sosial (Social Devotion) is the main activity of WALUBI. The main
       purposes of the event are to provide big attention and solve Indonesian social
       problems and to construct a better and healthier social condition, especially in
       low-economic areas in Indonesia. The activity has been held several times
2.     Kedamaian Intra-faith (Intra-faith Peace) is the intern project of WALUBI to
       unify Majelis Agama Buddha Kedamaian.
3.     Kedamaian Intra-faith (Buddhist Council) in Indonesia. The purposes of the
       activity are to prevent internal conflict among Buddhist Councils in Indonesia, to
       build a solid and good communication platform and to perform as one entity to
       non-Buddhist audiences.
4.     Kedamaian Interfaith (Interfaith Peace) runs in the framework of FKUB (Forum
       Komunikasi Umat Beragama/Forum of Interfaith Communication). The purpose
       of FKBU is to promote interfaith harmony, peace and tolerance.
5.     The Walubi will organize The Celebration of Tri Suci Waisak in 2007. The
       occasion will be attended by the religious leaders from five countries.

VI. PHDI (Hindu Dharma Council of Indonesia)

PHDI has held several Interfaith Dialogues and Cooperation in Indonesia, as follows:

1.     Interfaith Dialogue in Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia on 21-23 June
2.     Interfaith Dialogue in Wonogiri and Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 23-25 June
3.     Interfaith Dialogue in Tranggamus and Bandar Lampung, Lampung on 20- 22
       July 2004.
4.     Interfaith Dialogue in Palu and Parigi Loutong Poso, Sulawesi Tengah at 1-3
       September 2004.
5.     Interfaith Dialogue in Manado, North Sulawesi at 25-28 April 2005.
6.     Interfaith Dialogue in Pontianak and Singkawang, West Kalimantan at 31 May-3
       June 2005.
7.     Involved in Inter-Action Council Meeting which is been held in Jakarta at 11-12
       March 2003 which facilitate by The Habibie Center under the theme “Bringing
       the Divide”.
8.     Study of Comparison, been facilitated by Department of Religious Affairs. This
       activity provides information between two religions in the region, and compares
       the information with other regions, as well as the possibilities to implement them
       in Indonesia. It was held twice: (1) 19-27 June 2004 to Cairo and Vatican. (2) 6-
       13 October 2004 to Thailand and India.

VII. MATAKIN (The Supreme Council for Confucian Religion in Indonesia)

MATAKIN has held several activities on promoting interfaith harmony, as follows:
1.  Bhakti Sosial (Social Devotion) which is a concentrate action to help the victims
    of natural disaster areas such as Yogyakarta (earthquake) and Pangandaran
    (tsunami) and providing health services in many regions in Indonesia.
2.  Actively involved in FKUB (Forum Komunikasi Umat Beragama/Forum of
    Interfaith Communication) and its activities in order to promote interfaith
    harmony, peace and tolerance in Indonesia.
3.  Held various religious ceremony of Confucianism such as: Chinese New Year,
    Day of Birth Prophet Kongzi (Khonghucu or Confucius), with all kinds of art-
    cultural entertainment, attended by President, Vice President and Ministers of
    Republic of Indonesia, Foreign Ambassadors, and other members of society.
4.  Participated and organized Interfaith dialogue, seminars of interfaith harmony,
    etc. in cooperation with other institutions such as Indonesian Conference of
    Religion andPeace (ICRP), Indonesian Committee of Religion and Peace
    (IComRP), FKUB (Forum Komunikasi Umat Beragama/Forum of Interfaith
    Communication), Paramadina University, Wahid Institute, Puan Amal Hayati
    Foundation, Dian-Interfidei, Society of Interfaith Dialogue (MADIA), Wadah
    Kerukunan Umat Beragama (WKUB).
5.  Interfaith Prayer during national ceremonies.
6.  Youth Interfaith Camp Project.
7.  Organized collective project of interfaith youth group, such as to rebuilding of
    schools, houses of worship, bridges and other social facilities.

                                                                    Jakarta, May 2007


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