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					Celebrities 2009 - Auction
1. J’lyn Nye, The JOE Show, weekday mornings, 92.5 JOE FM

                  J‟lyn has been in the media business for almost 2 decades now.

                The award winning journalist began her career in Thunder Bay, Ontario before
                moving to Global Television in Regina and onto Global Edmonton in December of
                2000. While there, she wore many hats, Anchor/Reporter/Producer and won a
                prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award from the American Radio and Television
                News Directors Association for the documentary “Return to Normandy” which she
wrote and produced.

In September 2008 J‟lyn decided to make a career change, going from in front of the camera to
behind the microphone. She now co-hosts the JOE Show with Rhubarb Jones Monday thru Friday
5:30 to 9 am.

J‟lyn is proud to call Edmonton home and donates much of her time to numerous charities and military
events. She is also a sought after motivational speaker.

When J‟lyn is relaxing, it‟s with her friends, her dogs, music, books and some red wine!

2. Rhubarb, The JOE Show, weekday mornings, 92.5 JOE FM

               I‟m a small town boy; growing up in Glenboro Manitoba. Glenboro‟s population has
               been exactly 500 people since the 1960‟s. If somebody moves to town then
               somebody has to leave. Those town meetings aren‟t much fun! Seriously, Glenboro
               is about 10 klicks south of an actual desert (you haven‟t lived until you‟ve “krazy
               carpeted” down a sand dune!) and boosts a statue of a Camel. I‟m not kidding, her
               name is Sarah and I think she‟s cute.

In high school my best friend and I formed a production company and we made two “video shorts” for
the Manitoba government. I‟m not sure what ever happened to them, but the government gave us
equipment and a modest budget. Hey, we were 17, we didn‟t really care. We also started writing for
our local paper and began reporting on a radio station based in Brandon Manitoba.

Alberta was calling and I moved to Lethbridge to start my radio career. Over the years I‟ve been lucky
enough to have worked with some of the best (and worst) in the media. I‟ve also had the chance to
work in every radio format except classical music and that will probably happen before I hang it up.

In addition to radio, I‟ve been very lucky to have written for the Lethbridge Herald, The Winnipeg Free
Press and had my articles featured in several magazines. I‟ve also dipped my toe in the TV waters. I
hosted a show on CFCN out of Lethbridge for exactly 72 episodes. I have them all on beta if you‟d
like to see them. I also worked as a sports reporter for a short time. I realized that wasn‟t my calling
when I caught my report on a basketball team. I was interviewing the coach who was about 6 foot 7
inches tall. I was young (not to mention much shorter) and had a huge underarm sweat stain… yeah
that wasn‟t good.

I‟ve worked for a few great radio stations in Edmonton. In the early „90‟s I was the mid day host and
music director for CISN. I‟ve also served as the program director for 630 CHED, CHQT and 92.5 Joe
FM. Currently I host the morning show on JOE.
I have two wives (one ex), three sons, two dogs and my wife has 2 cats. I love spending time with
them (sometimes not so much with the ex) and my friends. The older I get the more they all mean to

That‟s my story, sorry there wasn‟t a car chase or a love scene, but I could fill in those blanks when
we talk face to face!

3. Ryann Bradley, mid-day host, 92.5 JOE FM

                 Ryann was born and raised in Edmonton, and is fortunate enough to be able to work
                 with people he grew up listening to.

                 He married the love of his life in 2005, and Ryann & Sheena have a 2 year old son
                 named Dane…who winds up being a part of his show from time to time.

                 Ryann got into the „biz‟ due to his love and passion for music. All kinds. He‟s played
                 drums his whole life, piano and is learning guitar as of late. “I‟m one of the few who
LOVES going to work everyday!” says Ryann. “I get paid to play music, air drum, give away cash &
prizes and meet the incredible people of this city.”

His goals in life when he was young were simple – be a rock star, or be a radio DJ. 1 out of 2 ain‟t

“I love meeting listeners and the people that make this city what it is…plus I‟m a wicked good bowler.”
4. Graham Hicks, Edmonton Sun

                  Graham Hicks is a journalist, a family man and a commentator. He spends most of
                  his time thinking, talking and dreaming about the city in which he has lived and
                  worked for 31 years, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

              All of which is expressed in the five-times-a-week town-crier style column "Hicks on
              Six" in the Edmonton Sun and the Edmonton Sun on-line. "Hicks on Six" is
considered Edmonton's best-read column.

Hicks worked at the Ottawa Citizen, Brandon Sun and Edmonton Journal before joining the Edmonton
Sun in 1981. After entertainment, news and political writing assignments, he moved to Page Six as
"Hicks On Six" in 1992.

In the community, Graham is the founder and spokesman for the annual Edmonton Sun "Adopt-A-
Teen" Christmas project, providing Christmas gifts for over 6,000 young teens from low-income
Edmonton families.

He oversees the annual Edmonton Sun Christmas Charity Auction, and in 2003 chaired the $2 million
Catholic Social Services "Sign of Hope" Campaign. He continues to be involved with Catholic Social
Services, Newman Catholic Theological College and other social endeavours.

Graham has received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal for community service, Sun Media's J.D.
Creighton Award for lifetime achievement, Grant MacEwan College's Distinguished Citizen Award and
The Rotary Club of Edmonton 1998 Integrity Award..

Books include "Making Money The Old-Fashioned Way," co-authored with financial advisor Ron
Hiebert of Scotia-McLeod and a series of soft-cover Graham Hicks' Joke Books, with the proceeds
going to charity.

Graham is married with three daughters in high school and university.

His absolute favorite pastime? Chronicling the evolution of the city/society in which he lives, hopes to
live for the rest of his life, and which he hopes will provide opportunity for his children to lead fulfilled
lives, should they chose to stay.
5. Erin Isfeld, CTV Edmonton

                Erin Isfeld is a small-town girl from Manitoba. She was born in Portage la Prairie and
                grew up in the little village of Macdonald boasting a population of about 100. But,
                when it comes to her journalism career, there is nothing small about her
                achievements. Erin brings her vast experiences and passion for news to
                Edmontonians as a Reporter, Weekend Anchor and the force behind CTV
                Edmonton's newest segment, "That's Edmonton".

                Erin is a graduate of Ryerson Polytechnic University's Journalism program in Toronto.
She started her career in Winnipeg before making the move to the City of Champions in June 2005.

In her relatively short career, Erin has already achieved a number of notable successes. In 2003, she
was awarded a Manitoba Motion Picture Industry Association Award for Best Anchor. That same year,
she also earned an feature story award from the RTNDA (Radio and Television News Directors
Association) Prairie Region.

But for Erin, the most rewarding part of the job is meeting the memorable people of Edmonton and
sharing their unforgettable stories and remarkable energy. When she isn't busy chasing down a story,
Erin's busy exploring the spirit of her community.

6. Dez Melenka, CTV Edmonton

                 Dez Melenka joined the CTV Edmonton team in March 2006.

                 Initially joining the station in a part time newsroom capacity, she is presently lead
                 anchor for the newly expanded Canada AM and reports on consumer related issues
                 for the 6 p.m. newscast.

               Born in Edmonton, Dez grew up in Gibbons, where she says, "I love being from a
small community where everyone knows your name."

Dez graduated with honours from NAIT's Radio and Television Arts program.

Starting her broadcasting career in Terrace, B.C., Dez has been with CTV for nearly five years,
moving from Yorkton and then to Regina.

One of the things Dez loves best about her job is getting involved first hand in the daily events that
shape everyone's lives.

Dez likes the diversity of the city. She loves the people in the city and acknowledges there are so
many "good" news stories because of the great things people do in the city
7. Su-Ling Goh, Global

                       From groundbreaking research at the University of Alberta, to the touching
                       stories of the Stollery Children's Hospital, Su-Ling reports on local medical
                       advances, breakthroughs, and studies. She cuts through the medical jargon to
                       make her stories as easy to understand as they are accurate. She also tells
                       the inspiring tales of Edmontonians who don't allow their illness or disability to
                       get in their way.

                      Su-Ling is no stranger to television viewers. She helped launch A-Channel
Edmonton (now Citytv) in September of 1997, where she worked as a writer and videographer. She
then moved to A-Channel Calgary to anchor that station's supper-hour entertainment segment.

That led to the big gig, hosting Inside Entertainment, a national entertainment show on Global. For six
seasons, Su-Ling covered some of the world's glitziest red carpet events and interviewed Hollywood's
hottest stars. Her most memorable interviews include Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman and a "pre-
Tomkat" Tom Cruise. Two of her career highlights are walking down the red carpet at the Cannes
Film Festival, and chasing down U2's Bono at the Grammys.
In the spring of 2006, Su-Ling returned to the City of Champions to join Global Edmonton. She's
pleased to return to her scientific roots as she has a Bachelor of Science degree with Specialization in
Zoology from the University of Alberta. She's also happy to meet inspiring people everyday, who
keep things in perspective for her. "It's hard to be down about anything in my life when I've just
finished interviewing a young mom battling ovarian cancer, or a teenage amputee," she says.

In May of this year, Su-Ling received a prestigious honour from the Radio-Television News Directors
Association (RTNDA). She won the Prairie Regional Award in the Best Short Feature category for her
very moving story about an Edmonton family's struggle to deal with the loss of one of their twin baby

So how did Su-Ling go from science to television broadcasting? "I fell in love with my TV while taking
a year off after my degree, so I enrolled at NAIT."

Su-Ling grew up in St. Albert, graduating from St. Albert High School. She loves eating pizza, and her
favourite movie is Amelie. Outside of work, Su-Ling enjoys dinner dates with friends.
As for Su-Ling's favourite book? "Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary
8. Nicola Crosbie, Global News

                     Nicola Crosbie is Global Edmonton's chief meteorologist. She has proudly called
                     the City of Champions her home since the summer of 2005.

                     Nicola serves up the four-day forecast weekdays during the Noon News Hour;
                     and during the Early News, Edmonton's only 5.00 PM newscast. She returns at
                     6.00 PM for the News Hour to update you on the weather where you live, and to
                     deliver her six-day forecast.

                     Nicola is also the brains behind the new Global Edmonton Ground Force. She
                     has united a team of loyal Global viewers across Alberta to spot extreme
weather. When severe weather strikes in their area, the Ground Forcers will report back to Global
Edmonton with all the details and the pictures.

Nicola, a former actress and model, immersed herself into television back in 1997 as the media
librarian at VTV (otherwise known as Vancouver Television, now CTV British Columbia). She
launched her broadcasting career as the traffic anchor on VTV Breakfast, the station's morning show.
Soon afterwards, she began her career as a weathercaster. She eagerly accepted the challenge even
though she was already wearing several other hats at the start-up television station.

Later, Nicola juggled technology reporting and producing a weekly feature called Friday Food.
However, after four years on VTV Breakfast, Nicola was lured away to radio to launch a morning talk
show. Less than two years later, she returned to the television airwaves as CTV British Columbia's
weekend weathercaster.

Always looking for the next challenge, Nicola enrolled in the Broadcast Meteorology Program at
Mississippi State University. Her love and passion for weather was now in full bloom. "I'm a self-
described weather weenie," she jokes. "As a fine arts major and film student, I never dreamed that I
would love the science of weather so much. I have truly found my calling!" Nicola's high marks earned
her a degree in broadcast meteorology in August 2006.

She was also the only woman in British Columbia to become a weathercaster endorsed by the
Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS).

After years of living in Vancouver, Nicola and her family are thrilled to be in Edmonton now. "It's the
heart of the action for weather. It's where I want to be."

Nicola enjoys giving weather presentations to Edmonton area students and community groups. She is
also a committee member and volunteer for Ovarian Cancer Canada, a charity that's near and dear to
her heart.

Outside of work, she's a busy mom, active runner, fitness enthusiast, and seamstress.
9. Shane Jones, Global News

                  Shane Jones anchors and produces the Saturday Morning News on Global
                  Edmonton, our city's only live, local weekend morning newscast. He also reports
                  during the week, and rejoined the Global Edmonton team in June of 2004.

                  Shane was first at the station, then ITV, six years earlier as a production assistant,
                  while attending NAIT's Radio & Television program. It was his first job in

He later ventured up north to Fort McMurray, working as a video journalist. Shane then moved down
south to Medicine Hat to take a job as a 6.00 PM news anchor and producer. He returned to his
hometown of Saskatoon for more anchoring and reporting experience before heading back to the City
of Champions. Shane prides himself on his versatility as he reports and anchors both news and sports
whenever needed.

Shane attended the University of Saskatchewan where he majored in Anatomy, but decided he didn't
have the stomach for a career in medicine. He moved to Edmonton where he graduated from NAIT's
Radio and Television program with honours. Being able to tell interesting stories and the latest news
is an always changing aspect that Shane loves about his career.

One of the biggest news events in Edmonton's history, the massive MacEwan fire, broke one early
morning in July 2007, when Shane was producing and preparing to anchor the Saturday Morning
News. Shane led Global Edmonton's first and exclusive live coverage of the inferno. Our initial and
follow-up coverage would later win a prestigious Prairie Regional Award in the Best Continuing
Coverage category from the Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA).

Always the athlete, Shane loves playing pretty much every sport created. His favourites include golf,
football and hockey, as well as watching them all on TV. He's a huge Edmonton Oilers and Denver
Broncos fan.

Proud to now be an Edmontonian, Shane is married and has two young energetic boys who keep him
very busy when he's not at work.

10. Bridget Ryan

                 Co-Host, Breakfast Television, Citytv

                   Born in Painsville Ohio, Bridget moved to Edmonton with her entire family when she
                   was 9 years old! Raised in a 'theatre family', she played her first role as a 'banjo-
                   playing monkey' when she as four only to graduate to the more challenging role of
                   'the rock' when she was 5. Bridget learned at a very young age that she loved talking
                   to people and interviewing just about anyone. She spent hours sitting at a little desk
and chair in front of her house, talking to anyone who would 'happen' by, honing her 'interview' skills.

Her travels as a professional actor have taken her all over North America, including living and working
in New York for seven years and a national tour that took her across the country. Upon her return to
Edmonton back in 2000 - she turned on channel 7 one early morning and watched a program that
was committed to the community, showed a passion for people, and a desire to start the day right -
with a huge laugh! She had hoped that one day she would be a part of it - and thankfully, that day is

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