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									My Annotated Bibliography:
       My name is Laura Geniesse. I am 20 years old and will be starting my block 4 internship this fall 2010. I have
always had a passion for teaching. I especially love reading: children’s literature is my strong suit. I hope to teach
K-3 in Hillsborough County once I graduate in May of 2011.
       My goal of reading 30 books this semester was to learn as much as I can about the different genres. I
wanted to find books that were new to me and that would be beneficial to me in my teaching career. I selected
books that not only I had an interest in but I thought about kids that I know and what books they would like. I
used the five main factors of motivation when selecting the books 1. Self-selection 2. Access 3. Personally
interesting books 4. Access to many books and 5. Books that can be read aloud. I hoped that those books would not
only teach a lesson but engage a student to a book. I hope to help students have a love of reading. “The truly
literate are not those who know how to read, but those who read: independently, responsively, critically, and
because they want to. The first real business of reading instruction is to make children want to read.” (G Sloan pg
47) This is the type of love of reading I hope students would gain from the books that I chose.

Reflection: The extensive searching for books was new for me. Also, the genres were new. I knew many of them
but I had never had to search for them. I found some new favorites now that I have completed this project. A Bad
Case of Stripes by David Shannon is now one of my favorites and I do plan on using it in my classroom. The Rough
Face Girl by Rafe Martin also stood out to me because of the story. It is a multicultural Cinderella story but it was
different for me. I felt that it would be a great story for student engagement and for the students to relate to.
If I had to do this project again I would have researched authors more extensively. I would have found out more
award winning books and spent more time searching for the right book. All in all I am very pleased with the
annotated bibliography I have made for my future. I plan to use this annotated bibliography to start my classroom
library. I have many ideas now that I have completed this and I cannot wait to start my carreer.

Title, Author, Copyright                    Theme                          Personal Response to the Book                       Classroom Use
      Genre, Pages                         Summary
Picture Books                                       primary general, Sci or SS focus
                           Black-Eyed Susan Award, Young Hoosier       I really enjoyed this book because of the    I would use this book in a classroom
                           Book Award Nominee, Blue Hen Book           humor the story is told with. It would be    to teach about being yourself and not
                           Award.                                      a great book to captivate an audience of     caring what other people think. It
                           Theme: Being yourself                       children because it had my attention         would be a great introduction to an
                                                                       right away. I enjoyed the lesson that is     individuality lesson.
                           A Bad Case of Stripes is all about          taught in the book as well. It is a lesson
                           friendship. Camilla loves lima beans, but   that needs to be focused on in school
                           none of her friends do. She never eats      because it is becoming a problem.
                           them because she wants to fit in. She
A Bad Case of Stripes      breaks out in to a bad case of the
by David Shannon           stripes trying to impress everyone.
32 Pages
                          Theme: First day of school, direction       I enjoyed reading this book for the first    I would use this book in a classroom
                          following                                   time because of its lesson. I found many     to first introduce the first day of
                                                                      great ideas to teach along with this book.   school. The book could also be used in
                          Amelia Bedelia is excited for her first     It is something that students can relate     teaching figurative language. As a
                          day of school. She takes all directions     to. Students who already understand the      teacher you may teach how to give
                          and statements made toward her very         routine may find Amelia funny.               good directions as well.
                          literally. The book follows Amelia
                          through her journey on the first day of

Amelia Bedelia’s First
Day of School by Herman
32 Pages
                          Theme: Science                              The book was very relatable. I remember      This would be a great way to
                                                                      when I was young and had so many             introduce science fairs to students.
                          Ima Kindanozee loves to know what’s         questions for teachers and my parents. I     They will be able to relate to the
                          going on around her at all times. She       loved the witty text and the bright          questions Ima has, maybe
                          asks tons of questions. The perfect day     illustrations for this book.                 remembering a time they had lots of
                          to ask questions is Science Fair Day. She                                                questions to ask.
                          touches anything and everything in sight.
                          The teacher must delay the principle
Science Fair Day          from coming to judge because of the
By Lynn Plourde           mess Ima has caused. In the end he is
Dutton                    pleasantly surprised with Ima and her
Science (1st-3rd)         questions.
40 pages
                           Theme: Math                                I thought that this was a great book to     I would use this book to introduce or
                                                                      teach and introduce circumference,          review circumference, diameter, and
                           Sir Cumference assists King Arthur on a    diameter and radius with. I haven’t been    radius.
                           mathematical journey to find the           familiarized with math picture books so I
                           perfect shape for his table. He wishes     found this book to be very interesting.
                           to have his knights gather at the table.
                           They must find the perfect shape. The
                           story is full of geometric terms and
                           mathematical concepts.

Sir Cumference and the
First Round Table by
Cindy Neuschwander
Charlesbridge Publishing
Math (3rd-6th)
32 pages
                           Theme: Fantasy                             I enjoyed the vivid illustrations in the    This would be a great read aloud for a
                                                                      story. It is a great adventure for          young classroom. You could talk about
                           Rosalba is always going places with her    younger readers to have read aloud or       grandmothers of all different
                           abuela (grandmother). During one of        begin to read independently. It             cultures as well. You could also talk
                           their outings to the park, she wonders     incorporates the Spanish language into      about imagination and where would
                           what it would be like if she could fly.    the story.                                  you go if you could fly.
                           Her and her abuela begin flying above
                           the New York sites. The book reveals
                           their culture through the journey and
                           pictures. It has very vivid pictures.
Abuela by Arthur Dorros
Fantasy Picture
40 pages
                           Theme: Community Service                   I really liked this book because of its     This would be a great book to focus
                                                                      message. It used another great book         on community service. The
                           Mrs. Rowell’s 5th grade class reads a      Beatrice’s Goat within it. The message is   illustrations would keep the students
                           story about a girl in Uganda who didn’t    all about community service and helping     interested. Using this book could
                           have enough money to go to school. The     out others.                                 stem your own community service
                           girl’s family was given a goat which                                                   project or try to raise money to buy a
                           helped her pay for school. The fifth                                                   goat as well.
                           graders learn about Heifer
                           International, the students decide to
                           sell healthy food at school in order to
Give a Goat by Jan West    raise money to buy goats, chickens or
Schrock                    ducks for families in need.
Tilbury House
Social Studies (3rd-5th)
32 pages

                           Theme: Social Issues, Being Lost           It is a very cute book to teach about       I would teach students about what to
                                                                      strangers and to be careful when you are    do when you are lost. It would be a
                           Mom's Choice Awards                        alone. Students can relate to the           great intro for students.
                           Gold Recipient, Values & Life Lessons,     character and his issues.
                           Roonie B. Moonie wants to be a great
                           explorer like his hero, Christopher
                           Columblebee. But, while exploring one
                           day, he wanders into a dark, unfamiliar
Roonie B. Moonie: Lost     place and finds himself in one scary
and Alone                  situation after another. Approached by a
By Roonie B. Moonie        suspicious stranger offering to help,
Illumination Arts          Roonie must rely on his mother's
30 Pages                   guidance and on his instincts to keep
                           himself safe. Will he leave with a
                           stranger? Will he find his way back
                           home? How does he decide who can be
Traditional Literature                  Folk Tale, Myth, Epic, Multicultural Cinderella
                          Theme: Animals, Africa                      I enjoyed the book because of the          I would use this to introduce
                                                                      rhythm and rhyming in the story.           folktales to the class. I would also
                          This is the retelling of the Kenyan         Students would enjoy following the         use it to teach about Kenyan people
                          Folktale from a Nandi Village taught over   rhyme. It is a great tale.                 and Nandi tribe. Also, you could teach
                          70 years ago. It is a rhyming story about                                              rhyming along with that.
                          the drought and the rainy season
                          following. It is the story of how Ki-pat
Bringing Rain to the
                          brings the rain to the Kapiti Plain.
Kapiti Plain by Verna
Puffin Books
Folk Tale (2nd)
32 pages
                          Theme: Morals                               The fables in this book are beautifully    I would use these fables to cover
                                                                      retold and the pictures follow them as     morals. After reading you could have
                          Stories like the mouse that saved the       well. I like how they compiled them into   the students try to figure out the
                          lion. The tortoise that won the race, or    one book so that you may teach them        moral in the fable.
                          the camel who tried to dance. All these     together.
                          stories are retold in this compiled book
                          of Aesop fables.

Aesop’s Fables (Stories
for Children) by Anna
Fables (K-2)
Usborne Books
94 Pages
                           Theme: Native American, Inner beauty,          The book’s illustrations beautiful acrylic   I would use this story in a class to
                           culture                                        paintings. The story is an amazing tale of   teach a moral lesson on the
                                                                          a multicultural Cinderella story. It         importance of inner beauty and not so
                           An Algonquin tale of three sisters. The        teaches a cultural lesson to students.       much focus on the outer beauty. Also,
                           youngest sister is forced by the others                                                     you could use this book as well as
                           to sit by the fire and feed the flames.                                                     other multicultural Cinderella stories
                           Sitting by the fire all this time results in                                                to compare and contrast them.
                           scarring and burning. The young women
                           are trying to win over the invisible being.
The Rough Face Girl by
                           Her sisters must prove that they have
Rafe Martin
                           seen him but they cannot. The rough
                           faced girl proves that she can see the
Multicultural Cinderella
                           invisible being.
32 Pages
Modern Fantasy:                                 ( primary, intermediate, upper)
                           Theme: School                                  This is a great way to teach students.       I would use this book to teach
                                                                          The story has great imagination and is       patience. Also, it can be used to teach
                           Lilly the mouse loves her teacher Mr.          relatable to children. The story is          rules. You can teach students after
                           Slinger up until he takes away the purple      enjoyable and the illustrations are          reading that seeking revenge of
                           plastic purse she wanted to show to her        colorful, these things would keep            people is not right, that breaking the
                           classmates. Lilly is so upset she draws a      students engaged.                            rules have consequences.
                           mean picture of Mr. Slinger and puts it
                           in his bag. At the end of class, Lilly gets
                           her purse back. Inside is a sympathy
Lilly’s Purple Plastic     note and a bag of treats.
by Kevin Henkes
Fantasy (K-2nd)
40 pages
                          Theme: good over evil, fantasy              I enjoyed this story because of the       I would use literacy circles after
                                                                      fantasy aspect of it. Children enjoy      reading each section of the book. I
                          Four children. Peter, Susan, Edmund and     pretending and faraway lands. The         would focus on the vocabulary in the
                          Lucy are sent to live with a professor      creative aspects of the story allow for   book. Also, I would allow students to
                          during WW2. Lucy, while exploring,          many different activities.                use their own creative thoughts to
                          discovers the wardrobe that takes her                                                 write their own fantasy story. In
                          to Narnia. The children eventually                                                    older grades you could also watch the
                          become kings and queens of Narnia and                                                 movie and do an analysis of the movie
                          spend 15 years there growing and                                                      and the book.
The Lion, the Witch and
                          maturing. When they return to the real
the Wardrobe by C.S.
                          world again they find themselves to be
                          children again. This is the first of the
                          Chronicles of Narnia series.
Fantasy (4th-6th)
224 pages
                          Theme: friendship, books                    I really enjoyed this novel because of    I would use this novel with book in a
                                                                      the love of books. Students would be      hour after reading. I would have
                          Mortimer is a book binder and he passes     attracted to this book because of the     discussion questions covering the
                          his love of books to his daughter Meggie.   fantasy, the characters coming out of     main parts of the story. Also,
                          He has never read aloud to her and she      the book.                                 students could be creative and think
                          wonders why. In this mysterious book,                                                 of a book they would like a character
                          Meggie finds out that her father does                                                 to come out of and come up with
                          not read aloud to her because when he                                                 interview questions to ask them.
                          does characters and objects come out of
Inkheart                  the book.
By Cornelia Funke
The Chicken House
Fantasy (5th-6th)
544 pages
Poetry Books                            (primary, intermediate, upper)
                            Theme: Holidays, Important dates and         This book is very interesting. It contains   I would use this teaching about the
                            people, history                              a lot of information on the months of the    months of the year and historical
                                                                         year and poems to go along with that         dates and people. It would be a great
                            This book is compiled of 12 sections for     time. It would be great for students to      way for a seasons/months unit
                            each month of the year. It contains a        get to know more about the months and        incorporating poetry as well. The
                            calendar with information about each         work on a unit. Also, the historical dates   students could write their own poems
                            month, including flower and birthstone.      and figures are an important and helpful     about historical figures and important
                            The book then includes weather reports       part of this book.                           dates as well.
                            for each time of the year. It includes
                            poems by many different authors about
Days to Celebrate: A Full   each time of the year. Also , it includes
Year of Poetry by Lee       poems about historical dates and
Bennet Hopkins              figures.
Poetry (K-3)
112 pages
                            Theme: Culture                               I enjoyed the poetry because of its free     This would be a great way to
                                                                         form. I feel that students would relate      introduce other culture to students.
                            A short series of free-form poems, the       to one of the six students. The book is      As an activity I would have students
                            author presents 6 3rd grade students in      written as a true depiction of English’s     write a poem like the students in the
                            an inner-city public school. Each of the 6   experience teaching.                         book. It would be explaining their
                            students are different, the poems                                                         troubles, character or something that
                            depict their character.                                                                   represents them.

Speak to Me and I Will
Listen Between the Lines
By Karen English
Farrar, Straus and
Poetry (culture) 4th
32 pages
                             Theme: Humor, Animals                      It has been shown that students seem to   In the classroom I would use this to
                                                                        enjoy poetry about animals and humor as   have students learn to write an
                             Exploring the lives of cats through an     well. What better way to put those        interview in poetry form. It would be
                             interview between a cat and a child.       together than through this book.          a great introduction to a lesson.
                                                                                                                  Students would have the opportunity
                                                                                                                  to write an interview to an animal of
                                                                                                                  their choice.

So, What’s it like to be a
By Karla Kuskin
Poetry (2nd)
40 pages
                             Theme: Poetry, Social Issues               I really find this book compelling        This book would be great for doing
                                                                        because of the different forms of         personal poems with students. Also,
                             Students from room 412, a fifth grade      poetry that is used as well as the        for teaching different forms of
                             classroom reveal their private feelings    personal poems from all the students.     poems. Students could each receive a
                             about birth and death, a missing bicycle
                                                                                                                  type of poem and choose a way to
                             and a first kiss, as well as their
                             thoughts about recess, report cards,                                                 teach it to the class.
                             fitting in, and family.
                             Using many poetry forms, such as
                             sonnets, sestinas, and acrostics. The
                             book is about the stories of the kids in
                             Room 214 and their teacher.
Spinning through the
Universe by Helen Frost
Frances Foster
Poetry (5-7th)
93 pages
Realistic Fiction:                             (primary, intermediate, upper)
                        Theme: Death                                It is a touching story that would help a    I would recommend this book to a
                                                                    student cope with loss.                     student who is dealing with loss.
                        Stevie's first day at school gives him a
                        stomachache. But his teacher, Miss
                        Perry gets him through by telling him
                        that her wish is that they have lunch
                        together. Then one day, she isn't in
                        school. After lunch, the kids are
                        surprised to find their parents in their
                        classroom. Principal O'Brien has
I Remember Miss Perry
                        something to tell them: Miss Perry has
by Pat Brisson
                        been killed in a car accident. A grief
                        counselor helps the students cope by
Realistic (1st-2nd)
                        asking for memories, and recalling their
32 pages
                        teacher's fondest wishes eases the
                        children's pain.
                        Theme: Culture, Social Issues, Prejudice    Another great story about being             Students could do literature circles
                                                                    yourself and not judging people by          while reading this book. Students
                        Newberry Honor Award                        material things. Greatly written and will   could write a personal essay on a
                                                                    keep students engaged. Students will be     situation they have been in similar to
                        Wanda Petronski, a Polish-American girl     able to relate to the character.            Wanda’s.
                        from a poor family, is teased by
                        classmates at school for being different.
                        She is teased for saying she has one
                        hundred dresses at home while she only
                        wears the same faded dress to school
The Hundred Dresses
                        every day. After Wanda's absence from
by Eleanor Estes
                        school two children find out the true
                        story about the one hundred dresses
Realistic (4th grade)
                        and try to make things right.
80 pages
                           Theme: Animals                              The book is greatly descriptive.          I would use literature circles or book
                                                                       Students who love animals, especially     in an hour during the reading of this
                           Newberry Honor Book                         horses, will love this book.              book. Students could write essays on
                                                                                                                 something that they have worked
                           Paul and Maureen want the wildest horse                                               hard to earn.
                           on Assateague Island. They work hard to
                           earn enough to buy the horse. After lots
                           of work and tribulations, the two
Misty of Chincoteague by
                           children bring the wild mare and her colt
Marguerite Henry
                           Misty to their home on Chincoteague
                           Island. In the end, they have to decide
Realistic (5th-7th)
                           whether to set Phantom free.
173 pages
Historical Fiction                        (primary, intermediate, upper)
                           Theme: Historical, Family                   A classic book for children. I love the   I would use this in the classroom to
                                                                       description in the book: it makes it so   introduce the pioneer life units.
                           ALA Notable Children's Books award-         real to people.                           Students could come up with their
                           winning book                                                                          own trail for their journeys,

                           The book is about pioneer life on the
                           Kansas prairie. Laura Ingalls Wilder and
                           her family are faced with everything
                           from malaria to prairie fire. Laura's
Little House on the        descriptions bring to life what the
Prairie                    pioneers had to go through many years
by Laura Ingalls Wilder    ago.
Historical (3rd)
352 pages
                      Theme: Farm Life                            I enjoyed this book because of its           I would teach a lesson around Florida
                                                                  Florida setting. Students would be           together with the literature. I would
                      Newbery Medal award winner                  interested because it is relatable           teach history of strawberry farming
                      ALA Notable Children's Books award          because of where they live.                  in Florida. Literature circles would
                      winner                                                                                   also be a great thing to do with this
                      A little girl named Birdie helps her
                      family raise strawberries on a
                      frontier farm and earns the title
                      of "Strawberry Girl". They have to
Strawberry Girl       cope with drought, roaming
by Lois Lenski        animals, grass fires and
HarperTrophy          unfriendly neighbors. The book
Hist. Fiction (4th)   depicts what life was like in the
208 pages             lake region of Florida in the early
                      Newberry Medal Award 1961                   I enjoyed reading this book. It has many     In a classroom you could use
                      Theme: Survival, companionship, lonliness   great lessons that can be taught and not     Literature Circles while reading the
                      Karana refuses to leave her younger         just from the historical perspective. The    novel. Also, you could teach about The
                      brother when her island is told to          novel would be great in a 5th grade class.   Lost Women of San Nicolas. Along
                      evacuate. She is a 12 year old Native       The storyline had meaning and many           with the historical piece, you could
                      American girl. Not too long after the       themes can be taught from it.                teach personification of animals as
                      evacuation, Karana’s brother dies and                                                    well as similes and metaphors.
                      she is left to wait alone for a ship to
                      come rescue her. She waits 18 years.
Island of the Blue    The story is told day by day her life
Dolphins              journey. The novel is based on a
by Scott O’Dell       historical figure, The Lost Woman of
Yearling              San Nicolas. She lived on the island from
5th grade             1835-1853.
192 pages
Non Fiction                          (primary, intermediate, upper)
                        Theme: Animals, 5 senses                    This book has amazing illustrations. The   I would use this to introduce animals
                                                                    students would love the guessing parts     to the students. Also, the guessing
                        Caldecott Honor Book                        of the book.                               part of the book would keep the
                                                                                                               students engaged. Students could
                        This book shows close-up pictures of                                                   come up with their own version of the
                        body parts of animals and asks the “what                                               book.
                        do you do” question. The next page
What do You do With a   children get to see what the animal is. A
Tail Like This?         good guessing book.
By Steve Jenkins
Houghton Mifflin
Nonfiction (K-1st)
32 Pages
                        Theme: History WW1                          I enjoyed the story line behind this       I would teach this along with WW1.
                                                                    novel. Most war novels do not share the    Students could think of something
                        Recommended by NCTE                         good stories.                              that they have done similar to this
                                                                                                               that they may write an essay about.
                        On July 29th 1914, the world's peace
                        ended as the army of the Austria-
                        Hungary Empire began fighting and most
                        of Europe joined as well. This was the
                        First World War. On December 25 the
                        troops would defy their commanding
Truce                   officers by stopping the fighting and
by Jim Murphy           having a celebration of Christmas with
Scholastic              their "enemies"? In a Christmas Miracle,
Nonfiction (4th-5th)    this beautiful narrative will remind
144 pages               everyone how brotherhood and love for
                        one another reaches far beyond war and
                        Theme: Math                                I like this book because math was never     I would use this book as an attention
                                                                   fun for me. I’ve become very interested     getter in a math lesson. Also, this
                        This book challenges children to open      in pulling literature into math.            book could be used at the beginning
                        their minds and solve problems in new                                                  of a class day to get the students
                        and unexpected ways. By looking for                                                    brain warmed up.
                        patterns, symmetries, and familiar
                        number combinations displayed within
                        eye-catching pictures, math will become
                        easier, quicker, and fun.
The Grapes of Math by
Greg Tang
Nonfiction (5th)
40 pages

DIVERSE POPULATIONS                      (primary, intermediate,upper)
                        Theme: Culture                             I particularly enjoyed this book because    I would use this book to recommend
                                                                   it is a growing issue among kids today. I   to any student who is having these
                        A young interracial boy wonders why        know of many people that would love to      same questions at home.
                        people are labeled by the color of their   have this book for their children.
                        skin. Seeing that people dream, feel,
                        sing, smile and dance, regardless of
                        their color, he asks, Am I a color, too?

Am I a Color Too?
By Heidi Cole
Illumination Arts
Fiction (2nd)
32 pages
                     Theme: Culture, Celebration, Alphabet         I really enjoyed this book because of the   This book could be used when
                                                                   illustrations. I was taught about the Day   teaching other cultures. It also could
                     The book is about a journey with Senor        of the Dead in high school and it is an     be used when teaching the alphabet.
                     Calvera, the skeleton from Day of the         interesting celebration. Students could
                     Dead celebrations. Senor Calvera is           learn something new from it.
                     worried. He can't figure out what to give
                     Grandma Beetle for her birthday.
                     Misunderstanding the advice of Zelmiro
                     the Ghost, Senor Calvera decides not to
                     get her one gift, but instead one gift for
Just in Case
                     every letter of the alphabet, just in
by Yuyi Morales
Roaring Brook
Fiction 2nd grade
40 pages
                     Theme: Social Issues                          I had seen the movie Ruby Bridges but       I would use this to teach parts of
                                                                   never read this book. I was very            Civil Rights. Ruby Bridges would be
                     Parents Choice Gold Award                     interested to read this book. It is a       one of the Civil Rights people that
                     NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for                   great story.                                students could choose to do a report
                     Outstanding Nonfiction for Children                                                       on.
                     Publishers Weekly Best Books of the
                     Ruby Bridges is an icon of the civil rights
                     movement. In Through My Eyes, we are
Through My Eyes by
                     given a firsthand account of what it was
Ruby Bridges
                     like to be a small 6 year old black girl in
                     New Orleans, Louisiana who sets the
                     stage for school integration.
5th-6th grade
64 pages
                      Theme: Culture, family                     This book is a great tale of Japanese-     I would use book in an hour to help
                                                                 American hardship. It also has the story   focus on the issues in the book. Also I
                      Newberry Medal Book                        of love and closeness of family. It is     would use this to introduce Japanese-
                                                                 relatable and can help students through    Americans in history.
                      Japanese-American Takeshima family         a hard time.
                      moves from Iowa to Georgia in the 1950s
                      when Katie is in kindergarten. Though
                      her parents endure bad conditions and
                      crazy hours in the poultry plant and
                      hatchery where they work, they manage
                      to create a loving, stable home. Katie
Kira-Kira             especially loves Lynn. She teaches her
By Cynthia Kadohata   about everything from how the sky, the
Aladdin               ocean, and people's eyes are special to
Fiction 5th grade     the injustice of racial prejudice. When
272 pages             Lynn develops lymphoma, it's
                      heartbreaking, but through the course
                      of her worsening illness, Katie does her
                      best to remember Lynn's "kira-kira"
                      outlook on life.

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