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									ABOUT US

Founded in 2000, today Lean-M is a major in film and television production in Russia.
Most of its shows are aired in prime-time on the five biggest Russian TV channels –
The equipment of the company is one of the most advanced in Russia.
Lean-M is using the latest production and post-production technologies, allowing to
make the whole production cycle as fast and efficient as it can be. And this puts Lean-M
way ahead of the most competitors.

The most successful show produced by the company is a comedy series “Soldaty” / aka
“The Solders”. It’s been on the air for already three years now. According to TNS Gallup
Media statistics, in 2004, when the show was first aired on REN-TV, the channel’s share
reached 19,2% which gained it the lead in the time-slot.

 The share of REN-TV on the day of the premiere of “The Solders” compared to the share of the other TV

In 2005 Lean-M launched a number of new series on REN-TV: “Studenty” / aka “The
Students” (48 episodes), “Studenty 2” / aka “The Students 2” (48 episodes), “Turisty” /
aka “The Tourists” (24 episodes) and “Firmennaya Istoria” / aka “The Corporate Story”
(24 episodes). Due to the high ratings of these shows REN-TV has been successfully
retaining its strong position among the five leading TV channels.

In 2006 four more TV channels signed on with Lean-M for the production of the new
television series. In August “Zolotaya Tyosha “/ aka “The Golden Mother-in-Law” was
launched on TVC and “Schastlivy Vmestye” / aka “Happy Together” on TNT. In
September two more show were premiered: “Petya Velikolepniy”/ aka “Peter the
Irresistible” on CTC and the seasons 9, 10 and 11 of “The Soldiers” on REN-TV. Two
other shows – “Studenty International”/ aka “Students International” (REN-TV) and
“Papa na Vse Ruky” / aka “Do-it-yourself Daddy” (CTC) - will be launched in the nearest
On some of the projects Lean-M partners with such world majors as «Sony Pictures»
and «Walt Disney».

    The main Lean-M’s projects to be produced in the season 2006-2007

“Soldaty – 9,10,11” (aka “The Soldiers”). 52 episodes. For REN-TV. A lyrical
comedy about the life of soldiers and officers in the Russian army.

“Schastlivy Vmestye” (aka “Happy Together). 100 episodes. For TNT
channel. The Russian version of the popular American series, «Married… with

“Petya Velikolepniy” (aka “Peter the Irresistible”). 47 episodes. For CTC
channel. A comedy about the adventures of a guy from a provincial town in Moscow.

“Zolotaya Tyosha “ (aka “The Golden Mother-in-Law”). 48 episodes. For TVC
channel. A comedy set around the ever-topical theme – family relation.

“Papa na Vse Ruky” (aka “Do-it-yourself Daddy”). 40 episodes. For CTC
channel. The adaptation the American TV series «Home improvement», about a
popular television host in the home improvement field, who was absurdly unskillful in
real life.

“Studenty International” (aka “Students International”). 36 episodes. For
REN-TV. A comedy about the life of the students of one of the international

“Beshenaya” (aka “The Furious”). 16 episodes. For NTV. An action-filled
detective story based on the bestsellers of the popular writer, Alexander Bushkov.

“Platina” (aka “ The Platinum”). 16 episodes. For NTV. Adventure series, based
on Alexander Bushkov’s bestselling novels.

“Soldaty. Naiznanku.” ( aka “The Solders. Inside Out.”). 5 episodes. For
REN-TV. Making of “The Solders”

“Praporshik” (working title). 16 episodes. For REN-TV. Adventures of the
dashing praporchik Shmotko on the “outside”.

The founders of “LEAN-M”:



During the six years of hard work, LEAN-M produced a great number
various projects: from commercials, talk-shows and entertaining programs
to documentary, music and feature films.

2000          LEAN-TV (such was the name of the company until December 2004 )
              produced a series of special reports for ORT Channel. One them – “The
              Smuggles’ Street” - was ranked as one of the best channel’s reports.
2001 - 2003   The following television programs and documentaries were conceived,
              developed and produced by LEAN-TV:

                    Documentaries (39 minutes) “Returning Home with Alexander
                     Abdulov” and “Returning Home with Renat Akchurin” for Channel
                    A cycle of documentaries “The debut of a generation” for channel
                    Commercial “ROL- your Internet”;
                    Commercial “O’key, «Autokey»!”;
                    Documentary «Michael Lermontov. The Last Cruise» for NTV;
                    Full-length music film «Scorpions: The Living Tour” about the
                     tour of the legendary band, Scorpions, around Russia for the
                     German television;
                    Weekly youth talk-show “Bez Paravil” / aka “No Rules” (39
                     minutes) for TVC channel;
                    Weekly talk-show “Perfect Pitch” (45 minutes) For 7TV;
                    Daily morning show “Gymnastics for the Country” (26 minutes)
                     for 7TV;
                    Daily entertaining sports show “Proizvolnaya Programma” /aka
                     “Voluntary” (39 минут) for 7TV;
                    Daily entertaining program “Reward for Courage” (13 minutes) for
                    Daily program “Sport. The History of Health” (15 minutes) for

2003          Television series “Capitan Pravda”/aka “Captain Truth” was launched on

2004          “Afromoscovite-2” was launched on REN-TV, and “The 33 Square
              Meters” on CTC.

2004          The first season of “The Solders” was launched on REN-TV, to earn
              LEAN-M the wide renown. The new seasons of the show are still being
              produced now.

2005          REN-TV opened the new season with the three shows: “Students-1,2”,
              “Tourists” and “Firmennaya Istoria” /aka “The Corporate Story”
2006   New sitcoms – “Schastlivy Vmeste”/aka “Happy Together”, “Petya
       Velikolepniy”/aka “Peter the Irresistible” and “Zolotaya Tyosha “/aka
       “The Golden Mother-in-Law” – were launched on TNT, CTC and TVC
       respectively. While on REN-TV the 9th and 10th seasons of “The Solders”
       were aired.

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