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									                                                   The DNA Shoah Project
Founders                                                                                                                   Advisory Board
Howard Cash                                                                                                               Dr. James Watson
Dr. Michael Hammer                                                                                                           Nobel Laureate
Syd Mandelbaum                                                                                                           Dr. Robert Muratore

DNA Shoah Project Coordinator
Erika Noebel
Lynn Davis

Board                                                                                                                         Israeli Liaison
Jeanette Friedman                                                                                                            Dr. Tamar Erez
Bari Mandelbaum
Rabbi Joseph Potasnik
Marsha Shapiro                                                                                                                      Counsel
                                                                                                                   Weil, Gotshal and Manges

Don’t rebury the bones: Holocaust victim remains can be identified
through genetic technology
Over 3,000 remains of Jewish victims of the Holocaust were recently uncovered near Odessa, Ukraine.
With the start of the DNA Shoah Project, there is now the possibility that these remains can be
identified through the latest genetic and information technology. The DNA Shoah Project is now
establishing a DNA database of surviving family members who are related to the dead and missing.
The purpose of this database is to match genetic profiles of the living with those determined from
bones in burial sites when such remains are accidentally uncovered in Europe. Co-Founders Dr.
Michael Hammer, Syd Mandelbaum and Howard Cash see the Project as a trans-generational,
international effort to give solace to families of the dead, and to re-unite orphaned relatives.

Through the use of DNA technology and matching software that was designed to assist the NY Medical
Examiners Office to identify 9/11 victims, there is now a system in place to match the remains of
victims to surviving relatives 65 years after the Holocaust.

 “We can record the DNA of those who were killed, as we expand our international DNA collection in
Europe and the Ukraine, closure can occur” says Syd Mandelbaum, a scientist and child of 2
Holocaust Survivors. “Dignity can be re-instated”, says Dr. Michael Hammer. “Each one of these
unfortunate victims had a life an, identity, a soul. They are not just 3,000 remains to us, they are 3,000
people who were loved.”

The Project was launched in Helsinki, Finland one year ago and has grown to over 500 in 4 months of
collection. More information about the project can be accessed online at

                                                                  Corporate Office
                                                     405 Oceanpoint Avenue, Cedarhurst NY 11516
                                                           (516) 295 –0670/ Fax: 295-3848
                        We have appled for 501 C 3 to become a organization   EIN 03-0604022 NYS Tax Exempt EX Pending

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